Read on for what’s going on within the myriad gears of Shovel Knight! Note that a lot of these are minor details for those interested and may even include some light spoilers for the game. We’ll be sure to let you know on our home page whenever we add big new content!

For instructions on how to update your game, check out our Update Guide.

If you encounter any issues while playing Shovel Knight contact: [email protected]

Current Released Versions

Despite everyone’s best efforts, not all platforms of the game are always updated at the same time. Here are the current versions available on each platform.

Nintendo Switch – 3.1A

Nintendo 3DS – 3.2

Nintendo Wii U – 3.0A

PS4, PS3, Vita – 3.0A

Xbox One – 3.2 – 3.3

Steam – 3.3

Humble/ – 3.3


New: During end game credits, an icon will be displayed next to stages which have successfully had all checkpoints broken.

Fix: Teethalon sometimes moving slowly throughout the entire chase sequence.

Fix: Player 2 resetting controller bindings to default would resets Player 1’s bindings as well.



New: The Battletoads join the fray! While playing as Shovel Knight, kick off this very special encounter by uncovering a double secret room in the Hall of Champions.

New: Device detections and icons for Switch controllers (Pro Controller and Joy-Con) as well as Xbox One controllers.

New: Mouse buttons can now be bound to gameplay actions. LMB, RMB…you name it!

Fix: PS4 controller now properly displays “Share” as Select, instead of incorrectly displaying the Touchpad icon.

Fix: Using the number row to change relics in co-op would change both player’s active relic.

Fix: Incorrect fullscreen monitor displaying in the Options Menu.

Improvements to keyboard key icons so they take up less space.


Shovel of Hope

Fix: Alternating between Toad Armor and Dust Knuckles would create inconsistent punch flips.

Fix: Completing the game with no items collected would round up to a 1% item completion. It should now display 0%.

Fix: Playing certain songs at the Bard resulting in erroneous playback when transitioning indoors or underground.

Fix: Aerial Mobile Gear could be interrupted by Tinker wrench.

Fix: Initially unable to use subweapons during battle with Mr. Hat.


Plague of Shadows

Fix: Rematch: Shovel Knight alchemy power meter never fully refilling.

Fix: Erroneous screen transition when falling into the right most pit in the final anchor room of Iron Whale.

Fix: Liquid Samurai could be pushed off ceilings by Vat arcana.

Fix: Plague being invisible and immobile when caught in a double KO with the final boss.


Specter of Torment

Fix: Curio Upgrade menu could not be advanced with the Start button, unlike other menus that do not use Start for another action.

Fix: Using Cold Shoulder after a certain dancing scene would pause the animation (the coldest of shoulders).

Fix: Specific timing would enable movement while still in a nearby shop after speaking with Red.

Fix: Defeating Tinker Knight very, very fast with cheats resulting in unintended behavior.

Fix: Being killed by Propeller Knight moments before a phase change would bring Specter back with no health.

Fix: Reize would appear incorrectly when defeated mid-teleport.

Fix: Plague Knight would sometimes appear without contact damage active after a teleport.

Fix: Performing a unique pose in a certain armor set is now duplicated by Blood Mirror (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)

Fix: Getting hit right when beginning a rail grind would cancel out death.


Various localization and menu prompt spacing fixes.

Various improvements made to co-op play.

Various improvements made to Battletoads encounter and rewards.



New: Japanese language options added (Kanji and Kana).

Fix: (Shovel) Crash would occur when changing a single Body Swap setting for a boss, failing at that boss, and then revisiting the encounter.

Fix: (Shovel) Respawn point drifting farther back during many repeated deaths at the Hall of Champions boss.

Fix: (Plague) Failing to defeat Black Knight on the world map could sometimes lead to multiple encounters occupying the same space.

Fix: (Specter) Specter Knight losing active attack frames when releasing a charged slash at the very end of a rail.

Fix: (3DS) Crash would occur when changing costumes or using Bomb Burst while playing as Custom Knight or within amiibo Challenges.

Fix: (3DS) Crash could sometimes occur when selecting certain items as Plague Knight using the touch screen while playing in French, Italian, or German.
Fix: (Xbox) Crash would occur when completing the Turbo Tunnel mini-game in co-op.

Fix: (Xbox) Crash would occur when completing the Turbo Tunnel in Challenge Mode.

Fix: (PC): Lock up ould occur if the game window immediately lost focus on boot with certain option settings.

Various text fixes for Body Swap mode.

Various localization and text improvements.


Fix: (Switch) Game starting in English when Switch system language is set to Japanese.

Fix: (Switch) Crash that could occur when scanning amiibo frequently throughout long play sessions.

Fix: Random armor cheat sometimes resulting in an unusable armor set.

Fix: Bugs in certain lines of dialogue while playing and changing settings in Body Swap mode.


Various localization and text improvements.

Fix: Crash when changing Body Swap settings for only a single Boss, while fighting that Boss, falling in battle, and then retrying the encounter.

Fix: Minor text error when changing game’s language under certain Body Swap conditions while on the Level Map.

Fix (Specter): Starting Black Knight, Phantom Striker, or Treasure Knight with Skeleton Sniper or active lantern flames causing erroneous behavior.

Fix: (Specter): Luan jumps prioritized better when backtracking through a room.

Change(Specter): Adjusted visibility of certain background tiles found in Tower and Flying Machine stages.

Fix: (Plague): Shadow blocks being destroyed by having an orbit bomb active during the penultimate boss battle.


Fix: Specter of Torment: Crash when defeating the final boss with a German language setting.

Fix: Specter of Torment: Fixed a bug that allowed Specter Knight to Judgment Rush to unintended locations during certain scenes.

Fix: Specter of Torment: Horace sometimes rewarding the wrong gold amount when reaching the tower’s top.

Fix: Support for Player 2’s controller within calibrate screen prompts.

Fix: Delete All now resets screen scale and brightness settings.

Fix: Shovel of Hope: Various bug fixes for co-op.

Fix: Specter of Torment: Broken camera transition when falling into a certain death pit within “event 2”.

Various localization and text improvements.

Change (Shovel/Plague): The wandering encounter Reize will no longer cross over into the second tier of stages if the game time is below 25 minutes…


Now outputs at a 1080p resolution while playing in docked mode!

Screen Scale video option is only applied and available while playing in docked mode.

Screen Scale menu now appears for the first time that the game is started while in TV mode.

Note: If your TV is not displaying the game’s full image we recommend adjusting your TV Settings from the System Settings menu — this way you’re set for all games in the future! Learn how to do so here.

Fix: Screen Scale / Brightness options not saving.


New: Specter of Torment is now available! Enjoy an entirely new prequel adventure starring the shadowy scythe spinner himself!

New: Specter of Torment Challenges! Clear the game as Specter Knight to unlock.

New: Sound Test is now available! Sound Test will be unlocked for each campaign after they have been cleared.

New: The original Shovel Knight campaign is now referred to as Shovel of Hope.

New: Body Swap Mode is now available in Shovel of Hope!

New: Co-op is now available in Shovel of Hope on all platforms with the exception of portables such as 3DS and Vita.

New: Shovel Knight is now known as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove!

New: Five additional Plague of Shadows challenges have been added. Hit the books and brush up on your alchemical knowledge.

Fix: Challenge clear being interrupted by goo bounce in certain challenge states

“Saving” prompt has been reduced in size.

New cheats have been added.

Additional controller support.

Various bugfixes across the game.

Various localization and text improvements.

Various changes across the game for displaying Treasure Trove, Specter of Torment, and Shovel of Hope.


Wii U/3DS/Switch

Meet Madam Meeber! She can be found around the Village (Shovel Knight), Potionarium (Plague Knight), and even the Tower of Fate (Specter Knight).

Custom Knight: Body Swap is now available as an option in Edit Appearance.

Fix: Custom Knight: Infinidagger remaining active during certain cutscenes. No matter how hilarious the result happened to be.

Fix: Plague Knight Inventory now matches on top and bottom screen when selecting bombs

Fix: Improvements so that the previous map state information is not lost when re-loading the map as Custom Knight

Fix: Co-op 2 Player Tally screen text better aligned

Fix: amiibo Prompt text fixes

Fix: Custom Knight level up memory leak fix

Fix: Custom Knight item warning only appears if Custom knight active (ie won’t display when playing as a clone)

Wii U

New: New Miiverse avatars from Specter of Torment are now selectable.

Fix: Player 2 can now go into the options menu and bind his own, unsaved, bindings. Player 2’s controller will always start with default controller bindings, instead of inheriting Player 1’s.

Fix: Various menu binding fixes

Fix: Multiplayer flip door fixes

Fix: Clearing flicker states while being pulled through a flip door in co-op.

Fix: Inventory menu shows proper tab switch button if Player 2 has different bindings than Player 1

Fix: Using the gamepad as Player 2 in co-op playing a repeating sound effect when selecting a blank relic slot.


Fix: Stereoscopic issue with walking into tower as Shovel Knight.

Fix: Streetpass Arena armor for 2nd player now shows original armor colors.

Fix: Streetpass relic button now works properly in recordings/viewings.


Change: Armor of Chaos combo sped up slightly.

Change: Armor of Chaos shovel drop no longer locks Shovel Knight into a plummeting fall.


New: Option added to disable the left joystick!

Xbox One

Change: Hitbox improvements made to Toad Gear.

Change: Toad Gear shovel drop no longer locks Shovel Knight into a plumetting fall.





  • New languages supported! Russian and Brazilian Portuguese are now selectable!
  • Text and formatting fixes across Shovel Knight and Plague Knight campaigns.
  • Additional controller support.
  • Fix: Secret title screen code not working when confirm/cancel is swapped.
  • Fix: Calibrate Screen Gamma fix when confirm/cancel switched
  • Fix: Improvements for text replacement cheats.
  • Fix: Challenge “Extendo Retractro” having inconsistent platform timing.
  • Fix: Can no longer pause while game is transitioning.
  • Fix: Specter Knight sometimes floating offscreen during banquet battle intro.
  • Fix: Enchantress dialogue line not being readable. Enchantress no longer interrupts her own dialogue during the to the battle entrance.
  • Fix: Tinker Knight Boss reveal will now wait until the player is on screen.
  • Fix: Moving platforms can no long push pickups in a way that they move infinitely in one direction
  • Fix: Saving text background now visible on same frame as text
  • Fix: Tinker Knight being able to be hit during intro.
  • Fix: Can no longer slide off catapult before it launches you
  • Fix: Sometimes being able to escape Specter Knight boss fight.
  • Fix: Plague Knight specific cheats will no longer activate unless Plague Knight is unlocked.
  • Fix: Hoppicles can no longer fall through platforms
  • Fix: Single checkpoint cheat not working
  • Fix: Lava fish now die in water if fished out. They also die if on land for too long.
  • Fix: Can no longer bind the same button to multiple actions. Added a visual effect when attempting to bind a button already used by another action.
  • Fix: Can no longer open inventory during challenge mode bosses intro
  • Fix: Enemy larger cheat fixes for Tinker Knight and Remnant of Fate
  • Fix: Autoscroll with invincibility cheats creating soft locks.
  • Fix: Teethalon can no longer be hurt while offscreen
  • Fix: [Shovel] Striking Plague Knight’s vat once again has blocking knockback.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Can no longer hit campfire during dream. I guess this would be considered sleep shovelling?
  • Fix: [Shovel] The Big Creep’s health sometimes still being active after defeat
  • Fix: [Shovel] The Big Creep spawning issues when activating lights and transitioning rooms simulataneously
  • Fix: [Shovel] Player now turns to face the The Big Creep during bosds intro. It’s not that kind of ghost!
  • Fix: [Shovel] Ghosts being hit during cutscene in Hall of Champions
  • Fix: [Shovel] Served but not yet eaten food from the Gastronomer will still waiting at the Village when you begin New Game+. Leftovers+?
  • Fix: [Shovel] Can now earn the Sparker feat on Black Knight, Mr. Hat, Reize, Baz, and Phantom Striker.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Well Met Feat now requires Mr. Hat to be defeated as well.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Striking Boss Plague Knight’s vat as Shovel Knight once again has blocking knockback.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Flare Wander Feat no longer unlocks when hitting a block.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Super Sphere Feat sometimes unlocking from objects that were not hit by Chaos Orb.
  • Fix? [Shovel] Dolly will now discuss her interest in purchasing a beret at Mr. Hat’s Fancy Shop instead of a brooch! Immersion maintained.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Visual frame sync issue with the mobile gear
  • Fix: [Plague] Alchemy Shop sometimes displayed improperly formatted text.
  • Fix: [Plague] Entering the Alchemy shop quickly no longer makes input invalid
  • Fix: [Plague] Being able longer throw bombs in between boss fights in banquet battle
  • Fix: [Plague] Tinker Knight Boss works better with the Sentry Fuse
  • Fix: [Plague] Temporarily unable to move if using the vat during exactly during a screen transition.
  • Fix: [Plague] Hall of Champion Guards can no longer be hit during dialogue
  • Fix: [Plague] Can no longer talk to Troupple King while standing on a Vat
  • Fix: [Plague] Village screen transition loop improved
  • Fix: [Plague] Hall of champions erroneously taking 1000 gold when re-entering.
  • Fix: [Plague] Blowing up Hedge Pupil’s house and leaving the screen breaking the game
  • Fix: [Plague] Sometimes being able to jump or use relics when input is disabled
  • Fix: [Plague] Bosses not resetting the state of the Bomb Jump Blitz Feat. It should now possible to earn while retrying a boss or when fighting multiple bosses in a row.


  • Fix: Crash when fishing up the same object multiple times while underwater.
  • Fix: Pickups which overlap the player sometimes not being picked up until moving away and back again.
  • Fix: Autoscrolls sometimes incorrectly crush player when moving near the edge of the screen.
  • Fix: Moving spiked ceiling in Tower of Fate: Ascent not colliding as spikes.
  • Fix: No longer able to jump right after triggering a catapult warp.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Jump cancelling Dust Knuckles on hit only results in a double jump if you are above the ground. Characters with no air jumps can never air jump.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Fixed possible lock-up when Plague Knight summons vats. Occurrence chance was particularly higher on Mac and Linux platforms
  • Fix: [Shovel] Can once again bounce off Plague Knight’s summoned vats.
  • Fix: [Plague] 2nd part of Boss no longer kills player if offscreen.
  • Fix: [Plague] Staff of Surging Arcana no longer goes through vertical crushing ceilings/floors when crushed.
  • Fix: Minor option menu fixes.


  • New: [Plague] Mail Minion will now read a letter to you which includes all sorts of neat stats.
  • New: [Plague] Minion can now appear within Plains of Passage to explain how to perform a bomb burst in case you’re stuck!
  • New: [Plague] Shovel Knight’s Secret Palette Cheats now work when playing as Plague Knight (Plague uses #1-16, SK uses #1-32)
  • Adjustment: [Plague] vs Propeller Knight has been tuned to be less difficult.
  • Adjustment: [Plague] Alchemy menu is slightly faster to open, close, and select items.
  • Fix: [Plague] Lock up when defeating Mole Knight when Mole Knight is hiding in the wall.
  • Fix: [Plague] Health display inconsistencies when upgrading health while maxed out on health tonics.
  • Fix: [Plague] Platters dropping incorrect health, magic, and tonics during Tower 2’s Banquet Battle.
  • Fix: Re-added some missing treasure in the first enemy map encounter
  • Fix: Item Completion percent surpassing 100%. (armors were being counted twice)
  • Fix: Crash when defeated by Mr. Hat, quitting while in the Fancy Shop, or returning to the fancy shop after defeating Mr. Hat in the Armor Outpost. (2.1 only)
  • Fix: Player can collect pickups while in chest open surprise animation.
  • 3DS & Wii U: [Plague] Relic heap icons appear on the touch screen now too!
  • 3DS: Crash when viewing Plague Knight Feats in German while stereoscopic 3D is enabled.
  • 3DS and Wii U: [Shovel] Fixed crash when exiting stage while the Troupple Chalice is selected. (2.1 only)
  • 3DS and Wii U: [Plague] Fixed crash (and made other improvements) when using relic quick and arcana touch menu at the same time.
  • 3DS: Fixed crash when quitting to world map when recording a ghost in the StreetPass arena while playing with Custom Knight. (2.1 only)
  • Wii U: [Co-Op] Treasure Knight Chest doesn’t pull in respawning players


  • New: Added options to swap confirm/back buttons. Options -> Controls -> Confirm/Back
  • Adjustment: Swapped the design of two rooms within the Plains of Passage while playing as Plague Knight.
  • Adjustment: Important: Game-Changer: Megaton: Can now stand on the roof of all houses in the Village.
  • Fix: The Iron Man 2014 Cheat is back in service! Just enter IM&SGC14 on the profile screen to compete for the highest score in The Lost City. Plague Knight can now take on this challenge with the help of his Treasure Trappings!
  • Fix: Uncollected Cipher Coins revaled from dirt blocks not re-appearing if moving to a different screen before collecting.
  • Fix: Reize will drop song scroll center screen if he ends up too far to the screen edge.
  • Fix: Plague Knight’s money bags being caught off screen if he fell down the right-most pit during Propeller Knight’s battle
  • Fix: Mr. Hat sometimes appearing off his mark during Plague Knight’s post-credits.
  • Fix: Smoke bomb and Treasure Knight chest capture bug.
  • Fix: Stuck dancing at The Potionarium when using certain Cheats in Plague Knight’s campaign.
  • Fix: Minor text improvements across all languages.

Nintendo Wii U

  • New! Introducing the Shovel Knight amiibo! Scan the Shovel Knight amiibo to activate co-op, Custom Knight, and new Challenge Mode Challenges. For instructions, check out the manual.
  • New: Added option to turn off amiibo Functionality. Options -> Game -> amiibo Functionality

Nintendo 3DS

  • New! Introducing the Shovel Knight amiibo! Scan the Shovel Knight amiibo to activate Custom Knight, and new Challenge Mode Challenges. For instructions, check out the manual.
  • New: Added option to turn off amiibo Functionality. Options -> Game -> amiibo Functionality
  • New: ZL and ZR buttons can now be bound when playing on a New Nintendo 3DS.


Plague Knight Campaign

  • Black Knight now always spawns. Even if another wandering encounter was previously occupying his map node.
  • Old Shovel Knight profiles saved before clearing the Flying Machine are no longer stuck on that node.
  • Fixed minor text errors in various languages.
  • Treasure Knight’s anchor no longer travels through walls in certain edge cases.
  • Treasure Knight’s chest can no longer be broken by certain special attacks.
  • Clearing to the Explodatorium last (out of the 3 possible Tier 2 stages) no longer skips the Potionarium cutscene (and therefore it is no longer possible to miss the health upgrade).
  • Item completion totals should now add up to 100%.
  • Spending all Cipher Coins no longer removes Cipher Coin collection information from the Inventory’s Gear Tab.
  • Cipher Coin count is now accurate when checking inventory in the Plains of Passage.
  • Binding two separate attack buttons no longer allows Plague Knight to throw bombs while bomb charging.
  • Equipping the Ward Robe and using Berserker’s Brew Arcana no longer cause unintended knockback.
  • Using Vat Arcana on the same frame as falling through downward screen transition no longer causes Plague Knight to hang in place.
  • Title screen codes can now be activated with the menu’s arrow keys in addition to the bound in-game directions.
  • End credits characters all appear in front of the houses.
  • Dying while also defeating The Enchantress no longer causes a non-progression.
  • Fast cheat now doesn’t run you past Armory cutscene.
  • Cheating your way to clear the second Black Knight still results in Percy showing up at the Potionarium..
  • Always dancing cheat no longer breaks certain cutscenes.

Windows, Linux, and Mac

  • Fixed challenge mode restart issues when using Legacy Vsync settings.
  • Fixed double Shovel Knight’s appearing in the Banquet Hall when playing with Legacy Vsync settings
  • Cursor now hides once again when placed over the game window.
  • [Steam]Fixed issues with Steam overlay with certain screen scale settings.

2.0 – Plague of Shadows

This is a big new update, for the gameplay side of things, check out our other articles.

  • Plague Knight is now playable! Clear the game as Shovel Knight to unlock.
  • Challenge Mode is now available! Clear the game as Shovel Knight to unlock.
  • Plague Knight challenge modes are ready to take on! Clear the game as Plague Knight to unlock.
  • Victory cinematics and end-game credits can now be skipped by pressing the Start button.


  • Change: Feats Menu has been re-designed to support multiple characters.
  • Change: Relic Quick Select is now enabled by default when starting the game for the first time on systems that do not support second screens.
  • Fix: Rapidly using the fire wand no longer causes both fireballs to collide with one another.
  • Fix: Using certain weapons when transitioning to a boss encounter causing issues
  • Fix:Boom!”, “Flying Feat” – No longer unlocks when used to defeat projectiles.
  • ”Get The Point” feat description changed to indicate that the level needs to be completed too!
  • New: Collectable totals can now be checked on the Level Map by pressing Select while on a stage. Displays Song Scrolls and for Plague Knight: Cipher Coins. For Shovel Knight: this menu is only unlocked after having cleared the final stage.


Wii U and 3DS

  • New:  (America) – In-game language can now be changed. Enjoy the adventure in a new way with French, Italian, German, and Spanish language options.


Xbox One

  • Fix: will re-award achievements after profile select, in case an achievement did not award properly
  • Change: Toad Gear: Shovel Drop has faster startup time and less hitstop. Shoulder bash recovers faster. Punches move forward a little more. Being in a Smash Hit pose will shrug off incoming attacks.

PS4, PS3, and Vita

  • Change: : Chaos Armor generates red orbs when attacking non-Order bosses. Combo swing has more lenient timing and final combo swing recovers slightly faster.


Windows, Linux and Mac

  • For Speedy Knights: Wandering encounters on the Level Map will not encroach on the Village if playtime is less than 14 minutes.
  • Fix: Options menu sometimes not showing that a controller was present
  • Performance improvements (~20% @ 1080p)
  • Fix: DPI scaling in Windows
  • Fix: Gameplay inconsistencies while playing with vsync disabled.
  • New: Moddable post processing!



  • Fix: Unable to enter bindings menu with a controller while another device is detected as disconnected in slot zero. Pretty common with Bluetooth devices.
  • Fix: Mac bindings for Retrobit NES USB adapter didn’t include dpad.


  • Fix: “shaking” movement on map which could occur when playing without VSync.
  • Fix: Defeating a wandering encounter while on the sides of the screen could sometimes result in a bugged cinematic with the player running endlessly off screen. That’s ice cold, SK. At least stick around long enough to their departing dialogue!
  • Fix: German typo in opening text.
  • Linux: Improved audio configuration <link to steam forum post or something>
  • Additional controller support.
  • Controller bindings made from within Steam (Big Picture, etc) are no longer overridden by bindings within the game’s controller database.
  • Fix: Crash when a large number of controllers are connected



New: Relic Quick Select! Enable this within the controller options menu to allow quickly cycling through relics without needing to open the menu. Press both relic cycle buttons at the same time to unequip your current relic. Relics can also be switched to instantly with the number keys!
New: Full Screen Effects Toggle. Shovel Knight occasionally makes use of effects which causes a large portion of the screen to change colors to add emphasis to certain events. This setting disables these effects or makes them less intense.
New: Item Totals Menu! Once you have cleared the final stage (or in Game+) you can display your song scroll collection tally for a particular stage with the “Select” button. This holiday, how about getting your favorite local Bard what he’s always wanted?!

•Adjustment: Any map encounter past Reize will not spawn until either Reize is defeated or 1 hour of game time has elapsed. Speedy knights no longer need to roll the dice on map encounter movements so late in a run.
•Adjustment: Missile leading up to Treasure Knight’s front door has been slowed down slightly.
•Adjustment: Specter Knight’s opening scythe toss is a bit more predictable.
•Adjustment: Relic button’s default controller binding moved to the upper-most face button of controller instead of right shoulder button.

•Fix: Grammatical errors in text for: French, Italian, and German. Thanks everyone, who contacted us with corrections, keep ‘em coming!
•Fix: Error which caused the in-game clock to not count up while at the Troupple Pond or campfire. Note: This fix makes the “Hurry Up!” achievement slightly harder!
•Fix: “Left Stick/L3” and “Right Stick/R3” not displaying in menus when using a Sony or Microsoft controller.
•Fix: Right direction button displaying a left dpad icon within the controller binding menus when using a Sony or Microsoft controller.

•Windows: Performance improvements
•Mac/Linux: Fix: Render crash on startup when using slightly older software based OpenGL version.
•Added Shane Calimlim to the credits. He’s been here for a while — but welcome aboard just the same! Without his ongoing engine improvements, debugging support, and drastic overhauls to our build system then these kinds of patches wouldn’t be happening! Hurray for continuous integration!



•Game-wide performance improvements across all platforms!

•Fix: First gold producing dirt block in Plains would drop two coins on top of one another.

•Fix: Possible crash involving Mr. Hat Boss.

•Fix: Miscellaneous crash fixes.

•Fix: Inching past an open (but not rummaged through) treasure chest with the charge slash no longer snaps Shovel Knight back to the chest. Still hilarious.

Devices: Linux and Mac now have support for SnesMayflashAdapter, Retrobit NES adapter, and Buffalo Famicom Controller. Windows properly supports the SnesMayflashAdapter once again. Welcome, native game padders!


•Game now respects SDL_AUDIODRIVER envar. Fixes some setups having no audio at all!

•Fix: Mail of Momentum providing an extra jump for Shovel Knight. Consider it a sneak peak at Plague Knight!



Shovel Knight is now available on Linux! No longer must you brave the perils of emulators, virtual machines, dual booting, or what-have-you to do battle against the forces of evil. Now that Windows, Mac and Linux are all released, you can play Shovel Knight on your system(s) of choice!


•Clarified cheat activation text to be a little clearer.
•Fix: Gastronomer forgetting remaining meals if Shovel Knight left just as a sequential meal was being served. Ah, the old dine and dash and then dine again trick…




Shovel Knight goes international! Play the entire game in English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish! You can swap between languages at any time within the Options Menu. Whether you’re playing the game for the first time, picking up a new language, or just trying out a new flavor of the Shovel Knight adventure — we hope you enjoy it! Thanks to the team at Words of Magic for their tireless work in translating the Shovel Knight spirit. Squeezing puns into fixed-width NES font space is no joke!

Mac OS

•Shovel Knight now runs on a wider range of earlier OS versions. Mavericks not required!




•Fix: Timing issue where the Inventory screen could be opened with the game unpaused.

•Fix: Getting captured by Treasure Knight’s chest while using the Ichor of Boldness leading to a missing Shovel Knight.

•Fix: Cheats not carried over in New Game+ when a file is reloaded.

•Fix: Falling into pit during final boss battles leading to soft lock.

•Fix: Escaping final battle with Propeller Dagger.

•Fix: Fall through floor if using Dust Knuckle when defeating Polar Knight during Round Table.

•Fix: Enchantress blocks frozen by creative Chaos Orb use.

•Fix: Entering Enchantress fight with shovel drop causing crash.

•Tweak: Fixed a portrait and added one slacker to the Hall of Champions.

Wii U

•Game can now be played with out the GamePad! “Please re-connect GamePad” message will only display if it was your last used controller before disconnect or if you were displaying the game on the GamePad screen.

•NEW: GamePad screen can be toggled between Main and Sub type by pressing the “Select Button” within the Pause Menu. Quicker than going all the way to the video option menu!

•Fix: Crash when the battery died on GamePad with certain Wii U system features enabled.

•Fix: Music not resuming if a Miiverse post is selected while the inventory is open on screen.


•NEW! Update option on the main menu makes updating to new versions of Shovel Knight a breeze! Welcome to the internet future, medieval knight man!

•Fix: Home menu crash issues


•NEW! Borderless window option

•Additional controller support. Thank You to everyone who submitted their devices! –

•Fix: V-sync Ladder Climber animation timing



•Fix: “Reflect Lord Feat” only incrementing enemies hit count if it the reflected attack was non-fatal.

•Fix: DualShock button prompts not auto-detecting.

•Fix: Treasure Knight getting caught on walls during vertical downward anchor shots.

•Fix: Player could retreat to the previous screen during Specter Knight’s battle. Props to Specter’s tenacity in contiuing to hunt down Shovel Knight in this situation.


•NEW: Controller option allows disabling all controller use in game. Intended for players who might prefer to use external gamepad mapping tools — we’ll continue to support as many input devices as we possibly can!


•Feat progress is immediately saved upon unlocking. Previously, Feats could be unlocked but lost by the regular saving mechanisms if a game exited or turned off before reaching an autosave point.

•Fix: (Alchemy Lab) Sound would loop forever if the Potion Master mid boss was defeated at a certain frame

•Fix: (Tower: ????) Soft lock fix involving NPC AI.

•Fix: Double KO end to a boss battles disabled access to pause and relic menus.


•Potential Fiix: SNES MayflashAdapter and LogitechWingmanRumblepad controller bindings. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues with these devices!



•Removed an “empty” Song Scroll from Clockwork Tower which could never be collected or turned in.

•Fix: “Halfway” Feat unlocking when re-clearing a stage.

•Fix: Black Knight ignores damage during Plains intro. For some players, there was a small window of opportunity to Ground Spark which could cause Black Knight to go off script.

•Fix: Sparker Feat not unlocking when defeating Black Knight.


•No Feat should go unnoticed! — Added an option to the Feats menu which allows you to sync unlocked Feats to your Steam Achievements with the F4 key.

•Direction inputs can be bound to multiple buttons–just press more than one input at once. Intended for players who wanted to map Shovel Drop to its own button.

•Fix: “Steam Saving Not Enabled” message showing up all the time. Now you can save to the cloud! Propeller Knight would be proud.

•Fix: Some Boot up crash repairs for Steam

•Fix: Monitors running higher than 60hz running at double speed or faster

•Fix: Player and Encounter Map movement halting the game under certain vsync/video settings.

•Fix: The following Feats not unlocking in Steam Achievements: “I’m Alive”, “Hurry Up”, “Untouched”, and “Shovel Economy”

•Additional controller support.


•Fix: Shovel Knight dancing endlessly when defeating the first form of Tinker Knight with an aerial Shovel Drop attack.