Ich weiß erst jetzt das es Cheats für dieses Spiel gibt XD
Dam Flying Green Gues
Oh, and yeah, I forgot to mention that there's several resturants on Floor 4B. There's a DerpBurgers, Waluigi's Tacostand, On-Topek Stakehawse, and many more.
Huh... Room 5 is... I n t e r e s t i n g
I claim the room on the roof.
Also, Room 2.75 is off-limits. I'm using it as a kitchen cabinet to hold spices.
I'll take room 117.
Hey guys? I think my door... er... malfunctioned. A huge portal opened up at the door when I put in the key.
And this community is?
I'm playing Waluigi pinball right now.
Glad to see the people are enjoying this place. I'm opening up an arcade with Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Waluigi Pinball, and several other classics on floor 665.
quiero salir
You know that room that people say has feral rats in it? It doesn't. Because that's my room. It's also the only room with nacho chips in it.
I'll take floor yes pls
This hotel is nice >:]
Room π is great.
I'll take the pènthouse pls.
All hail Troupple King's Dance
By the way, entering Room 5 will give you a hero suit automatically. Also a Level 3 Gold Dynamo, which has the flick rate of a Carbon Roller while keeping the damage and range of a Dynamo.
I'd like room 73, please.
This hotel >>>> Hotel Bigley
tout recruter
Planning on opening up a bakery on floor 365. Comment for a free cookie.
There's no reason why MSB should exist now. I'll get rid of it.
Welp, he has apologized now... What do we do?!
So, this is a hotel now? I'll claim the janitor's closet.
moi contre l' enchenteresse
Wait what? the Goldarmors are DRAGONS!?
Naming Room 5 (my room) Cephalon HQ for "reasons".
I'm gonna be running a "totally-not-hotel-bigley" called Hotel DerpJacob. I know, it's a clever name. Feel free to take a room, with the exception of the room 9001. That's mine.
i generally like this community
He's almost banned
Since Sensei is gone, i'm renaming the alliance to MSB.
Good job SS🅱oys, but we've only done half the work. Now on to the behemoth that is MemeSenpai.
So what do we do now?
The moust by an daring of the digger's diary, with a knight by over its shovel, the shovel knight helped to save the day, even one better, that is the skeleton bird as an phantom, green eternal, and dreams of the darkness reborn, the shovel knight was sleeping on the grass, and the green eternal, the spirit of a phantom, that it creates its nightmares before awakens, just they will happen!?!!?!?!?
He deleted all of our comments just to show us how salty he is.
I remember you from Shadow of Torment, never thought I'd like a random worshipper as much as you.
A FIGHT ON RAILS!? Good thing I was practicing.
Making our alliance have the same initials as Smash Bros may have been a bad idea.
Just spam jump and attack, just as easy as always...
Either the Senpai or his followers is relorting us back.
SSB community.
Sorry sir, this is a SSB community, so no on topic posts.
voici mon avatare
Faites preuve de bon sens !
truser night so hard to find but i have
Woo, SSB community
why so french
whoa another nslu and zelda
Knuck knuck, it's yo boi Knockles.
Phil Collins - Take a Look at me Now
This is now my community (not that it matters anymore).
Latest yeah.
coucou je vai vou tué ahahah :)~
this is a realy good game but for some pepole it is a bit too hard plz make a new one for wii u plz
Moi qui fait une partie + je suis pas déçu !
La vue est magnifique !
Bonne nuit le "gros bébé bleu"...
I am ded
Хахаха! Это же просто шикарно
this guy. this FREAKING guy.
este juego es buenisimo
ce personnage est aussi dans Valdis Story!! et il a toujours aucun sens de l'orientation ^^ '
Ciao baby
Pequeño pero matón.....
nice easter egg
luke, its a memmec, not a cat.
.. tough.
specter knight teh bad guy of dah sencery
como se llega al cuarto checkpoint
King knight va sortir le 2018 dans shovel knight
wait this place exists
bye miiverse
don't be GRUMPY if you can't see it.
im sad
Best game ever!!!!
This boss. THIS. BOSS.
I beat him with six will no healing or projectiles and I had 2 and a half will left
chi fa i boss con il cheat del sudden death boss mette sii! codice cheat: KYRNMAPC
Tinker Knight me ha costado bastante. Estoy sudando y todo!
now i'm the one with the muscles and the power
how do i pass the first obstacle as plague knight?
king knight is hard to beat isn't he???
shovel knight är ett bra spel alla svenskar som förstârΦΨΩΣΠ
wow dat was makijlijk
I used to use this community for off topic posting but WOW i really want this game now
voglio king of cards su wiiu, pls nintendo aggiungilo
Dark Souls versión 8bits
completata... vediamo le altre
he s sooo easy just use dive
oh great... my FAVOURITE link to the past enemies
ho finito "shovel knight: spectre of torment" il mio capitolo preferito!
sudden death knocked by moleknight!! and i won!!
amo questo gioco lo consiglio! lo comprato a 22,00€
Wish I Had This On The Switch...
Rest in Peace Miiverse . you'll be missed
can't wait for king nights release!
i like this boss
Ticketer:Allow me to reward you *gives 50 gold* Me: B O I
spectre is amazing he looks so cool
is it possible to play as the black knight? yeah this post if u can
who is the easiest to recruit second ? keep trying different ones but i keep failing .
all red skulls... totally worth it
love this game!!!
i need money $ $
its to haard
¿Sabíais de que va a haber un DLC de King Knight?
Yo tengo el límite de magia y el límite de vida
dont know play with cheats
TFAO community
gjxh 01010010101011
This is mi favourite indie game
This is my favorite campaign <3 I can`t wait for King knight's campaign! :D
i killed tha boss
Yeet, another trash community.
HOLY SHIP...... i'll show myself out...
blackout sections so tough
Mole Knight was my favourite, but then i played SOT and specter knight took my heart (and soul)
bit annoying
died for the millionth time ...why game
This game is awsome!!
so frustrating
This cheat XD
who else found game grumps yeah if you did
For such a difficult level, Propeller Knight's quite a pushover.
ich auch
Oh my lord it's Reverse Castlevania.
I had the Spin Burst equipped and killed a lava fish whilst trying to get a Cipher Coin. What even.
So THAT'S why he's called Phantom Striker... Because he strikes once and dies!
Tinker Knight is the easiest boss to fight as Plague Knight.
Holy crud I beat him with half a heart left!
The things with the spear weapons go down in two throws if you have the Cluster Powder equipped.
Have you heard the story of Darth Plague Knight the Wise?
NSLU community #GoAwayTFAO
I hate this room so much. Ive died so many times just trying to get my gold back.
i think i made a bad purchase...
Génial Secter Knight franchement
aw geez I should go on a gosh darnit diet
Who else is using cheats? XD
It's great to see this game's story get more and more depth
OMG Tots It Glitched Pls Fix This #Boss Fight Reset
OMG <3 So Retro My Sort Game
Im Gonna Reap Ya!
Like This Post If You <3 Shovel Knight
Heyo Ppl
Da Best Game In Histrory Its Retro Witch Is Bezt I Say!
This is a glorious TFAO community
Out goal at NSLU is to make all communities free for everyone and allow anyone of any age, gender, colour ect. to be able to post with freedom. Hand it over TFAO, it will only benifit everyone.
Hello,all! I would like to inform you on how us at the NSLU lands are taking this community as our own. We can do this the easy way, TFAO, where you just hand over the community, or we can do this the hard way by using force, meme force. You 2 days to hand it over, or we use NSLU's official Bigley Hotel Ärmÿ Team to take over our new lands!
TFAO community
i love this game
This is better than the original shovel knight...
its to hard and tricky warning this is a trap
TFAO Community
Конечно, игра совершена. Спасибо!
should i buy this game when i get money?
ATTENTION! Potato. That is all.
Does anyone care if I claim this place? Didn't think so.
who actualy wants shovel knight 64
He failed to kiss me to death. HE KISSED HIMSELF TO DEATH!
and Reize returns to guard the mirror. I beat him up and he acts like I'm his slave, hate him.
Just spamming dash works
Make 3 offerings and see what happens
Knock a purple ball to the cat and see what happens.
Plague of Shadows was better but this is almost as amazing. Yacht Club Games know what they're doing
The curio idea is amazing
Just lock him in a corner
Whoever made this I hope you die a slow and painful death
As soon as you get good vs this boss she becomes impossible
Worst boss ever cause it's impossible IF YOU HAVE MORE HEALTH THEN HER SHE MAKES YOU FALL INTO A PIT
Use the smoke bomb
This level will drain you money to 0
To get past this room you need the berkseer's brew from the ice level
I destroyed the checkpoint while trying to kill these guy's
Just spam caster powder
Spammed floating sentry fuse
get ready too rumbleeeeeeeee yea
im aboutnt start crying i reached the boss then my wiiu crashed
this is awesome
An amazing game ^_^
el baile es precioso
I m l e a v i n g t h i s c o m m u n i t y .
Haven't even reached 2nd checkpoint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
was kann man machen wenn man es durch hat ?
je suis bloquer aider moi
I thought this community was dead.
It's official. I'm switching to Samsung.
PC will always be better than console.
T h i s i s m y c o m m u n i t y . Do not post here.
Ese momento en el que le das a "¿danza?" sin querer y tienes que ver el baile entero.
hi everyone
je pue
we win
Esperando a que llegue shovel
es verdad ¿como se hara?
See You Again is 10 million views away from being the most viewed video on Youtube.
me too
me he quedado locooooo
ahora with specteeeeeeeeer <3
you want cringe? go to support link community
que alguien me diga que es completar la sal
** dem some slippery ice **
tamo ahora con plague naito :v
lo conseguiiiiiiii
wiiiiii venzi a treasure
my name jeff
my name jeff
repitiendo el maldito specteeer pero es mi personaje favorito <3
Leech Liquid helps a lot! Make shure you use it for the next bosses as well, especialy on game+.
es ist schwer
My name is Steve Minecraft.
Anyone remember going to McDonalds and playing GameCube Games? Ah, Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Monkey Ball.
But...rumors can be wrong, he's Probobly not even a prince
Well, that's some sexy stuff right here. Wanna dance?
New Glasses Squad community suggestion for TFAO members and/or Glasses Squad allies? Can GS go back to its roots and be a cool pirate clan instead of another CoS?
jo me he subido la vida
just doing levels to save up gold sooooo anoying
Rozes, the girl who sings... well, Roses, liked one of my Tweets.
yeeeee i beat the first boss!
Man, for the first level, the boss is kinda hard, amiright?!
tinker el trol
Does anyone even remember that Uptown Funk was made by Mark Ronson?
Old-School Remix!
"I'm sitting under this digital tree." "I'm sitting next to him."
mole knight level is hard
buenos dias mandy
its sad that Undertale got all the fame, even though Shovel Knight was first.
It's always "Where's Perry," and not "How's Perry."
What a grand update!
he died for ur sins
Salut a tous :)
Just completed the game 100%!!!!!!!
Sometimes it's not worth trying to retrieve your dropped gold...
Specter,be careful
Charge! on behalf of master phantoms Orders!
ez game
What caused a sudden increase of Donkey Kongs on For Glory?
Better than shovel of hope, honestIy!
das spiel ist perfekt
Does anyone remember when Nintendo distributed a Tomodachi Life Shaq Mii QR code?
I'm glad that the Rabbids x Mario crossover is part of the Ubisoft presentation instead of the Nintendo presentation.
I rewatched Nintendo's E3 2014 presentation in preperation for tomorrow. Really brings me back.
Come Over forth,Thougheth does not want thes hands
man this boss is fat
why is king knight on da front
Microsoft beat Nintendo on worst console name.
YOU CAN PLAY AS SPECTER!!!! I thought it was a nintendo switch exclusive
Treasure Knight's hookshot is super cool! good battle overall
Music sheet here use your Fishing rod
j'en suis au dragon (lv1)
mourais je suis bloquait
Boh io sto cercando di prendere tutti i trofei
Lo raro de este lugar es que hay un pez con armadura,y en la flota al lado del pollo hay una verde
Al hablar con Chester y yo tener todas las reliquias, dice que se le salta la lagrimita
Ma souris ne marche plus
>When the development team of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe makes a better green colored Kirby than the creator of Kirby himself. The green Kirby in Smash Bros looks like vomit.
I don't main a swordfighter or Captain Falcon. Does that not make me a true Smash Bros player?
I hope they announce Mario Ballet.
L'ocean sera ta tombe !
Je suis l'ombre de la mort !
That construction worker is a secret agent man!
Apparently video uploads don't count against your post amount.
Let's take a moment to realize that Morgan Freeman exists in the Fairly Odd Parents universe.
I want refund!'thought this place sold hats?Then why can't i wear any huh??What about helms/hoods?!
I Am So Sexy
buen juego corto pero buen juego
Nintendo's press conference will be 30 minutes long. Nintendo, you're just asking me to dislike you at this point.
a quoi tu serts?
I find it cute when Marios think that the F.L.U.D.D pack actually does something when it comes to edge-guarding.
Soooo easy what is hard about this?
Este juego esta muy currado!!
I would gladly recommend this game to anyone who likes platformers. I'm looking forward to replaying
I originally played shovel knight when it first came out and its two dlc.
mlg so good bro
I got an admin notification on Roblox for swearing. Well luckily they didn't see my outfit. lol
I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS but Flipnnote Hatena passed away four years ago yesterday.
Shokio looks more like Eddie Murphy than Will Smith.
Ok the GenderSwap thing in this game is hilarious.
ma nam jef
Please please please please please please please please Nintendo host a Best Buy event.
I would like tinker-knight dlc with his mecanical gagets,do you?
The new Smash leak is fake, but boy do I wish it was real.
i like this game
I love this game
LIST OF FAVORITE POKEMON (in no particular order except for the first being my all time favorite): -Lycanroc (midninght) -Oshawott -Dewott -Totodile -Raichu -Lurantis -Treecko -Grovyle -Sceptile -Flygon -Decidueye
E3 2015 was an especially a sad year for Nintendo. It had a lot going for it with the return of the Nintendo World Championships, but instead all we got were disappointing games, and we lost President Satoru Iwata.
the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo
I found out that there are lots of referencesin this game! Find them yourself (:
Reminder that Lucahjin is in her 40's.
It's called Super 64 Mario, not Super Mario 64.
mi mami es claudelis
note the number of cipher coins, and the fact their green? hoooooo boy funny drug funny
Have you spotted Mr Hat's sneaky cameo in the Tower of Fate hub?
good pictures
Come on! Give it your all!
No wind, no grind.
"The wind here is quite annoying, to say the least."
Could it be the best tactic for bosses is attack and heal?
He fell into the bottomless pit...
aaaaahhh c'est super dur ! Quelqu'un a une astuce pour ce mini jeu ?
Wow, Plauge Knight is really easy if you use the Will Skull properly.
bad words dont tell dad
Man kann einfach über den Drachen hüpfen
People really need to get their heads out of their phones, but books and newspapers are fine.
Отличное DLC!
Na dann schaun wir mal, was der Schnitter so drauf hat
Ein sehr nerviger Level. Dämliche explodierende Ratten...
Die Körpertauschfassung ist nur Spectre Knight mit Busen
hello im in the game
It will be a matter of time until IHE does I Hate Rabbids.
Rabbidluigi is cannon now.
Shovel knight is hard too beat.
J'ai justement besoin d'un roi pour commander mes legions squelettes !
chronos coin is really usfull here
he is roasting me
lub lub, you have a terrible taste in music.
A por el boss
Gran juegazo y grandisimo nivel
adios propeler
A fe mia,que aun estando en la ciudad perdida,shovel knigt encontrara la salida
I hate this stage :c
Let's hope the best for Manchester, and Ariana Grande.
Buena vista ,eh?
commen perdre son argent facilement
en vrai plague knignt a un masque et a un masque en or et un masque avec un long nez
prenez l'armure verte vous feré des ricochet sur les mur après avoir fais le saus explosif conseille
ich habe grade en erxten boss bsiegt \(*0*)/
Unlike PoS, which feels more like a reskin, this feels like a new game, based off the 1st.
I've spent 3 days playing the game to get here.....It's time to slice something.
gg la danse
Slime Knight confirmed?
Andiamo a mietere anime!
I can't believe GigaGamby graduated already.
WOW,i suck being specter knight
he roars a mighty roar
Yay i boss sono facilissimi con plague knight
The Donovan armor is simply perfect. I love the gold and blue colorscheme.
cc cv moi oui je gagne
The knight that would be king. Stand under that crown and become the monarch. Don't be afraid now.
Don't just stand there, gawping. C'mon in.
Lookit! Mole people. It's not polite to stare, dear.
Who needs a shovel anyway?
The best version of the board game Sorry! is the PC version. All the pawns have unique animations, and they even have personalities. Yes, they actually have lines of dialogue, and some pretty clever ones too. There are also different gamemodes, and overall, this is just the the definitive version of Sorry!.
Anybody remember Har Har Tharsdsy?
I hate this guy when he kiss me to death
This is by far my favourite hub world.
Let the summer, COMMENCE!
wow this game is good
Now THAT. Was a fantastic memory.
I just beat this guy will only 5 will, no projectiles and NO HEALING. I feel satisfied.
Come hither to Moletopolis. Stay awhile. Have a tour. Buy some memorabilia. Slay some inhabitants.
the boss is so hard
seguro que la segunda parte la sacan SOLO para la nintendo switch
siete mil veces e intentado este nivel :-(
Das specter knight DLC Ist echt cool
ich hasse den polar knigth als specter knight
I hate Specter.
Gud level m8's
the boos is so hard
Ich fand diese Tanzeinlagen schon immer merkwürdig.
Specter of torment is out
Weiss eigentlich jemand, Wo man die Letzten 2 Roten Schädel findet?
No rail no grail. Let go of that banister.
A delight. Take pride in ye defeat, Sir! For when ye try again, ye've already grown stronger.
Seguimos reinventando este juegazo!
Merci yacht club games pour l'extension gratuit.
Once Miiverse shuts down, I'm gonna miss BobDaGhost's drawings.
la guardia!!!!
I feel like a fool discovering this place only now...
Keep hittint him without clearing his "phases" and his health will be downed easier.
Ke$ha is actually pronounced Ka-cash-uh.
Fire wins over lightning comfirmed.
Reize doesn't have "boundless combat potential"!Haha!...Easy,just charge almost ^^.
Ended up with 15 seconds left ^^!
Nah reallly its all about not missing an occasion to hit,use your anchors wisely too!
so does specter knight's room have any oter secrets?
Harold from Captain Underpants gets a husband.
Defeated all 8 bosses! What's in store for me now?!
"My three wishes would be a swimming pool full of Cubchoo plushies, an actual Cubchoo, and a doughnut." -Scykoh
Super Spiele
Ton âme est à moi Black Knight !
Trash Greninja.
Specter Knight is the most fun to play as, but the music is even worse.
No mobile gear?...Three full health?...2:30 at the timer?...RUN AWAY CHILDREN!!
use the phase locket and its not so bad
Caillou gets grounded, and gets grounded.
Finally defeated king night thats the 2nd servent that i need 2/8 to go ^_^
welcome back nes!!
Yay shovel nights updated^_^ finally get to play as spector!!
Happy Mothers Day. Respect women.
Estos de Yacht Club Games se lo curran un montón.
My patern:Up left,down left,up right,down right while shovel drop or moving out of the way with 0:26
TOO MANY BIRDS...Even if their is a patern.
its about time you showed up , plague ... for the second time , that is .
dieser level ist plödT LOL ich kann nicht sreiben
prüfung gemeistert
soooooooooooooo darn hard
ce niveau est trop dur
My brother deleted my file. I HAD JUST DEFEATED MOLE NIGHT! Now I have to get back ALL my hard work.
yeah i no really can't wait to the rest are here
"HELLOOO!" Arin ^^!
Does anyone know how to download king knight
adiós adefesio
plauge knight was pretty easy...
Hey look,shes got mainly projectiles...Good thing i have a lantern that can "sponge" all of them!
Ominousness:Now upwards!
I don't remember this place being "infinidagger-proof",if you know what i mean...
The darkned knight and the dark knight..."Steel thy Shovel" and be slain by my homing attacks ^^!
Wonder what's the thing i'm going to see next screen...*shivers*
get rekt ixDe lol
That's what you call climbing!
yo tengo 5 puntos de vida
alguno a probado la actualización?
Well that was easy to enter the "entrence"...
What is this?!Kratos?!...Guess so...
Note:If you missed some red skulls,its probably because their hidden with the RED background ^^'!
Hum....Didn't know Propeller Knight grew flying veggies^^'...
Or just asking to be blown away,like a feather!
I WAS JOKING ABOUT THE MOBILE GEAR!...*golf claps to Yacht Club*
Now...Wonder how this's gonna go...Hes HE gonna ride a mobile gear at me ^^'?
That's....A weird design...Watever what it is...Oo'
Are those...The torque lifts'prototypes??...
"Hmph",seems about right.
Smells like...Salt.
Just like in the challenges!
Wait...Is that the same kind of bird that the Rainbow Bridges look like?!
"Stranded" Ship?It looks pretty fine to me...For a stranded ship anyway.
So...He was a green excavator in the past?...Guess that's logical^^'...
Hello everyone, this IS running on empty ... Food REVIEW!
It actually smells pretty fresh out here...NERD!
And i thought he was annoying WITH water!...Still beat him in one try tho^^'
Time for taxes!
I like specter knight
im stuck on tinker kight
Well then,guess my name's Mario,because that fish is Wii too big to be considered normal and safe.
...We totally don't know what's in that chest by now right?
The Iron Whale you say?That's a beach!You failed your job at transporting mirror!
If i was you,i wouldn't hit that thing on top of the chinmey...Its filled with SORCERY!!
Oh look at that memec fox/dog-thing,isn't it cute?It seems bored tho,maybe you could get it a…Ball??
Finally Specter is on Wii U! Yay!!!
Time to cross the dlcs!
Have you heard of..."MIMICS"?
Time to make some vials fly!
I expected a guy with a shovel,here goes the lightning samurai!
Prepare for a challenger...A revolutionary challenger!
Watch you step!
Graveyards...The place where soul rests,wake up...And then are PUT to rest...
Oh,NOW enemies thought about carrying level hazards WITH them!
Right,thanks but you're a few timelines late miss.
>When you somehow comment something intended for the post on a different post.
Vamo A Pazarlo Bien Muchachada
Vamos a ver con qué nos sorprende este maravilloso Shovel Knight
This new specter dlc is awesome!
Pokemon Stars would be a terrible name for the third Gen 7 game.
Ein fisch der niedlich ist und hilft
I hear rumor that prince Donovan is specter knight,but, its extremely unlikely
Just realized that specter of tourment isnt a seperate game :D
jaaaaaaaaaaj super spiel
Keep bombs circling at all times.
Great update right here!
The end draws near, warrior of shadow. Are you ready to face your final target?
I bet a Belmont wouldn't have any trouble. Too bad you're the kinda guy who would hate Belmont, huh?
A branching path? ...The ladder's faster, but you'll skip some treasure.
I'm just gonna make a machine that throws giant gears all day. Everybody okay with that?
There's not even a floor here! How is that safe without a propeller?
With the Hover Plume, this stage should be a cinch!
Just started Spectre of Torment, already awesome.
Psy got the PPAP guy into one of his new music videos. I can't
Geniale! Davvero un platform bellissimo...
el juego donde empieza todo
a llegado trarsu trove
This place smells bad. Real bad. I guess that means you belong here.
This false "king" should be the easiest boss of them all.
Whatever you do, DON'T JUMP!
These rats end up 'elping you go faster!
Gee, this platforming is getting INTENSE!
Einfach geil!!!!!!!
wie get es dir
There is a Yacht Club Games Logo Hidden Somewere in this Room
I've waited so long to finally play this on my Wii U!
Specter Knight is awesome!
Having some trouble? Perhaps you'll have better luck with my game after a few upgrades.
Say, does that chandelier look a little...fragile?
Go ahead. Make an offering. See what happens.
I'm glad I don't have to deal with yeahbombers anymore since I moved here.
You would wonder who managed to paint Mona in that pose^^'...Either way Plague or someone talented!
Am i the only one that noticed the little green rat pet in the cage?
Reminder that Shape Of You got 1B views faster than Gangnam Style did.
Why is Togedemaru able to learn Spiky Shield, and not Ferrothorn?
v no
psot aobut shveol kighnt
Aha! This place hasn't been taken over by nslu still!
*Rythmic squatting intensifies*
Woah, my last post got 19 yeahs. Did this place get raided or something?
Tinker Knight's sport track for sure...Now i know he feels in front of a normal to big set of stairs
Come get your lava-proof paper today!
Anyone remember summer of 2012 when Nickelodeon played Windows Down by Big Time Rush EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK?
Smells like suddenly appearing fishes!
Spin burst for the win!
I got my own cannonballs dude!
Magic ninjas and mad bombers don't go well together ^^'
A mech + explosives = Not an happy result.
Ready for something more useless than the mobile gear?Me too...
*Insert Starman here*
Hey look,an useless floating ugly statue,wonder what could it be used for?Right??...
Yay,theres light and its free to enter!Not a trap-yay!
¡Maldito Plague Knight!
Specter Knight was a serious PAIN
Ahh,its nice to have your very own"target practice"isn't it?
A pyromaniac ridding an explosive?But of course!
"WHERE ARE MY BOOKS PLATFORMS THIS TIME?!" - someone that didn't expected to fell down a pit
Elder vs youngster all over again!
Brain vs muscles all over again!
specter knight verslaagen
music scheet van de mini game van mona
king knight verslagen
king knight verslaan
I like how in the the XBox 360 version of Perfect Dark they tried to make it obvious as possible that it's a port of an N64 game.
Ok,let me be proud for a sec:THAT WAS SO EASY!First time!No kidding!That guy eats bombs like candy!
Wasn't that hard so far,i only died to spikes and water so...COME AT ME GHOST!
Note to self:DO NOT jump in the water,if your loot stays in it,you got not fishing rod to catch it…
Hum?…If you reach the top of the screen with the statue,you can jump on the top pillars out of harm…
Today is the one year anniversary of the tweet of him eating a taco salad, and him stating that he loves Mexico.
Put in GGWBUCFV on name screen to unlock everything from the start.
317 points with amiibo :3
I love this!Even more with explosives!!
That's the weirdest dance ever...I like it!
This fight can really depend on the order,i pref Polar first cuz spikes,aswell as Tinker cuz gear!
Me at first:Plz no Polar or Propeller,plz noP-OH...OHONONONONONONO!!*equips locket*Ahh,better…*dies*
Stop whining,it is a boss rush,it is hard,its the point...But Its a bit about the order tho too...
The dark angel is dangerous but the same as the knight you once knew...Good luck!
You would wonder why King Knight didn't use normal rats instead of propelled ones...^^'
For me he deserved to get his own DLC...Guess we'll know his story an other time...R-Right?...
Tinker knight is for me a lovable pushover <3!...Hint if you REALLY struggle:1.Gear.2,jump and drop.
Who loves the boss theme here?I think its as worthy than the knights.
Shovel Knight:"Those ruins belong to ages" ???:"This belongs in the museum!"
Baz = Every noob hacker in any game,you thought you were though didn't ya?
Have you seen the hatman yet?He needs more hats for hes collection...
Nothing can help you but the locket against spikes and the wand against some foes...Or buy an armor?
For the newcomers,the travellers' encounters are all custom characters from kickstarters!Am i right?
Mario Minestrone.
Want to know what to do?Simple,don't run after him and wait for the coast to be clear,easy right?
Come on guys.Specter Knight is really not that hard,once you learn the pattern its easy!
You know what the trouple acolyte should sell? Music boxes...I let guess why...
*Nearby frog-laugh*
...DON'T YOU DARE LET THOSE CINDERS ALONE!! What are you?! A rebel?!Some kind of punk?!
You know you're good when you don't play for months and still kill him with 2 feats unlocked already
Does anyone remember the Disney movie Bolt?
best game 10/10
TAKE ME AWAY A SECRET PLACE A SWEET ESCAPE TAKE ME AWAY TAKE ME AWAY TO BETTER DAYS TAKE ME AWAY A HIDING PLACE (A song you've heard hundreds of times, but you don't know the name.)
hello darkness my old friend
Every day an admin's tryna test me, ah. Every day an admin's tryna end me, ah.
e vai finalmente l`ho sconfitto
There's so many daydream segments in Boss Baby that I begin to question if this movie really happens or not.
Dommage qu'on peut pas prendre le masque jaune...(Armoire à droite) ;)
solo golpealo y lanzale la bola verde
I Know That There's a Walrus At The End, But I'll Make it... FOR DLC!!!!!!!!!
Are we going to ignore the fact that you can carry two blue shells in Mario Kart 8?
Shove Knight
Allez à gauche...
will you do a face reveal at 10,000 subs??
I see you. ZAP!
The New 2DS XL doesn't seem half bad, and I may get one to replace my current 3DS XL which has a crack at the hinge, and I'm too paranoid to continue using it.
Enjoying some + Mode in wait for Spectre of torment release in europe for Wii U
I died!
The first Youtube video I've ever watched was something about Super Mario 64, but sadly I don't know the exact video.
I hate how Mario Kart has characters that aren't Mario. It's called Mario Kart, not Mario and Friends Kart.
It is hard in game+
ho finito il gioco yeah
voi por onde la calavera no se puede vagar a vago
100% the game :)
malditos peces estan rotos que alguien los nerfeen xD
The earth is an octagonal prism.
yay i killed plauge knight
A cualquiera que sienta un mínimo de cariño a clásicos como Ghost&Goblins: JUÉGALO YA. CÓMPRATELO.
this game is FIRE
El juego está muy bien,pero algunos jefes deberían ser más difíciles
King Knight es un NOOB
ow oof my bones hurt from drinking bone hurting juice
asta el idiota de shovel no sabe nada no puedo morir je je je
Finally my own game is coming
nice easter egg
This was a nice challenge the first time going through. In NG+, it's just poorly designed bullcrap.
Why are people asking what the fox says when we should be asking ourselves "What's the meaning of Stonehenge?" (only true Ylvis fans will get this.)
i am using invincibility mode and i cant get past this part its impossible
Happy Birthday to my least favorite Smash Bros character.
i cant be the only person to think treasure knight is an easter egg to a another game
on the main menu hold the atk button then inpt up up right down left left and relese the atk button.
sube la vida
This game has the best videogame OST ever.
One of the school admins was listening to Kendrick Lamar's new album Damn.
Many players are overflowing their posts in this community. I- or should I say WE cannot let this happen.
Excuse my French, but vous ne devez pas comprendre cela.
le simple
That was surprisingly easy, but still very tough!
la pala es la unica obsion
es facil black knight
jaja uno juega mucho zelda y dise rupias enves de oro
bellisimo gioco
spector of torment wiiu?
To think that Mars Needs Moms, the biggest animated bomb in the box office, was made by Disney...
deberia subir um si los perdono
nunca esto toca su fin y volveran
el fin se aserca
la gente que me alluda en miverse grasias ahora contra black knight en la torre del hado
acabe con el jefe fantasma
donde esta el mapa de kratos en wii u
I've got a PUNNY post avatar!
omg meh falling
Just listened to Work again. How did this song get nominated a Grammy again?
lo he rematado :)
It took long enough for the Amiibos.
why do we have to go though 2 level in the tower of fate and specture only has to go though 1.
Shoutout to all Miiversians who play Roblox. That would be: -Me -EliteJames -Pokemon Fan 2000 Master -uh...
J'adore ce jeu, mais je bloque déjà au premier niveau...
The missile knows where it is, because it knows where it isn't.
I'm not expecting much for the Direct since it's focused mainly on Arms and Splatoon 2.
tipen stqqtxvx then name
stqqtxvz cheat code
You can shovel out the smouldering coals;)
Family Guy theme D'oh'd by Homer.
How many songs is Selena Gomez going to write about Justin Bieber?
So I see that Fawful's lab now belongs to me. These Fawfulbots as well. I will construct a factory to conserve the Fawfulbots. Ah, I almost forgot; *Presses some buttons on my Dreampad and the Fawfulbots are now F & H property*. There we go. Now, shall we begin? *Presses some buttons on my Dreampad and a large group of Stardroids begins construction on a Fawfulbot factory*
bomb rite
did it
hard even with cete codes!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant find a way out
can.t wait to play as specter knight!
The Weeknd is great and all, but come on. He sounds nothing like Michael Jackson.
goooooooooooooodddddddddd mooooodddddeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sans Undertale's brother is Papyrus Undertale.
nice game
Le try and retry... que c'est frustrant ><
lovin' it!!! just beat specter knight
This year's Roblox Egghunt is pretty great.
The ability to have erasing of something and everything like it from existence... a power now in the hands of Fawful...
God help us Yeah Angel is back
MrEnter can't draw.
Don't wait around in the 2nd area. The green projectiles can hit you through platforms.
"What's the point of splashing?"
lo derote al jefe final de plague knighit en modo dificil
Ich mag Schaufeln
Macht Spass!!!
Back at school. Please observe the "I really wish I werent here right now" button.
havent played this game in ages
such fight, but i made it!!
a [email protected] contra king knight
My mom left.
It always bothered me that Spongebob never stuck to a canon except for maybe the first few episodes and Bubble Buddy Returns. For example, there's an entire episode dedicated to Patrick not having a nose, despite him having nostrils in a few episodes. Also Spongebob can drive a hamburger car and a submarine perfectly, yet he can't even drive a boat.
[places the spare body down on a table] This is an idea of proportions that are insane, but if it has working, then the war winning will be for the side that is Fawful's!
Guess who recently got into We Bare Bears.
more tough than expected!
nice room
boom heh heh leave me alone!
hey no toques el phuto pley3 la phuta que te pario
Apple ruined the letter i.
Important Miiverse update in the comments.
Must've been pretty good to make him cry like that.
Happy March 32nd.
please kill me
*Gets catchy Iron Whale theme stuck in head for the rest of the night*
I'm the 20th beat Miiverse according to Gabe.
so easy
Spongebob shouldn't have erased the P.
Chadtronic is overrated.
Phew, Spectre Knight is no pushover.
Thicctorious is my favorite show.
Playing through this for the first time. Already loving it just from the Plains alone!
Cheat code on
Pawn Stars is on the hotel TV.
get rekt black knight
get rekt king knight
I'm taking a road trip to Texas today.
me pase el juego
My thoughts on the me irl subreddit in the comments
I've appeared in a Venturiantale Roblox video. I was playing loud Justin Bieber music. Back in the days when I thought I was funny. ;w;
The new Rodrick actor looks like Leafy. #NotMyRodrick
[going through what was left over from Permaban's mech self-destructing] Hmmmmmmmmm? What is this being? "Neural Link Chip"? Perhaps... if we could be making this have functionality, we could have tracking of Permafinkrat! I HAVE GENIUS!
Remember, always dig in the fire!
The music is so stressy :[
How to anger flying type gym leaders: "BIRD TYPE ISN'T A REAL TYPE!"
quien sabe el aster egg de kratos
So, the name of this level is "Tower of Fate: Ascent," and we start DESCENDING?!
amiibo liiiiiiiiiiffffeeeeeee
This is musical autopsy. It's the feature where Doc Buckley makes his way to the musical morgue to dissect a song or artist.
>When you have a dream of meeting Bebe Rexha working at a CVS. (This actually happened)
Walk right in the room like erbody but me.
If you're a REAL music fan, then can you tell me the name of the drummer in Löded Diper?
I saw Bob The Builder for the first time in a while, and I have no memory of it being British.
i come from nslu, i come in peace!
I'm still unsure about George and Harold's voices.
The Captain Underpants movie doesn't look half bad, tbh.
One Miiverse shuts down, I'm gonna miss all the artists here like BobDaGhost.
The Shooting Stars meme died fast, but it's for the better.
simon, that bit is meant to be hard, even tho it is nought
well i recon all the order and the entrancess should battle shovel knight at once hee hee
rip me
goes i hate those crushers
Yello - Oh Yeah
Get out Fawful.
[researching, taking notes, and preparing blueprints on something] Hmmm... I am understanding... if we have focus on defense more than anything with our resources of currentness... than my newest ability will have no weak points.
Why Is This Game So Hard !
i have the best cheat on and i am looking at how easy it is now lol
is specter of agenie in this game where you play as specter knight
Reminder that the official singular term for Skittles is Skittles.
I was killed by a creeper, and lost my stuff. But thankfully there's an option to exit without saving, so that death never happened. kek :^^^^^)))
i made it without touching the beetle lol
premier message
OUAH, niveau (long et plutôt dur) de Plague Knight réussi! (^_^)
Just beat mole knight
I remember when Gangnam Style was the only video on YouTube with one billion views. Now there's 51 videos with over one billion views, with How Deep Is Your Love being the most recent. Boy how times have changed.
Has anyone ever had a dream that was annoying, but technically not a nightmare? That's what happened to me last night.
There's someone at my school who looks like Samn's Mii, and oddly enough his name is Sam. Hmmm
Ich hoffe dass Specter of Torment Bald für Wii U rauskommt.
Der Name "Trankinarium" Ist vergessbar, aber ich liebe es (:
Reminder that Hank Hill is canonically related to Dusty Hill.
The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe.
For those of you complaining about the USB plug being on the bottom of the Switch, let me remind you that it's the only way to put the Switch into the dock.
I honestly miss Tony.
Hooray for YC games!
You know, being an assist trophy in the Nintendo universe is like being friendzoned.
es mejor wiiu que suish
Shovel may run up on a digger.
beating spectre knight as plague knight is so hard
Cool, ein Tagebuch! *lol*
dang this boss is hard with plague
Save more bucks at the Mattress RaaR RaaR
I finally got to handle a Switch today. I need it even more now.
My favorite character is just above my least favorite character on the Smash 4 tier list.
estoy jugando coN el que sale de mi foto
estoy peleando con la bruja es dificil siempre me caigo
Do you ever take those gloves off?
Apparently the voice actor of male Corrin also voiced Bula and Multo from The Zula Patrol; a show I'm ashamed to have watched as a child.
shovel knight mola!!
New Super Mario Bros U seems like a fun game, but what happened to New Super Mario Bros Mii?
so hard
Remember, always dig in the campfire ;)
GG easy
"I have big hands." Every Joy-Con review ever.
Remember, when you is at the camp always dig in the fire!
Pokemon Sun and Moon's ending was rushed.
I want to hear as many Smash voice actors say "I'm really feeling is" as possible. We've already had Robin and the Smash announcer's voice actors say it.
>:( RAWR
me he pasado un jefe
This is litterally the most frustrating battle in the whole game >:(
I can't believe directional tilts were a thing before air dodges.
The Gamer From Bruno Mars
Faîtes place au nouveau King of Kings
miercoles eh muerto y es dificil el juego pero mola
hola apenas vengo a jugar y mola el juego
I better win one of those giveaways.
I just want to at least have a glimpse at the Switch irl at this point.
UND kistian is da drin.
NoRedInk is the definition of cringe. And I don't even like using the word cringe, so that's saying a lot.
Dieses Level im +Modus ist UNMÖGLICH! Kann man gar nicht schaffen. Lasst es zum Wohle des Gamepads.
Remember when we all saw Palutena's trailer, and we all thought she was going to be broken?
Mewtwo's reveal trailer is the worst.
Inkling: Side Smash: Slamming a Splat Roller on the ground. Down Smash: Ink mine Side B: Splat Bomb Neutral B: Charger Up B: The jetpack thingy in Splatoon 2. Shield: In the design of the Bubbler. More in comments?
If Captain Rainbow was playable in Smash: "RAINBOW PUNCH! RAINBOW KICK!"
just came back to shovel knight! awesome game!
on peu jouer a deux ou paz
People overreact over the admins.
When you're using god mode, it feels so POWERFUL
Despite being a bird, Falco doesn't have the best recovery in the game.
I'll be happy when i'm done with the hard level
Which is worse? Meme Review, or Behind The Meme?
I'm literally the only person on Miiverse who doesn't main a Fire Emblem character.
how dare the first boss use a shovel
*lands* All right, Krankfried. Are you gonna give me what's mine or are we gonna be in the top 10 anime battles?
tresure knight is from bioshock
shovel knight is the same game like mega man
"When you break Jigglypuff's shield, it breaks." -ZeRo Well in that case, an enemy gets hurt when you attack them.
Shooting stars memes aren't funny.
oh w🅰️️h 🅰️️h 🅰️️h 🅰️️h
Did Mark get perma'd?
"It could possibly be cool if it wasn't Nintendo." -An actual quote from the Teens React To Nintendo Switch video. I have no words.
my names dirk
If the NES Classic edition can outsell the Wii U, I'm pretty sure the Switch can do the same.
I really like eating Cupcakkes.
How is Davis going to notice me again if I keep posting here?
ich hätte nicht gedacht,das es soo gut ist!
Today is the day Spongebob and Patrick go camping.
Utilisez la mécamobile sur lui et...
Dan Povenmire became self aware of the Phineas and Ferb memes.
in new game+ there is not a checkpoint here.... (hello darkness my old freind....)
gerade geladen,tolles Spiel!
I'm supposed to be playing Farmville, but this one player keeps cutting my grass.
This one girl just now on Jeopardy knew she was going to win, so she wagered $0, and her answer was "Who is the spiciest memelord?"
Fawful? You here? Wh-what the?! He's... back to normal? This isn't good.
"Let's start at B... Movie script, but every time they say bee you play a B." An actual thing the collage student band teacher said.
Kermit's Swamp Years.
yo lo tengo
The Earth is a cube.
You used to call me on my fax machine.
again, 1 second left :->
1 second left!
There's so many hair color options, yet there's STILL only twelve shirt options. Nintendo, what are you doing?
If the Switch's battery dies while you're playing, it will save all progress before shutting down.
Man, I didn't know Shovel Knight had a six pack.
esta muy wapo el juego este a la espera de jugarlo en la switch
Can Sharkboy's lullaby from Sharkboy and Lavagirl become a meme? Because that would be great.
Roblox is digging it's own grave.
Oogachaka, ooga ooga.
N🅰ce m🅰me
Hey 🅱️️eter!
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!
If I ever do get a Switch, one game I'm more than likely to get is Cave Story.
I had a four-day weekend, and out of all those days, I never did play Splatoon.
Death Grapes
Just spamming works again
Better then all the others
Harder then actual bosses I'll give it that
GG Baz want to work for me now?
Sill just spam bombs is it even a spoiler now
Tip just spam bombs again
Just spam bombs again
Here's a tip just stand still and spam your bombs
I know how to win just stand still and spam your bombs
I'm disappointed the level was hard but the boss was easy
This is where it all shall end FOR SHOVELRY
alcemy is fun
I wonder if Miis joined the brawls
Welcome to Roblox. Where people think Doge is still relevant.
An amiibo of each and every Pokemon, including shinies, and all 4,294,967,296 Spinda patterns. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
I'm uploading a video called "Shokio's Ridley Is Too Big video but every time he says Ridley it gets faster." Good thing the video isn't too big for Youtube. I was afraid it would be lol
love this game killed second boss second try
I hope Shrek makes it into Smash 5.
Ridley is too big.
Almost at the end!
With this F-Virus of new, I will have mutants with more powerfuls than anyone could have imagination for! Now, let us have commencing! Bah, quit with the struggles, fink rat! Your fate has unavoidability! There we are going. Nice and restrained! I HAVE CHORTLES! Now, the time of the testing!
stupid note
>When Super Circuit's blue shell is better than Wii's blue shell
Fav for Slippy, RT for dat boi. #HappyFriday
u pwned me
Lane yeahed my post less than a minute ago, and next thing I know he is hidden without a block option.
There's a reason why I moved here.
I always have the hardest time trying to remember the lyrics to Around The World by Daft Punk.
It is time! Time for the marching towards the Hotel of the Bigley! ONWARDS, ARMY OF FAWFUL! Hm? Who are you being? Susanna Haltmann? Well, now you are being the prisoner of Fawful! I HAVE CHORTLES!
Permaban Log #3554. New arrival today. It's Fawful, actually. They found him near Belch's factory. I've been working on a clone of Fawful, but I suppose it can take the place of the real deal now that I have it. This is perfect for my plan.
Mario forgot to do his job again.
Allo mates!
You don't have to be upset about Club Penguin's shutdown if you never used it in the first place.
spetre knight makes me rage
Richie Rich 3: Tokyo Rich
Rhythm Heaven Fever's Remix 10, but every word spoken is replaced with the Nitshack opening and so are the animal noises
Acceptance is the first step.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has the potential to be my favorite Mario Kart. That is if it fixes the item system, and has more DLC tracks.
Am I dank yet, Luke?
How to become a Flo Rida fan: Step 1. Watch "Pikachu Dance". Step 2. Profit.
Important videos.
You become dank when you post here.
I lied.
Shoutout to all the single people who just chill and eat pizza.
Huh, so this is a place.
It'd be pretty nice if some people joined this community. It does get lonely here. Just not too many, or a raider could discover it.
I'm thinking about some concepts for Diddy Kong Racing tracks being in Mario Kart 8, and I'm having a hard time thinking about where the anti-gravity sections would be.
I wondertraded a Fearow just to get a Spearow. k
Just wanna thank my followers who care for coping with me.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I couldn't afford a card this year, so I got you this box. That's what I got you.
Me encanta esta mezcla entre megaman, ducktales y otros juegos de la época de NES.
"I don't" -TheGamerFromMars 2017
I like how I keep talking about the Switch as if I'm going to get it on launch day.
Just got myself a Skiddo on Wonder Trade. Feels good man.
I pretty much own the Pazuru community.
Lillie wont leave if you don't beat the game.
good game
4 reliks
This night is why aliens won't visit us.
Oh so they're done? I'm still not coming back, and I never will.
Twenty One Pilots took off their pants on live TV.
Even when they do get banned, I'm not coming back. I'm staying strong to my word.
At this point they're just ASKING for Miiverse to be shut down.
There's no way you can make me go back to that hot mess of a community. I'm sticking her forever.
Welcome to a new beginning.
I'm sorry to all my followers who care, but I am permanently moving here until Nintendo makes a Miiverse patch. This spam is just getting out of hand, and I'm tired of having to grab either my 3DS, or gamepad just to block someone to prevent yeahbombing.
*Appears wearing a green and white M. Bison-esque uniform, complete with a hat of the same colour as my uniform and a white cloak with Miiverse's logo on it* Soon, there will be no-one that will stop me! Prepare yourself, brother! For the Internet will soon be under my rule! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
greate game
fuuuuuuuuck das ist schwierig
i love this game
Help i am stuck
Hm... what should I do next? It's been a few days since I last did something... big. Ugh, big. That word always makes me think of my twin...
hey im back what i miss... oh shovel knight i dead notbto me
in tutto e per tutto e' un gioco figo e alternativoa livello di armi
se lo vuoi saltare, usa il ciondolo della fase o prendi danno, poi salta e rimbalsagli sopra
Reliquia qui!
appartiene a questo re qui il livello, non ha quello scadente damerino!
se questo è difficile per te, non vorrai sentire parlare di propeller knight. per niente
me and my bro just killed plauge knight
tres bien
best dlc ever
toma ya
so im not the only one who is terrible at this
c'est un jeux magnifique
hard but good level
i died hard mode more like dark mode
i recommended dust knuckles
some guy is throwing spears at my ice block pilar and all im doing is fishing
Mi dispiace che il re Tromela non è un avatar, perche lo adoro( quelle faccie che fa mentre balla..)
mole knights stage can go to hel
I glitched the boss... After I deafeated it, the game went like RRRRRRRRRRRR for about 10 seconds!
It's about time I returned to these alternate lairs of mine...
get yeeted on lol
this is cool lvl m8
cluster the blue flames
screw you mole knight
The checkpoint risk reward system doth present a vexing decison.
I hate this boss!!!
Some of these levels are tough but still fun!
tresure knight!!!!
hard level
Retour aux annees 90 Pour mon plus grand bonheur
Who Else is excited for new shovelknight DLC
annoying level
This kinda remind me of wario land 2
empezando el juego de la palita...
winner takes all..
fast 31 und trotzdem am schaufeln
This level really tickles my cockle
Diary of a wimpy kid
Go do a Google Search on VeggieTales characters and look at Larry. You will not be disappointed.
Same luke shovel knight
I think I might move here permanently, or at least when all the drama dies out in the NSLU community.
Tapez-le quand vous l'avez battu !
awesome surprise! honestly thought he was going to be that easy haha
Baron Set = Cool. RAPTOR PRO TIP.
how do i get dust knuckles!?!
i hate this **** level
Premiers pas sur ce jeu absolument genial !
THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
was soll das sein?
Alda 2 Amiibos
pretty great
how do you do cheat codes
heh havent adventured in a while!
Wir sind das Böse! Wir sind die Macht! Wir sind Plague Knight!
:-) ...!
la pelle de la mer
why does shovel Knight have to be the boss?
i hate the first boss
I love how you can recruit Baz.
je suis custom knight youpi!!
Specter Knight is proving difficult.
How horrifying
Hm. Eerie
This was not very difficult.
The theme of Pridemoor Keep is enjoyable
I do not seem to be skilled at this
Does anyone know any difficult music sheet locations?
super spiel
I enjoyed both the Black Knight's battle and the following minigame.
Just starting, I would reccomend a lack of spoilers at the British timezone
This game is really cool! (But that's kinda obvious, with such ratings on the eShop.)
so much money xD
WE SHALL MEET AGAIN I think IDK but you beat me so I'm running bye
Shot fire at the rats
Baz down :)
roar (again)
Im waiting for you...
Badabing badabom treasure knight more like easy fight amiright heyhey
Come at me!
Plague Knight is terrible, I demand more Shovel Knight levels.
wooo just came back from kicking king knights butt
i got this for christmas and im really enjoying it!
you'll never defeat me!
But if he's king knight, then he would totally crush shovel knight.
"Hee! I should have never told of that info!"
"Hee! If only he knew how to shovel on the wall on the left!"
i have amiibo!
Porfin lo he conseguido
ne pas tombé dans l'eau
mon père est NUL
First meme post in this community.
Let's save her, the last quest begins..
how do i beat this guy!!??
this level is imposeble
This was a 2nd level boss?!?!
lol treasure knight so easy, only took 5000 gold from me
Me encanta el dlc de Plague knight. un control en el personaje muy diferente. Es genial!!
lol i uesd cheats
just started a new with out cheat codes and did anyon like the last cheat i posted?
Wie kriegt man das Notenblatt auf dem Dach?
how do we complete this level
stuck on mole knight
haha die goldrüstung? nein die schwere rüstung.
Seuls les vrais Shovel Knight peuvent lire ce message ha !
omg ive tried 1000000 times already
this game is electrifying
I just fell after I beat him and still survived!!!
Does gold even matter with custom knight?
lol with my buddy
Custom knight...pls buy amiibo
Explodatorium Hard mode it is impossible this level
Qué figura.
io l ho lascita cadere
un nuovo pala-dino si palesa per completare l insidiosa avventura
Genial, la nostalgia, el homenaje y la innovación, hechos uno.
<-- Este personaje es un chico o una chica?
Too Much Rage!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm scared
trop facile pour blaq kins
aniibo rocks
I beat the main game legit 100% IN A DAY!
come si fa?
I often forget about the Miiverse posts on the Gamepad. Sorry, guys!
I've nothing to say.
I'm shaking, i'm shaking...
shovel knight: whos this ????: ... i am FISH KNIGHT FISH KNIGHT IS MY OC DO NOT STEAL
Where am I?
hey look another non-redesigned community
V I agree.
More people should be at this community.
Huh, where's the king fish???
Of Atlantis?
good level....exept for the bird thingy and green rats
# retro gaming
help i is stuck
this level is really grinding my gears!!!
Der endboss ist sohard
good boss :o
Ho appena donato 3000 monete...ne sarà valsa la pena?
This place could be of use...
trop dificile
Enjoying some shovel knight. hope this game gets ported to switch!
aye fam
this stage is killing me
buen juego, el primer jefe dificilillo.
kool community
This is now the Love Live: School Idol Project Community
anybody here???
Quel'qun c'est quand vas sortir specter knight et king knight
Nice torsion bars!
treasure knight is: ♪a knight right out of bioshock!♪
Hab ich sie nun gefangen?
This game is too awesome
tinker knight has a freaking machine
Oh, just checked my notes. Component bombs. Give a big explosion!
Plague Knight, those Cascade Bombs may be really helpful!
"Hmph. Pass the salt."
Can't remember how to move those platforms but float burst and vats do the job.
Mi accingo a iniziare l'avventura di tutte le avventure!! SI SPALA!!
mola caracola
wierdo used taunt
La música de este juego es magistralmente épica!! La que más me está gustando es la nº13. Recomiendo
treasure knight is easy
Mine experiments have run amock I fear. I am your master!
como puedo pasarme el castiyo
por que yatch club pooooor queeeee!?
yay fast durch
enchqntress is DIJINJNGG
'ow did 'e make it past the first defences? No matter. After the others, 'e'll 'ave to face me! Haha
Plague Knight, that treacherous traitor! Once 'e arrives 'ere, 'e'll get my sceptre in the puddin'!!
not bad
Echt ein schönes Spiel
im playing ++
cheat code: STQQTXVX
not the dance!!!
plague knight is kinda broken, uh, hello?
gran juego
half expected that goat to say "my knight" or something (WITTY FUNNY UNDERTALE REFERENCE 2016)
Mejor Nindie de WiiU :v
ay this is cool hastag kimani
voll geil
pleage of shadows ist beste
283 à 2 dude! >:^)
Ce jeu est vraiment splendide! Graphismes, musiques, un magnifique hommage aux jeux NES... Génial !!
Pour passer la bulle,rebondir dessus en utilsant le plante-pelle (sauter dessus en maintenant bas)
help me beat the boss pls
AHH! the puns! they hurt! hahaha
uh oh mona`s mad i guess i`ll never get to dance with her
I Just win the battle (:
yes indeed hehehe
woo hoo
A sido chungo el treasure knight e? Pero ha sido vencido!!
I H8 THE GREEN RATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
l forgot the controles DX
First level completed. Death Counter : 0
me too isaac
we all are waiting for specter knight DLC to come out aren't we?
Empieza bien el juegecito... promete
Non .
Je recommence en new game +
Digger Dingo dons armour and dank memes on his first journey. Wish me luck fam.
shovel knight en ma possesion !
amiibo knight is the best
watch me dance!
I am on the book bit and I canot jump on the books and breaking the checkpoint does not get me up.
w poziomie plague knight przy wejsciu do bosa na scianie jest wejscie na klucz urzyj bomb bursta
El peor nivel del mundo
Salta encima del esqueleto para llegar a la escalera
At least make it possible!
That King Knight... You give him an inch and he thinks he's a ruler!
este juego me esta tocando las narizes
alhemist for ever
Playing with mam
im so hard
Polar Knight!!! Warum ist dein Level so schwer???
By the time you work this out you will have no money left, just like Brexit!
Well, get ready to wave your gold good bye.
hi? anybody?
yes beat the first boss
its so hard
Oh ja!
Challenging and fun!
Wow, this level is almost as hard as me! Grrr...
sapo cara CULO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
new nintendo switch has won.........you mad microsoft and sony
vous allez galèrai avec le new game+
cheat codes
useing cheat as well
cetcod t and semdol butt
e derrotado a traesure knight
specter knight para mi fue muy difícil
about to start my quest
How can you not love this dance? haha
great game
ce niveau est facile
gwxwzsxufnnkobfaqwxrffvfhuhbcgcghvgverzudhigsffvVHHJGHGXDSCXxuu é6éâæççéàêâæéà335678985221=|_:_`[_[`
il est énervant ce niveau
Jk this place is free
specter knight has moves
bring it
hard it is
sshovel knight rulezzzz!
madre mia willy
trop facile le boss!!!
Ura ha ha! Boooooo! You stink!
Hey King Knight. Guess what? KNICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Das Spiel macht noch immer solchen Spaß :)
way i defeated plage night
on to specter night
Black Knight's gonna have a black-and-blue bottom
i love Hungary
"STEEL THY BUTT!" Also type X&BUTT for a "cheeky"*Facepalm* cheatcode
Ah good old times when black knight was easy
Sir "BUTT BUTT"....
u can kill the king by just doing the down thrust a bunch, its th easiest way
Just defeated Black Knight, loing this game so far!
you can only get down to 3g
Sorry dude i'm all out of gold
I hate this freakin stage but you have to admit the music is pretty cool. :P
What the #### is going on.
ooh this boss is quite hard
Juegazo retro donde los haya
Ghost glove goes through walls :O
The dust knuckles are OP! They can help skip areas, and you can penetrate armor! only 2 Mana!
I broke all the checkpoints... I have to start again
encore!!!! j'ai gagner!!!! lol
i am using the butt code for short it x&butt
danse mythique du roi carpomme
cool jai fini le jeu!!!!! lol
spooky ghost boss!!!!
Harry Potter dies briefly.
wohlan, werter reisender
hätte nicht erwartet dass dieses spiel so toll ist!
Why does everyone keep thinking this game is so hard?
Hi! So, I'm in the castle level, and I'm stuck on a bit with a book. If I go out, it doesn't help.
l'm wondering when this will be a community for trashposting
lo matao al del veneno
lol the new game + is so hard
Easier than I thought!
so easy in Game+
Game+ players: the dragon explodes on kill.
Left, then left again.
"Hee! Propeller Knight, stop the sword lessons. I prefer the potions."
Check this part out in shovel knights story for a code!
By the time you read this, you must have lost a lot of gold because you died.
Hey! Don't stop to smell the comments! Get going!
R.I.P. Grump. His grump led him to his death.
this is so good!
use shovel jump to get high enough
or just climb to the very top of ladder and fall down lol
oh! go up and get hit by enemy, the knockback will throw you low enough to pass! don't use ladder!
how do I go to the right past the fans?
i had some trouble with mc.dead
Didn't realise this game involved talking to goats!
That boss was really unexpected! O_O
Che tipetto simpatico!
Un armatura con un elica dietro..... quanto vorrei averne una......
Che musica fantastica!
como salgo de aquiii
Ah, mona. I thought she would be in the lab, but, you know, DLC.
Un piccolo duello tra cavalieri.... ma il peggio arriva dopo!
Guess what peeps, I'm king of this community.
y se ve que no soy el unicoco que a jugado undertale XD
y a mi tambien
que batalla mas injusta
rompi sin querer el primer punto de control
lololol smell me.
I love the music.
im fat
love shovel knight play it every day=]
trois boss battue
Love this game already
King Knight vaincu
He sido tan tonto como para romper el checkpoint de antes del jefe...
Buff, que juegazo. Es un amalgama de lo que hace grande a juegos como Megaman, Zelda II, etc.
Epischer Boss,dass man nicht vorhersehen kann.
Tolles Geisterhaus!Hier zurückkehren,wenn alle Räume von Geistern befreit sind.
sayled communitey
awesome game!
my mission is almost over
Oh come on!
anyone having fun?
digger's diary? more like sayled comunitey
I- I
thsi is the sayled community you need a sayled llicense to post here safely
only ppl wif sayled lisense r alowede 2 post her
post about shovel knight
Does this make us illegal immigrants
C'mon Gabe. are you here yet?
I feel kinda safe
post about shovel knight
sayled comunitey
We are safe from everybody but Mii king now. What should we do? report his posts. ALL OF THEM.
oh hey, EW deleted his post here! Wahoo!
post about shovel knight
Yeah, EW isn't going anywhere. So I quit beinf a smasher. You'll only see me in the NSLUC if It's about the game. bye.
Phantasma isnt here! I quit!
Spectre knight's an butt
Yeah no mii king or phantasm a!
Mii king is here already.
Am I safe from Mii king, Phantasma ane Elite will?
Let us make this the new home of the Smashers.
hello paradise
Woah! That last room was HARD! But now, I'm ready to take on Plauge Knight!
That wizard boss was kinda hard! Good I beat him! This reminds me alot of Fire Man's stage!
i get to play as my favourite character-plague knight!!!!
I did it!
MII king can't find me
Shovel Knight mit Danics! Krasses Game, Krasse Typen! ;-)
im staying here for now because the war
Lel beat him 1st try! Ya need to get better guys!
So, the Anchor weapon is basically the axe subweapon from Castlevania? Cool!
I killed all the eels in this area, am I great or what?
I've gotta say, this music is awesome! It sounds alot like the Japanese version of Castlevania 3!
Wow! Just beat King Knight 1st try! Also, that dream was intense! What will await me next?
King Knight? What a stupid name! Nevertheless, he's going down anyway!
Phew! There was a checkpoint right here!
Oh no! I accidentally destroyed the checkpoint!
Yeah! Black Knight is DOWN! But of course, this ain't the last time I'm gonna fight him! I'm ready!
The first level is REALLY Good! It teaches you all the games mechanics and tricks in a great way!
Just smile and wave boys
Cant wait for specter kinght and king knight dlc coming soon no joke
Hmm hmh quite so
Whoopee an unredesigned community and its mine all mine!!!!
Top right corner!
Go left!
get ready for this!
Sencillamente genial
Vengo de comprar Shovel Knight abro la caja y sorpresaa!! MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES!!!
who needs phase locket when u have mobile gear
avec un peu de patience, plague knight peu se faufiler dans le mur en forme de shovel knight! ;)
vivement l'extension specter knight ! :D
lllll lllll ------
this is kinda hard bubbles killing you? very weird
Ich freue mich schon auf die beiden neuen DLCs, denn Shovel Knight ist eins meiner Lieblingsspiele.
hail king knigt the easyest boss ever lol
You can't just keep doing bad things and feeling bad about them. I'm a horse.
spectre knight is hard to defeat!!
q pasada de juego
You can become Kratos on ps4 version. LOL
so anoying
so close yet so very far
DEAR SPECTER KNIGHT Can't we just talk it out
specter knight sucks pooooooooooooooooooop
hello there
well... for me... 2 HARD
Hab es erst bei Zombey gesehen und dachte geil aber jetzt wo ich es so sehe ist es das geilste Spiel
my 3rd time beating this
how... if ur stuck on this part, i feel ur pain
Gutes Spiel
Passe moi le sel
Gotta love how overpowered the amiibo powerups are
spoilers, huh?...L dies, darth vader is luke's father, snape kills dumbledore...and tetra is zelda
as before can do email first go home if just know like more no one post questions reserved said. 8-D
Plains beaten with NO DAMAGE... This is to be the first of many...
Finally done.
This game destroyed my will to live
beated in 20 MINS
So stressful i want to punch something, so i am :)
My pernis is like a furnace
VIVE LE ROI CARPOMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have all cheat codes
mon avatar JE les battu en 2:2
mon avatar est trop face a battre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mon avatar est trop chien a battre!
mon avatar c'est cuilui qui m'enpéche de passer
j'adore se jeu
never give up!
Liked this game, until this. such a shame they totally ruined it
Just took over a town
I'm only posting in this community to see how many people read my posts through the Activity Feed.
Welcome to Rapture
Shovel Legend
très bon lit
baby needs a new pair of feet
Got him !!
AAHHH so hard but SO GOOD
aw thats cute baz found a place to fit in
odio al dragon mas que tu
maldito dragon porque he perdido mi corazon
yesss its finally done
endlich die verzauberin besiegt
la dernière tenue est juste énorme celle avec les crypto pièce
So far so good
viva plague Knight
In my drawer stealing my socks, I'm not letting Chester out of that box.
team shovel knight for the win
this level is stupid
Es fácil el jefe, pero te aseguro que te dará risa cuando te mate. xD
Immer noch witziger als Mario Barth..
ive beat the game as shovel knight only specter knight left!
my friend is a shovel
muy bueno
амибо великолепная вещь
Shovels for life
sto alla Battle Royale e odio polar knight!
so long forgot how to burst
perché non riesco a giocare a plague of shadows?
ma perché non riesco a giocare a plague of shadows?
There is something odd about this wall on the right...
Cool, but it's hard
Stay calm, defeat the green knight, and you will make it. (protip from darksouls player, Gít Gud.)
Oh no! Its saruman! I thaught he was dead!
Who else is hyped for playable king knight? :D
this is hard but i know that giving up is not an option... i will win this no matter what!!!
Jusque la ça va...
Certains niveaux sont plus accessibles avec Plague qu'avec Shovel.
he was real fun but why did he cry? dude
village time!
die schaufel rockt voll...!!!
I just got stuck on a ladder. I didn't think this through...
Am I the only one who knows that you can dig up campfires for money?
who leaves deadly spikes in a museum?
now that's just wierd...
comment on fait pour phaser?
Level macht voll laune!!!!!!!
This game is so good but soooo hard
of course first thing i do is die.
Shovel Knight is so good!
On ne peut pas entrer au village ?
Kabouuum !
Le roi du saut ! On va rigoler...
Les flambeux qui s'allument comme dans Castlevania IV
dernière etape !
Royal rumble !!!!
Mon tresoooooooor !!!
ça juste deux fois que je te pelle la tronche !
i am king knight
I did it!
blak knight at service but it was shuvel knight job count on blake knight
Pas evident celui la. Vive l'icor !
Un bon coup de pelle pour arrondir les angles !
La multiplication des passages casse-gueu...
Pas dur !
Ah ah te voila Treasure Knight. Un coup de pelle pour ton trésor ?
R.I.P. Gold
Bourriner il n y a que ça de vrai !
Phaser c'est utiliser la relique collier de phase.
are there any powers to help you underwater
Combien votre score chez Mona ? 194 pour moi
Juste ! Mais le dernier coup de pelle a ete celui qui referma sa tombe... Définitivement.
Ouais c'est un cran au dessus la.
Pénible ce passage !
at last shuvel knight i have been wating for you
got it
you shuvel knight will DIDI
no specter knight!
i died?
music is epic
hi shuvel knight
Oups désolé shield...
Alors blacky on se roule une pelle ???
Les passages secrets sont assez evidents pour l'instant.
blakk knight is dummy
me spcecter knight wiil crush shovel knight hahahahahahahahahahaha
easy level
I'll... be.. back. Urgh...
Hello old friend
He's here.
He will pay? Yes he will. Will he? Yes. Are you su- YES! Good charcoal. I need to calm down.
Hey hey hey hey hey! Get out now!
He won't find my secret relaxing spot. It's on the top-ish right hand corner.
Me and Shovel both DIG each other's spades. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
You can find out about me at www.orderofnoquarter.8.knights.
I, Black Knight, will defeat Shovel Knight.
So ze myth icht true. But zen he icht vulnerable to being crushed. Zat icht his fear. Wahahahahahaha
Apparently S.K. icht invulnerable. I vant to see if zat myth icht true. Begin test is 3, 2, 1, GO!!!
Knight + Spade - brains = dummkopf knight. Zat's vat mein father says. Do mein followers agree! Ja?
Every screen Shovel Knight passes, I vill put anozer followers-only post. S.K. von't know mein plans
Ahh... exploding bubbles. Mein first (und favourite) invention. Zis takes me back. I vont even laugh
So he got past eins screen. Big deal. He has more screens to go before Black Knight. Wahahahahahaha!
Shovel Knight vill nicht defeat me. I VON'T ALLOW IT! I NEVER VILL! Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
i love the battel agenst black kningt
Black Knight down!
Man, Plague Knights so hard to use.
there was a guy in my way so i SHOVEled him
easy pissy
j'arive à sauter!
I hate this game. I love it too. RRRRRRGH!!!
Je viens de battre deux boss !
found the vegan ;)
once you finish the game a few times (and know how to one hit tinker knight) it becomes too easy
wait a minute... im not playing kaizo mario
best song
his name is jeff #mecanicle idiot
cuesta en contrarlos a todos
I made Spectre Knight's scythe fly past without cuttin' me up like a cake
Beat King Knight when 'e's about to do 'is confetti attack. It's like celebrating yer win.
Tu la sens bien,la faciliter d'incarner Plague? Si oui, heu.... t'es comme tout le monde.
i'm sans. sans the skeleton.
Vow. Vat a nice bar zey have here. Zough not as nice as ze 1 in mein laboratory.
fire staff
Magic Moment
so frustrating
Plague knight bites the dust
shovel knight amiibo OP
je suis au même niveau!
help canot beat hall of champions
hallo wo bist du Schild Knight
cluster bomb for the win
Dekadenter Dandy... Das Spiel ist einfach genial! Erinnert mich so sehr an meine NES und Amiga Zeit.
Einfach super Spiel. Sound 1A Spitzenklasse!
just beat d game how d i get plague knight
this is hard
Increible. Quiero que salgan ya los DLC
so close to finishing the plauge of shadowd
This is mine.
este juego mola mucho
I CoolMan423, hereby claim this community as my own.
Me encanta este juego :v
Phase Locket is usefull here lol
harder than it chuffin looks this simple game lol
wheres the troupple king
I love this game
its possible just very difficult
awesome game , luv it
Flying ennemies ><
Just got this game and i love it
This game rules
Everyday I'm 'shovelin'.
done and dusted with ease
trop mortel le jeu!!!!
links geht es auch lang, da stehen viele fesser ...
cries because boss 1 is difficult
geh nach links!
wozu braucht er salz wenn Polar Knight als erster kämpft?
What's on that guy's head?
Nein, Nick. Sprich mit dem Barden, und du kannst dir die Gesammelte Musik anhören.
No mates al dragón saltalo!
Mein Favorit is der Dynamo-Panzer.
T-Boy Drück start, dann Optionen, Spiel und dann kannst du es einstellen
Specter Knight sieht Ohne Umhang Extrem Hässlich Aus!
Glitch : Geht eurch diese Drehwäde mit dem effekt des Ausblender-Medallion, und dann wirds Glitchy!
what the .... i got to the checkpoint beeeeeeep
ive played this game before and they made newgame+ way too hard
I feel like the only Disclosure fan on Miiverse.
könnt ihr das versteckte Yacht Clum Games-Symbol finden?
Gibt bei der Namenauswahl KWETZPXR Ein, um beim Apfisch-König eine geheime musik zu hören!
Mona... ich weiss, das du eine beziehung mit Plague Knight Hast!
Just beat Treasure Knight, gonna unlock the gate now ^^
Huzzah! It was totally worth buying this amiibo!
This is where king knight keeps all hig gold he clamed from his so-called "Taxes."
this game good
I wish thee a sleep without any "knight"mares!
This game kinde reminds me of Undertale. But hey, just sayin.
I beat this game cant stop playing this amazing indie game
Como lol
loving this game
Luigi's Mansion: Shovel Knight Edition.
So THATS where Treasure Knight keeps his gold!
Rest in pepperonis black knight. #TooMlgForYou
Max gold!
He acts like my little sister at the end of the battle. Acting like a crybaby.
Wow. Such noob Baz is.
Who needs gloves when i have a permanent magnet in me?
butt mode
Good, good.
I attacked the hoop kids hoop off screen. {You felt your sins crawling on your back.}
Wow. Best around 2 and a half minutes ever. Woo.
Wow. Specter knight done and gone.
Glitch: use the phase locket at the secret relic room too make shovel knight go crazy for a sec!
Haha! Just beaten tinker knight!
this is gonna go badly really realy bad
OH YES! JUST BEATEN TREASURE KNIGHT! (with invincibility mode. (^-^))
superbe la coop avec l'amiibo
Omg. So big, so cheat mode where i am super big.
I'm finally past Treasure Knight! Been on his stage for an hour and got the final guard!
6000g to 0g
plague knight è un figo
trop cool mais je n'arrive pas a faire le niveau de l'etant et selui ou il faut batre des grenouille
i belive i can fly
well goodbye
cab some one be my friend?
can some one be friends with me im frindless
that was to esey
bien classe les niveaux !
what re you gber gabering about mate
I hate ths level :)
Usando a Plague Knight es muy dificil.
dem dere cabinets
no damage taken
nao aconselho o jogo (aconselho o muito)
In the hall of champions on theres an egorapor painting.
How do I get past the book bit?
I can't beat the second dragon.
wet ist dafür das der plagoue Night schwer ist
Fun fact: Scream and Shout was actually my favorite song in 2012 - early 2013.
wow shield knight youre super useless
Anyone got a bug when playing co-op that starts friendly fire? Resetting the game does not solve it.
i can't do it/so hard
"give us a hand, would you"
Try jumping
if you have any problems in this room, just blow your troubles away (with the horn).
Do you like a mole man with 2 hands, 1 head and head minus head so one head? no
Shovel's Mansion
A un , c'est bien . A deux , c'est mieux !
this is goingto be the best game ever
Il est myope comme une taupe .
J'ai enfin Shovel Knight sur la WiiU !
Iet ein kniffliges Level.
this is awesome
es muy facil
bow down to truffle king
Steel thy shovel!
All hail the king of fish and fruit. Long may his stem grow!
pa ti mi cola
cuando os lance cosas usar los nudillos y le dañareis
cool game
I start the airship level at 2794 gold. Before I enter boss room I have 4 gold. Gbye.
How do you use the phase thingy???? Arrrrr Plz help
All checkpoints gone, full health, BRING IT ON.
Already finished game once. Defeated Black Knight a million times. Second playthrough: got rekt.
I have finished both 'Shovel Knight' and 'Plague of Shadows'. Wonderful gameplay, graphics and OST.
Once I get Pokken, I'm automatically gonna main Sceptile, no questions asked. It automatically makes up for Sceptile not being in Smash. But first, I'm gonna get Super Mario Maker.
i can not defeat the specter knight. help
ya somos dos en la segunda partida
rage so much XD
THIS GAME IS SO HARD. But I will stay determined! I am filled with determination!
First time beating King Knight with no cheats! #noshame XD
this is unpleasant
pls help can not defeat king knight
Shovel time!!!
i find this game a diging job
Just played Everybody Edits for the first time in a VERY long time. Boy has it changed.
l'ichor jaune pour la partition??
Pauvre Plague,y doit transpirer a fond ici!
For the two people who watch my videos, I have a collection of videos on my Youtube channel.
soo cool
Hab ein neuen spielstand gemacht und bin mit der 2 welt fertig.Welt 3 ich komme