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Enemy Names!

Today we have a fun treat that (believe it or not) has been in the works for 6 months. It’s the official names list of all the enemies in Shovel Knight! We always loved endings to games that let you know all the names of minor characters, like in Super Mario World.  We opted to feature the knights instead, but today we’re finally making all the enemies the stars! Make sure to memorize them all so you can blow away your friends with your encyclopedic Shovel Knight knowledge. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


Shovel Knight is Coming to Xbox One!! With very Special Guests!

How does time pass so fast!? It’s already time for GDC (Game Developers Conference)… and we have big news!

We’re incredibly excited to reveal that Shovel Knight will be coming to Xbox One in April! So many players have been knocking down our door, asking for us to bring the game to Xbox One… we’re so happy to be working with Microsoft to give everyone a chance to play Shovel Knight!

But we’re collaborating with more than just Microsoft! We’ve had the Rare privilege of working with one of the most celebrated studios in gaming. Take a look at the incredible collaboration with Microsoft to ensure the Xbox One version packs a lot of extra punch:


How to fold your Gift Card Holder!

It’s gift-giving season, and we have heard that many of you would like to give Shovel Knight to friends and loved ones. We wholeheartedly recommend this, but there is just no good way to wrap up our digital game in present form!! Therefore, we now present to you the Official Shovel Knight Gift Card Holder. Simply print this out on a nice paper or card stock of your choosing, and slip a Nintendo eShop card into the holder. Viola! If you don’t have a card, then just write a nice message inside to let them know they got Shovel Knight!! Check it!