only male or female smh ›.‹‛
Very nice doggo I found. Caution: Breathes out bubbles that hurt
Specter Knight is best knight. All other opinions will be accepted.
So... cute... gah! Finally figured out what the pink spheres were for.
Get Rekt polar knight :3
(Hopefully) Coming soon: new posts, 4 Specter of Torment. Keep your fingers crossed sibs. :)
Specter Knight has to be my favorite. I cant wait for the King Knight Campaign to be implemented. I wish they would do Propeller Knight, because his theme is beautiful. But most of all i wish they would make shovel knight 2 or work on a new IP.
Goodbye my old friend.
Waiting for Spectre of Torment like:
Woah,look at all the Spider Scythes!XD
i swear this game is gonna give me a heart attack one day
The Specter Knight expansion is coming tomorrow on Wii U and in Tuesday on 3DS. What the...? Man, just give it to us already, Nintendo.
Its about time! Specter of Torment is coming to the WiiU on April 21st and to the 3DS on April 25th. Get hyped boys!
Bruh they call me the specter of knights , so yeah u wot m8 ■w■¬
This games looks amazing in 3D!!
Aw, that's nice he found his love. :3 ...On the other hand, red skulls raining from the air is kinda creepy... Ah well. :'D
Just finished the third campaign! If you have any interest in retro style platforming goodness, give Shovel Knight a try. Especially if you like Megaman style gameplay...You're going to have the time of your life.
I'M BACK! And so is Shovel Knight, complete with a new name... They named it after me! How nice of them! :D Well, when dear Bella shows up, I'll start on SPECTER OF TORMENT. Until then, I'll have 2 content myself with the other new features they added. C u! :)
All of this, and yet the game still doesn't crash. Good job, Yacht Club™!
Oh cool, King of Cards comes out next year, really looking forward to posting my progress to Miiverse and- OH, THAT'S RIGHT, YOU CAN'T.
Mortal Kombat Style finish baby check m8 moleknight :]
shovel knight as a playable fighter for the next super smash bros game!!!
Gee, playing as Specter Knight is harder than I thought. ^^; Luckily I got a chance to observe the Grumps' playthrough before doing it myself. Here we go again! :D
Oh my goodness, that looks awesome.
Yacht club games has just announced 2 hours ago that Shovel knight: Specter of torment is coming to the 3DS on April 25th!!! And to the WII U on April 21st!
Game of the day #10: Shovel Knight. One of my favorite 3DS games (Yes, I'm aware its not exclusive to the handheld). There's so much to love about this game. The gameplay being a pastiche of classic 8 bit games, the level design, the music, the character designs, etc. I specially love the expansions and how they managed to tweak the original and feel more unique as a result. Best of all...
SHOVEL KNIGHT: TREASURE TROVE 3.2 update collected! Thursday, SEPTEMBER 21.2017!
This is the single most bizarre thing I have seen in my entire life.
*le gaspu* he is so pRECIOUS!!
is it hot in here or is it just me?
fear the SHOVEL!!!
I bought her wisp and now she looks sad ;-;
This is the kind of surprises i like in games
fun fact: you can get a music sheet and a massive amount of apples by fishing or tossing a bait bomb into that gap in the gangplank. depending on which knight your playing as.
I am the Vector Victor. *^* ...And it only took 12 tries. :'D
I have finally awakened my stando.
The removal of the world map and having access to all eight knight from the start makes the Specter of Torment campaign feel even more Megaman-like. Its a shame though, I did like the map feature.
For the last time, it's Donovan.
so true moleknight can dig so fast bruh :]
:0 I knew there was something fishy about that wall.
im walking sunshine!!!
Okay I FINALLY beat Plague Knight & Mole Knight's levels. *Phew* Those were HARD. So our Heroine's adventures can continue. (^^)/
Boom, baby! I finally beat that gosh-awful Tower Climb mini-game!
Ha! Arin Hanson makes a cameo! He looks pretty grumpy ;)
im FLIPPING out because this is my last post!!
No problem! At the same time, this is terribly sad.
How dare you call me that?! I'm in God Mode!
day four: they still haven't noticed me. my legs are getting tried. and this sword is heavy... but the guard is still watching.... i hope percy remembered to turn the beaker off like i told him to....
Hahahaha!! What is this!!!!!!
Never talk to me or my son ever again.
And thus, the last feat is earned. Reclaiming my spot as a Shovel Knight Completionist, I rest easy until the new DLC becomes available.
Yes! Finally! Eat it, Horace! I beat your minigame!
Here's a little easter egg. Stand completely still while fighting the Plague of Shadows, and this secret cutscene will happen.
Oh sweet, you can actually play during these flashbacks? I gotta say, I really like the visual style for these, it looks really good. The Shovel Knight series never disappoints when it comes to aesthetics.
....i can't think of anything clever to say about this. at least not anything that the admins would like....
Is that really how you read a map?! Also, Yacht Club has gotten some work done on King Knight, and someone has released a 14 second video of King Knight going through Pridemoor Keep. I'm excited!
I love this so much!
Aww... so cute!
To think that the Phase Locket in Shovel Knight's campaign was someone else's precious memento. In hindsight, it makes me feel bad for taking it. Its too bad there is no way to return this Specter Knight. Even worse is the fact that you can use it against him.
YEAH! Just beat Specter of Torment! By god is it great! I had so much fun slicing through enemies, playing the completly redisigned levels, the new attacks the bosses have, and listening to the soundtrack! I give this DLC a 9/10. I expect no less from Yacht Club.
Aw, this is cute!
I wonder if Shadow the Hedgehog stole his edgy thunder.
wellwellwell. found your “HAL” room yacht club. nice.
I'm not a ghost, I'm a lich, there's a difference you uneducated pleb.
This is why we all like psychopath's every now and again.
Yeah Baby!!
Yes, it is quite beautiful.... And you're either dumb or color-blind.
combate épico
Hey does anyone know easy or somewhat easy ways to farm for in game funds? The Tinker Knight & Propeller Knight levels shorted my funds a LOT & I've gotten some back, but when I try to get my gold amount above the amount shown in the screenshot I get shorted cause somethings just gotta come along & knock me into a pit. Thanks in advance.
that doesn't look right to me
Papyrus? IS THAT YOU!? You shouldn't have eaten the spaghetti!
I have no more darkness, I must refill it with my edgy pose!
Luan can't possibly keep up with this sick skateboard sword!
see this skull? floating like it's nothing special? this one. this is number 100. YEAH-HOO!!!!
....... I'm dead.
I find colour so fascinating. This here is a great example of how colour alone can change our understanding of the things we see around us; In this background the sun becomes the moon within seconds without ever moving position to signal a change. We don't need to see the sun set or the moon rise to understand what's happening. The colour does it all!
Aaaannnd finished. Playing as Specter Knight was so much fun.
I wonder what Yacht Club games will do for the story of King Knight's campaign? Will it be a story concurrent with Shovel Knight's like Plague of Shadows or a prequel like Specter of Torment? Though given the character in question, it will probably be more light hearted than SoT was.
This is the only game I've ever played where an NPC kills you and then pays you as an apology afterwards.
Okay so a mv buddy of mine asked "Where are you stuck on the Specter Knight level in the Shovel Knight part? I can help if needed." well to answer them, it always right here. Despite what I have tried I'm always falling in the water....
100% of the Feats achieved once again!
98/100 Red Skulls- only 1 more left in The Flying Machine and 1 in Clockwork Tower! I'll have to get them tomorrow, though.
5 Red Skulls to go before I've gathered them all!
♪They say we live in the darkness They say there's trouble ahead Every day there's sorrow Today, tomorrow But I'm dancing instead -Original Mole Knight composition here-♪
Secret: You can get a Wall Slide that works like in Mega Man X, blue armor and all!
This new power is like the shields from the Mega Man series, except it doesn't suck.
Specter of Torment Complete!! This one seemed to go much faster than the others, but still a great story and unique spin on gameplay. Looking forward to the next installment! Thanks Yacht Club!
Hey there Plague Knight, it looks like you're back to your regular size.
Lady Treasure Knight looks awesome. Love the design.
That's the coolest power I've ever seen in this game.
Those colors suit him very good. Reminds me of Mysterio & Green Goblin.
*cries tears of joy*
The Black Knight is the first boss again? Well, at least he brought that turtle-rhino monster with him.
I love this game's art.
note: gold cloak doesn't not seem to do anything special defensewise. [the little jumping animation though is surprisingly funny. jubilance increased by 200% indeed.]
It's a minimum of 4 months until King Knight releases! Even though Miiverse will end before then, I hope you guys enjoy it to the fullest! Have fun guys! Bye!
IGN has released ACTUAL GAMEPLAY footage of the King Of Cards campaign!(on YT)Here are some things that I noticed: NEW FOES:Fat Goldarmors, Propeller Rat bundles,and even a new type of Wizzem.And as you saw in the latest Nintendo Direct,WAY more levels.However,only 1 boss for every 3 stages,but they are shorter stages.King Knight can ram walls and stomp foes.In the video,he used a hammer to-----
New profile picture
I've played Ocarina of Time lady; I never want a fairy companion again as long as I live! :)
Okay I'm starting to think there is only one way I'm gonna get through this level. 3 words....LEARN TO FLY. (Maybe I can carefully lasso about 20 propeller rats & fly to the top. Cause I can't make up there at all. ¦| )
Right at the end, I keep failing...
Why? Why do ppl always have to combine moving conveyor belt platforms & bottomless pits? >-< Can't it just be normal platforms & give me break.... (Yes these kind of platforms are my dang weakness....if by some unknown miracle I make it out, I'm gonna be broke in game. ¦/ )
how do you use?
That's adorable.
This ain't right
It was worth getting the skulls just for the moon walk!
For those who don't know, you can kill Big Bertha with the claw item.
It's me...Donny Jackson. HEE HEE HEE!
I just cleared the Specter of Torment saga. I must say: That one had quite a sad ending... But it makes me wonder if a Reize saga could be a sequel, seeing how important he is to the story.
AWE! This is so sweet! I wish I knew how to dance :') The lengths we go to for love. *sigh* Now I have to decide what I'm gonna play next. (It may be more Shovel Knight, but we'll see.)
These eel creatures are really cool! I wish they weren't so annoying though. XD
Woah we both died! o_0
I'm glad Specter Knight's mode made it to the 3DS.
For some reason, I totally forgot to update Shovel Knight for the Spectre Knight saga until now. I must say - the mechanics and gameplay here are super tricky - but super awesome!
I have tried over 20 times on this minigame. I can't do it. I got to the last part but messed that up too. This is impossible. Now excuse me as I slam my head into a nearby wall.
Lol! Well that's great. I'm still getting used to Plague Knight and all his weapons and jump mechanics- he's no walk in the park. About a week ago I said that Specter Knight plays like a dream, and believe me that was no overstatement. It takes me much longer to get through a stage with Plague Knight.
I had almost forgotten that I still hadn't cashed on the last few red skulls. Turns out the reward is Specter Knight's human wardrobe and his item from the flashbacks. Nice reward but its pretty useless at this point. I could make use of it whenever I do a New Game + playthrough.
Look! Passmaster has copied Papyruses "Nheh heh heh"!
I'm so glad that they also used these visuals for the penultimate level of Specter of Torment. It just so atmospheric. But since this is rail level, I can't stop to enjoy the view.
aaawwww.... [sniff] ...what... i have...allergys. don't look at me like that. and...roll credits!
Specter Knight: Bro.... my skillz on the scythe are unrivalled.. B|.
this reminds me of level 2 in the original mario games. i'm in my own life bar.
sorry for not posting for a few days I finished my speedrun heres the screenshot i'd give this game a 10/10 the gameplay was the best part dash slashing enemys up and down to get the collectbles was very fun the story of luan and donovan was great it actually caught me by suprise when it was revealed that reize was luans son overall its a great game that you should get if your a hardcore gamer
Well, that was a good campaign... Best expansion to a game yet... I guess it is back to Monster Hunter, then...
I am REALLY tired of Spector Knight's level right now just Urgggggg! (~>~>)~
i love this
This giant fish reminds me of Boss Bass from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Le graphisme dans se jeu "à la 8 bits" sont super...
wow i just done everything
; ω ;
I didn't expect to be fighting Shield Kinght in this.
Scythe Surfing! B-)
Oh yeah, after waiting one year and five months, I finally get to play the Plague of Shadows campaign. This is gonna be fun.
Your update! (Which is coming for Wii U this Friday, Tuesday for 3DS!)
Mole Knight down!
are we going to get the specture knight dlc?
Whoah! Black Knight has real courage to talk to me like that!
since many people are enjoying this game and the fact that theres an expansion comeing in April, i might as well join the fun!
Do you see the Cheat Code on the screenshot? It makes me immune to damage (though I can still be knocked back & killed instantly) and it gives me the Treasure Ichor effect. THIS is the code I'll be using for my playthrough of Specter of Torment. I suggest you all to do the same thing just in case.
I pay my debt to Miiverse by saying thank you, I have conversed with many comedic people, and made several stupid posts. This community of people that make stupid posts (like me), or made good drawings, this is sometging I will miss.
Thank you, Miiverse friends, for all the fun times we've had! Discussing games we love, sharing weird screenshots, getting amazed at the craziest drawings and memeing all the way through. Onto the next chapter!
100% Treasure Trove for now. It's a shame I won't be able to share King of Cards completion here. Thank you for a wonderful gem, @YachtClubGames
Did you know? Switching the language to Japanese enables a lot of localization easter eggs, like water flowing out of the fountain in town, radishes replacing carrots, animated grass in the Plains and more!
for some reason. i love this picture. despite the green rain and dark fire. it seems oddly peaceful.
Just finished a Pandеmonium Cloak run of Plague of Shadows and it was a lot of fun! For those who don't know, that cloak randomizes your bomb setup and Arcana every few seconds, and you can't change what it gives you until it randomizes everything again. Name your file PL&CIPH to start with it and good luck!
...says Shovel Knight the Phantom with his trusty phantom companion.
back and i got health!!
ummm well hello.................
The Grim Reaper is coming for Miiverse.
hmm how did I do this :]
I'm in ur sewer watchin' ur quest.
This game is so *pretty*, particularly on the 3DS with the 3D slider cranked to max. So awesome.
Found the Yacht Club Games logo!
ok yacht club u got some explaining to do
a while back i beat SoT GM+ 100%, forgot to post it tho.
I just finished the Plauge Knight story and was suprised how touching it was to see Mona and Plauge Knight dancing together at the end.
This is a familiar face
You know what? This game needs a sequel. I really want to know what happens to Specty and everyone who supported him after Shovel Knight's adventure!
marking them down!
I BEAT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!
Here is what i call the Hyper god mode code: TVSVUEIO!
WOAH NICE WE GOT SOME GAγ I guess it will not let me get past this level no matter how hard I try. -~- This is getting ridiculous!
*Gasp* (0o0) That's right, I've made it to the tower of fate area's! Yes! >:]
It did it, I made it through the Propeller Knight level! Yes! >u< (Wierd thing is I saw a rose fly by right when I hit her with the final blow. Guess their a classy person.)
Hey just curious, is the gold armor really useless? I'm not saying I'm gonna get it but I'm just curious. Plus I got a lot of gold from following Mr.Hat around(sorry for bugging ya Mr.Hat) & beating the ghost in the Hall of Champions.
A secret!
who are you papyrus lol
Specter donovan :]
Um... is this supposed to happen?
In the King Knight playthrough...
I love God Mode! The code is: STQQTXVX
Love the music on this stage. Epic
I love the fact that if you have the Mega Man X cloak you can equip any other cloak without changing the color scheme, even with the silver cloak which gives more detail to animations.
Judging by the fact that I've only died once and I'm already done 75% percent of the game, that ain't bad!
this line suddenly takes a whole new meaning after playing SoT...
Well...after the SoT update, the challenges are now clear once again. All thats left is the Feats section. >:)
These feesh are great dancers! Bravo! (=
- HEE HEE HEE - Indeed! This sums up my expression everytime I get to see the Iron Whale. Love this place so much! Let's hope I don't fall down a bottomless pit into a watery grave :D :D :D
Mario 3 flashbacks...
how did it get in there
Reize is going to be the final boss? I didn't see that coming. He went from being an optional boss to be the final enemy in Specter of Torment. That's quite the promotion. Though unlike the final bosses of the previous two campaigns, I'll be fighting this one on a rail level rather than on a normal battle. Interesting.
I finally got all the red skulls, now I can move on to the last level. Except there are red skulls to collect in this level as well. Since I don't want to do the level twice, I'm gonna look a guide to know where all the red skulls are so I can get all of them in my first try.
so. looking for the last red skull in the lichyard. found this instead. still cool though.
Its a pretty neat detail how after you defeat a particular knight, the enemies from their level show up here. It makes the home base feel more lively. Still, now that I beat all eight knights, I'm going to collect all of the red skulls before going after the last part of the game.
Man this game is gorgeous in 3D!
So Donovan became Spectre Knight because of a faustian bargain with NotMaleficent? Given how drastically his body and mind change later on, this isn't going to end well for him. It almost makes me want to pity him.
Hm, Propeller Knight's battlefield has been changed drastically from what it was like before. Makes sense, otherwise he would be a breeze to defeat in the previous battlefield because of Spectre Knight's slash jump.
The Order of No Quarter, led by the Enchantress, was formed. I hope that pathetic Team Dragma doesn't try to hire her & her cohorts to get rid of my bro.
Awww! So Cute!
como me gusta este juego
Red Reunion
why did i cry at this reunion?
It's a good game
Three shovel knights!
She'll make you an offer you cannot refuse. But seriously, I lost so much of my gold getting through this level and I'm feeling mad now. I do recall Mole Knight being one of the tougher knights so I have a feeling this won't be easy.
Plague of Shadows reference.
Can't go wrong with vulture humor! ^_-
Time to begin the game proper. As usual, I'll be going for King Knight first since he's the weakest knight from the Order of No Quarter and his level is the easiest to navigate.
I was wondering when you'll be showing up, Baz.
physics? shovel [spade?] knight does not bend to your silly laws of physics. [fishes underwater anyway.]
This game is so beautiful.
A new quest begins...
The liquid pouring from those pots likewise inflicts a whole heart's worth of damage, so watch out for that too...
looks like plague knight has been learning some tricks from samus...
I am the gold.
can not wait for specter of torment to come to america for 3DS
i don't think i want to try that potion, Mona
A fond farewell to the Miiverse community of my favorite 3DS game! I'll miss you so! Never stop shovelin'!
Fare thee well glorious people of Miiverse, and the Round Table! And in future endeavors, Dig tirelessly, and slash mercilessly!!! (n_n)7
Jake Kaufman did a phenomenal job with this sound track!
Wanna strut around like Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? Enter "PLC&CART" when creating a new file for Plague of Shadows!
This is the biggest reason to love this game. Not the great gameplay, music, graphics, it's this. This beautiful creature.
This was the greatest game i have played in recent memory. So freaking amazing!
how to make shovel knight campain easier: use god cheat code TVSVUEIO enter as name
My new Background
Glad they fixed the bug and I could finally do this challenge.
phantom striker defeated
I've been thinking about a magikoopa being a plague doctor.
So far, defeated four of the Order of No Quarter.
This game is getting hard...
Tis time for me to take part in a Swapped Adventure, and travel the land as Lady Shovel Knight.
One of the reasons I'm one of the only people who actually liked the 3D effect.
.....PPPFFFTTT. I love giant mode. too bad you can't combine codes.
'King of Cards' is the name of the next campaign with King Knight! It has a new world map, card battles (!) and LOTS of rats. Can't wait!
yessss just got this game
Shovel's nice n' sharp now. Prepare for Shovelry, 2nd tougher quest.
Heelllooooo, Ladies! No place setting for me? Well, alrighty then, I'll, uh, just be off. No need to show me the door; I'll find it myself, thank you very... we're all gonna fight, aren't we.
A happy ending.
oh man
I got King Knight early!
It took seven hours and forty deaths against "Perfect" Reize, but I finally beat Specter of Torment Not my favorite of the three gameplay-wise, but the story was good
*insert Rick and Morty joke here*
I've done it, finally
Good to see Mister Hat branching out from his role in South Park.
hey shovel knight
He slep too
<3 <3 <3
You're welcome...
I miss having turkey :‹
Nightmare Rieze actually wasn't that hard!
This is just like that time Kobe didn't even FLINCH!
Ummm... Wait, you're not in the clear yet! …HOW ARE YOU NOT (re)DEAD?
This is so cool! Too bad I didn't find it sooner...
EVERY CHALLENGE, COMPLETED! now on to plague knight...
oh my GOD finally
>builds on the fact that this is alot like mega man.
Secret room founded ;)
...... 28 times..... I died 28 times in that stage..... Guys, Propeller Knight is just the worst..... Also: Happy 100th Death!!! (plus 4 more) *psychotic laughter* So much for not dying over 100 times on this adventure!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Dang it.
Um, Shovel Knight, look up...
Don't talk to me or my son ever again.
Specter Knight's quest is complete! I think I'll just pick up the last few red skulls I'm missing, and then moving on to New Game+!
what is going on here
is there a release date for king knight's campaign yet? YAY for a blank screenshot lol
Me: I'm REALLY starting to get tired of this level. I'm starting to wish I could just fly up to the top. (I'm serious) -_- Wait a ¬u¬ Hey Propeller Knight, you got a spare helmet? Propeller Knight:...... ¬-¬ Me: I'll take that as a no. ^^'
Just fishing.
Plague Knight what did you do to this poor thing?
When you have been playing to many games the past two days!
This might be the coolest screenshot I'll ever take
And thats the game!! \(^_^)/
first boss defeated
*MLG glasses slowly go on to Specter Knight's face*
I'm doing a no death/no tonics/no upgrades run, and this guy has been messing up my Tower Entrance runs all day. Play the victory theme, ladies and gents.
♪getting down in da boneyard♪
the cat is bathing in money:D
Hey guys, quick tip. If you tap down, you can pet the cat. AAAAWWWWW! (so cute!)
If you play Spectre Knight, this is for you! Enter the cheat code: SP&JOHNY to make yourself always look like Donovan! Even with armor on, you still look like Donovan, just with the different colors!
This is cool.
in king knights stage go left, then as your jumping, hit the wall above the statues. this applies for all stages.
mega man X anyone?
It's because we're evil deal with it.
first we have that lady dancer in Shovel Knight's story, then we had Plague Knight and Mona in Plague Knight's story, and now these red skeletons in Specter Knight's story? SO MUCH DANCING!!!
Yacht Club Games, I will gladly continue to contribute to your products as long as this beautiful level of polish remains. Keep up the fantastic work.
Just my opinion: Purple and Green always look good. Had to redeem this guy at least once.
I belive i can fly and die
Loving The Specter Playthrough Sofar, Controls Are Not What Im Used To... But He Can Walk On Walls! :0
just started, wasnt sure if I'd like it 0_0 i'm sure now ^_^
thats creepy
lol im fighting QUEEN KHIGHT
Hmmm... hi guys! Just playing shovel knight! :D Also, when is the treasure trove update coming to 3ds!?!!?? If you know, tell me. Thx!
Specter Knight is AWESOME!!
It's Egoraptor/Arin! (At least it's not Ross)
Is he doing the michael jackson?
Dance off!
*claps* BEST JOKE IN THE WORLD (not rly..)
This is the best mode. No contest. Specter Knight's play style allows way more freedom and insanity.
I should have known who the intruder would be - like who else? Heh heh. Now Plaguey's stealing back the essence in true villain fashion.
Ugh...this is ridiculous. I know I can do a rerun of a level to get a resupply of gold but because of the the fact the only platforms near this spot are only fire pillar platforms I'm gonna be broke by the time I get through this level.
100%+minigames finished
Just completed Specter Knight's story and he has my favorite gameplay and past story yet!
Plague just peakin' over walls being the natural creep that he is. He could be watching any one of us r i g h t n o w . . (cue creepy music) Seriously though if I had no knowledge of who Plague Knight was and saw like a real life version of him coming towards me on a dark night I think I'd be pretty freaked out. The long green bird mask, the dark cloak. A good halloween costume idea, no?
So, if Shovel Knight's subweapons are called Relics, Plague Knight's are called Arcana, and Specter Knight's are called Curios, will King Knight's be called Bling?
ha! what do ya know. that actually works. the fastest way to beat the plague of shadows is not to fight [or move] at all! plague knight wins by doing nothing!
A very nice view.
Wait, I just updated my game and got this, I thought only Plague Knight was free and everything else was paid separately? Today I almost bought his campaign separately on the Switch, however I decided to do a quick check on updates in the 3DS e'shop & was able to download treasure trove free. Was this always the case?
specty 2
He's offering himself to be taken by the Enchantress instead of Reize? That's very of noble of Specter Knight. It will cost him dearly since it means he'll never be able to regain his humanity and is doomed to remain as an undead servant to the Enchantress. Poor guy.
Well, I beat Specter of Torment and that was awesome! It's about time I play Plague of Shadows! I know, I know, it's been out a long time. I just haven't gotten to it yet!
Looks like Black Knight is the penultimate boss much like he was in the previous two campaigns. Though it seems that unlike last time, he'll be fighting alongside his turtle rhino instead of using his winged form. What a shame, I liked that one better.
Glad to know this easter egg is still here.
Well...just I was not prepared for that story.. You've truly outdone yourself with this one YCG! The gameplay was designed in a way that meant I could only die from poor judgement, rather than bad control. And the story was unexpectedly deep, a little dark, and very well written. This was well worth the months of waiting!!
While its a drag to have to go through every level again just to collect the few red skulls that I missed, all the abilities and upgrades I have at my disposal make this a much easier task.
Wow, Polar Knight was pathetic. He was even easier than the level itself. Though I suppose this is because I already have almost very power up in the game as well as a bigger health bar. I'm sure things would have been harder if I had gone after him first.
A new adventure beckons...!
yay. Time to battle all the bosses...AGAIN! Here goes nothing!
Yikes! Not even Black Knight's pet is SHOCKED about the Enchantress showing up out of nowhere!
I feel bad for people nowadays, with the Specter of Darkness/ Treasure Trove update, Shovel Knight now costs $25, but back when I got the game it was only $17. Welp, at least I didn't have to pay extra!
Today I'll be taking on Tinker Knight's level. This was a pretty annoying level in the previous campaigns but hopefully it has been improved for Specter of Torment.
I'm terrible when it comes to bosses.
If you're wearing the Donovan armor and do cold shoulder twice, you'll start dancing. EPIC DANCE PARTY
YES! Finally got the Donovan Set!
Okay "Steel thy Shovel" sounds cool but is it wrong that at the same time I'm giggling about it? XD
Welcome back. This has been death...9,642,587,314. All the other 9,642,587,313 were from me trying to GET to the Enchantress.
That was more difficult than I thought...
That's Specter of Torment.
Now I'll be going for the Explodatorium, one of my favorite levels, from the previous campaigns at least.
Red Skulls? No, Captain America took care of him. More importantly, why am I dressed like a scarecrow now?
Specter Knight rides a rocket, becuz Specter Knight doesn't care! :)
Um, you're floating.
This was a beautiful game and worth the wait too!THANKS YACHT CLUB GAMES!!!!!!
Everything is so blue and vibrant in this background! I love underwater themes. They have a lot of creative potential because there's just so much mystery beneath the surface. Like anything can be down there! Oh, where did I go you ask? I had to jump out of the screen to get this shot! It's neat how the game lets us do that. ^-^
First, Reize busts through the first window, now Baz busts through the second... Who's next? Mr. Hat? Baz gets points for style, at least...
Looks like Specter Knight is using his Scythe Wail underwater for no reason!
Has anyone else collected all the red skulls?
specter knight is so cool
Hey, I remember you, you were that one masked guy that would appear in the map in Plague Knight's campaign. I recall you being tough, let's see if you're just as tough here.
Finally made it to the top!
well, look at that! they edited Specter Knight's portrait!
The End. One of the best Shovel Knight campaigns so far! Can't wait to play as King Knight and all the others!
Ah, King Knight, we meet again. Let's see if you've gotten better than you were before.
I thought this stage's music was good before, but this campaign's version of this song is godlike!
Took a couple hours, but I finally did it!
That's a Nice looking sunset.
Yipity-yeh-HOO!!! New campaign baby!
SPECTER SLASH! Teenage mutant specter knights The (specter) Goblin.
Finally! After all these years.
Alright, people, listen up. Specter of Torment is out for digital users after an unexpected delay. Note: I am a digital game owner and this screenshot should prove it. (Search up Shovel Knight in the eShop and you should be offered an update, like I did) You may now thank me.
stay'n up all night to get update unless it comes out later in day tomorrow
Croaker's repertoire has become more... juvenile lately.
uuuuuuhhhhhh...... something fishy is going on here...
Wow this game is fun!
Finally got all the normal game achievements. Now, time to check out this DLC.
and with that. black knight proved himself, the enchantress is gone, mona actually smiled. and all is right... i guess you could say... as worn-out as the saying is... they all lived happily every after. fitting end for such a good tale...
Butt Mode ladies & gentlemen!
Awesome game.
Awwww :)
What a scape...
Playing this again!
you know what im ready to show you fools what im capable of HERE I COME ORDER OF NO QUARTER!!........and shovel knignt?
remember folks. generic side enemys need some time to. so stop and play a quick game of magic baseball with a sorcerer today and help do your part.
Hey guys, WarrnWarrior here, and I recently learned that a knew Shovel Knight game is going to be released in early 2018, called Shovel Knight: King of Cards. What's your favorite Shovel Knight game? Answer in the comments below! (I like Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.)
I managed to beat SoT in 4x size mode! That was almost impossible (some places in the levels are simply not designed to handle that giant hitbox), but it all worked out and it ended up being pretty crazy and fun.
So, I beat this guy without losing any health, cool I think?
waited until Halloween to play this DLC :)
I'm about to try treasure trove for my first time!
Having a good time with Shovel Knight
Ready for the King Knight DLC. Can't wait for the Amiibo!
Commence the filling of chalices!
the end
Hey guys, its been almost 2 years since my last post (this will probably be my last post) and almost 2 years since ive playes my 3DS. I came back to play the Plague Knight campaign and I saw an update available. I took a look at the contents in this update and my 2nd favorite knight got his own campaign (Spector Knight), I also think King Knight got his own campaign .continued in replys.
rhymes with shutthetruck
I feel in Metal Slug!
The 3 mains!
I thought I would make 1 last Shovel Knight post b4 I... delete it. When King of Cards arrives next year, I can play it on Vita, as that version has sharper graphics. This game is so great (4 a game without voice-acting :D), and hopefully Yacht Club goes Places. In the meantime, I might have a better use 4 1,000 spare blocks. So, as Aunt May said in TASM 2, I'll take 1 last look, then put it where
this is why I love cheat codes
this is my field now
The coolest snapshot of Spector knight
finished shovel knight campaign in god mode
face me you demon
ohhh f...
On My 2nd time leveling up my amiibo, I got the set at like... Level 35! This time I just got it!
the alchemist wins again
How is it NOT falling?
Lemmie say something, The War Horn in god mode is absolutely broken.
Thank you for the update. On the next up date, could the Body swap be in this category [posted above] on the title screen options. I would like to make the changes before I start. Also if not done allready, the ability to save our swaps, So that game play is consistent. Thank you. PS. When will the final game [King Knight-Cards] be released. cant wait love card games
Ah... I see how this ties in with the fateful encounter at the Tower of Fate, when Shield Knight disappeared.
FINALLY amiibo works again!
i just got the 3.2 update, and... WHATS THE DIFFERENCE!!!
Well I heard they ars shutting down miiverse, so heres one final post
new prof pic
This is beautiful.
they did not add king knight
They finally fixed the Shovel Bomb Bounce Crash!
I don't know why I find this funny. The original Shovel Knight campaign got a subtitle. Maybe a better subtitle would be, SHOVEL KNIGHT: Shovel Knight.
Beat the main campaign.
keep it
i just beat shovel knight spectre of torment
Take me to victory, my noble steed!
In spite of my bizarre neglect for this great game, I've finally finished Plague of Shadows.
What a fitting end for thine wretched king.
i did it
Plague knight Selfie!
New Game Plus is great way to experience old adventures in a new way! That is, if your game doesn't crash when you are about to beat the first level.
well that just happen
who are you
what if shovel knight appears as a playable character in the next super smash bros game?!?!?
Jogando pela primeira vez. Que jogo lindo. Playing for the first time. This game is wonderful.
hahaHA! Again! Might as well be in the gold gear if I'm going up against Kingy.
haHA! Thou hast misseth! (ducking too, btw)
nintendo of japan tweeted that miiverse wii be ending on the 8th of november this year. hope it will stay up for longer on the 3ds but doubt it."(#best news to wake up to)"
Favorite level :)
I think I broke it...
Hey buddy, you, uh, missed the chest...
Man, Specter Knight mode is really fun!
Hello, strange flying fish.
truly magical
aww happy skells
But now I've played all three campaigns. Didn't do too bad there, I think!
i died 112 times
I love that Horace pops the lamp and it explodes into confetti.
In case you wanted to see how Specter Knight's boss form looks with the Donovan set...
So like I died... and then my bomb hit and I beat the boss. This has happened to me twice!!
what if shovel knight appeared as a playable character in the next super smash bros game?!?!?
Its the ″Grumpa lisa″such a fine piece of art.
That was a nice dance... now where's my last Curio?
Im using the 1-shot and no checkpoint cheat code and will now attempt to beat the game while using said cheat with all 3 campaigns... wish me luck! :D
That's where you're wrong, young Reize.. I rule the dance floor.
Anyone else find it weird that Plague Knight’s own henchman attack him ?
So this is one the coolest boss fights I've done in a while.
gotta love those cheats
"Draw me like one of your french specters!"
♪Gall is dead, just like he said, flying bird head, Mole Knight wants bread♭
Considering the Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows campaigns, we may need to wait for King Knight's chapter before we see Dragon Armor's debut...
Just finished all of the spector knight challenges.
That took more than a few tries...
This is why I love New Game+, risk = the best reward
Is it just me or are the flashy armor for the knights marginally better than the more useful/practical ones?
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't take this game seriously in 'butt mode'!: WSWWAEAW
Nintendo, I hope in an update for Switch I'll be able to transfer Shovel Knight from 3DS to Switch so I can play wherever I want.
So one last obstacle between me and the tower of fate.
YAAAAAAAAAA'HOOOOOOOOO! tip: use the anchors to hit her when she gets really high or bellow where she can't be hit!
HA! =)
this is the best!
where's the last coin?
I got stuck in the walls while using a 'God Mode' cheat code ( CR&RZY! ), and it keeps skipping through areas, then heading back to the place i'm at.
217 points! I think that's the highest score I've ever gotten in this game ever! I think my last score was 214, and I think I saw sum1 online manage over 300. :D
I think these people r guilty of 4gery! :D
This achievement is very difficult.
Moments like this r but a tiny portion of what makes this game great. :)
All truly great games have mini-games in them. Fact. :D
Specter Don!
...somehow, Specter Knight's pose makes this scene even better~
Finished Plague of Shadows
any cheat codes
very hard and adictive
It's Egoraptor in Shovel Knight!
ya entendi que es ser un muerto viviente xdxd
It's not a bug, it's a feature.
Feels good to finally have my 3ds fixed!
I've beaten this more times than I can count, and this still gives me chills
Polar Knight defeated! Specter Knight's quest continues!
Oh really now..............
ya like me now manney
super mega ultra hyper turbo championship ninja attack
Mistakes have been made.
crimsion slash
no this game is so hard x(
Didn't think I'd ever obtain 50000 gold. Patience, perseverance, and red armor are key, fellow knights. Huzzah!
I have every item/relic!
The fact that you can defeat Black Knight just by sparking the ground.
I'm huge!
Wh...Wh...WHAT IN PRIDEMOOR IS THIS?!? A DRAGON?!? I was just messing with this guy repeatedly for the fun of it!! I didn't expect to see anything like THIS!!! ...But it's cool, though! (^v^) DRAGONS FOR THE WIN!!! DEATH COUNT: 71
Whaaat?? Noooo... It's...It's not like that at all!! I was just...looking for a secret room, that's all!! ...And now I know that there is DEFINITELY NOT a room down that cliff! Because Deductive Reasoning!! DEATH COUNT: 66
64?!? I only see 8 bits!!! =P *crowd boos* (-_-) *sigh* Everyone's a critic... DEATH COUNT: 64
Try to find me!
(-_-') *sigh* Yep... That seems about right... *grumble grumble* Stupid... *grumble grumble* ...Lost City... *grumble grumble* ...Wisp Chest... *grumble grumble* DEATH COUNT: 57
You mean I now have to stare at the jerk that KEPT KILLING ME EVERY time I pick a stage?!? BUT WHYYYYYY?!?!? DEATH COUNT: 34
This is my best record... And it took me over 15 tries to get... AAAAUUUGH THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! DEATH COUNT: 28
I'm finally on new game+ :D
100 percent complete its time to party.
I'm floating!
I can't help but feel bad for stealing and trading away the locket now that I know what it meant to him.
Almost there...
Specter of Torment (my favorite Knight's campaign) has been 100% completed. Feats, challenge mode, everything. I'll probably do Shovel Knight next, then Plague Knight.
Exscuse me... I'm taller than you Deer Lady...
Plague Knight is now my favorite.
that. was the most aggravating course out of all three campaigns. and it was so short it didn't even have a check point. now for the last few tower of fate coins...
Black Knight vencido #PlagueKnightVencedor
Basically a pro
money money money money money money money money
plague knight's tinker tower = hades in game form. oh well. another castle 100%. that much closer to mona's secret invention...
Ummm....okay whoever that "Phantom Striker" was that was odd. ò-õ
That was really easy...
Plague Knight... ...dancing with Mona?!?! Wow! I complete the game and I didn't see it coming! This is totally surprising!
no deaths, that was funny
Shovel Knight is an interesting concept in many terms. In this game you play as a knight with a shovel for a weapon. The story is fun. As you dig and slash, watch the story unfold. I am playing as Plague Knight. A new story you unlock after beating the original Shovel Knight.
Awesome update!
what a beautiful ending to a beautiful campaign.
Yay phase locket!
That is one ugly and creepy looking fish... HERE FISHY FISHY!
Ive been doing the game+ for Specter Knight and it has been challenging!Having the Expert health has been pretty annoying. Ive beat every Knight except Tinker and Propeller Knight.You might think Propeller will be hard 4 specter as 4 the other two but he is quite simple.Tinker Knight however...
hmmm... who else is a skeleton in a red cape in a 8 bit indie game that says nya ha ha?
Lindo final!!!
Im gonna play all three in this order: Specter, Shovel, Reaper. *First time posting in almost a year ¯\(бώб)/¯
Vamos ficar de vela msm!
I already completed the story mode for all the playable characters, so I decided to mess around with cheat codes (not hacks). the code I'm currently trying out is STQQTXVX. it gives you infinite magic, all relics, increased speed and jump height, permanent invincibility (even from pits and spikes!), and always attracts treasure to you. sadly, feats can't be unlocked.
Missy's collection of wisps!
Oh my FISH STICKS! we can now play as my favorite boss..... SPECTER KNIGHT!!!
Like I said, this is taking a while. x3
Really great reward for collecting the Red Skulls. Worth the effort.
Something looks fishy...
what is your favorite shovel knight music? I like "Hitting close to home"!
ha ha ha didn't know you could actually pet it by holding down.
Just Beat Specter Knight's Story, its so sad!
Hey look! Its Red Skelton! xD (And no that is not me spelling skeleton wrong. Google Red Skelton and you'll get the joke xD)
He look very cool!
How do I get this song?
Oh my gosh.
Finished weeks ago, just couldn't find the time to post this. Really good game, Yacht Club Games makes me very happy once again.
Can anyone spot the ASDF reference?
who needs physics when you have video games
Welcome back to Castlevaina
Finally starting Specter Knight's Story! More Shovel Knight is awesome!
94 down. 6 to go. actually. as much as i hate to say it. specters gameplay actually makes tinker town somewhat fun. ...somewhat.
Prepare yourselves for a bad joke.......... AWW, THEY'RE BLUSHING!
Why is it jumping...
and now we pose dramatically in front of the fireplace during a thunderstorm. for dramatic effect. ...mittens your really killing the mood here.
he won't let me in even though i got FAB FAB FABULOUS!
Hey guys question what is the reward for this minigame?
is it me or do you jump much higher and way farther in the gold mail? seems like it to me.
It's time to play it again!!! Here I go!!
CHALLENGE CLEAR!! He even fell in the pit
Hah! Beard Knight! Plague's got some good chirps xD I just got to thinking tho.. what if they made a Polar Knight dlc? He's so huge I'm not sure it would work. They would have to alter his sprite. Or maybe just make a kid Polar Knight. Maybe him and Shovel Knight were childhood friends!? Aaaah?
Trick Shots. :D
let's play
Propeller Knight is a pro planker!
WOAH... That was sudden!
Well then! This just made my day!
found it
Im really excited to play this game.
Enchantress time!
trying to speed run shovelknight so hard i forgot about the achievement and saying do not touch
*Screeches at the top of his lungs*
I tried so hard, and got so far... But in the end, it doesn't even matter. I tried too hard to lose it all, But in the end, it doesn't even mater!
You look off in the distance and wonder what is beyond were you can go, and then you remember that if you still had your memorys you would know. 2017–specter knight... or was that me?
This game only gets better and better.
So yeah...this was done on the weekend, took 2 days.
This moment here. This One Moment just makes me fall in love with Shovel Knight. This here always tears me up n my god I love it so much. Nothing like this can top it off. Jk there always is something. But this is my favorite of all video game history..
How. How you know that? Are you breaking the forth wall. Can you see through my helmet? Geez Ok I dont wanna talk to you anymore you witch. I think im gonna leave!
It's all beginning to add up!!! The tower didn't just take one life that day, Donovan's greed cost everyone everything in the end!!! NOW I see why Specter Knight greaves in between missions at the tower, he knows he was responsible for the entire tragedy!!! Wow, that's quite the burden to carry.....
I guess i'm going to finally see what REALLY happened that tragic day, and it all begins with a battle against Shield Knight!!! Now the tragic tale unfolds!!!
Well I can't blame him for feeling that way, I DO look like the type to "stab someone in the back" if you catch my "drift!" Oh sorry, was that humor a little too "dead" for you because I will gladly "enchant" you with some more "lively" ones if you desire! I could do this all day you know :)
I did say I wasn't an enemy but you wouldn't listen. ò.ó (Geez. --' )
Another level beaten! (Now why can't the Plague Knight level be this easy, then maybe I could beat it already.)
Hey I'm gonna skip Plaque Knights level for now & hope for a miracle when I decide to come back to it cause I have a feeling you can't skip it completely. ¦|
Especially since all of his recent character development, I think Reize would make a great playable character. Super Shovel knight mabye?
If it hasn't been noted, Tinker Knight is the most noble of the Order of No Quarter. None but fools break things without rushing to fix them, after all.
OMG!!!! I JUST FOUND 'HER'! She was right above me!
Like a boss!
Still one of my favorite moments in the game.
Not an army I'd want to fight against...
We both died again
look at that. Cool.
Oh my rats.
To beautiful this game.....I love It!
It's Corrin!
That's romantic.
i might be over thinking it. but i wonder if the logo being hidden in PRIDEmoor keep is a little joke. or maybe it's just because it's an early stage. the stage is getting familiar....
This bouncy green goop is the one reason why mole knight's stage is my favorite! I wish the whole stage had this stuff!
Is the chicken a reference to something, or is he just for fun?
The final boss was so fun! And no its not the tropple king
Ya like eels, boy?!! HWAAAAYYYYYYYYYUH!
I don't always play as Plague Knight, but when I do, I play like Jar Jar.
No problem! *wink wink* ;)
so I can stand on spikes now?
You brought your ship to surface? It looks like we're still underwater to me.
Wait... who won??
I love secrets
Finally got the Hurry Up! achievement :D
Looks like Specter was doomed to become a pancake!
Steel thy shovel!
Beat Plague Knight's campaign! On to the New Game+ for the 3 stories!
i shall do the dance of my people.
i expected more from you yacht club
Wow now I feel like a jerk. But what else was there to do? lol
ah, at last the two of them have found one another... To think, her head had been hidden away in so much snow...
I'm inspired.
Spectre knight was really fun to play with, nice story too.
Thanks to YachtClub Games for giving us this amazing story! I love Specter Of Torment!
lost a hundred flipping times to the castle itself. beat tinker knight himself without losing a life....
With the exception of Feats and the climbing minigame, I can finally close the book on Specter Knight's campaign- all Curios unlocked and upgraded, all Red Skulls recovered, all Cloaks collected, and all Wisps found.
Reize and I are Edge-lords
This level of pixel art + stereoscopic 3D = PURE AWESOME.
How does one surf on a sword?
*clapclapclapclap* (tear running down one eye)
on land Specter Knight on rails The Knight Rider
Finished Specter of Torment. You know, out of all the knights of no quarter he seems to me the most knight like. Except maybe polar knight. All the other guys just have the dang title. But lack the chivalry.
The Donovan flashbacks are great
Does this look like a final fantasy boss to anyone?
Now I'll be going after my favorite level in the game (in the previous two campaigns at least) Propeller Knight's airship. I'm curious to see how much it has been changed to fit Spectre Knight's aerial capabilities.
Yaaay, I'm the Green Goblin now! Watch out Spider Man
Never had a platformer get me choked up before.
Everyone has a soft side!
That was easy.
ready for King's campaign!!!
Aww, the shooter likes it!
These challenge mode things need some serious balance changes. Way too difficult...
Hey there Treasure Knight, longtime no see. So far, his level is my favorite. Its even better than it was in Shovel Knight's campaign.
this was my favorite campaign yet. i love how they changed the levels and bosses to suit specter's playstyle, and i hope king knight's campaign will also be great.
Ohhhhhhh...that was a burn! Ouch! ^^' (But of course Shovel Knight had to make her mad & I have to fight her when she trumps me in health, thanks so much. -- )
Ummm no offense intended but this maiden has a horse head....I don't think I wanna know. 0o
Reize, you are the reason that I cannot have my humanity back. If you hadn't busted into the Tower and gotten brainwashed, I would have completed my task as normal. But when the Dark Acolyte was thrown into the cell because of you, in the end, he escaped and now, here we are. COME ON REIZE!
All joking aside, Specter of Torment is actually has really good play mechanics that force you to rely on your surroundings, AWESOME Curios, cool new levels, and a really sad and tragic backstory.
Oops, looks like I ¨accidentally¨ got the update 2 days ago and ¨accidentally¨ beat the game yesterday (#obvioussarcasmisobvious)
wow chrono coin with magic cheat
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... huh?
This is so sad now after playing through Specter Knight's campaign...
Me recuerda al dia de muertos
Even before shovel knight yacht club's logo is still here though less flashy and shiny.
double cold shoulder
why exactly does this count as a CHEAT code!?
O.K. Guys I think that i should take a break from this game cuz i just screamed and woke up my baby sister when i died
Spectre of Torment beat!
thank gosh it was free
Woah Specty! Little harsh there bud. xD
Finally beat New Game+
this was very difficult.
dig the killer soundtrack, Troupple Dude! (F.Y.I. Troupple Du-- er, King is dancing to hidden track that can be found with cheat code TR&FDNC)
so hard.... yet so fun!!!
This must be a memory! I don't think Specter Knight sleeps since he's dead and all (do the undead need sleep?). Anyways the teamwork between this duo is quite interesting; one fights while the other moves through the middleground acting as a boost. They rely on eachother to reach the goal.
Treasure Knight be high maintenance.
My quest grows near its end. The final battle is upon us.
The Order of No Quarter!
Nossa loko demais!!!
Esse game só me surpreende!
Beaten with 13 seconds left over!
Yacht Club continues to kill it! Love these flashback scenarios!
I found a little Easter egg on the 2nd challenge! Cool!
Secret edgelord technique!
So I got 100% of the items, and it was really fun. I did it in five hours, but I still have to complete some of the achievements. I did, however, beat all of the challenges.
i did it i 100% the game! now its time to get all the feats.
This was by no means an easy Feat. I say it was harder than the Iron Man Challenge with Shovel Knight!
Why do I get the feeling I'm gonna have more amiibo to worry about than the 3 Links and Cloud?
Wait... Did they add more challenges for Plague Knight?!
Wow. There once was a time when plague knight was one of the hardest bosses...But he's currently the easiest boss I've faced thus far. (I've beaten King knight, polar knight, and the phantom striker)
This challenge is easily as hard as VVVVVV's Veni, Vidi, Vici sequence, and I can now say I've beaten both.
DANG IT I MISSED IT! He actually died when she kissed him! \( >// д //< )/
Beautiful game.
I'm with Plaque. Hoods and cloaks are the way to go.
It releases after my dentist appointment. Of course it does.
Instead of just HALF a heart, these chandeliers inflict one WHOLE heart's worth of damage if one of them hits you, so try not to let that happen...!
His face is honestly the best part of this entire freaking dance.
Finally getting started on Shovel Knight!
I haven't played in so long that I started a new game to get my skills back to where they were. Aw! I love the Troupple King. I forgot how cute he is!
found it at the start of the level by complete accident
*in a small, scared voice* "help."
after what I've just been through, this is now my favorite thing in the game. I might get to the end of this game after all.
I literally blew up 99.9% of your lab, and NOW you come and say that you want to be left alone.
ok... i just used my amiibo to clear Forest Of Phasing... without using the Phase Locket!
when you try to dance in front of bae, but you're shy.
anyone got anymore interesting codes to try? i know this one, the secret level code and butt mode.
dum dee doo waiting for treasure trove, and specter of torment
what a coincidence that Shovel Knight's literally showing his face...
Please Yacht Games! Give Wii U and 3DS owners the Specter Knight DLC already!
These remind me of the swirly signs in a barbor shop.
When are they gonna announce Specter Of Torment for 3DS users in the U.S.!!!
PFFFTTTTT Ha,ha,ha...... omg when i saw this I laughed for a solid minute and I was like "OMG SHE uh... he? umm... IT KNOWS TOO MUCH PUT IT DOWN!!!"
DEATH IN GOD MODE WITHOUT THE CRUSHERS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Finally beat Plague Of Shadows the total time it took me was 8 hours though.Now...... is the Specter of Torment for 3ds in the U.S. still TBD?
A beautiful pixelated sunset.
why do i like Plague Knight's victory sequence more than Shovel Knight's!?
all ends well
Shovel knight: a (Sapo) saben por que la industria armamentista le dio la vuelta al machismo ? Por que le llamaron pala en lugar de palo jajajaj
the baz has found his purpose! hazzuh!
Ha! I bet you can't see me!
i love this game
Finally got this achievement!
Nothing like Shovel Knight at 04:30...
oh frag i knew something like this was gonna happen... [quick act casual] hey guys how ya doing. you all look great... except you spectre you look dead... IN A GOOD WAY i mean heehee... so... this is awkward... i think i got the wrong room, mine 4213 not 4312... heehee... i'll just let ya guys get back to... whatever it was you where doing...
This bomb looks like a pear!
Black Knight has Spark Mandrill Syndrome confirmed
I don't get it. I beat the Hall of Champions, but there's still a boss, and it has one health... spoooooookyyy
... 0_0 what the....[censor]
I finally beat Plague of Shadows! Now to wait for the 3DS release of Specter of Torment. It's going to be great!
That felt really satisifying.
cool boss
i know secrets and stuff call me if u want to get cheats and stuff um... yea thats it i guess um u also yea that um i know codes so contact me if u want cheats
the best video game couple i have ever seen these 2 are better then snovel knight and sheild knignt will ever have
The deed is done, can't wait for specter knight.
Gotta love the amiibo content.
awww. what a Beautiful love story.
for any one that want power start a new game then type this code in the name seliction Note feats are disabled HAAYHJZY
Shovel Knight is the best retro game for 3ds! Im looking forward to buying this game on the Nintendo Switch!
I just chucked my monthly allowence into the air to slow down time extensively....
this game can be hard
I was playing Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment today and I realized that there is a lantern that can be broken in the Tower of Fate. So I did, and the flame fell onto the unassuming goldarmor below! LET HIM BURN FOR HIS SINS!
seriously ! it happen again
One of the best soundtracks I have ever heard.
omg it happen again!
when black knight hit me the bomb also hit him at the same time and i barely won!
gonna miss miiverse :[
You sure about that, buddy?
Cool yo
yay,a secret
la mejor campaña es la de specter knight, la de shovel knight es simple y la de plague knight esta muy rara, ojalá salga pronto el nuevo personaje
beat final boss with no upgrade
Well, that was... depressing. Yay though, I'm done! ...Now, time to wait for King of Whatever-it'll-be.
Show Time!
Do I have to watch this animation all the time just to get a refill?!
Having a hard time defeating her.
I got Shovel Knight and I found the King of Fishs and the music is great
I had to download & install the latest update about 4 times before the new content actually became available :/
ALL RIGHT!!! I FINALLY BEAT "SPECTER OF TORMENT"!!! -And just in time for HALLOWEEN!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! Real talk, though, I found that Final Boss to be kind of easy... Maybe it was because of the cloak I was wearing, but it didn't really give me that hard of a time. I only died once to him! Besides that flaw, that story was fun! Can't wait for the final one: King of Cards! Good job, Yacht Club!!
it's still 1am very magical if you ask me
Noo, we aren't playing the Plauge or Spector ones, sorry
i'm bored
666 gold
"A todo gas" :CastilianIntensifies:
i was trying to get gunk pgf the copper on shovel knight, and i had already completed the game twice. But life stabbed me again, so this is what happened.
La Orden sin Cuartel!
Los derrote!
I got ALL 45 of Shovel Knight's feats on 3DS, WiiU and the Nintendo Switch! Am I cool, or what?
the king loves good ol' Yacht Club Games
plague knight god mode=INSANE AWSOMENESS
so many checkpoints!!!
I love this game so much its like the best indie game ever and the best part we get free dlc.
in god mode when i jump on the dirt this happens
shovel knight exposed!!!!!!!
propeller knight: "uuuhh h-help mhheeeeehh” shovel knight:“YYYYEEEEESSS!!!! propeller knight: ”uuuuuhhhh“
just used the god cheat code and it's insane! your huge you dont take damage you get all the items moves and armor the only thing you have to do is battle nonlevel bosses and get the music sheets. the code is TVSVUEIO you put it as your name
uwu ‹3
paranormal activity
yay!!!... but now the torture comes... the rest of the shovel knight campaign
watch it be Mona
cool effect adding his money bags... oh right... YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!
all i needed was a two hour break to do it
uhhhh bro, you good?
ABSOLUTELY USELESS GLITCH DISCOVERED!!! I somehow got my fairy following the mimec instead of me.
dont pass up a chance like that plague knight
You made shovel knight sleep!
por fin, estancado por 3 dias solo por plague knight
Shovel knight Gameplay!
uh did i break it? is there anyone from yacht club here
baz is mine
nomore baz!!!!!
plague knight: he'll be fine winter knight (sorry if i got his name wrong): ... ... ... plague knight: uhhh, winter knight winter knight: ... ... ... plague knight: im'a gonna leave
take 'im away
plague knight watch out for that anchor!!!!!
so what is in the new update?
new profile pic
Yeah, lets not forgot who just beat you.
Rieze's death isn't that bad i mean he attacked shovel knight and he joined the enchantress
I discovered a glitch! look at how many bags there are!
he's reaching out for my help but i shall not give it to him
ah ah, what is happening to that samurai?
death itself has been killed... with that happy note ._.
did i do good
oh, common! :|
oh ok
levels are so much easier with you spector knight
shield knight.... No....
pobre, no tenia ni idea de lo que hacia para salvarlo, que trizte :(
like if you hate lava fish
rip treasure knight 2017
Hey have a great time with you people and being in this community is have been preetty cool atleast talking to u guys u r cool and i gonna miss this place umm well take care and i hope u have a great day XD
such amaze
Could any of thee please help me by giving me advice on how to obtain 150 points on this miniature game?
Doth anybody know where one can locate thy other scroll?
I finished fighting king Knight,then at the end he fell in to the holes he made! XD It was so funny! P.s. i fell in too
Thy Knight of the Shovel hath been obliterated!
My Best Specter Of Torment File !!! Wonder where that last skull is...
And that's another boss beaten! Also, if you have been wondering, my Shovel Knight S.S. really IS returning! :D
Tight squeeze!
ill be seeing this screen alot. :(
I knew this would be sad, and it got me sad anyway. :(
Wow. That was easy
you shall not defeat the SHOVEL!!!
ohhh, fishy, fishy, fishy, fish.
my god am i terrible at this game
Blowing up knights, it's what you gotta do. Without context that sounds really bad.
this expansion has been awesome!
Been stuck on this level for the whole summer
This boss battle was really annoying because of the pits that were in the ground, but this one in the Tower Of Fate is really easy if you remember what to do.
hey, shovel knight, mabye back up a bit from the fire?
yeah, ummmmm... that wont be a problem.
I died durimg the phase change but I'm still alive
man i can't wait for the king knight expansion
Plague Knight's Secret Room
uno menos
I love this self-deprecating nod to Kickstarter. And, prophetically, Mighty Number 9...
well that was depressing took me by surprise tbh
that looks uncomfortable
Guess which stage I didn't use the robe of clemency on?
omigosh <3
ill save u
This room could use some decorations, or some furniture.
Sir I just met you
So this is what shovel knight looks like without his helmet
YES!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!
we gotta save shield knight!!!
im staying alive, im staying alive!!!
i got the treasure!!!
Okay, this was really fun and all, but since when were towers built with dirt? If I messed up during the top half of the climb, I'd have nowhere to land since Don breaks dirt from jumping off of it. [Vector Victor Feat Achieved!]
I did it... I DID IT!!!!!!!
oh I'm your puppet. Who beat you without breaking a sweat? Me. As a bonus because I feet like damaging your pride Rieze, who can grind wherever they want? Me.
Love is hard :(
I got all the red skulls!
Guess where I had trouble
Onward! To BIGGER adventure!
Onward! To adventure!
The New Game+ is tough!
Be mindful of Rail Mail in the Tower. You never know how easily "in" can become "out" until you pull a sick triple-axel off your brooding point.
So stunned, I didn't screenshot getting the achievement...but I DID reach the top!!
Dear Lord.... what is this?!
Finished Specter of Torment tonight! What a great game!
So many masks....
It's all serious business here.
I like to call this playthrough Shovel Knight: Feminist Edition! xDDDDD
"Oh, yes, definitely. Except for the fact that I am undead, and my blood no longer pumps."
ayeeee first try
progress so far...
He has a scythe!
i may have have had one too many beers!
It's so much easier to do it this way.
Never fails to crack me up... especially when he pops back out and falls on his face. But I wonder what such a specific silhouette is doing in the king's castle?
I wish i had a scythe. Im low key the grim reaper
que bonito
Dem stats.
Completed Plague of Shadows today! Huzzah!
flowey: so many ¨souls¨ so little time would you agree chara
shield knight
This is nice, I haven't seen a checkpoint in a while.
I will destroy all of your kind.
got every red skull got donnavons suit LOL
He Never Leaves Eh? Lies
Umm you okay up there shovel knight?
Me: Dont get greedy. Alter ego: DoNt GeT gReEdY.
find me
Ahhhhh how I love this code XD
HE SAID THE LINE. This is gonna be good!
I never think this gonna happen!!!
I had only ONE second left!
...and with Hurry Up, that's Specter of Torment 100%!
That awesome moment where former protagonist Shovel Knight is now the enemy.
Ooh King Knight you just got roasted!
Poor Plague knight
Yeah this post if u think Specter Knight is the coolest
so one last hit for the both of us.
Me, anxiously waiting for the final bit of DLC to be released.
i also have all the curios
time to download the update!
YES! Tip: it seems hard, but there's a pattern. Memorize it, and you'll do fine.
best score yet.
llegar por primera vez me costo 3 horas
My robe is probably in tatters BECAUSE THIS STAGE KEEPS KILLING ME!!! THIS STAGE IS A CLIFF NIGHTMARE!!! I PRAY that your battle won't be as hard as your stage, Propeller Knight, or I'M GONNA LOSE MY MIND!!!!! DEATH COUNT: LITERALLY. NO. IDEA.
Here I am next 2 Arin. It seems the best time 2 bring up how the voice-overs 4 the characters during the Game Grumps playthrough was maybe the best part of it! :) 2 bad they never saw Arin's picture during the playthrough as far as I know; it was patched in after they played it, and they didn't play Plague of Shadows, and this location isn't visited in Specter of Torment. Oh well.
Commemorating my 100% Feats and Challenges for Plague of Shadows.
Beautiful graphics!!!
Awesome game, the new update is great.
This game certainly isn't shovelware! :D
I should get him 2 write my posts. :)
...Or it would be, if only I could figure out how 2 get off of this high ledge!
They named this game after me? How nice of them. :)
Black. All great posts begin with black.
Tears, anyone?
only took 100000 tries
Try to find me...
I could do this all day.
He looks lost.
oh look, my foots been impaled.
Knight reunion!
Black Knight derrotado
Great. I died on the boss fight.
i call this "the megaman room"
Propeller Knight derrotado
Asu xDDD
This is beautiful artwork.
Just wanted to show off my 100% save.
Baz logic
... Fail her?
Join us, Tinker Knight.. Or my robot WILL kill you.
I adore this ending shot.
melhor roupa de todas
"Yeeeeessssss... Slay the heretics..."
butt mode is best mode. (play it by inputting "x&butt" as your name when starting a new file for any of the stories)
Only 1 more to go!! Buuut, it seems I missed 1 Red Skull in my "FAVORITE" stage... Ugh! Guess I'm going BACK!! *grumble grumble* DEATH COUNT: 76
You know, I never knew The Enchantress owned a cat...
Im shovel knight!
gold power!
Back to playing this awesome game! Plague Knight defeated! Also: if you wait at this screen for a while, you'll get the Melancholy feat!
what?? 0.0
welp i beat specter of torment it was hard but i did it
omega hydrax: enchantress you're time is up
I love dis game a lot because its fun
it's a bomb!
Well, i beat him, but he's defying gravity. not sure if that's a good thing.
YEAH!!! FIRST TRY!!! (Sadly, this, Black Knight, and Plague Knight are the only bosses I've actually beat on my first try...)
Ohhhhh... My secret room was NOT in the Tower of Fate, but in the Lich Yard... Oops... (^v^')
Tinker Knight is so small!
wow sorry for spam Im just extremelyemotional for shovel knight
Boy do I love to suffer
Never thought I'd live to see the day!
Never use a catapult!
Wow what a contortionist
HA! I get it!
I Think Specter Knight Just Grew Claws
100% !!!!
maybe I should stop bothering with picking up gold...
Even though the journey was tough, it was still worth it.
Floating treasure?!
I just got awarded for doing nothing for 30 seconds! BEST. TROPHY. EVER. DEATH COUNT: 23 (I fell off the tower looking for secrets TWICE!! OWCH!!! X( )
UHHHH... I'm TECHNICALLY dead right now... Oh well! I'll take it!!
(T_T) I died 6 EXTRA TIMES to your STUPID lair to get you here... DON'T PUSH IT. DEATH COUNT: 7
YES! 1ST WIN!! Yep, Specter Knight is fun to play! I think I'll enjoy this game!
I know, I know... I STILL HAVEN'T beaten Plague of Shadows just yet... But...SCREW IT!!! I'm so bad at it and I wanna play Specter of Torment! So: I'M GONNA SKIP PLAGUE OF SHADOWS AND PLAY SPECTER OF TORMENT!!! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!
how do you get king knight's story.
Of all the secrets I thought I would find here, this wasn't one of them.
guess i died this time
IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE!!!! MUHAWAHAWHAWHAW!!!!!!!! *LIGHTNING CRASHES* i mean. not really. it's a fancy cup. but the moment demanded i do a mad scientist cackle.
I can't even begin to imagine how much his feet hurt from standing on those.
More Glitches
Ohh... some one call the cops because Specter Knight just stole Black Knight's line!
Okay....Tinker Knights level is one of the rare cases of the level being harder then the boss. But after no telling how many inevitable demises I made it. Which was good cause I wanted to get out of that level & NEVER go back. ¬-¬
Okay after 10 TRIES I got to the 1st checkpoint of Tinker Kniights level....progress I guess. Now If I can survive the rest. ¬-¬
What is that armor my shovel is pointing to?
I have all the armor!
He's one smooth criminal.
What armor (not counting the blue and yellow) should I use to defeat the Mole Knight?
look who lost to me and im a so so player
being with whole gang
It's a beautiful day outside.
La Batalla contra el primer jefe esta a punto de empezar
The cheat code: TVSVUEIO Will make you a GOD!
There are Gorons in the village!!!
Invisible butts.
...And so the journey ends...or does it?
Specter man Specter man does what an undead spider can
Would have been funny if he died during his victory animation. (This doesn't give you a game over, I fell into a pit after defeating King Knight in this campaign and Propeller Knight in Plague of Shadows.
logic please
I just... wha... wha... whaat?
falling platforms check death pit check. can't wait.
I really enjoyed Specter of Torment and I am very excited for the next update for this wonderful game!
“alas, poor king knight. ye' blew up well! heeheehee!”
r.i.p ms.shovel knight
Dormammu, I've come to bargain.
Why did they feel the need to make new game +'s boss rush so much harder than it needed to be? Not only do you take twice as much damage as in regular mode, but you only get the turkey and the blue pot after every two bosses you defeat, and that's if you open the dish with the bomb in it that's dropped after each odd numbered battle.
playin wit my dowgie. What should I call him?
wow thinker knight good job!
the power of green!!!!
Cheat to play as Donavan
As I said, heres how well i did in Specter Of Torment. I nearly 100% it, just missing Specter Knights last item and missing 10 out of the red skulls, im betting getting all the red skulls gives you the final item ^w^ As per the norm i use armor that decreases treasure loss as this makes it easier to get upgrades far quicker in the earlier stages of the game
I played this game on PC and it is amazingly fun. A friend got me this game on 3DS as an early birthday present and i began to play it once more and found myself enjoying it again. I've already completed Specter Of Torment and ill show a screen shot of it later, but atm im playing Shovel Of Hope and as you can see... i got all health, item, magic, shovel AND armor upgrades. I did pretty well again
dangit game just let me through!!!!
No dieing from Spikes, Holes in the ground, and no damage taken from enemys!
Best Cheat Codo ever!
whoa big fishy, back big fishy, no won wants killer-fish kisses right know.
oh no its king knight... xD
Is that just a REGULAR SANDWICH? I'm never getting food here again
Reize and I r having and a staring contest and seeing whos cloak looks better blowing around.Which one would u chose?
I'm trying to get past this part of the Enchantress's Tower and I'm stuck. Anyone know how to get through here without getting squashed?
got the hidden armor and new game plus, yay
This level has the best music ever. period. Also... pretty sure that doesn't make any sense.
That was easier then I remember...
Again,im not laughing... lol
Im not laughing...
Invincible? Ya no. Shovel Knighg beats you guys up twice lol
These details are what makes Shovel Knight so enjoyable
These feats were fun to earn!Giving my money to Mister Hat's greedy customers money was worth the feat
These feats were pretty simple! I hope others will have it simple too! ;D
Yes!beat the game with no relics! it took a little efort but it was worth it! now im working on 1.30 beat and finish without dying.
Haha look secret skull
Hahaha SALT! See? That's mean your MAD!
What a nice secret!
How am I still alive?
Rest in peace Donovan, the tale continues in Plague of Shadows and Shovel of Hope!
You will live to keep that will sacrifice yourself as Specter Knight to save Luan's son Reize...a tragedy foretold from the very beginning.....
MY FINAL RESULTS, not bad considering I haven't played Shovel Knight since beating Plague of Shadows all that time ago and this was my first playthrough of Specter of Torment! However, that was QUITE fun so I think I will play this again in the near future after all! Now I just need to wait for Shovel Knight: King of Vengeance (at least that's what I THINK it will be called)!!!
And so begins the tyrannical reign that would bring an adventurous hero back to Pridemoor to save the land and his partner from the darkness!!!
Well this ending's just BRUTAL!!!!!
He sacrificed himself to save Reize, wow just wow!!! When they said this was a tragic prequel, they weren't kidding!!!
VICTORY (not as hard as Corrupted Essence in my opinion, but DEFINITELY epic)!!!!!!!!!!
WOW, this isn't even CLOSE to the same fight as before!!!!! I think The Enchantress is actually going to be a problem even without the pits this time (and of course pits still appear even in this version)!!!!!!!
Facing her in the same place we fought before she was corrupted, how poetic!
Had a feeling this would be here :)
Wow, didn't expect to hear Specter Knight say THOSE words!!! Anyways, PREPARE TO WATCH YOUR PRECIOUS PET PERISH ON THE END OF MY SCYTHE BLACK KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
Streetpass Battle: VS Duke - Round 3
Streetpass Battle: VS Duke - Round 2
Streetpass Battle: VS Duke - Round 1
I found you, Faker.
something cool: if you have the ornate plate armour and you ride the catapult, you will land on your feet instead of falling flat on your back.
Shovel Knight is obviously enjoying the dance
Does anyone else see 2 heads on this rooster?
im stuck! (cheat code)
I finally did it!
"The enchantress? pfft... Easy Peasy"
THE ORDER OF NO QUARTER: Female Edition!!!
This gender swap mode went better than I thought (happy to see they altered the sprite designs as well)!!!
I got the new update. Specter Knight is like Genji!
Hello there. I live under a rock
Shovel Knight was in the Mushroom Kingdom...
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand i talked to the birdon while underneath it
*Teacher* Now it's your turn. *Donovan* Ok hi there my name is Donovan, i am dead, and I am the size of an elephant. *Teacher* And his name is JOHN CENA!!!
poor guy taxes suck
Best Updates Ever. Heh, heh. Thanks Yacht Club, you the sheet.
oh how'd i get up here...?
So cute >w<
Why is there a bigger specter knight.
OMG I found a glitch. It made me laugh so much.
why do i love him
Wha- seriously?!? I am not in disguise, and you still ask me that stupid of a question?
Specter of Torment is amazing!
YEEEEEEEES! Finally got an amiibo adapter!
ninja gayden shovel with castlevania music
Hold B at the main menu and then press UP, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, then release B. Make a new file, and choose Shovel Knight. Enter the code HSDGYZMT and start the game, (my file name is TUBLY) and then loading the file, I got the Armor of Chaos, which, in case you don't know, is COMPLETELY UNOBTAINABLE in the Nintendo versions of the game. I swear this is real, try it yourself.
I got my 3DS working again!
l beat it Finally!
The Flashback Levels Are Really Awesome!
Is he... MOONWALKING!??!!?
woah!! Black Knight♀ looks a lot more powerful than Black Knight♂!!
You alright?
Low key Sonic Vs Eggman
Where am I?
*whistles* That is one overpowered spider scythe!
OMG!!!! Finally!!! That was sooooooooo hard.
how do i get the spectere knight playthrough? is his name spectere knight? anyway, that reaper guy!
i did it!
I finally did it!
The Fight To The Death
this is bringing back some shameful memories....
Green Goblin/Donovan: HARRY!!! Why does your costume look terrible?! Harry: I JUST WANT TO BE DIFFERENT DAD!!!
Atleast Specter Knight:Specter of Torment And Plague Knignt:Plague of Shadows... WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!
Green Goblin/Donovan: HAH!!! Now I have a GOBLIN GLIDER!
I may have cheated, but now I look like the green goblin! Green Goblin/Donovan: Now, where's a girl named gwen i can push off a bridge?
All 100 skulls baby!
My new best!
just destroying the world
Specter Knight? Where are you?
Okay so after saving Nohr(FE Conquest) our adventurer continued her adventures in Shovel Knight & after beating some bosses with her mighty shovel she got a armor upgrade,met a grumpy toad & is now wondering if she'll ever beat plague knights level. (And is also wondering how to get that music sheet up there, I guess I don't have what gear I need to get it yet)
holy heck that was a [judgement] rush. crypt keepers tower rush completed!
Guys spoiler alert Reize is actually Luan's son!! How crazy is that?!!??
This guy is so easy!!!
What???? Fighting Shield Knight??!??? This is awkward
Me: HEY EVERYONE!! THIS GUY IS A DRAGON!!!! Dragon Goldarmor thing: SHUT UP!!!
This is what I like to see at the end of a battle.
This is the most epic propeller knight fight ever, and no, I did'nt mean to rhyme.
Specter knight? Where have you gone?
First attempt... he is so easy!!!
I just went to use the restroom. I FORGOT TO PAUSE!!!
cool weapon!
is it just me or is specter knight more of a ninja then a grim reaper
swag B)
Not anyone can join the cool club
Cleared my Naked Specter Feat run. Thinking New Game Plus is next.
i cleared it my BRUHS!
Oh, crud! It's Shield Knight, and we have to fight her!
This boss battle started solely due to a misunderstanding.
Specter Knight doesn't care because of the Enchantress laughing at him alot
how is this place still together
That got dark quick
If you know how can you let me know how to make him dance? Thankyou.
Omg the music wow X0X i can't resist listening
Are you seeing what I'm seeing theres no ground but he's somehow he's floating.... welp theres that.
Gee whiz, that chamber looks pretty full~
I see you fight decently well outside of water too Treasure Knight, pity you won't use THAT technique against Shovel Knight in the future though!
Uuuuuuhhhhhh.....well THIS is happening.....
Well THAT was BRUTAL, but now i'm over halfway there in forming The Order of No Quarter! Maybe then The Enchantress will show me a little respect for a change (eh, probably not)!!!
Darn, so close to recruiting someone without a fight! Oh well, let's see if I can't "persuade" you to change your mind Mole Knight!
Well look who broke into The Tower of Fate uninvited, this shouldn't take very long!
Oh you're thinking ahead with this recruit, good for you!
BUZZ OFF FLYING RATS, CAN'T YOU SEE THE KING HAS BEEN DETHRONED!?!?! Jeez the nerve of some minions, am I right?
Joke all you want King Knight, you'll get your come-uppance soon enough (and by the way, at this point I think Spector Knight would consider THAT a compliment)!
This place has so much more happier music now (which is the opposite of all the music that's been in Spector of Torment at this point, LOVE that there's so much original music this time unlike the 10 or so tracks in Plague of Shadows)!
I KNEW this would still be here (and it will doubtless be in King Knight's story as well)!
Okay, looks like King Knight usurped Pridemoor Castle before he became a member of the order! Nice to know he was always a big fat jerk (can't wait to play his story in a few months though, even if he is a decadent dandy)!
This campaign is well written, but what happened to Baz? lol How did he gain lightning?
The final stages were quite a challenge.
*wipes a tear out of his eye* That was a BEAUTIFUL DLC! *sniff*
Megaman mode! LoL that's the best cheat code in the game
my power actualy comes from checkpoints
Talk about cutting it close
The picture says it all...time for New Quest+!
To Yacht Club Games: If you use Shovel Knight amiibo on an existing Shovel of Hope file, it crashes the game. This doesn't happen with new files or Plague of Shadows/Spectre of Torment files.
This game is wonderful.
Battle of the dlc knights!
It's now comfirmed Donovan is a spandex wearing constipated treasure hunter.
And thus, Gorblenir\Shovel Knights adventure ended, via the hand, or rather hoof, of the evil horse.
The Donavon armor looks so weird in the end
Ustedes saben que con la ultima actualizacion podemos cambiar el genero de los personajes pero, no es raro que al final shield knight (hombre) se recueste al lado de shovel knight (hombre) ? Yaoi detected?
Up up and away.
I like how my fairy just ditched me...
I do ;)
Oh WOW, we're getting some of Specter Knight's backstory! Specifically his mortal life as Donovan (and if this music is any indication it seems he was once one of the wandering heroes), this game is just full of surprises!
What do you know, scrolling screen on a boss fight in this game! Seriously if I didn't know any better I would think this was part of a sequel to the game instead of part of the original Shovel Knight game!
Specter Knight: Join The Enchantress and you will have your lust for battle sated endlessly as well as anything else your heart desires! Polar Knight: .....Hmph. Specter Knight: Worst response ever!
Those flying statues Shovel Knight will push around apparently are the babies, because THIS is definitely the mother!!!
WOW, Specter Knight made him look like a CHUMP!!! One down, seven to go!!!
"Invincible" not invisible! Whatever, enough talk freak show LET'S DUEL!!!
Oh GOOD, the boss that consistently gives me the MOST trouble seems to be the first foe i'm going to recruit!!! Because THAT'S a good idea!!!!!
New twist on a now classic fight!!! If this is any indication this story is going to be a BLAST to play!!!
Here we go, bring it Black Knight!!!
Okay I have to say it.....THIS IS THE BEST!!!!! Seriously Specter Knight is SO fun to play and this mode already feels wildly different from the main game (it even has a darker version of the theme of The Plains of Passage)!!!!! Yacht Club games you've done it again!!!!!
I guess this confirms that Specter Knight was the first member of The Order (also that picture looks really cool).
I like how they improved the story select screen, makes the game feel that much more complete!
IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!! Now time to discover the mysteries behind another Knight of the Order of No Quarter!!! This is going to be good!!!
If you use the Fishing Rod here you will get a music sheet!
"The kind of game that you want to DIG into..." 10/10 -Jay
why wasnt the enhantress this easy?
*angry pterodactyl screech*
Scrooge McDuck is probably wishing he had a coin that can slow down time like the Chronos Coin can....
Uh....I don't remember The Lost City looking like this in Shovel Knight and Plague Knight's campaigns....Are we in the right place?
Fun little reward for getting all the skulls.
this was actually emotionally draining
Meeber Fairies...wait is YCG making fun of us?!
YO!! Spectre Knight lookin' CRISPY!! The game hasn't even started yet!!
so if i have 7 of these soul looking things then why am i not omega spectre knight?
My stats, for those who care.
Im finally up to specter of torment in shovelknight
this is the best
"Checkpointless" seems bugged. I've smashed every destrucible checkpoint TWICE now, and it still hasn't unlocked! Unless there's some kind of VERY well hidden super secret checkpoint somewhere...
Time for a new journey to begin
lol Dat feature doe
i love this dlc for shovel knight
So the weird spell caster turns into a furry?
Yes! I FINALLY made it to the the Specter Knight boss! \(>u<)/ (I know Specter Knight is a enemy here, but I like the character design. ^^ )
I love the atmosphere of Specter of Torment!
if I had to name 3 three things you need for this stage, they would be, lots of will, lots of darkness, and an OVERDOSE OF SKILL!
Well then. That's one way of being defeated XP
Well here's a secret I didn't see the few times through.
...fireballs...underwater...? What?
Damn! Ninjas are cutting onions!
Super fighting Specter! SPECTER MAN!
i finally made it even when it took me 30 tries to get through
Time for the final level
I kinda like this mechanic, it gives you a tutorial and a nice little challenge since you can only use the new item.
I'm glad I can finally play this story. His moveset is really interesting... I keep forgetting that he can walk on walls. >_>;
Now lets use the chronotrigger to bring chrono back!
Now the real question is, WHY IS THIS GUY THE BOSS
" What do ya' mean your cutting me off I've only (hic) had 3 (hic) glasses of cranberry juice ! "
in this game, I'm a fish wearing a suit of armor, leaving a trail of flames... wonderful.
So glad this is finally on 3DS
Este DLC esta genial :)
That moment when you fall, but win anyways
I love my little fairy friend XD
Woohoo! I beat Specter of Torment!
Can you tell me how to beat this guy because he is SO HARD!!!
Shovel Knight continues to please. Bring on the third expansion!
"Reunited and it feels so good."
you know this game was worth the $24.99
......i just beat all 8 of them in the first try. holy heck.
Use code no&sepia
What an odd yet welcome and progressive feature.
The Spectre of Torment
Who has better shield-tossing techniques? Shield Knight? Or Captain America?
Fitting huh?
To be honest, I'm liking this story better than the original.
I really love the plague knight update, i wonder what game grumps would say
Ha! Take that, Propeller Knight! Even from the dead I beat you!
huh, isn't that the yacht club logo?
I got this game (and the amiibo) on the same day I got blood drawn, a shot and an x-ray on the same day.
what the heck is "a boon"?
Found Specter Knight's room!
I just realized that Spectre is a typo.
this is why Baz is awesome.
I set a record of beating all three games in 5 days.
Hoping to be in Knight Magazines eyy Specty
Ugh, I'm gonna put all in game posts in spoilers. Seriously a "The End Screen" is a spoiler? All it says is I beat the game and that there is an ending. Anyway this is why Specter Knight is better then Shovel Knight. Specter Knight is a total boss. Pun... not originally intended.
Nice easter egg
its me
OMG! The Donovan set! That's the coolest thing ever!
I collected all 100 Red Skulls and now I can truly join in on the festivities!! Still surprised by how much heart this undead mondter has.
Thanks for the code, Yacht Club Games! Have an X-traordinary Mega May!
What a horrible night to have a curse....but a great night to play the Specter of Torment campaign!
Whoa I guess the kiss of death actually works
Beat Specter of Torment
Sin dudarlo,de lo mejor que he jugado en mucho tiempo...
Third time I've finished this climb. Second time on 3DS. I feel SOOOOOO accomplished right now!
This lady works out..
Not great but not terrible.
Hail the Enchantress!
Reasons why i don't think shovel knight is a perfest game 1FLYING MACHINE 2FLYING MACHINE 3FLYING MACHINE 4FLYING MACHINE 5FLYING MACHINE
Lol poor King Knight's chandeliers
Thanks to THPS and Sonic, I can grind with the best of em'.
Well, so much for that challenge.
Honestly, this boss was harder on NG+.
The first great battle in SK: Specter of Torment!
This might be the first time I've seen this dialogue.
I've 100% completed this game again. Time to wait for King Knight...
This tower took me more than 3 hours to complete, but I finally did it
So close...
donovan dance! Has anyone discovered this yet?
Eff da police!
Probably the greatest part to reach in Specter of Torment
That's a nice room... I guess
People falling head over heels for shield knight or mona but I'm here like
The consequences of making every knight a woman. Glad that they didn't remove the homosexual implications
Awesome Arins in this game!
such a close call
Demasiado divertido
this is just, just the worst
Creating the Final Potion! / ¡Creando la Poción Final!
Best Undertale refrence ever.
Bust a move, Donovan. You've earned it~
what 4th wall
I'll say this, NG+ for Spectre Knight certainly feels like it was built for speedrunners. Although, I am not one, I still enjoyed the experience.
NG+‚ let's go!
Looks like I won't be starting Treasure Knight's level inside of his submarine but instead will have to work my way there. Fine by me.
It's go time! The finale is near!
;-; no...
yo Specter! you're not shovel knight. XD
Treasure Trove, One of the best games ever!
Hmm, the edginess is strong with this one
On to the final Battle.
I am starting to get kinda annoyed with all this bubbles! >~>
oh i forgot i had body swap
specter knight: i am the most awesome undead lifeform!
The perfect knight dosent exi- <3 <3
This game was sooooo good the best out of the 3 Stories! I loved it <3
I got a thing. Idk how or why nut I got
Best line ever
This is so fun omg
Just beat Specter of Toement. It was sooo good.
A revolving barrier of little objects... becuz this game/series didn't rip off Mega Man enough! :D
This new campaign is amazing
Fausto Silva intensifies
Wait a minute... That's a lotta darkness.
Surfer Green Goblin Specter Knight. Now I've seen everything.
For anyone who is missing a red scull in Lost City, you jump on the slime, run up the wall on the right, and go to the right...
So, this is what Don looks like when skating. Dunno how he keeps his feet on that tiny knife, but alright.
“Qué hermosa aurora...”
*Zelda item get noise*
can anyone do better? not including the collectable item %
same as the last one
This is going to bother me.
Ringwraiths don't like water. Specter Knight > Ringwraiths!
This is getting out of hand! Now there r 2 of them! :D
I wonder what Specter Knight would/will do if he finds out that Plague Knight stole his amulet, Chester sold it, and Shovel Knight bought it 4 a relic! He's not going 2 be happy.... :D I actually like how mischievous it makes Plague Knight, having taken away the most important possession of Edge-I mean Specter Knight. He probably didn't know though. Who can say...
I just found an enemy disguised as a treasure chest 2 fool me. Becuz this game/series doesn't rip off Dark Souls enough XD
(insert inappropriate skeleton joke here)
how do I get this red skull?
i'd say im doing well since I got the dlc today.
Grinding boss battles are always the best.
I love when Specter is Posing like this every stage
YES! YES! YES! I was on this for almost an hour, and I finally did it.
Shovel Knight isn't having any of that dance either! (Yay for glitches?)
3 days in and already collected all the red skulls and curios
aw that was cute
really glad i chose to play game+
...Well that happened.
feel like i cud take on an army with this cheat!
Donovan dances
You dare mess with Donovan? You underestimate my power!
AL FIN!!!!!!!!!
This was a wonderful journey. Possibly my favorite so far. While it was shorter than the previous two, it was very creative and had a lot of charming characters and gameplay.
When someone invites me to go out, but I'd rather stay home and play video games.
There's no singing crab under the sea right?
Good to see these get some use outside of the Challenges, but did they always make the game freeze for a split-second when struck? Nothing else in the game does this, so it's a bit off-putting...
Hora de Aventura?!
A ver quién es el más duro Mole Knight...
full health boys
Phantom Striker is really hard in Specter of Torment! died 10+ times, easily.
You don't get more clutch than this. Literally "lost" the challenge just before the final hit. I don't even know if it I lost due to health or time.
Well, it looks like his "true potential" has just been Spectered!
So pretty...
With 7 seconds to spare!
10 out of 10! (Sorry for posting so much lol)
Is this cheating?
Hee Hee!
Looks like the Decadent Dandy's got a couple of new tricks up his stylish cape!
I fell down the pit right after I killed him
Finally! Thank god! I've been waiting so long!!!
i was so close.
Shield Knight! Glad to see a familiar face!
That was a good warmup, really got me accustomed to the new controls and mechanics. Where is the real challenge? Where is the endless mode?
Plague knight is the cutest character hands down.
Got the Donovan costume!
A knight with a shovel? That would be ridiculous!
i did it
So cool!
Now I gotta see if the Spirit of Shovelry will dance with Plague Knight! xD
How the heck do I get up there?
after you give red the skeleton the special looking red skull in the tower of fate entrance they'll invite you to watch them dance, down down to boogie-woogie
omg this 100% bonus is worth collecting all 100 insert captain america joke here 's cuz u get the Donovan outfit and the caltrops both from the flashback parts
Sí! Había perdido la oportunidad de encontrar la reliquia de este lugar la primera vez que vine, pero es vez no fallaré!
so this you get for collecting all 100 skulls. cool
OMG I'm so syched!!!!!!!!
King Knight bows before the Specter! ...And he's gone.
Wow!!! Que F***!!!
daaaaang! What a twist!
Ah, so close... I slashed one too many times.
Agora o bagulho fico loko!!!
THIS JUST IN: Specter knight gets smooched by a H O T B A B E!
I guess all I needed was a short break.
“Pues demuéstralo.”
The plot thickens...
I've been trying Horace's challenge all day. I almost won a couple of times. It really highlights the balance this character has between the agile and clever maneuvering of Plague Knight, and the straightforward hack&slash progression of Shovel Knight. Overall, it makes you feel powerful, while still keeping you on your toes and challenging your wits.
Para combatir espectros, hay que convertirce en un.
Sála Secreta!
OH! That's why she hates Spectre Knight
lets GO!! :D
No me canso de estos escenarios.
Specter Knight is a pretty cool dude. He fought through hell and doesn't afraid of anything.
Treasure Trove is here on 3DS. My life is complete. I'm going into hibernation now, bye.
I think Terrorpin is my new favorite Shovel Knight character.
ese chiste es tan mexicanamente innecesario...
I'm rocking this!
Now I want to jump off again.
It's finally here! Let's try this new challenge!
Ok, so I downloaded the update, it's in my data management, (Under DLCs) but the game is still version 2.2...Help?
Some things never change.
I'm guessing he dreams in classic Game Boy colors
Black Knight bows before the Specter! Or in this case, falls flat on his face.
So exited to finally play "Specter of Torment"!
I'm Specter Knight, I'm so emo
Éso es!
♪don't fear the reaper...♪ so excited. he was definitely my favorite of the order to fight against. time to try the cloak on myself!
If you have a digital copy go to eShop, Menu, Redownloadable Software, find Shovel Knight, then there's an option to update in Show Info
I can't wait to be edge boy
Una araña patona en forma de copa cuyo vene derrama mientras se tambalea? Ok, eso sí es original.
Finally! Let's play! :]
Conque eso significa el brillo!!
”Que elegancia la de francia.“
Ja! Curiosa escena.
Muy pintoresca para ser una armeria ¬¬
The game has the year we're on lol.
cant wait for spectre of torment on 3ds
Ni lo digas... en serio.
We dance together!
Se nootaa ¬¬
Así es como empieza~
Espera, como se está seguro de eso? Me perdí de algo?
Sooooooooo......Does ANYONE know when Spector of Torment and Body Swap Mode comes out for the 3DS Version?
mr. safety.
Comunidad, a algun latino ya se le actualizo el juego? a mi aun no u.u
Can't wait for Specter of Torment!
Got thru the red knight!!!
Dance by the moonlight!
Just beat Shovelknight! I totally ship Shovel Knight and Sheild Knight.
WHOOOOO! This took so many tries!
Um dos melhores jogos EVER! Shovel Knight!
hey. i looked up some codes [ don't worry, i beat the game normally first] and ran across a code for something called "the shovel of hope” but the code [seemingly] didn't do anything. is it not on the 3DS version? [or not real.]
these kights are toooootaly normal...
Me: STAY BACK, YE VILE CREATURE, OR THOU SHALT BE VANQUISHED! [flaming sludge comes closer] Me: Fine. HAVE AT THEE! HIYAA! [I get burned right after]
oh well. i'll just blow you up insteadm OH WAIT! I ALREADY HAVE!
Just discovered this... This is cool.
This is definitely a prequel hook for Specter of Torment
HAHA! SORRY FOR GIVING YOU THE COLD SHOULDER! BUT YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT OLD MAN! [zero deaths against polar knight. that was a hundred times less difficult then with shovel knight.]
glitch! if you end up standing here in front of the wall, Plague Knight appears in front of the other wall facing you instead spawing of behind you!
any time now spector of torment...
PFFFTTTT ha ha ha ok well this tickled my funnyBONE
HUZZA King Knight's dead
Streetpasser B: Round 3. Ouch, might want to revise your strategy.
Streetpasser B: Round 2
Streetpasser B: Round 1
Streetpasser A: Tie Breaker. Good game, but I'm not letting you escape that easily with that loot.
Streetpasser A: Round 2
Streetpasser A: Round 1
I have all items in Shovel Knight
you wrote the fanfic for me yacht club
With upgrades like these, you never stood a chance.
How has it taken me so long to hear about this one? I thought X&BUTT was the pinnacle of Shovel Knight goofiness...
why won't scepter of torment come out everyone already wants it to!
When is the Specter of Torment update coming out?
hey, just got this game, i know im late, but is there another playable character after pleague?
finally ng+ done
Running through these StreetPasses I got at Anime Boston. There's not really a whole lot of point to doing so, but it's nice seeing my stats improve.
Beat the final boss in new game+
Kinda...left without me there.
CARRY ME, MORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Specter knights voice*: told you so... coward. plague knight: your going to haunt me now aren't you?
Good game random streetpasser.
Whoever's streetpass ghost this is has a tendancy to run into projectiles, ouch.
Is that it?
Butt mode! X&BUTT is the code
Decked out!
We are getting to Super Metroid levels of AWESOME!!
I think I broke it...
Ugh, I'm just one feat away from 100% completion!
Bobbing for apples, that's what.
another knigt down! mole knight put up a fight unlike the other knights i faced but still no match for me.tbh mk had this one coming to him i guest you could say...he was digging his own grave :D
spelunker...spelunker. wasn't there a rouge–like indie game called spelunky on psn?
I love it when games use classical design limitations in creative ways.
Plague Knight's bedroom.
It's Time.....
I love shovel knight cheats!
Why's THAT even highlighted?
Worth posting moment.
I don't regret recruiting this guy at all!
Im. Possible.
3 cheers for YACHT CLUB GAMES!!!
In the Autumn of 2015, I have managed to get EVERY feat in Shovel Knight for Nintendo 3DS!
Not So Grump
I learned the deadly art of Pong from Ganondorf, you better watch yourself.
New pic
Got the penny pincher and again achievements
Another challenge down.
That challenge wasn't so bad.
These challenges really make you think.
me irl
Phantom Strike derrotado (Specter Knight)
King Khight derrotado (Specter Knight)
Black Knight Derrotado (Specter Khight)
Just beat King Knight. Taste shovel justice!
I love Shovel dude's amiibo ! It is super cool. I'm also super excited for the triple Specter/Plague/King Knight amiibo coming out later!
lich king
i updated twice and i cant get king of cards [ king knights adventure
Aaand I think I've lost enough sanity for today! (And lives...) I'll stop here for tonight and come back to this another day. CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 70 (Won't be much longer before I reach my 100th Death, I'm sure...)
OK. I'll start with YOUR FACE!!!!! (After going through THAT stage, I need to vent some anger, anyway!!) CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 65 X(
(0o0).....I have a few regrets..... *eye twitch* .....At least he's happy.....right??
THERE!!! *huff* *puff* HE'S DOWN!!! I GOT HIM!!! WHEW!!! CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 52 (I'm in SO much trouble, aren't I?!?)
.....Is he...shaking his butt at me?! Wow...Just wow.....
Yes! Another one down!! His stage was what gave me trouble. And BOY did it give me trouble!!! But I won, nonetheless! And THAT'S what's REALLY important!! =p CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 47
I forgot that Treasure Trove was out. :p
YEEESS!!! I FINALLY BEAT REIZE!!! Yeah, I shouldn't be bragging too much about that, but he gave me a lot of trouble! -But, hey, glass half-full: I finally understand how to play this game and not suck at it!! It's all thanks to the online Instruction Manual Yacht Club Games made for filthy casuals like me!! Thanks, guys!! CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 39
Halloween is all about facing your inner demons... Which brings me here... I HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS WITH YOU: "PLAGUE OF SHADOWS"!!!!! I WILL LET YOU HAUNT ME NO MORE!!!!! -But first: I need to find an online guide, because I CLEARLY DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS BLASTED GAME!!!!! CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 37 X(
Wow...touching story..... Now I just have to beat Plague of Shadows in, like, 13 Days!!! THAT WON'T BE HARD, RIGHT?!?!? X(
Wait- 97%?! ...(o\__/o) 97%?!?!? WHERE'S THE OTHER 3%?!?!? MOTHER-!!!!! *storms out of room*
My final scores.... And WOW I died A TON in Lost City!!! 38 TIMES?!? SUFFERING SPECTERS, THAT'S A LOT!!!!! But, overall, not terrible... Not good, sure, but not terrible! (Better than what Plague of Shadows is gonna look like!!) BTW: I DO plan on finishing Plague of Shadows, but I'm not sure if I can beat it before Miiverse ends on November 9... Sorry. FINAL DEATH COUNT: 114
.....This probably would've had more of an effect on me if I had actually FINISHED Plague of Shadows..... DANG IT!!!!!
.....What? Th-This cloak doesn't make me a cheater!! .....YOU try to get through some of this without falling and dying a lot!!! CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 110
WHEW!!! Beat him!! But that was JUST the BEGINNING of the end!! I still have to go through 2 more stages in the Tower of Fate!!! Yikes... CURRENT DEATH COUNT: 110
Skoot boord
its 1 am lol
adivina donde e toy
meet specter man
A fine example of cheat code potential.
Why is Polar Knight the only one whose priorities are on point?
this level has the best 3d effect, also decided to try body swap mode
Tomen Pala ;p
that time tho
That's a glitch.
Spam Y to win the ¨final boss¨
Me at the moment...
Good on you Arin
I got 205 points on the bottle smashing mini game!
ouch... oof... plz ...BANG help...
Specter of Torment 100% complete, all red skulls, armor curios, curio upgrades, and items
i think i think i gota pee
help i need tips on how to defeat her
está subiendo o bajando?
Fish Twins. Or something.
is this nice or morebid?
another classic moment. (i think i softlocked the game)
easily my favorite part of the game
this is fitting, cosidering the fact that your a ghost
so thats why the skull was different
This isnt fair
am I intruding?
so, what are you planing uh, guard at the entrance of the village.
Oh NOW you can stand on thin air!
Its currently playing the victory musiv
I'm Samus!!!
GOT EM (Challenge Mode)
essence collection complete
really, all this chestcode does is make you blue and you slide down slopes instead of going up them
Dis be romantic
Dis is hwart woweming, i be cwyzing '~'‚
I would be surprised but i already played specter of torment
you shouldn't be talking plague knight!!! we all know what you've been trying to do
Black Knight standing on top of black knight, wow
Que hara eso...?
WAIT, WHAT!? So, I'm playing through SoT, as usual... and BOOM. King Knight is flyin'. Listen... I know King of Cards is around the corner... BUT BRUH, CHILL!
Oh, hello there shrek here and i'm ticked of, people think just because i'm an oger...
get out of the curator's face, you little scamp!
i am now black knight!!!!
like i always say, sharpen thy shovel!!!
I'm on a mission to find Mr. Hat!!!!
what about your shop
polar knight here i come
death to the enchantress or should i say shield knight
spector knight saves the night
" H E R B U T T I S S O P O W E R F U L . "
found it
all in the table
¡Que miedito!:'v
No!!!!! cant we just remove the windows
comenzando una nueva aventura
Now what do i do :[
There it is.
both died gives me the win
yes you do
thy king has been slayed thrice
me falta solo uno yei :3
black knight recruted
b u t t j u s t i c e
taking away their king... wait how are they gonna fit mole knight through the hole
I'm so tired of all this winning.
i love this game
Of all the NPCs to get a backstory in this prequel, we find out that ignoring the Dancer's dance is why she hates Specter Knight.
lets celebrate the death of king knight
i need help
time to defeat king knight
meh village
makin camp
made it... wait what... this guy souns too good for the first boss fight
just got this i guess ill do this campaign first (the controls are so weird)
i killed king knight but fell in a hole
so ummmm sup bro
oh wow
do it dude
maxed its lv
i got thr amiibo
pplayin new game plus soooooooo HARD
Even more redy for battle
Ready for battle
the feat i got says otherwise
I celebrate king knights death
adiós miiverse
insert sans laff here!
im not sure if this rumor is true, but i think miiverse might end. DONT QUOTE ME ON THIS THEY ARE JUST RUMORS! but if it is fake, please tell me. just want to know. but if its real, comment things on why it shouldnt end. i dont want this to end like flionote studio! where else are we going to post our accomplishments?
I wonder if these are some of the people who created/produced the game.
Do I need to beat the game to play as king knight?I have already updated the game but he hasent shown up
A todo gas :v
2nd try, i already beat the game on PSVita but i’m going to play it again on 3DS, AMAZING GAME
fear thy MAGIC!!!
why no damage?!?!?
evil DRAGON!!!
Tasty chicken
this helps alot
i feel like theirs a secret right beside horace and if their is could someone tell me how to access it?
five down, four to go.
how to play as donovan in regular levels specter of torment
anyone else think that the gender swap is a little weird
Wait What
Yacht Club Games
Have you heard that there making a King Knight campaign too! Its going to come out in late 2017. So excited!
Best DLC of the year
you can trade play coins to the fisherman to get gold. 1 play coin is 100 gold. you can trade to the maximum of 30 play coins for 3,000 gold.
beauty like a king falling
thanks black knight
he got his job back
everyone is happy
did if only 13 trys
3rd try he...he
ish butiful
i dont want to dance
is it really
fall the night
Why is that even a thing?
I now deserve the "Why would someone spend so much time one money that's basically useless?" reward.
Room clear!
Shovel Knight:plague of shadows Hmmm I don't want EXTREME spoilers so let's just say the story line you are plague knight trying to collect all essence of knights to make an ultimate potion that's all i'll tell you.
death of adventure
This is *delightful*
wooh! firing up some shovel knight
I love my adorable super skeleton.
I shall intimidate him with my superior dancing.
Not too bad
But all in all, not SO bad for my first playthrough.
Only one more red skull to go!
aqui vamos
Started his campaing! Is so fun to play with him!
I hate this ninjas.
Shall we...
shovel knight ‹3
good start
I finally got here!
I can't believe bubbles harm you. This guys goes around fighting other nights and evil monsters, but he can't touch a bubble.
loved the story so much!!!
I only got 2 left for spector knight.
Just finished collecting all the Cipher Coins in Plague of Shadows!
see the problem?
i'm still mad about Nintendo not adding Challenge Mode and Sound Test to 3DS... All the other consoles have it ~_~
My money is evil!
does anyone know what this mirror does?
try to find me HARD MODE!!!!
Just the way I live my life.
α β
Found the secret room
try to find me part 2
The game is hard, therefore... “it's just like Darksouls”
try to find me part 2
Were to I start shovel knight treasure trove is amazing ok so as specter knight you must gather 8 members to be in the order of no quarter if specter is successful he will return to his old body as he is a husk, but things take a turn as reize the son of his best friend turns into nightmare reize (no this is not a fnaf refrence) once specter gets the amulet he uses it on reize thats all i'll tell.
OMG its a fliping flying bowser
Now ill start again, *sighs*
i am a shogon warrior
He Dab.
so many fireballs
so damn adorable
Stupid glitch...
Clearly Alive.
1 0 0 %
i've never seen anything like this before
Whaaaaaaaaaat? fight shovel knight?
looks like plague knight likes jumpin on the bed
Lets get digging
This fight is really hard in game mode +
does anyone think that this is weird
HOLY....!!! THAT'S AWESOME. New favorite minion. Dragons are awesome.
hmm... why does he ( specter knight ) remind me of a dc/marvel hero/villain right now... anybody else?
I love it!
this will be difficult.
which should i buy
Great color on you! Make Plague proud! I'm sure it'll be a "blast"! Heehee...
i just got this and i love it :)
A true knight never quits until the task is done
What the heck happened to black knight
The water carrier is being tortured
Im stuck on this level help please
Yeah, you know what happens next...
inb4 new enemy
let's start!
Any idea who this knight could be? Just now saw him and it kind of surprised me.
1 sec left!
He wondered where his head went. It suddenly hit him.
Beat 3rd boss of game plus :]
Well ain't that somethin'
This does'nt make sense. Am I pogoing off of a thing that's underground?
O.M.G shovel knight in the house :]
hey who wants to play shovel knight all day
where is specter knight
protip: don't try a 1:30 run of Plague in the same file you stop for 2 minutes to watch Mona's dance.
playing shovel knight again and again
Excited to finally give this game a shot.
i still have gold power
fear me all warship me shovel god
Why isn't the Mega Man amiibo supported?
please enlighten me! O-O
i can dance oooooooo
sigh the poshen that could give me every thing i wanted wasted aww man
what happend to my evil twin he took all the essence and now he lools like this
my evil twin
dark knight has wing wooooooo
2 levels away from beating the gam as pleag knight haha
happy ending
y cant shovel knight have his own room? #knightequality
im soo close to the end just two more levels
Y'all just dont understand me.
first try k.o. on plauge knight , thought it would be easier
where was that last 2% dag namit
Sooo... shovel knight wears his helmet to hide his head? and WHO IS THIS FISH GUY WITH MY SHOVEL
reunited at last
I Just Finish Plague Of Shadows!!!!
Que gran plataformer. Muy old school. Otra joya de mi ‹3 2DS :]
how do i break these blocks?
f i n a l l y
going against spector knight as plage knight haha
just doing some chalenges
try 2 find meh
Almost done :D
did you have see how look donovan's outfit on specter night
how do you best the plague doctors level i cant grt past the last couple sections help :(
so cute!
This is the best cheat ever
What do you do when a cartoon skeleton hits you with a deep existential quandary?
who is this? does anyone know?
Um... WAT.
mom help
Now we know what happened to Moana's pet.
Beat the boss With one life Left Yass
awwww... but I didnt get her number... :(
let me date the amulet witch pls
ACE! That's why you never give up!
W h o o p s
Yeah, uh, there's only 7. Everyone else died.
Holy Gungans Batman! Jar Jar has spreaded to Specter knight
If you're lying to me you're dead.
Hahahahahahahahaha! That was flipping funny!
shoot, trapped myself
Yep, looks about right...
Why is my minion attacking me?!
Im getting worse and worse at this game. JK. im awesome at this game.
Man...Specter Knight's missions are tough...
Specter Knight: " what is this meddlesome creature? " Shove Fairy: " ..................." Specter Knight: " DON'T MOCK ME !!! "
The Last Supper of the Order
i love the detailed art on the Bottom Screen from the Game
this Campaign is Amazing..
Okay...I took a little breather from it so lets try the Tower of Fate entrance again & hope for the best. '~' (The game is still fun but still can get to you a bit)
spyin on ya like a creepy creep.
out of all of the stories I think specter knight's is the saddest.
so cute!
Is this a good armor armor?
Yike the Dust Knuckles are OP. I beat Striker Knight on the first try...
brother, the oats
Dear God, what have I done?
What is Black Knight's connection to Shield Knight? Close friend? Brother? Ex-boyfriend? Current boyfriend and I'm just some unconscious 3rd wheel?
oops... XD
Oh my gosh! After about 20 minutes of staring at this spot trying to make my character try to jump across the pit I actually did it! How did I do that?! 00 (Check my previous play journal entry to see what I'm talking about)
I've been playing Yoshi's Wolly World and I just walked off a cliff pressing the wrong button to jump! :P