Yacht Club Games is an independent game developer that is located in Valencia, CA.

So what are we all about? We want to create fun and challenging gameplay. We want to both tug at your heartstrings and delight you with levity and charm. We want to make games that you play together with friends and family. Most of all, we want to give everyone the same collective types of game experiences that have defined our generation. It’s such an exciting time to be a fan of games; the industry is experiencing a renaissance and creativity is flourishing. We are so, so excited to develop games that we love, in hopes that you love them too. Let’s make a splash!


We don’t currently have any positions available, but if you still want to give it a shot, feel like you have something to offer we don’t know we need, or are interested in us keeping you in mind when positions become available, send us an email!


We get asked a bunch of questions repeatedly so maybe we can predict your next questions!  Let’s get to it:

toggleWhen is Shovel Knight coming out!?

While originally set for March 31st, we need just a few more weeks to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Once we have an absolutely sure fire date, we’ll be sure to let the world know! Our initial platforms will be PC, Steam, Wii U, and 3DS.

Mac and Linux versions will be released soon afterward ( news to come! )

toggleWhat Platforms is Shovel Knight coming out on!?

Shovel Knight is coming to PC ( Steam, Mac, Linux ), Wii U, and 3DS.

toggleI preordered or backed Shovel Knight on Kickstarter and I'm confused! How do I get the game!?
toggleI want to change my Kickstarter pledge from one platform to another ( like from 3DS to Wii U ). What do I do!?

All digital delivery is now being handled by the Humble Store! Send them an email at


toggleCan I add $5 to my Kickstarter pledge or change tiers?

As much as we’d love to take your money, we’ve cut off donations at this time.  For any tier changing questions, send a line to support@humblebundle.com.

toggleI want to preorder for Wii U and 3DS! How do I do that?

Unfortunately, you can only preorder for PC. You can do that at:


toggleDoes Shovel Knight support controllers?

Yes, in every way we can! It should be easy to plug in your controller, remap your buttons, and do whatever you want!

toggleWill the game come to the PS Vita?

Sony, we know it’s you!  We love our Vitas and we’d like to make it for Vita, but we have to get out our other platforms first.

toggleHow about PSN, PS4, XBLA, XBone, Ouya, iOS, and Tiger handhelds!?

We want to bring Shovel Knight to every platform ever. But we have nothing to announce right now!

toggleWill Shovel Knight support Miiverse, Streetpass, and Off-TV play?

Of course!  We’ll let you know more soon.

toggleWhat program do you use to do pixel animation?

It’s called Promotion and it’s super cool.  Check it out: http://www.cosmigo.com/promotion/index.php

toggleWill Yacht Club allow YouTube content creators to monetize videos featuring Shovel Knight gameplay footage?

Yes! For more information, visit our Video Policy.

toggleWhat engine is Shovel Knight being made in?

It’s our own custom c++ engine.  It uses DirectX on PC and OpenGL on Mac+Linux.  For our level editor, we use tiled: http://www.mapeditor.org/

toggleWill the 3DS have battle mode?

Unfortunately no.  Maybe one day…but we don’t have the resources to make that happen.  We’re doing our best to make the 3DS version special in other ways.  No worries!

toggleDo you love Mega Man?


toggleWill you make Shovel Knight forever and ever?!

Definitely.  Wait, maybe.  Ehhhh we don’t know.  Depends on our mood.  We all love Shovel Knight, but we have millions of ideas.  It would be fun to take the series the same route that other great games went and create a Super Shovel Knight or a Shovel Knight 64.  We could also see us using the brand for other crazy genres or games ( ie Shovel Kart, anyone? ).

toggleHow can I stop thinking about Shovel Knight?

Let us know when you find the cure.

toggleAre the bosses in Shovel Knight going to be in a 3x3 grid like Mega Man?

Nope! It’s a world map.

toggleWill Shovel Knight become a mermaid?

Oh! I thought you would never ask! We’ll just have to see!

Contact Us

If the FAQ doesn’t have you covered, or you just feel like dropping us a line, here’s the info you need:

Yacht Club Games
25000 ave stanford suite #121
Valencia, CA 91355

Email: media@yachtclubgames.com
Twitter: @YachtClubGames
Twitch: YachtClubGames