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2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Huzzah! The holiday season is upon us! It’s that magical time of year that brings out all that is good and nice within all of us. Where you can spend your gems not on armor and upgrades, but on the people in your life who make you feel special. Whether you are looking for a gift for Mom, the Troupple King, or anyone you’ve met on your everyday adventure, check out this comprehensive gift guide of Shovel Knight treasures available this holiday season!



King of Cards: Joustus Deep Dive – Part 1

What’s up, design devotees? With King of Cards’ one-year anniversary right around the corner, we thought it would be festive to finally tell the tale of how Joustus came to be!

If you aren’t familiar with Joustus, or need a refresher, pore over the Joustus Instruction Manual.

In part 1 of our design article, we’ll be talking about how we conceived of Joustus, and why!