Love this game !! ^^'
This game is really awesome !!! *_*
Let's go !!! ^^'
And the game begins !! ^^'
I'm only posting in this community to see how many people read my posts through the Activity Feed.
Wie keiner den anderen hier "Yeahs" gibt!
I love the Bard! Relistening to any music notes I find is awesome!
Guess what peeps, I'm king of this community.
Mein erster Eindruck: Das ist definitiv ein tolles Spiel!
Anyone remember summer of 2012 when Nickelodeon played Windows Down by Big Time Rush EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK?
Estos de Yacht Club Games se lo curran un montón.
Wheres Luigi and his Poltergust when you need him?!
Alle Bosse hintereinander. Das war hart.
il est genial!!!!!!
Since Sensei is gone, i'm renaming the alliance to MSB.
So, this is a hotel now? I'll claim the janitor's closet.
Don't wait around in the 2nd area. The green projectiles can hit you through platforms.
Un excellent jeu de la Wii U, qui vaut bien plus le coup que Mega Man 9 et 10!
Und wieder ein Boss weniger.
Zusätzlich Endgegner die einfach auf der Karte erscheinen? Tolle Idee!
Starke Nerven stark von Nöten!
Go do a Google Search on VeggieTales characters and look at Larry. You will not be disappointed.
hi? anybody?
5000 po l'entrée, j'espére que sa vaut le coup!
This doesn't phase me!
I really dig this game! Using a Shovel is groundbreaking. I'll get sleepy playing this all knight.
Los geht's!
This is now my community (not that it matters anymore).
Have you spotted Mr Hat's sneaky cameo in the Tower of Fate hub?
*Gets catchy Iron Whale theme stuck in head for the rest of the night*
Does this make us illegal immigrants
Ce crapeau n'a aucun humour!Comment le faire rire????
Este juego es espectacular en todos sus apartados. Bravo, Yatch Club Games.
Excellent la danse du roi carpomme! Hum quelle récipient choisir?
Just saw a certain someone run by.. squee! I love lil details like that!
Quizás se pueda pescar algo en estas aguas...
Welp, he has apologized now... What do we do?!
The Donovan armor is simply perfect. I love the gold and blue colorscheme.
Are we going to ignore the fact that you can carry two blue shells in Mario Kart 8?
You know, being an assist trophy in the Nintendo universe is like being friendzoned.
"It could possibly be cool if it wasn't Nintendo." -An actual quote from the Teens React To Nintendo Switch video. I have no words.
sayled comunitey
I didn't think it was quite over JUST yet!
This might work
I am LOVING this game! Delighted its been so successful for Yacht Club Games, what's next for them?!
Yo, anyone hype for Plague of Shadows?
Tower of Fate? I call it Tower of Death!
J'ai péché un poisson Carpomme!
I purchased it mainly through word of mouth. Yacht Club, you have done an AMAZING job, more please.
Worst dinner party ever.
At last! I bought wii u for this game. I thought this day would never come! Wooo!
Uyyy estas burbujitas son muy Metroid no?
Have been waiting for this game to come to the UK, having a blast so far!
It's always "Where's Perry," and not "How's Perry."
Does anyone remember the Disney movie Bolt?
Phew, Spectre Knight is no pushover.
I remember when Gangnam Style was the only video on YouTube with one billion views. Now there's 51 videos with over one billion views, with How Deep Is Your Love being the most recent. Boy how times have changed.
only ppl wif sayled lisense r alowede 2 post her
im staying here for now because the war
Les nouveaux contrôles changent tout. Je sens que ça va être excelent.
This is EVIL!
Se supone que puedo usar otro personaje , como??!!!
You didn't forget to go left, didn't you?
C'est parti pour la découverte de ce dlc. La jouabilité change énormément, ça fait plaisir.
no it is not a beautiful night, it is raining.
This game is Awesome. Don't forget to try it on Nintendo 3DS with full 3D!
Wow, already in the first level is awesome music and great level design!
Dont jump. Just float.
what colour armore do you like to wear
La danseuse offre une partition après sa danse si vous lui parler (boss alchimie battu).
Aprovechaos de una pobre porteadora para alcanzar lo inalcanzable.
Sorry sir, this is a SSB community, so no on topic posts.
Once Miiverse shuts down, I'm gonna miss BobDaGhost's drawings.
i think this games use of miiverse integration with the gamepad is some of the best ive seen.
I just got the Shovel Knight Amiibo!
i love the pandemonium armor
Increible.Version fisica increible.Manual a todo color y pamfleto de agradecimiento. Un bue ejemplo!
Propeller knight beaten!!!!... thanks to my son Jaime... Thanks!!!!
Nunca me cansare del baile -.-
so hard ):
Intentando animar al sapo gruñón. Tarea ardua, imposible y llena de chistes malos.
lol even the Miiverse function is made to look retro :) nice one!
Wow, le barzellette di Shovel Knight sono divertentose :|
People who love videogames buy Shovel Knight.
i'm 32 but i become a kid again playing this game. Love it!
you can jump on the sign with a picture of hat
Optionaler Endgegner besiegt! Wenn das keine 5.000 Gold wert war.
ehi avete provato a pescare nel suo lago? Provateci!
anyone know how to cheer up the grumpy toader if its possible? The jokes are repeating now... :/
Just started.Definitely captures the magic of games from when I was a kid in the 8 bit era.Loving it
Mejorando equipo en la Armería. Una forja en un dirigible!
He deleted all of our comments just to show us how salty he is.
Einfach geil!!!!!!!
I honestly miss Tony.
New Super Mario Bros U seems like a fun game, but what happened to New Super Mario Bros Mii?
Despite being a bird, Falco doesn't have the best recovery in the game.
An amiibo of each and every Pokemon, including shinies, and all 4,294,967,296 Spinda patterns. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
>When Super Circuit's blue shell is better than Wii's blue shell
digger's diary? more like sayled comunitey
Top right corner!
Is this another community that wasn't affected by the newest update?
Taste my shovel!
Oh dang
Shovel Knight rend hommage au jeux Nes et Sega MasterSysteme. Mercie à Yacht Club Game.
Who the he'll is this guy?
so fun to bad monas gone
great update love the plague night campaign already
Now face your victims, cackling madman.
la tour du destin, vais-je y arriver cette fois ?
I'm surrounded!
Viva la Wii U es 100 veces mejor que la ps4 y la XBOX ONE
La justice à coup de pelle!
give this post a yeah if you see egoraptor in the hall of champions
Gné? Déjà fini? C'était pas si dur que ça...
3eme point de sauvegarde atteint! Sa se complique sérieusement.
Bon il va falloir quand même que je trouve toutes les partitions^^
Aunque vuestro submarino tenga forma de ballena, cuando os derrote no sentiré ni clemencia ni pena.
Awesome soundtrack!
Does thou even hoist?
C'était pas de la tarte!
Boss vaincu! Combat rude, j'ai chercher comment le vaincre...
BEHOLD! My latest invention! The wind-up rat! Their power will overwhelm you!
This part is full of leap of faith! Old school style for the brave of hearts!
Geheiligt seie meine Schaufel
Neat dance moves ^.^
Uyuyuyyy de esta no escapo..
Ich bin gespannt, was mich hier erwartet.
It did not have to be this way!
Mieux que la master sword pour battre les boss, la pelle !
Ein Level der Extreme. Der Endgegner war einfach, der Weg dahin umso schwerer.
« Affûte ta pelle ! » XD
Nuova armatura
Super Spiel
This is mi favourite indie game
I thought this community was dead.
>When the development team of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe makes a better green colored Kirby than the creator of Kirby himself. The green Kirby in Smash Bros looks like vomit.
Ich fand diese Tanzeinlagen schon immer merkwürdig.
Having some trouble? Perhaps you'll have better luck with my game after a few upgrades.
I hate how Mario Kart has characters that aren't Mario. It's called Mario Kart, not Mario and Friends Kart.
Why are people asking what the fox says when we should be asking ourselves "What's the meaning of Stonehenge?" (only true Ylvis fans will get this.)
One of the school admins was listening to Kendrick Lamar's new album Damn.
It always bothered me that Spongebob never stuck to a canon except for maybe the first few episodes and Bubble Buddy Returns. For example, there's an entire episode dedicated to Patrick not having a nose, despite him having nostrils in a few episodes. Also Spongebob can drive a hamburger car and a submarine perfectly, yet he can't even drive a boat.
I'm taking a road trip to Texas today.
How to anger flying type gym leaders: "BIRD TYPE ISN'T A REAL TYPE!"
The Captain Underpants movie doesn't look half bad, tbh.
Reminder that the official singular term for Skittles is Skittles.
"I have big hands." Every Joy-Con review ever.
There's so many hair color options, yet there's STILL only twelve shirt options. Nintendo, what are you doing?
I hope Shrek makes it into Smash 5.
hey look another non-redesigned community
this has knights and it makes me shout, so its baisically dark souls, right ?
inb4 implosion. Room 20XX though
Time for upgrades. ^_^
Un bon premier niveau rétro comme on les aime!
Your cloak may be red, your crown may be bright, but you'll never survive the wrath of Shovel Knight
The amiibo update has arrived!
The considerate adventurer always extinguishes his campfires. A message from Smokey.
Mega geiles Spiel! Hab mir jetzt auch mal die physische Wii U Version geholt! War es echt wert! ;-)
j'arrive pas a avoir la note :-(
Let us dance together into the Abyss!
je pue du cu lol
un moyen de voir si on a complété un niveau a 100% ?
King Knight defeated. What a decadent dandy.
best dlc ever. can't Ducktales the spikes. Noted.
I shant turn back now my fellow travellers. Thy tower of fate has drawn close and I forsee victory!
This isn't even my final form!
Enchanteresse, me voilà!!
Un truco :Cuando estan el el pueblo a la derecha del trobador hay un cartel,pegadle y saldran cosas
Waow le roi Carpomme c'est concept comme truc !??!??
Why is he called mr hat when he's wearing a helmet?
merci pour la partition cachée.
Oh... this is going to be fun.
No sentía esta emoción desde The Last of Us y Super Mario Galaxy 2. Este juego es una obra maestra.
All Hail Shovel Knight! Saviour of our Kingdom!
Menudo baile xD
On aimerait qu'il dur sur plusieurs épisodes !
yesss encore un boss vaincue!
trop bon ce jeu!
On va te faire la peau Dark Vador!
Best Indie game ever made!
y r u viewing miiverse posts in the middle of a boss fight?
gyaaahhhhhhhh! doth thou weepeth tears of deepest anger also?
When in doubt, keep bouncing!
Madre mía que difícil.....
Segunda vuelta, que facilito es el principio comparado con los ultimos levels..
Last das Graben beginnen ^^!
man kann in der ersten stadt neben der frau auf das schild was da häng schlage bringt mana
ohja, bombe
No matter what direction her magic goes, you can always deflect it back at her. That's how I did it.
Yes boss vaincu.
First Level was fun, kinda want to play with a NES controller lol
Can't believe how fun this game is!!!
So far this game is fun and challenging.
The soundtrack alone is worth the money!! Its immense!
Shovel Knight is as good as reviews indicate. Halfway point already passed and more to come..
Satisfaced a la dama y os recompensara con una partitura
verily, this be a great game, says i!
Meddling pest. You should never have come back.
He appears to have mistaken you for me. How laughable! We are clearly nothing alike!
Le roi: 2eme boss vaincu!
En route pour le combat final :D
ca fait penser a la dance des crapeau dans link awakening o7
There's no reason why MSB should exist now. I'll get rid of it.
buenos dias mandy
Does anyone remember when Nintendo distributed a Tomodachi Life Shaq Mii QR code?
Please please please please please please please please Nintendo host a Best Buy event.
Reminder that Lucahjin is in her 40's.
Wow, Plauge Knight is really easy if you use the Will Skull properly.
Let's hope the best for Manchester, and Ariana Grande.
"My three wishes would be a swimming pool full of Cubchoo plushies, an actual Cubchoo, and a doughnut." -Scykoh
Caillou gets grounded, and gets grounded.
Finally Specter is on Wii U! Yay!!!
I've waited so long to finally play this on my Wii U!
The first Youtube video I've ever watched was something about Super Mario 64, but sadly I don't know the exact video.
Happy Birthday to my least favorite Smash Bros character.
Just listened to Work again. How did this song get nominated a Grammy again?
Apple ruined the letter i.
I'm the 20th beat Miiverse according to Gabe.
Pawn Stars is on the hotel TV.
The new Rodrick actor looks like Leafy. #NotMyRodrick
I saw Bob The Builder for the first time in a while, and I have no memory of it being British.
There's someone at my school who looks like Samn's Mii, and oddly enough his name is Sam. Hmmm
The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe.
You used to call me on my fax machine.
I wonder if Miis joined the brawls
Welcome to Roblox. Where people think Doge is still relevant.
It'd be pretty nice if some people joined this community. It does get lonely here. Just not too many, or a raider could discover it.
I H8 THE GREEN RATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can you not love this dance? haha
Hey King Knight. Guess what? KNICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool jai fini le jeu!!!!! lol
post about shovel knight
well... for me... 2 HARD
27,851 moves later...
Plague Knight, i know we shall meet again. cause, yeah, dlc.
defeated tinker knight on my second try
I meet the Troupple king and liked his dance so much i watchedit twice
dang, ive only had this game for half an hour and i LOVE it
Mega geiles Jump n Run.Ich liebe Es schon Jetzt !;) Bewertung 0-10 9'5!!!
Once you get EVERY Cipher Coin, you will get the Pandemonium Chalice, Take this to the Troupple King
I have cheat codes lel
Spectre Knight is so tough for an early boss!
Mole Knight: I WILL BURY YOU!! Shovel Knight: No...My Shovel will BURY YOU!!
I'll never forget you, me...
Gloire à Carpomme, le roi des poissons et des fruits!
Shovel Knight l'un des meilleurs jeux 2D que j'ai jouer.
Let's dig for Truth, Justice & Treasure!
I hath bested the Plague Knight!
I'm too shy to dance with Mona .. hee hee??
I love this game and its colorful 40 pages manual !
cannot get past last bit on level before you fight treasure knight so annoying
i love :) destroying :) checkpoints :) that i :) desperately :) needed :)
realy loving plague of shadows but is verry frustrating my BP is verry high but i cant stop playing
Coooooooooles Spiel!!!!!
Just started Shovel Knight, loving it so far! Challenging, beautiful and love the midi prog-rock ost
Stop! Did you go left at the start?
shovel knight for smash
All hail the Troupple King !
This level is so harrrrrrrrrd!
This frog is punderful!
un pur chef d'oeuvre. capcom n'a qu'a bien s'tenir !
como se pone contenta a la rana?
this games last level is HARD!!!
Ouf montée terminé! Un bon plat pour se requinquer.
Si el logro prometido quieres cumplir en el aro de la niña has de rebotar durante 5 segundos.
un bon 8 bits récent c'est rare
cool cool halp me im gettting hacked
Je me demande comment ce jeu aurait cartonné si il était sorti sur NES. Plus que Mario je pense!
Echt Geiles Spiel ^_^
Loving the soundtrack in this game :D
Das Game macht spaß
Why does there have to be so many spikes and holes in this game?
Gioco perfetto. La musica, il level design, i personaggi, hanno dell'incredibile. Consigliatissimo.
trop bien !
Well, this got a bit harder... The Flying Dagger made it easier though.
The Throwing Anchor was very helpful against this boss, he gave me some trouble until I learned that
Engranajes y máquinas infernales. Suerte que tengo pala y armadura, ambas me dan fuerzas colosales
hes too good 4 me
At long last, foul enemy!
Real men dont need checkpoints
Tant de beauté dans cette danse =0
metodo: attacco in giu continuo e riflessi
Stuck on the bomb shooting airship thing...
Je viens de commencer ! La technique du saut à la pelle = Technique de la canne à Picsou ;)
Behold my greatest creation, Tinker Gear Rex!
Love this song... <3
hi n00bz
Just started the game! I feel like I'm back in the 8bit era and love it!
IcH bIn SpEcTeR KnIgHt !!!
je deviens fou j arrete pas de crever sur le passage avec les livres
Grade angefangen! Mal sehen ob es die 15 Euro wert ist! ^^
Try using a charge slash on the hoop kid's hoop!
Despues de derrotar al Pez malvado...decidí volver al cofre por si algo hubiese olvidado...
Si quieres ese cofre, un camino oculto debes encontrar↓↓ ;-p
goodness gracious my parasol can't handle all this platforming.
I KNEW IT! I knew she was shield knight! I knew it!
Have only really started playing this properly today. OMG, it brings back so many GREAT memories.
Two hits is all it takes to reach a secret...
all the hats. what is this, tf2?
Such an amazing game xD
This is tough..
Hourra boss vaincu!
Waited ages for this game!
Enemigo muy duro delante
vilain Black knight !!!
Hardest stage yet so far #$%!
Salle terminée!
gotta love the griffon swipe
Good job SS🅱oys, but we've only done half the work. Now on to the behemoth that is MemeSenpai.
Either the Senpai or his followers is relorting us back.
Woo, SSB community
Yeet, another trash community.
Make 3 offerings and see what happens
It's official. I'm switching to Samsung.
PC will always be better than console.
See You Again is 10 million views away from being the most viewed video on Youtube.
My name is Steve Minecraft.
Anyone remember going to McDonalds and playing GameCube Games? Ah, Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Monkey Ball.
Does anyone even remember that Uptown Funk was made by Mark Ronson?
What caused a sudden increase of Donkey Kongs on For Glory?
I'm glad that the Rabbids x Mario crossover is part of the Ubisoft presentation instead of the Nintendo presentation.
I hope they announce Mario Ballet.
I got an admin notification on Roblox for swearing. Well luckily they didn't see my outfit. lol
E3 2015 was an especially a sad year for Nintendo. It had a lot going for it with the return of the Nintendo World Championships, but instead all we got were disappointing games, and we lost President Satoru Iwata.
Merci yacht club games pour l'extension gratuit.
Say, does that chandelier look a little...fragile?
Aha! This place hasn't been taken over by nslu still!
There's so many daydream segments in Boss Baby that I begin to question if this movie really happens or not.
The New 2DS XL doesn't seem half bad, and I may get one to replace my current 3DS XL which has a crack at the hinge, and I'm too paranoid to continue using it.
The earth is an octagonal prism.
Excuse my French, but vous ne devez pas comprendre cela.
To think that Mars Needs Moms, the biggest animated bomb in the box office, was made by Disney...
The missile knows where it is, because it knows where it isn't.
How many songs is Selena Gomez going to write about Justin Bieber?
MrEnter can't draw.
Spongebob shouldn't have erased the P.
Chadtronic is overrated.
My thoughts on the me irl subreddit in the comments
I've appeared in a Venturiantale Roblox video. I was playing loud Justin Bieber music. Back in the days when I thought I was funny. ;w;
One Miiverse shuts down, I'm gonna miss all the artists here like BobDaGhost.
I want to hear as many Smash voice actors say "I'm really feeling is" as possible. We've already had Robin and the Smash announcer's voice actors say it.
Which is worse? Meme Review, or Behind The Meme?
I'm literally the only person on Miiverse who doesn't main a Fire Emblem character.
tresure knight is from bioshock
If the NES Classic edition can outsell the Wii U, I'm pretty sure the Switch can do the same.
I really like eating Cupcakkes.
Roblox is digging it's own grave.
This night is why aliens won't visit us.
At this point they're just ASKING for Miiverse to be shut down.
aniibo rocks
V I agree.
l'm wondering when this will be a community for trashposting
post about shovel knight
Yeah no mii king or phantasm a!
Vengo de comprar Shovel Knight abro la caja y sorpresaa!! MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES!!!
hail king knigt the easyest boss ever lol
Who else is hyped for playable king knight? :D
What's on that guy's head?
loving this game
Don't know what starter I want for Sun and Moon.
Either this or Outfit ID Exchange community.
digging shovel knight
Well, well, well, what have we here? A community unaffected by the redesign, I see?
i love Mona
trop fort black knigh
Oh, I see this community hasn't been taken over
This is da best 16 bit game I have ever played.In fact, this is da best game i've ever played.EVER.
did anyone here do the butt code?
no se vosotros pero yo creo que es el mejor juego de plataformas 2D
Well, would you look at that. Another un-redesigned community.
i missed the dust knuckles. hope i can go back to get it!
poor guy... he never stood a chance
what are they
Look guys!!!!I can post without losing posts!!!!!!
La musique de ce village est géniale!
Am anfang dachte ich das Spiel ist halt ziemlich gut .ABER SO GUT. Das Spiel ist Klasse!!!!!
Neuer Shovel Knight inkl. Amiibo On-Board!
All hail the Troupple King! Long may his stem grow!
was zur schaufel?
He cries gems. Huh.
There's a Chance a "Fish Head" Shovel Knight will Run through here...
jadore se jeux
Je fais une partie + avec l'armure d'or.
estoy en la segunda partida y no paran de matarme XD
recordando viejos tiempos en que los juegos eran diversion y no solo graficas realistas me encanta!!
Eine Bombe ins Horn vom Frosch
Try fishing here.
Mal empezamos... como se hace?
Re tromela forever
Just come back to this game after a long time away. Loving this.
Heureux avec cette superbe version boîte de Shovel Knight !
finally beat lich knight after 2 hours of trying!!!!
I can't fault Mr. Hat for wanting SK's helmet. I love a good hat, and that helmet is awesome.
I better get my huge robot suit... AGAIN!
i died just as i had him on 1 health :[
Good luck to everyone playing Plague of Shadows for the first time! Thankfully, no Impossible feat.
I'm SHOCKED that he wants to duel me. Guess I'll just BREW UP A STORM and see that is WATT he wants!
Great to see him again.
I guess you could say he hats you. Get it? GET IT?
Every dance needs a little...MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT!
THAT'S for not giving me a raise!
Hmm? What's that infernal racket? It sounds like...explosions. Explosions?! PLAGUE KNIGHT!
Eek! Chandeliers! An aspiring alchemist's greatest weakness! Hee Hee...
Polar Knight sucks. POLAR KNIGHT SUCKS.
Oh me! Oh my! Oh me! Oh my! I can't wait for the FREE Plague of Shadows DLC!
Shovel knight is amazing!
Who can't love this game!? It's pure brilliance
merci et vive le roi. je suis tellement a la ramasse merci les popos !
Laugh you toad, laugh at my shovel puns
Loving Shovel Knight!
9/10 les très bons jeux sont rares. bravo.
Everything I don't like about this stage is NOT the water physics
I'm really diggin' this soundtrack! ♪♪♪
got all armors
Le marchand de chapeaux est un grand malade!
Mon dieu mais c'est quoi ce niveau de malade ?!?
Watch me Dance!
So much bad puns..... I LOVE IT!!!!!
Soy el unico que se ha fijado en que tien una hoja en la espalda .-.
Hahaaaaa Fish
Dat music XD
finally at the final boss
Shovel Knight ist einfach nur der Hammer!
I feel really bad when I jump on the water carrying woman!
Died on Butt Mode... I mean, butted on Butt Butt!
Me encanta este tipo de juegos a lo retro, y ademas la banda sonora es increible!
what how did i just go and beat propeller knight my first go!
le croasseur m a fait rire avec ses anecdotes et ses jeux de mots,vive le oldschool et son humour
This tower is brought to you by The Bowser Castle Designs Company.
The wolf bumping into the block at the top is hilarious. He flinches but comes back for more
quel objet permet de foncer? et ou le trouver
King Knight is naught but a dandy! :P
Loving this game so far! Everyone should play it!
premier boss vaincue!
I say, what a glorious reminder of the wonder of yore!
Difficile si, ma una volta certi giochi non avevano le vite infinite!
How does the alchemy coin work?
Tolles Spiel aber die Tastenbelegung ist ein Graus. Zum Glück kann man die anpassen.
Tout compte fait, il m'a fait la peau!
Dear Hoop Kid, don't kill me for sending your hoop to the moon... please?
Polar Knight parece un quitanieves con esa pala.
Amazing retro everything
this game is so cool... can someone tell me of egoraptors picture is still in the hall of champions?
Entthronet diesen Schuft! Er verkleidete sich als König doch bewies keine Führungsfähigkeit.
Loving this game! Bought it today and already halfway through!
I guess we're just... polar opposites.
done i hope
Take a step back..
"Well that was a fail" Thanks 4yr old daughter and yes you'd be right. :-)
If rain falls through a platform rather than on it... I don't recommend jumping on it.
Not as bad as I feared! Really enjoyed this level.
Falling chandeliers? That's the oldest obstacle in the... Oh wait a minute.
Je suis en retard pour dire ça mais ce jeu est génial!!
Shovel Knight, a new hero arises
jump on that defeated loser and see what happens
Il m'a donner du fil à retordre celui là! Il part dans tous les sens!
Houra boss vaincu!
SO HAPPY Shovel Knight finally got released! Amazing soundtrack, beautiful art, incredible gameplay.
One step back and you're ahead!
last levels are hard !
I've conquered death itself, none shall stand before my mighty shovel!
For his bad jokes, the frog should reciece capital pun-ishment ha ha ha.
Decadencia snob, me encanta!
ce passage va me rendre folle!!!!
I was reading a miiverse post about dying on the gamepad and an enemy pushed me into a pit :(
vicius maximus
Carpomme et passage secret en haut a droite
partition cachée dans cette salle
1er boss vaincu.
There are no treasures waiting in the pit, only death.
You can smash checkpoints for treasure, but you'll be sent back to the previous one if you die...
Who on Earth decided to mix a trout with an apple? And why was the result so adorable?!
Bought the game today, just managed the Hooper feat!
no te cargues el suelo demasiado rápido
Hey guys? I think my door... er... malfunctioned. A huge portal opened up at the door when I put in the key.
Knuck knuck, it's yo boi Knockles.
I don't main a swordfighter or Captain Falcon. Does that not make me a true Smash Bros player?
Let's take a moment to realize that Morgan Freeman exists in the Fairly Odd Parents universe.
I find it cute when Marios think that the F.L.U.D.D pack actually does something when it comes to edge-guarding.
It's called Super 64 Mario, not Super Mario 64.
he roars a mighty roar
Let the summer, COMMENCE!
Happy Mothers Day. Respect women.
>When you somehow comment something intended for the post on a different post.
Psy got the PPAP guy into one of his new music videos. I can't
I'm glad I don't have to deal with yeahbombers anymore since I moved here.
Woah, my last post got 19 yeahs. Did this place get raided or something?
TAKE ME AWAY A SECRET PLACE A SWEET ESCAPE TAKE ME AWAY TAKE ME AWAY TO BETTER DAYS TAKE ME AWAY A HIDING PLACE (A song you've heard hundreds of times, but you don't know the name.)
Every day an admin's tryna test me, ah. Every day an admin's tryna end me, ah.
Many players are overflowing their posts in this community. I- or should I say WE cannot let this happen.
The Weeknd is great and all, but come on. He sounds nothing like Michael Jackson.
This year's Roblox Egghunt is pretty great.
Back at school. Please observe the "I really wish I werent here right now" button.
Important Miiverse update in the comments.
Happy March 32nd.
Playing through this for the first time. Already loving it just from the Plains alone!
>When you have a dream of meeting Bebe Rexha working at a CVS. (This actually happened)
I'm still unsure about George and Harold's voices.
I was killed by a creeper, and lost my stuff. But thankfully there's an option to exit without saving, so that death never happened. kek :^^^^^)))
Has anyone ever had a dream that was annoying, but technically not a nightmare? That's what happened to me last night.
For those of you complaining about the USB plug being on the bottom of the Switch, let me remind you that it's the only way to put the Switch into the dock.
Pokemon Sun and Moon's ending was rushed.
NoRedInk is the definition of cringe. And I don't even like using the word cringe, so that's saying a lot.
If Captain Rainbow was playable in Smash: "RAINBOW PUNCH! RAINBOW KICK!"
People overreact over the admins.
*lands* All right, Krankfried. Are you gonna give me what's mine or are we gonna be in the top 10 anime battles?
Today is the day Spongebob and Patrick go camping.
If the Switch's battery dies while you're playing, it will save all progress before shutting down.
Death Grapes
I'm uploading a video called "Shokio's Ridley Is Too Big video but every time he says Ridley it gets faster." Good thing the video isn't too big for Youtube. I was afraid it would be lol
Lane yeahed my post less than a minute ago, and next thing I know he is hidden without a block option.
You become dank when you post here.
Just wanna thank my followers who care for coping with me.
greate game
Diary of a wimpy kid
I think I might move here permanently, or at least when all the drama dies out in the NSLU community.
I love how you can recruit Baz.
The theme of Pridemoor Keep is enjoyable
Huh, where's the king fish???
anybody here???
La música de este juego es magistralmente épica!! La que más me está gustando es la nº13. Recomiendo
enchqntress is DIJINJNGG
ay this is cool hastag kimani
283 à 2 dude! >:^)
Ce jeu est vraiment splendide! Graphismes, musiques, un magnifique hommage aux jeux NES... Génial !!
Pour passer la bulle,rebondir dessus en utilsant le plante-pelle (sauter dessus en maintenant bas)
we all are waiting for specter knight DLC to come out aren't we?
Am I safe from Mii king, Phantasma ane Elite will?
AAHHH so hard but SO GOOD
me spcecter knight wiil crush shovel knight hahahahahahahahahahaha
I attacked the hoop kids hoop off screen. {You felt your sins crawling on your back.}
I'm finally past Treasure Knight! Been on his stage for an hour and got the final guard!
this is goingto be the best game ever
pls help can not defeat king knight
For the two people who watch my videos, I have a collection of videos on my Youtube channel.
"Oooooh, you've got a pretty face! You should come visit often!" How can you tell? I have a helmet!
Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Oh, this community really is out there, I couldn't even access it at first, went to another one. Either way I'm not sure if moving a small amount of people from an already small community will work out too well...
what does the coin do
Se dlc est juste parfait!Se retrouver dans la peau de Plague knith (si il en a) est fantastique!
finally : i wish shield knight would pull her weight a little more
1/10 shovel knight is purple
great game :)
Can't wait to finish so I can play plague knight!
Chui bloqué au 1er niveau, là où il y a la bulle ...
My community
ça fais peur
use your max jump hight to get over the sand wall, stay on the left corner and hold left for chest!!
Hail to the Troupple King!
J'ai eu le jeu et l'amiibo en même temps!!! #LikeABoss
Trop facile !
I call Room 64
Endlich mal wieder die Disc Version im Media Markt gefunden. Gleich mitgenommen und nicht bereut!
what is this
magnifique ce jeu
so many times ive nearly thrown my gamepad @ the screen
i saved up all my money for the hall of champions just to realize it was all a trap
gandalf kills voldemort
This is hard, need to practice more
Juegazo de estilo retro! encima la versión física contiene un gran manual de instrucciones :D
Comensant una aventura 8 bits Empezando una aventura 8 bits
me esta encantado este juego
Let's start a new playthrough with my amiibo!
Wait, Why DOES the Dancer want someone to defeat Specter Knight? The world may never Know the answer
this boss is a cow
Holding onto my hopes of a Plague Knight amiibo
hi ich henge bei einen zauberbuch fest wie kommt man weiter danke für antworten
kann man checkpoins zerstören
Despues de mucho pensar y morir, me quedo con la armadura roja para no perder más dinero
This part is much harder with two people. I know from experience...
Juegazo recomendado. Un 10 para shovel knight!!!!
Plague Knight amiibo when?
genial ce jeu
das ist total süß das plague knight sich nicht traut im selben raum wie mona zu tanzen
Un boss crée sur deviantart!
Das Spiel ist das beste "[NES]" / 8 Bit Spiel aller Zeiten! Jeden Cent wert!
Si a Mona dejáis bailar, rarito os habrán de nombrar.
Plague knight é un pazzo.
Me encanta este juego, ademas hice bien en esperar a la version fisica.
Une belle découverte,retour au bon vieux temps des bornes d'arcade
thou doth veryily commend shovel knight
all hail the Troupple king, ruler of fruit and fish alike!
das ist so schwierig
Just got the game and music is awesome!
Egads, this game is phenomenal! It just gets better and better.
Ich liebe den Apfischkönig *-*
The Troupple king is really usefull :)
Dear diary, this is an odd feature. Love, Shovel K.
having a blast!
Found the secret logo! Did you?
Sors de ma chambre!
Propeller knight so hard!
We are Liquid Samurai. We walk even amongst lav-OW! HOT! HOT!
Remember, plagued one. There is always a bigger fish.
king knight just got dethroned
Starting New Game + ...
shovel knight is one of my favorite games
coool game
This is a hard game.
Trouple king used splash
usando un objeto que puedes conseguir en la fase del cementerio
,J•e•s•u•s, is in the hall of champions°ˇ°˙˙˙………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥…
So fabulous votre altesse!
This game is awesome
im trying to 100% this game just like the complistonist
que je trépasse si je faibli!!! mdrr se jeux est une pure merveille ;)
Superbe idée cette plateforme de glace mais que c'est duuuur !!!!
Use a charged swing on the kid's hoop in the village.
I hate that level on difficult mode ;_;
No lo paso :'-(
vraiment sympa ce jeu neo retro 8 bits!!! bravo aux developpers, une belle decouverte.
Como se hace !!!???
Passage secret en haut, s'aider des rats hélicoptère .... bizarre comme phrase ????
Shovel Knight for Sm4sh
Sublime musique, magnifiques couleurs et un héros avec une pelle ^^
Steel...Thy...Shovel... In an obligatory megaman bossrush!
I can't even get to the first checkpoint...
this game is just so great. Spectar, Plague, King, Treasure & Mole have all tasted Shovel!!!
i am the fastest! nobody can outrun me!
so hard!
This game is a masterpiece. Perfect.
I've breached the Tower of Fate, the final showdown is afoot. SHOVELERY SHALL PREVAIL!
I just started playing: great old skool fun!
Nice hat. Thanks! I was being sarcastic. Well I stole your face! *Facepalm*
To the truly *shovelrous* Shovel Knight! Huzzah!
C'est la fete aux crapauds !
this is nonsense
Polar Knight: BURIED
The Enchartness saw me for my fabulously regal self, and now all bow before me!
forsooth! yay! Finally i have it!
This land can tear you apart.
Phase Locket... I love thee so.
At last, I approach the Tower of Fate. It is well-named. And I shall overcome it. For Shield Knight.
A little detour from the right path will reveal an amusing secret.
This sucks on new game + :-(
Boh das Game ist geil!
Tinker Knight was haaard!
Hi fellow shovel knights and damsel's
beat the game
really can't fault this game! So fun and challenging with a great nostalgia kick to boot.
i beat baz and i really enjoyed the fight can i fight him again or do i have to start a new save
shovel knight is such a joy, 6 bosses down
Giá mitico direi, uno stile unico nel suo genere!
this is a challenge with my dodgy wiiu-mote d-pad
Those small design things make this game a true gem!
This game proves that gameplay > graphic. Absolutely amazing game.
Le roi des fruits et des poissons ! Puisse son tronc pousser éternellement !
Dost thou hate it when thoust are about to 100%, then by chance delete the save. Srsly butt-hurteth.
Amazing game!
Wer andern eine Grube gräbt, braucht ein Grubengrabgerät!
strongly spooky boss
Top game, can't wait for the sequel!
Remember to dig the fireplace
Estoy en la villa,dentro de nada usaré mi noble pala para cavar por estos lares y combatir el mal
tip: if you die from a pit, the fishing rod can colect it back easily
génial ce jeux !!
Praise the Troupple!
King knight now jumps on your back, you sore loser
wow so easy
El mago esconde una escalera......
Madre mía....difícil....
So glad the uk wii u port is out
Non ho ben capito a cosa serva la moneta dell'alchimia...
So Hexe ich komme ^^!!!
Questo gioco è miticoo!
its Knightzilla!!
yo man c est de la bombe !
What's the hardest part of a vegetable to eat? The wheelchair.
uno dei migliori giochi di quest'anno!
El muro al lado de la escalera...un tesoro oculta detrás de ella...
Si ayudas a comprar los sombreros a los tres clientes....te aguarda una sorpresa.....en forma de....
finally i was about to concede defeat persistence pays off eventually !!
Logicamente esto me recuerda al Golden Axe....gran juego...
Si golpeas al escarabajo, aparecerá una zona oculta con una rupia...
That... was weird.
Prepare to enter a room full of men with similar fashion sense and Steel Thy Shovel!
Como los de la vieja escuela. ¡Me encanta!
I love this game <3
Finally... *gasp* Made it! *phew* Hate those... *sigh* ghosts... so... *wheeze* much!
Engranaje y derecha para la ultima reliquia!
You Gyroscopic Jester!
This feels like 2D Dark Souls.
I can't do it. I give up.
I'm in love with the music of this game!
Nice game GOTY
Arf le fantome, délicat!
Looks like I get my last supper here....
Verily this game is of the highest quality.
Je vais devenir fouuuuu !!!!!
I'm so bad at playing this game... Still love it!
You mean I have to play EIGHT SONGS in a row?! Ugh...I need a drink.
Let's finish this, coward.
Oh! Such beautiful imagery!
Plaisir !!!!!!!!!!!! gameplay+bande son divine = vrai Bon jeu video : D
Already dead, even if i know this game already! hardcore <3
This room is upsetting.
Here be ghosts! Ooga Booga Booga!
Tout proche de la fin !
Pauvre Shovel Knight a perdu la femme de sa vie...
Hail Troupple King!!
loving this game,well done yacht club.
love this game!!!!
Caught her.
TIP You can knock his magic back just like in zelda!
All hail the Troupple King!!!
I'm digging this game so far!
This game is amazing, well worth the wait!
Oh, and yeah, I forgot to mention that there's several resturants on Floor 4B. There's a DerpBurgers, Waluigi's Tacostand, On-Topek Stakehawse, and many more.
And this community is?
I'll take floor yes pls
I'll take the pènthouse pls.
Planning on opening up a bakery on floor 365. Comment for a free cookie.
I'm gonna be running a "totally-not-hotel-bigley" called Hotel DerpJacob. I know, it's a clever name. Feel free to take a room, with the exception of the room 9001. That's mine.
Faites preuve de bon sens !
should i buy this game when i get money?
and Reize returns to guard the mirror. I beat him up and he acts like I'm his slave, hate him.
Rozes, the girl who sings... well, Roses, liked one of my Tweets.
I rewatched Nintendo's E3 2014 presentation in preperation for tomorrow. Really brings me back.
That construction worker is a secret agent man!
I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS but Flipnnote Hatena passed away four years ago yesterday.
The new Smash leak is fake, but boy do I wish it was real.
LIST OF FAVORITE POKEMON (in no particular order except for the first being my all time favorite): -Lycanroc (midninght) -Oshawott -Dewott -Totodile -Raichu -Lurantis -Treecko -Grovyle -Sceptile -Flygon -Decidueye
People really need to get their heads out of their phones, but books and newspapers are fine.
It will be a matter of time until IHE does I Hate Rabbids.
Buena vista ,eh?
Unlike PoS, which feels more like a reskin, this feels like a new game, based off the 1st.
Ke$ha is actually pronounced Ka-cash-uh.
Does anyone know how to download king knight
Hello everyone, this IS running on empty ... Food REVIEW!
This new specter dlc is awesome!
Great update right here!
I like how in the the XBox 360 version of Perfect Dark they tried to make it obvious as possible that it's a port of an N64 game.
Today is the one year anniversary of the tweet of him eating a taco salad, and him stating that he loves Mexico.
will you do a face reveal at 10,000 subs??
This game has the best videogame OST ever.
Shoutout to all Miiversians who play Roblox. That would be: -Me -EliteJames -Pokemon Fan 2000 Master -uh...
I'm not expecting much for the Direct since it's focused mainly on Arms and Splatoon 2.
Family Guy theme D'oh'd by Homer.
God help us Yeah Angel is back
Guess who recently got into We Bare Bears.
Must've been pretty good to make him cry like that.
Thicctorious is my favorite show.
This is musical autopsy. It's the feature where Doc Buckley makes his way to the musical morgue to dissect a song or artist.
Walk right in the room like erbody but me.
The Shooting Stars meme died fast, but it's for the better.
Yello - Oh Yeah
Get out Fawful.
OUAH, niveau (long et plutôt dur) de Plague Knight réussi! (^_^)
Save more bucks at the Mattress RaaR RaaR
I finally got to handle a Switch today. I need it even more now.
My favorite character is just above my least favorite character on the Smash 4 tier list.
Apparently the voice actor of male Corrin also voiced Bula and Multo from The Zula Patrol; a show I'm ashamed to have watched as a child.
so hard
I can't believe directional tilts were a thing before air dodges.
Inkling: Side Smash: Slamming a Splat Roller on the ground. Down Smash: Ink mine Side B: Splat Bomb Neutral B: Charger Up B: The jetpack thingy in Splatoon 2. Shield: In the design of the Bubbler. More in comments?
how dare the first boss use a shovel
"When you break Jigglypuff's shield, it breaks." -ZeRo Well in that case, an enemy gets hurt when you attack them.
Dan Povenmire became self aware of the Phineas and Ferb memes.
I'm supposed to be playing Farmville, but this one player keeps cutting my grass.
This one girl just now on Jeopardy knew she was going to win, so she wagered $0, and her answer was "Who is the spiciest memelord?"
N🅰ce m🅰me
Hey 🅱️️eter!
If I ever do get a Switch, one game I'm more than likely to get is Cave Story.
Fav for Slippy, RT for dat boi. #HappyFriday
Permaban Log #3554. New arrival today. It's Fawful, actually. They found him near Belch's factory. I've been working on a clone of Fawful, but I suppose it can take the place of the real deal now that I have it. This is perfect for my plan.
Mario forgot to do his job again.
I like how I keep talking about the Switch as if I'm going to get it on launch day.
Just got myself a Skiddo on Wonder Trade. Feels good man.
Even when they do get banned, I'm not coming back. I'm staying strong to my word.
Same luke shovel knight
Baron Set = Cool. RAPTOR PRO TIP.
Specter Knight is proving difficult.
"Hee! I should have never told of that info!"
ne pas tombé dans l'eau
Genial, la nostalgia, el homenaje y la innovación, hechos uno.
More people should be at this community.
good level....exept for the bird thingy and green rats
This place could be of use...
kool community
Mi accingo a iniziare l'avventura di tutte le avventure!! SI SPALA!!
mola caracola
amiibo knight is the best
ce niveau est facile
Jk this place is free
Das Spiel macht noch immer solchen Spaß :)
encore!!!! j'ai gagner!!!! lol
so easy in Game+
Hey! Don't stop to smell the comments! Get going!
awesome game!
We are safe from everybody but Mii king now. What should we do? report his posts. ALL OF THEM.
I did it!
Cant wait for specter kinght and king knight dlc coming soon no joke
Go left!
who needs phase locket when u have mobile gear
lllll lllll ------
spectre knight is hard to defeat!!
You can become Kratos on ps4 version. LOL
DEAR SPECTER KNIGHT Can't we just talk it out
hello there
Shovels for life
Cool, but it's hard
easy level
there was a guy in my way so i SHOVEled him
fire staff
Everyday I'm 'shovelin'.
Luigi's Mansion: Shovel Knight Edition.
Fun fact: Scream and Shout was actually my favorite song in 2012 - early 2013.
Anyone got a bug when playing co-op that starts friendly fire? Resetting the game does not solve it.
Do you like a mole man with 2 hands, 1 head and head minus head so one head? no
A un , c'est bien . A deux , c'est mieux !
J'ai enfin Shovel Knight sur la WiiU !
this is unpleasant
Sentez vous la dimension épique qui recouvre ce niveau ?
A world without Meme Run, and the eShop.
That was an unexpected but fun fight
Oh great troupple king... DANCE YO!
Tip: Tread carefully! Hold your shovel attack button and go slowly...
Not working, shoot.
el rey truchanzana el mejor XD
Kylo Ren kills Han Solo
depuis quand les arbustes volent !?
Tee-hee. Plague knight and the Troupple king. Together, their dance is celebrated.
This music though!!
I hate polar knight
just got the shovel knight amibo
"Jobcentre staff arent as friendly as they used to be."
I did it yeah
je ne voulai pas recommencer ma partie, maintenant j ai plus qu a refaire tous le jeux
¡Viva el rey Truchanzana!
You will see a shovel knight statue press up and transfer to a new area some platforming to find it
jarrive pas a sauter
el juego mola mucho
c pas un jeu detente des le niveau 1 La fin c DE LA RAGE !
j'ai du mal a le suivre ce fantôme
spectre knight i hate your undead guts!
this level anoys me
Sehr gutes Spiel. Die Musik ist einfach grandios
The only knight Shovel Knight's size is Tinker Knight. Well, the first part, anyway.
Déja de retour ? Vous voulez rejouer ? C'est juste 100 PO la partie . . .
playing this game fills you with detrmination
Favourite dlc campaign. Even better than 200cc on mario kart 8.
At least thank me for showing you, gosh.
ANOTHER playground!
i suppose we dost throw down!
i love the music
I bought this game just for Plague Knight... I am NOT dissapointed!! =D
man this game is awesome
about to kick some kingly butt
Ce message contient des spoilers.
Enorme juegazo y aún falta probar el amiibo!!
O hey, another pre-redesign community!
so good,, love the game
Retro throwback!
This room makes me hate myself
Tip: Hit him with your shovel.
Je vais leur mettre la pâté, t'en fait pas!
I found a grump face.
Specter Knight va rejoindre les mort! Mais il l'est déjà... mais on s'en fiche!
Chaud chaud ce boss !
KUWA?!? L'Encahnteresse est Shield Knight?!?
this is over 9000!!!
Iniziato...e ora vediamo!!!
This makes no sense: He can hold his breath for dayes, yet he can't swim?
I love how you can die as many times as you want and you'll never run out of lives.
Do the dreams affect the gameplay? I let her fall on the one where you had to fight to catch her.
This game's soundtrack is amazing!
Everyone agrees that Specter Knight is the best knight :3
Its best to play this game at KNIGHT time!
Is anyone seeing this dancing lady? Honestly I thought the treasure was a relic!
como puedo conseguir el DLC de Plague knight
excellent ce jeu :)
My favourite platforming mechanic: Floating Two-headed Dragon Statue That Barfs Aurora Borealis.
trop cool espris nes a fond
odio la batalla contra propeller
lejeu est super!!!likez si vous etes d'accord;->
playing this game first time. I like it!
This game is awesome!
partition par ici
watching a giant fish dance...
Estrenando un mi flamante Shovel Knight. Qué magnífica edición en disco, por cierto!!!
That's what I get for being nice!?!
la justice a grand coup de pelle!!!!
Proppeller Knight KO
Un juegazo retro imprescindible. Muy completa y a buen precio la versión física. Genial la amiibo
just got the game. love the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The flashy parts are annoying, but this level is very fun!
king knight he was so esay
Dommage de ne pas pouvoir améliorer Custom Knight (amiibo) par les moyens normaux du jeu.
El Amiibo mola mucho
ET RE pour un shovel knight !!!! AVEC SON AMIIBO YEAAAAAAAH !!!!
How do you use the Shovel Knight amiibo?
Ich liebe diesen DLC so sehr ;)
Yes j'ai fini Shovel Knight l'ordre de la chevalerie à la pelle a vaincue l'injustice MDR.
lol comme c'est tros cool.
No puede ser más bueno!!<33
hi everyone
hey mates what does spoilers do on chats?
Truchanzana XDDD
Ooh this Alchemy coin looks useful!
Wow the difficulty has really ramped up!
Always fun blowing up stuff as Plague Knight.
Really, actually fun!
Croaker: Psss... pssss... alla mia sinistra c'è un segreto... anzi due!!
Oh bon sang, je viens à peine de commencer à jouer ce mec et je l'adore déjà!
All hail Troupple King for he has gifted us power
insanely hard with the last secret armor
Se détendre à un feu de camp... rien de tel pour se calmer les nerfs.
get dunked on
and so the evilness begins
je suis surpris par la qualité du titre dès les premières minutes
Shovel Knight is awesome!
shovel knight is the best game ever
soeben Shovel Knight begonnen....und komplett begeistert ::--]]
The boss had half a heart left and then it killed me!
Recién recibida la edición física mas imán para frigorífico de este maravilloso juego.
King Knight was not as difficult as Specter Knight but the way to find him was so cool!
Je crôaaa que j'aime ce jeu !
Premier boss terrasser non sans mal... ^^
Adventure Start!
Qué maravilla de juego!
Alas, i the mighty king knight am reduced to a miiverse post
Mola mucho este juego.
Wie besiege ich den Boss im Lich Hof?
Cest vraiment une tuerie graphiqueet sonore vive shovel knight =)
took forever to get here
Congratulations !
Found the Troupple King!
PANDEMONIUM! Taking this into New Game Plus!
217 at Mona's game
luckily the boss wasn't as difficult as the level.
Shoot. How am I gonna keep Naked Plague and also earn Defend The Lab?
Ja die Schatztruhe hat es in sich :D
Best DLC ever made I must say. Can't wait for more DLC!
More of this please:)
Kann man irgendwie in das Dorf kommen? Ich mein die Oberfläche
lololololololol! X-D.......awwwww.. :'-(
I love the plague!
Cool cool cool
all hail the mighty trouple
aghhhhhhhh so annoying!!!!
this is AMAZING
Wait, Shouldn't this be MY finale?
OK, everybody dogpile on the little guy! No offense, Tinker.
We are Liquid Samurai. We bring death to you!
How can Polar Knight be so CHILL all the time? Rrribit!
Do not disturb the resting dead, or they'll make you regret it!
Hey, what about helmets? Helmets are cool, too.
That tree is freakin' me out, man.
I couldn't get to that Green Coin..
Plague of Shadows and Shovel Knight Amiibo is coming soon!!!
hahaha wait that's not funny
Oh mighty Mole Knight, you will be buried at last!
Me encanta esta musica es mi favorita, me relaja
This level is tough. sucking away all my cash!
I love this game
This game though
Steel thy shovel!
So Exited For Shovel Knight Amiibo!
shovel knight is really good
I love this game but some parts can be so frustrating! ♥ :\
Geiles Spiel, 2 Teil ist gern gesehen!
Anyone playing this level for the first time, exit and go spend your money before you lose it
Hey, Egoraptor!
Man sieht mal wieder das HD Grafik nicht alles ist Spielspaß pur
Dark Souls style... :P
Hall Of Champions Offically Has A New Champion! Feel My Fury, Ghosts!
Llevo media hora diciendome a mi mismo venga un poco mas y nos vamos a Splatoon. Este juego engancha
beat knucklers quarry without dying!
shovel time!!! :)
¡Albricias, Shovel Knight! Habéis realmente ganado aqueste corazón de jugón
Incredibly amazing game :) awesome!!!
This initiation ceremony is wierd!
Best OST I've heard for a while!
can someone tell me if the plagueknight dlc is comming to the wiiu
this is a good game that gets you back in the 8 bit gameplay
Comincia l'avventura!
this soundtrack is just insanely good.
le boss est...bref vous allez voir
Et c'est parti pour un New Game + !!!
Sautez derrière les banderoles rouges de King Knight y a de l'argent !!
Excellent la fille qui te promet son plus grand trésor si tu tue Specter Knight pour au final danser
Looking forward to the Plague of Shadows expansion!
i hate this bit. this is just ARRRGH
One of the few retro-style games that actually looks and sounds like a real 8-bit game.
Anyone excited for playable Plague Knight soon?
shovel knight für smash bros
black knight XD
I love shovels
dat music in the backround
Excellent jeu ! Dommage que cette mode rétro où le gameplay est privilégié au graphisme se perde...
plaque knight will be playable soon free dlc FREE dlc
Every day i'm shovelin' xD
Tinker Knight was such a pushover...OMG A GIANT ROBOT!!!
Je viens de démarrer et c'est magnifique
Das Spiel ist schwer aber echt gut
this is hard
Très bel hommage aux jeux rétro !
Je comprend pas l'utilité de L'étend Carpomme ???
Return me a music sheet, that you have found on your adventure, and i'll give 500 gold each!
need help on last boss
*Looks up at Gold counter* O_O IT'S OVER NINE- Okay... this joke has gotten way to old... ¬_¬
If you start a new safe file enter the X&BUTT, ant the shovel knight's name turns into BUTT-BUTT!
that blockbreaking attack is so Annoying...
Why does the wind guy respawn? I have no idea, because every time I try to kill it, it respawns.
flipando con el juego!
shovel mega cool!!!
Finale ist mega schwer
Hardest level so far
je peux plus boyger et plu me predre de dega
Solo con poder publicar con el icono de la bailarina, soy feliz.
all hail the great trouple
this is hard in plus mode
Elle danse beaucoup quand même... quel univers sympa !
C'est le niveau de l'enfer!!! J'ai plus une thune!!!
amo gia' questo gioco!
Que recuerdos trae este juego, transmite sensaciones que no tenia desde el Megaman de la NES!
what should we have for dinner?I KNOW some shovel knight blood
what an awesome game and a really funny way to show the miiverse ingame :-)
Premier Boss K.O et toc :P
difficult yet also rewarding
Beat spectre knight by staying on the platforms and jump on him when he is below you.
Who would say a sidescroller in which you use a shovel as weapon could be a Wii U must have!
Always loved the sprite work on Specter Knight. Super fluid and creepy.
Le Saut de la Foi.
Gioco retro bellissimo
Ich liebe dieses Spiel!!!! <3
"Si seulement je pouvais phaser"C'est ce que j'me dis tous les jours. Cornegidouille, si seulement!!
This game is awesome!
spectre knight is proving to be quite a challenge. ;(
Amazing controls!
Uno de los mejores plataformas de los últimos años. No hay mucho más que decir ¡Juegazo!
Tout simplement un des meilleurs jeux de plate-forme 2D !
Wow, Propeller Knight was way cooler than his name suggested. Killed me the same second I got him!
9,99€ spesi stra bene! che belli gli sconti festivi!! xD
I hope someone sees this message!
What do I do with this bird-grenade-magic-guy
Finally giving this game a try!
Bien fait de prendre shovel knight en promo, ça tue !
As I expected, this game is going to be a challenge. It is a great game though!
Gosh dang, I REALLY HATE TreasureKnight's and Propeller Knight's stage!
¡¡¡Como engancha este juego!!!
my 10000000000000000 attempt . still havent beaten the black night
this room!!
Zoras Fountain: Don't disturb Lord Jabu-Jabu! --King Zora XVI
Este nivel parece sacado de Mega Man.
une merveille, une difficulté exigente, des graphismes cool, une ambiance décalé, une perle ce jeu !
Decidme que no soy el único que odia las ratas verdes...
Passage next to the fans!
its finally in the uk
I believe I can fly!
Dance for me fish, DANCE!
that was fun, no?
game on
Great game, but pretty hard, just like the old days...
I love this game... I want the free DLC now!
This game is hardcore X_X just 4 more to go
Use the Dust Knuckles while falling, so you can cancel out of shovel pogo before the blocks explode!
I hate spacter kinght's level
This game is perfection <3
Solo podrás pisar lo sitios donde la lluvia caerá....
Halfway there. Keep Shoveling!
Ah... típico nivel en el que la pantalla va avanzando tras de ti y te come terreno. Me encanta.
Recordad: hay que apagar bien las hogueras para prevenir incendios.
Cómo mola este castillo. ¡Y la música es genial!
Ich glaube das Spiel ist cool
Bajo tus pies!
hopefully going to finally beat polar knight
Ce jeu est formidable !!!!!! *^*
A la izquierda....
Do i only get one chance to talk to mr.hat when he is outside his shop? have i missed him?
This is soooo hard on plus mode! You get 3 refills and take twice the damage!
Génial ce jeu ! :)
Affûte ta pelle, toi qui t'apprêtes à jouer !
Al final del trayecto en escarabajo, un tesoro me encontré al lado...
Une merveille ce jeu, des souvenirs de la NES reviennent en moi.
fish him !
il y a pas une partition cacher après le boss ?
no les recuerda un monton a duck tales?
Soooo much goodness!!!!
Lo que cuelga puede caer....pero tambiéna ello podras subir....
Por fin es mío, autentico juegazo!!!
I keep dying because I read you guys ><
Completed this game last week but I'm already replaying it. Too good!
Besure to come here to refill your chalice when it's empty.
Fishing time!
Bisher der schwierigste Boss.
Top right wall
just reached this stage, amazind adventure so far
Baz vaincu. On ne bat pas un chevalier aussi facilement!
der tanz O_O
Game Of The Year
Song nr. 13 is awesome \(^o^)/
Gute alte 8-Bit-Zeiten :D und wunderschöne Musik
Je suis l'ami du roi Carpomme, c'est cool !!!
shovel the wall!
¡No sé si conseguiré salir viva de ésta!!! :-O ¡Vaya emboscada que tenían preparada!
Haha Shovel Knight !
Je m'appelle pelle
Benvenuti negli anni 80 forestieri.
Si a los fantasmas quieres vencer antes un muro tendras que romper
Only the dwarfs stealing your sh*t are missing. :D
Vive le old school!!!!
Puede parecer lento. Pero no lo es
This game is amazing i hope they make a sequel or a game similar to shovel knight.
juegazo tremendo
Este juego es increíble...música, escenarios, jugabilidad... ¡Hacía tiempo que no disfrutaba tanto!
The dark room with the frogs..AARrrrrrrggghhh!!
Que locura de juego :D
Here We Are!
I'm rubbish at this, it makes you realise how much you've lost your platforming skills from youth.
primero izquierda
Combat si vous donnez de l'argent aux trois fan de mode
ca va creuser, chèrie!
Porfin estoy jugando.
Un-EARTHing ALL the treasure!!!
I love the classic scrolling sections in this level they're a nice retro touch
Finalmente il paladino ceruleo arriva su Wii U! Quanto ho atteso questo momento! Steel thy shovel!!
Wow, such dance, such grace. Wow.
I didn't catch her; I am a bad Shovel Knight.
Ride the hoop to train your hooper skill
Ayy! Is the Ornate Armour really as useless as the flavor text claims? Don't wanna waste my shekels!
Note to self: do not accidentally destroy the checkpoints.
No son uno, son dos
richtig geil das Game, hammer :)
Le tenía ganas...
Finally we in the UK get to play this!!!!
I'm playing Waluigi pinball right now.
You know that room that people say has feral rats in it? It doesn't. Because that's my room. It's also the only room with nacho chips in it.
By the way, entering Room 5 will give you a hero suit automatically. Also a Level 3 Gold Dynamo, which has the flick rate of a Carbon Roller while keeping the damage and range of a Dynamo.
This hotel >>>> Hotel Bigley
He's almost banned
So what do we do now?
Making our alliance have the same initials as Smash Bros may have been a bad idea.
Phil Collins - Take a Look at me Now
I am ded
can't wait for king nights release!
all red skulls... totally worth it
gjxh 01010010101011
aw geez I should go on a gosh darnit diet
who actualy wants shovel knight 64
I m l e a v i n g t h i s c o m m u n i t y .
New Glasses Squad community suggestion for TFAO members and/or Glasses Squad allies? Can GS go back to its roots and be a cool pirate clan instead of another CoS?
"I'm sitting under this digital tree." "I'm sitting next to him."
its sad that Undertale got all the fame, even though Shovel Knight was first.
ez game
a quoi tu serts?
Shokio looks more like Eddie Murphy than Will Smith.
the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo the life of pablo
aaaaahhh c'est super dur ! Quelqu'un a une astuce pour ce mini jeu ?
bad words dont tell dad
wow this game is good
Seguimos reinventando este juegazo!
la guardia!!!!
Harold from Captain Underpants gets a husband.
Trash Greninja.
Specter Knight is the most fun to play as, but the music is even worse.
Yay shovel nights updated^_^ finally get to play as spector!!
My brother deleted my file. I HAD JUST DEFEATED MOLE NIGHT! Now I have to get back ALL my hard work.
adiós adefesio
Pokemon Stars would be a terrible name for the third Gen 7 game.
The end draws near, warrior of shadow. Are you ready to face your final target?
With the Hover Plume, this stage should be a cinch!
Just started Spectre of Torment, already awesome.
Reminder that Shape Of You got 1B views faster than Gangnam Style did.
Why is Togedemaru able to learn Spiky Shield, and not Ferrothorn?
psot aobut shveol kighnt
Mario Minestrone.
ow oof my bones hurt from drinking bone hurting juice
It took long enough for the Amiibos.
stqqtxvz cheat code
"What's the point of splashing?"
My mom left.
If you're a REAL music fan, then can you tell me the name of the drummer in Löded Diper?
Why Is This Game So Hard !
Reminder that Hank Hill is canonically related to Dusty Hill.
Shovel may run up on a digger.
The Gamer From Bruno Mars
I just want to at least have a glimpse at the Switch irl at this point.
Remember when we all saw Palutena's trailer, and we all thought she was going to be broken?
Shooting stars memes aren't funny.
"Let's start at B... Movie script, but every time they say bee you play a B." An actual thing the collage student band teacher said.
Can Sharkboy's lullaby from Sharkboy and Lavagirl become a meme? Because that would be great.
There's a reason why I moved here.
You don't have to be upset about Club Penguin's shutdown if you never used it in the first place.
Rhythm Heaven Fever's Remix 10, but every word spoken is replaced with the Nitshack opening and so are the animal noises
Acceptance is the first step.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has the potential to be my favorite Mario Kart. That is if it fixes the item system, and has more DLC tracks.
Huh, so this is a place.
I'm thinking about some concepts for Diddy Kong Racing tracks being in Mario Kart 8, and I'm having a hard time thinking about where the anti-gravity sections would be.
I wondertraded a Fearow just to get a Spearow. k
Roses are red, violets are blue, I couldn't afford a card this year, so I got you this box. That's what I got you.
Lillie wont leave if you don't beat the game.
Oh so they're done? I'm still not coming back, and I never will.
Twenty One Pilots took off their pants on live TV.
I'm sorry to all my followers who care, but I am permanently moving here until Nintendo makes a Miiverse patch. This spam is just getting out of hand, and I'm tired of having to grab either my 3DS, or gamepad just to block someone to prevent yeahbombing.
Who Else is excited for new shovelknight DLC
annoying level
Tapez-le quand vous l'avez battu !
i hate this **** level
i hate the first boss
I enjoyed both the Black Knight's battle and the following minigame.
"Hee! If only he knew how to shovel on the wall on the left!"
lol treasure knight so easy, only took 5000 gold from me
Explodatorium Hard mode it is impossible this level
<-- Este personaje es un chico o una chica?
Too Much Rage!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I beat the main game legit 100% IN A DAY!
I'm shaking, i'm shaking...
Of Atlantis?
aye fam
Mine experiments have run amock I fear. I am your master!
not bad
not the dance!!!
gran juego
Mejor Nindie de WiiU :v
me too isaac
Digger Dingo dons armour and dank memes on his first journey. Wish me luck fam.
alhemist for ever
e derrotado a traesure knight
great game
il est énervant ce niveau
specter knight has moves
hard it is
madre mia willy
Sir "BUTT BUTT"....
I hate this freakin stage but you have to admit the music is pretty cool. :P
The dust knuckles are OP! They can help skip areas, and you can penetrate armor! only 2 Mana!
I broke all the checkpoints... I have to start again
i am using the butt code for short it x&butt
Harry Potter dies briefly.
Hi! So, I'm in the castle level, and I'm stuck on a bit with a book. If I go out, it doesn't help.
"Hee! Propeller Knight, stop the sword lessons. I prefer the potions."
this is so good!
use shovel jump to get high enough
Buff, que juegazo. Es un amalgama de lo que hace grande a juegos como Megaman, Zelda II, etc.
sayled communitey
anyone having fun?
thsi is the sayled community you need a sayled llicense to post here safely
post about shovel knight
C'mon Gabe. are you here yet?
oh hey, EW deleted his post here! Wahoo!
Mii king is here already.
hello paradise
MII king can't find me
I've gotta say, this music is awesome! It sounds alot like the Japanese version of Castlevania 3!
Oh no! I accidentally destroyed the checkpoint!
get ready for this!
vivement l'extension specter knight ! :D
q pasada de juego
specter knight sucks pooooooooooooooooooop
my 3rd time beating this
Gutes Spiel
Gotta love how overpowered the amiibo powerups are
Got him !!
ive beat the game as shovel knight only specter knight left!
my friend is a shovel
muy bueno
There is something odd about this wall on the right...
Am I the only one who knows that you can dig up campfires for money?
now that's just wierd...
are there any powers to help you underwater
at last shuvel knight i have been wating for you
i died?
He will pay? Yes he will. Will he? Yes. Are you su- YES! Good charcoal. I need to calm down.
Shovel Knight vill nicht defeat me. I VON'T ALLOW IT! I NEVER VILL! Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Vow. Vat a nice bar zey have here. Zough not as nice as ze 1 in mein laboratory.
Phase Locket is usefull here lol
awesome game , luv it
Shovel's Mansion
Il est myope comme une taupe .
All checkpoints gone, full health, BRING IT ON.
I have finished both 'Shovel Knight' and 'Plague of Shadows'. Wonderful gameplay, graphics and OST.
THIS GAME IS SO HARD. But I will stay determined! I am filled with determination!
Taking driver's ed this summer. This is going to be just fuuuuun. :):
aveces no hace falta hacer niveles que nunca hecho para conseguir oro sino que repetir otros
l'extension plague knight est vraiment géniale!!
just defeated king night
We need more off topic posts.
This game is busting my chops and I love it!
Terrain is randomly generated which makes every experience danker.
cool game!
This might work, I like shovel knight, I think this should be second base. Who agrees?
People should really know of this place's existence.
Move here.
ha lol look at the enchantress in plague knight story!!
Petite astuce : essayez de rebondir sur le coffre dès la traversée !
Les sphères du chaos sont super efficaces contre cet ennemi !
this is so hard
Saltargli sopra dopo averlo sconfitto ne vale la pena!
tu prends du megaman, du metroid, du castlevania, du zelda...cela donne ce chef-oeuvre!
A community unaffected by the redesign? MINE.
hlp ps
me gusta este juego i can play whit a friend?
trop dur le 1er niveau
¡Juego nuevo! 0w0 Ahora con Shovel Knight :>
I finaly got to the plauge of shadows
fighting everyone is hard
miiverse? more like usverse ‹3
Estaba yo en el castillo final y derrepente me entra... to be continued
Dig the campfire for an achivement and money :]
i am stuck on the first boss
jaime se level
the lich yard is hard
Loving this level, frustratingly good.
es muy difícil
Love it :)
Sehr geiles Spiel!!!
how do activate two player
Acabo de empezar y no se como se llega a la escalera a traves de la burbuja
this game is fantastic
sembra ti tornare all'epoca del nes.ottimo
Shovel Knight is the best game in the Mario series. I love the configuration with Link's Sword, and Kirby's swallow ability. The best piece of armour is Sans Jacket, paired with Bat Man's Mask.
Shovel Knight is the best Megaman game I ever played
i pwned shovel knight
hello black knight
Plague Knight est tellement creepy...
I mean, they just had to add the stupid fan things, didn't they
Ah, une nouvelle tête ! Danseuses, acolytes, sorcières, chèvres ... Tout le monde est bienvenu ici !
New game plus is so hard.
Use your Ichor wisely to defeat these bosses on hard mode
Cest pas la joie ici!
that moment when you have to fight tinker knight and you have no magic.
Et Plague Knight est vaincu, pfiou... Je suis vraiment nul à ce point ?!
what does the fox say?
Ce jeu est juste ÉNORME ! La difficulté est extrêmement bien gérée,c'est très beau, les musiques sont mémorables, bref, un excellent jeu !
I leveled my amiibo to 11!!!
he matado a black night con una moneda
What is inside the Hall of champions?
Finally got shovel knight on wii u! no more 3DS cramps!
I call the swings!
I've been playing this level for the past 3hours..... but oh when beat itTHE SATISFACTION WAS REAL!
lol so easy with cheat code
I love this game but this stage is so hard!
Juegazo y encima perfectamente traducido!
¡Shovel Knight de pueblo PALETA! XD
¡Esto es genial ! Creo que me he enamorado
Mega geiles Spiel
c'est trop dur shuvel knight
About an hour and a half into the game. It's amazing, the best retro-inspired game hands down.
most difficult boss so far
totally dig the miiverse integration in thid game. its fantastic. verily indeed!
Stand on the women to the right of town to get the sheet!
anyone else help the knights!??
hello king butt #butt mode #hidden yacht
Plague night is funnier than Shovel Knight for sure. Great Job Yacht Games DT !
Love this game and the amiibo is so cool
Plague Knight was too easy :D
a cheat code is tvsvueio
I think i hit the girls hoop to hard..
I....Am Plague Knight!!
Spiele Plague of Schadows
comment faire pour changer le personnage ?
Smashed Tinker Knight's toys! Two more knights to go!
das is hard!!
This game can be amazing sometimes
wie komme ich im 1 level bei dem drachen weiter
King Knight dethroned!
Loving the amiibo so far!
These guys need a hobby.
Que juego tan bonito y viciante!!!! Mil gracias Óscar ;)
Egghh, Shovel Knight's Plague Knight is so hard!!
playing with the Amiibo is awesome!!!
im not so grump!
Goodbye gold :[
This is so tough but if you get the flare wand it makes it easier
How do you use ur amiibo?
The worst part about dying on this screen is that you can pretty much kiss your money bags goodbye.
Btw, if you could create a knight (villian), What would it be and what would it do?
How to you use the magic i used a cheat code
TFW you've fought Polar Knight so many times that you lose concentration and walk off the cliff.
who on earth leaves deadly spikes laying about in a museum
Plague knight campaign is hard.
Polar Knight was once friends with Shovel Knight until he turned to the Order of No Quarter!
Je t'ai vaincu, mon petite amie yellow and green. Et ton vaiseau étais splendid!
black knight!! soooo hard
Once you complete Treasure knight you can get more armour ! I got some red armour :)
Such an awesome game!
screw troupple king he is a doush
playing plauge of shadows and it is awsome!!!!
Me lo he "ventilado" ;)
Shovel... Justice? Pfffft, What?
Je viens de commencer, et j'adore déjà ce jeu! C de la Bomb!
Quelle danse
xD You have to love Butt Mode.
diggity dig diiiiiiiig
cool ce jeu
Shovel Knight amiibo for Christmas? Absolutely!
How do you upgrade magic?
Decadencia snob XDD Visca la república!
Juegazo!! A ver cuando sale el 2·
si je devais noter ce jeu je lui donnerai 20/20
merci a mon ami de m'avoir inviter chez lui pour jouer a la wii U
What armour did you choose?
Just started this game and it's already amazing!
Physical version of Shovel Knight is finaly mine!
Enris petit gens et quelqu'un de cool.
Je t'aime comme personne t'aime Oolong. Love you Oolong. Je t'addord love love...
Ma quant'è simpatico xD
Un tuffo nel passato!
i defeated specter knight!!!
Louée soit la sainte pelle, aaaaamen...
hey guys im new to this game and i think its great
Playing Shovel Knight finally
Miiverse in 8-bit glory? Not regretting cashing out twice to get the Wii U version. Verily!
Gioco fighissimo (come immaginavo) qua ci vogliono 5 stelle.
Tocar el cuerno delante del hombre que tiene otro cuerno
Yay got all magic upgrades before plague knight!
Plague Knight, here I come!
Kill all the ghosts with the orbs and the lights will turn on. look at the bottom left hand corner.
King knight is no more!
Awesome game!!!!
why i cant time the fleet flask on these up and down platforms (the second ones) :'-(
Se necesita habilidad de nudillos
i love the music
Juste Excellent !!!!!!
well this awkward
Wow. Give this a verily! if you agree.
Me encanta este nivel XD
i make a royal anancomant that this game is awsome and everyone should play it
O my favorite !!!
omg this game is the best but it dosent beat splatoon
Amazing game!!! Totally agree with the critical acclaim of the reviews!
10/10 retro game!!
Gran edición física, con su manual en perfecto castellano, me alegro de haberlo comprado.
Super ce jeu mais pas si simple, c'est pas plus mal, le côté retro me fait craquer vivement l'amiibo
Plan die naechsten Tage: Pile of shame verringern. Erstes Spiel: Shovel Knight!
Quién quiere fantasmas a la brasa?
What did I just witness?
if you hate that beetle then come back to this level once you have float burst and homing fuse
Just when I thought Shovel Knight couldn't get any better...
Grandioso el juego.
Shovel night is great
they doubled the game. seriously great.
Alter, is der DLC geil!
Do you know what I love? Happy endings.
Loving the free update!!
I can't stop the dancing!
I WILL finish this...I will...
Gotta go fast! He even curls up when jumping!
i hope u have a nice day, stranger! hang in there, you'll be a-okay!! ^~^
Chaud le niveau de Propeller Knight... mais la musique est géniale !
hands down best game ever
Hands off the controller for this feat…
Gioco Rivelazione!
in the words of van yamono: BATTLE ON!
why does he have to go in the chest?
hold b to creare explosions
I can't get enough of Plague knight's little victory-jig. It's so hokey and adorable!
GREAT STAGE! Except for the light flash parts, they're just there to be annoying.
sometimes i hate this game
Thank You, Yacht Club Games! Shovel Knight Is The Best! Best £12.99 I've Ever Spent! Keep It Up!
Great DLC! Thanks yacht club!
tosto sto gioco... lol
troupple king birthday cake + pre orderd shovelnight amiibo for my bday 30 of december
love plague of shadows.
i have no control!!!!
Been really PLAGUED trying to find this room, took me all KNIGHT! Have to keep my anger BOTTLED up.
So... so hard...
Nie spodziewałem się, że ta gra jest tak dobra. :◆ ★★★♪♪
this one is a hard one ive mad it over once nd i cant blooming do it again
Go for free DLC and more Shovel adventures and challenges!!!
I love this game!
Muhuhahaha no-one can stop the explotion fueled alchemist on a rampage!!!
oh i love this game. epic retrones !
We are Liquid Samurai. We strike from afar, and from below.
These apparitions are most unflattering. What hath your mad science wrought, Plague Knight?
Man,human ears are not worthy enough for the music in this game.
Hey, check it out! Our boss is gonna that other boss's butt!
ONE ROOOOOOOM! good to be playing more of this game, and for free as well!
Finally got that &*%! Seriously, enemy placement for Plague Knight is just horrible.
I might be stuck here, door closed and i"ve got no wallclimbing boms.
Excited :D!
It's good to be back on this game!
i just cant win
great game use the grey armour and flare wand good luck
This level on new game plus is really hard!
Every stage has new idea after new idea. Love it!
Enter this as your name for fun! STQQTXVX
Haltet ein. "Halle der Helden" - der Titel ist nur ein Schein. Fallet nicht auf diesen Spuk herein.
The enchantress' final form is so hard! I don't know how I won the first time!
soooooo awsome
at the first room where the blocks appear as platforms go left and go left again for a suprise.
STEEL THY SHOVEL!!! Lovin Shovel Knight so far!
i beat deh game woohoo !
This game is so good! I didn't think I'd like it, but I do!
Getting started....I should be doing collefe work.... :/
Dance my king! DANCE!
The music in this game reminds me of the NES Megaman games, it's really good.
cant get past the last level its a real pain in the but
New game+ makes me rage so much
i hate pits
why kill a boss, when you can go around it!
Just rekt the Treasure Knight!!!!!
I'd really love Nintendo to start making their own NES/Snes style games for Wii U like Shovel Knight
finally got this game. Let's get shovelin'
I guess you could say this guys packing HEAT
Un chevalier aide les gens en détresse. Même si ce sont des chevaliers qui ont essayé de te tuer...
Blood will flow...
Got past Primdoor Keep!
DO THE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joli le jeu d'ombre avec la pluie en fond...vraiment beau. J'ai PAS ENVIE QUE LE JEU SE FINISSE !!!
Hola k ase
Excellent le fait de pouvoir frapper les coques des crustacés pour tout dégommer !!!
Starting my no death no relic run. For shovelry!
Mi sono già innamorata di questo gioco!
Quel objet permet de continuer la carière de la castagne et où le trouver ?
My third favourite stage, after 2. clockwork tower and 1. explodatorium.
That fish dance doe
Finally getting into the goodness that is Shovel Knight!
Ah, new game plus...Why must thou be so difficult?
Finished this last knight *ba dum tiss*, on to new game plus :3
only half an hour in but this is great fun!
Shovel Knight for Smash Bros!
Top ! Je fais un speed run !!!
The older I get, the worse I become at old-school style games. Love this game though!!!
these games are soo esey
This games music is epic
Total Biscuit? izzat u?
Hooray!!! Plague Knight DLC coming out!!!
those guys on the ladders are soooo annoying! verily if u agree!
Hands down the best music is in this level!
This game has one of the best soundtracks in any video game ever!
damn this is hard
Can you feel the storm? - Baz
Enchantress, here I come!
Stop jump-scaring, Chester!
Awesome game!!
gathering the gold from the ice
eine minute gespielt...und schon bringt's laune
I have beaten the game! :) Great game!
haaa! ces bourasques de vent m ont bien enrage
E quando il gioco si fa duro... i duri iniziano ad imprecare!!
fun game played this b4 and loved it new game plus aint so easy
c'te musique quand on est vs specter knight ... énorme
Alors lui, il est baleze... o_O'
SHOVEL JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Behold!, my ultimate weapon!
Excavando estoy...
Plague Knight doth hate me and I hate him!
I don't know how I got this far. I'm terrible at this game and everything is going to kill me
nice meme
ugh, me and my habit of destroying checkpoints
Spikes. Spikes EVERYWHERE.
Mmh pas tres difficile ce boss de fin ...
2014 GAME OF THE YEAR 10/10
I keep falling back down.Aaaargh!
Looking at the crushers, Shovel Knight reflected: had he really liked Shield Knight this much?
Whatc out for a Mr. Yackel wizard/Mr. Yeti monster!
spikes are spiky
Apfel + Fisch = Innovation pur :D
luuunga cerimonia
the horse king will feast upon your dry clothes!
ma donare questi soldi serve a qualche cosa??
This game... and its freaking SOUNDTRACK is amazing!!!!!!
Hail the Troupple King!
Be gone with you !!
im in plus mode but its easy
best. game.ever
I finally got my hands on this game!!!
Much retro.... So wow.....
just got the game it is so amazing and beautiful
I better get an actual knighthood for completing this stage!
Mais c'est qui lui là là!?
Just bought Shovel Knight. Have to say i have been enjoying this game a lot!
Should have gone after Plauge Knight first!
Spectre Knight stage is tough
Geiles Spiel
i think this stage is beautiful
Black knight at the tower of fate was easy! Beat him second try!
que c'est bon du plate forme retro comme cela!
Wat een toffe game is dit! Doe me denken naan die goeie ouwe Mega Man games.
Trop classe ce jeu !! :D
Ha tiens, on peut coller des coups de pelle dans les sacs de fric pour les récupérer. Bon à savoir.
Bonne bataille mais pas évident de garder assez de fric pour la récompense...
Il y a une partition ici.
Great game.
Retro and I usually don't mix because HARD and UNSKILFUL, but I'm loving this, challenge and all.
three words :best game ever! :-)
très bon debut !
Nice one with Tinker knight! Thought something was wierd about him, and it was :)
Passage des livres du chateau de king knight legerement ardu quand meme ^^'
Iniziato da poco, gran gioco!!!!!
You can phase again while you are phased
Not being able to tell the diffrence between the falling platforms and the normal ones is a struggle
New game + Huzzah!
This game is so beautiful!
Les secrets et trésors me rappellent Duck Tales.
Los fantasmas temen los objetos circulares!!
Catch the Girl!
Très cool ce jeu
enfin en promotion sur wii u
C'est vraiment cool !
Nicht vergessen: Feuer ausmachen! :)
Die Stadt kommt mir sehr suspekt vor
Hab gerade mit Shovel Knight angefangen und es ist jetzt schon genial!Im Moment kostet esauchnur10€
Secret .!
muero y muero....
Me está desquiciando tanto patinajeee...
kill the evil bubbles!!!
yo wass up homie
If you have difficulty defeating bosses then use the phase-locket to evade the worst attacks.
Ce village est pas très normal
so fun
Adoro quando balla Tromela xD
pechez pour avoir des pommes
specter knight is annoying
Already finished the game yet just realised I can leave diary posts. I was playing on the Gamepad.
how do i get out of here?
It fells like for some reason that this level was easyer when I played it on the PC...
i like this music
this is a nice place
castlevania ???
¡Venga chicos a comer!
Just defeated Plague Knight! This battle was tough.
Uno dei livelli più belli!
Black Knight, eh? Interessante...
le top du top se jeux s'est un retour a l'enfance pour se qui sont née dans les année 80 je dit oui
Madre mía, esto se complica...
A la izquierda encontraras...
Bonne surpris!!!! à avoir!
was das internet heutzutage alles kann
also Ich bräuchte hilfe, mir wurde gesagt das der Ziegelehrter keine Essensmarken mehr hat ???
Just finished the first stage. This game for us 30 something years old nintendo fans is a nostalgia trip to the golden age of gaming... Thank you Yacht Club Games. Bring more Shovel Knight love towards us who appreciate this kind of games.
Занятный босс этот король-рыцарь. Познал таки мое лопатное правосудие.
El dinosaurio en la cabeza algo tenía....
how do I beat this guy
Specter-Knight! Overpowert!
Quelle est votre partition préférées ?
Beautiful game. Well done Yacht Club!
Lo que el escarabajo esconde.....
Awesome game <3 Can't get enough of the theme from specter knights stage!
Oh sweet sweet savepoint. *kiss*
No tengo verdad que no....
all hail shovel knight!
nice spot for a bit of fishing ?
pesca en la brillante fosa
Mezcla perfecta entre Megaman, Zelda 2 y Super Mario 3!!
great game
La clave para que no te dé con la guadaña, son las esquinas. Hay que ser paciente en esta batalla.
¡Viva Felipe VI!!!!
Watch me dance
Argghhh! Is the reward worth the stress!?
this stage + the music it feals like mega man 2!!! love it
Ode al grande Tromela!!!
The goats already out of meal tickets........probably cause he won't stop eating the papers!!!
The fish I always pull out says I can't carry any more, but I still have space - what to do?
No olvides mirar debajo de las banderitas
Apfel+Fisch=Beschte XD
muy bueno este juego
Warning! Don't stand near the pit here.
This game reminds me of a simpler time, why aren't there more games like this one?
Just startin' my quest. The Enchantress is gonna die. Or at least take a real bad concussion.
hard but fun
So classic, please keep this thing in games forever... :)
The only thing that stands between me and getting this level done on +-Mode is Treasure Knight
Almost at the end. This game is such a gem. I'll probably start it over after I'm done.
Woah i got plague knight on my second try!?
The game can be tough near the end, but it's that good kind of pain that makes you soldier on.
Tinker Knight no es tan facil como parece
Loving this game so far!
Shovel Knight rocks!
loving this game!
favorite boss up until now
New game+ very tough and I like what they did but it would be been nice to have one turkey per stage
pas facile le knigt king
shield knight is the enchantress
Phase locket really helps here!
Even a cutie blacky cat like me loves this game!♥
e ne rimase uno
El enemigo final ataca rapidisimo... Dificil es poco
La maglia dello slancio è l'armatura che preferisco. Voi quale usate?
An icy reception.
This game is awesome. I totally suck at it though!
Most refined Griffon!
Veramente Figosissimo.
NewGame+ seems like the way Shovel Knight should be played
That's one mad hatter.
this game is beautiful!
Soooo much retro goodness!!
What was that about size not mattering?
Huh? Is someone here?
Vive ce jeu !!
El medallon de fase es ideal aqui
Time to fight evil with Gardening tools!
Fascinating how such a simlpe game can feel so deep!
spectreknight = Baphomet
It's time you were over-throne!
combat de banquet avec pause casse croute
Love the legend of zelda reference!
La pala repele proyectiles!
You...CAN fly, yes?
Cuidado! Lo que cuelga pueda caer!
Welcome to my submarine, Land dweller. Please don't steal my loot:(
trop fun le jeu!!!
just awesome the whole experience so far
partition en haut
¡Estoy en tu Gamepad! ¿Seré famoso?
Ne pas oublier ce passage en détruisant les rochers avant pour récupérer la 1ere note.
i say turn around magic
Dragons are always worth slaying!
I'd like ALL the treasure.
The adventure begins yet again! ^ ^
This game sucks and bad level design
This is one weird "shop"...
How about fishing?
dig dig dig
Pro Tip: Lava is bad.
Don't start your journey, just turn around and go.
Hidden turkey, try jumping/digging.
Comenzando con el juego. Ya era hora de que llegara a Europa.
attack wall
I'll take room 117.
Glad to see the people are enjoying this place. I'm opening up an arcade with Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Waluigi Pinball, and several other classics on floor 665.
This hotel is nice >:]
Room π is great.
Naming Room 5 (my room) Cephalon HQ for "reasons".
i generally like this community
why so french
Latest yeah.
this is a realy good game but for some pepole it is a bit too hard plz make a new one for wii u plz
Moi qui fait une partie + je suis pas déçu !
La vue est magnifique !
King knight va sortir le 2018 dans shovel knight
is it possible to play as the black knight? yeah this post if u can
This is my favorite campaign <3 I can`t wait for King knight's campaign! :D
Mole Knight was my favourite, but then i played SOT and specter knight took my heart (and soul)
This game is awsome!!
who else found game grumps yeah if you did
Oh my lord it's Reverse Castlevania.
Holy crud I beat him with half a heart left!
NSLU community #GoAwayTFAO
It's great to