FINALLY got around to playing through this masterpiece. I know Im super late to the fun but what a great game. I actually look forward to playing through and finding the 5 or 6 music sheets I didn't get too. Anyway get this game if you haven't already
: )
I haven't play this game for awhile, and they add new stuff after an update.
Yes the dark void I have for a face is very handsome indeed.
La Ley de la Pala llego hasta el Fondo del Mar!!! y sobretodo llegara hasta lo mas profundo del Craneo de ese lindo Pez!!!
Jogos como esse me despertam o sonho de criar jogos.
This reminds me, video game villains really should get better security. Since, y'know, the heroes are always breaking into their castles or hideouts.
R.I.P. Wander Over Yonder.
So Plague Knight, Specter Knight and King Knight are getting their own amiibo... As if my list of amiibo that I want wasn't large enough.
How is there not more fanart of these two?
I have a burning passion for "Thumper" on Switch!!! It's such a well made, beautiful, intense, and addictive game! (Buuut, if you have absolutely no rhythm, you should pass on it.) Just like "Sin & Punishment: Star Successor" on Wii (which I beat on the hardest "You Will Be Punished" mode), "Thumper" requires many tries to get through most courses. Give it a try! It's SO very satisfying!!!
Black Knight likes turtles, apparently.
Edgy boyz.
Spoken to Gandalf lately, Shield Knight?
todo heroi sempre tem um clone do mal p encher saco kkk
Cheat codes are a wonderful thing.
Well, that's the first time I felt bad for an NPC.
Arin Grump XD
But hey... It's better than nothing
Baz is basically just the Groose of Shovel Knight.
I haven't played Shovel Knight since last September and I came back to amazing new updates. My #1 favorite update so far is the multiplayer update! •˙♡Thank you YACHT CLUB GAMES!♡˙•
I knew that shadow fight seemed a bit easy for a "final boss." lol
This game is retro cool!
Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?
Well, that fish enemy brings back memories...
Plague Knight's story is complete! That final boss was fun. Now the wait for the Specter Knight and King Knight DLC...
All challenges completed!
Pears... the most powerful of bombs.
That was the best Wario Land game I've played in years.
Man, I am way too rusty w/ Plague Knight for these added challenges! For shovelry, err bombs away, um ... what will Spectre Knight say? Sporadically, in these comments, I'll dig in (nyuk nyuk) to the new Treasure Trove goodies. I've been on an extended Miiverse hiatus, as there were some mammoth games of great merit on PS4 that absorbed me for a bit. Glad to be back, hope everyone has been well!
I don't think the upcoming Story Mode for Spectre Knight can top this.
(Part 3) and ''Perfect Platformer'' in one go. Wow, I feel accomplished!
im so happy!!
So, they added a sound test as well. That's always a plus in my book. Although now I lost the motivation to collect the music sheets...
And finally I got everything done in Spectre Knights story. Was fun and still my favorite out of the 3 characters ya can currently play as. Can't wait till King Knights story finally becomes available :D
Representation matters UwU.
Well then. This is certainly a surprise.
Ah,Que delicia! ......... ............................ ...........
Welp, Reize joined the Edge Club, it seems.
Call me a glorified Retro game all you want! Tons of people enjoyed this game, and it even gets an Amiibo!
I've made it this far in the game and its my last day to play it before i return it to the video store. :'V darn
... Great... Thanks to Black Knight, Mona thinks Plague Knight was using her to win over the Magicist... Time to teach that low-down, no-good Shovel Knight palette swap to get in the way of true love!! D:<
>When you load a save file and forget you have cheats on
ya termine el shovel knight: plague of shadows estuvo mejor que el anterior :)
Just wanted to drop by and say that Nintendo's Nindie Direct was awesome! It made me so happy to see Nintendo giving lots of love to smaller developers. Plus, I got very excited for many games too! I really can't wait to see more info on games like War Groove (Hooray for Advance Wars fans!), Blaster Master Zero, Stardew Valley (Can't wait for Co-op!), Shovel Knight, Yooka-Laylee, and more!
Oh my... Do I sense a potential romance?
♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ :')
jugando con mi papá
bailando con el rey truchada
This boss is cool and all, but I think it should've been a bit harder...
A part of me was kind of not really feeling this but liked many concepts...No matter what happens or how hard it gets...I will beat this! I was reminded that I beaten MANY GAMES! Mighty No.9, Those special worlds in Mario games, Dojin's and many Shmups, Jrpg's...Sooo many! I don't push my ego but I am a semi pro Gamer and I WILL beat this NO MATTER WHAT!
Bad level
anyone else thinks this is adorable?
FINALLY got around to beatingShovel Knight. I'm still missing a few things but I'll move on and play as the other Knights now :D
Nearly everyone else in this community is playing Specter of Torment... Meanwhile, I'm replaying Plague of Shadows one more time. I had bearly forgotten the plot of this campaign and the dialog between the characters is always so enjoyable!
Killed by his own shadow.
yes. :')
You can't see me.
. . .
this dlc is fantastic!!
This still reminds me a bit of "Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle" for Colecovision. It's a good platformer to play if you've just had a lobotomy.
This game indeed remains fantastic. Those 6 hours were a blast. This feels almost like a whole new game with what has changed... it's difficult, but one of the best platformers in recent memory. Lost City really gave me issues, but the rest of the stages (for the most part) were real smooth. Yacht Games... I hope you make more games with care such as this.
needs help, thnx wall jump doesn't work
Nice reference to Donkey Kong Country
Mais Um!
I discovered something today.
That fish reminds me another fish from Super Mario Bros 3
siii por fin soy la muerte vengo por ustedes muajajaj ò-ó
It's still TBD when Treasure Trove will come out in April. I hope it's the 22nd, that would be amazing.
And now, the story comes to a close, and the lovely couple share a dance... ^ω^
I got Shovel Knight!
Depois de muito tempo voltei a comprar um amiibo, e dessa vez é um amiibo em especial. Desde que comprei o jogo eu queria muito ter este item, e o amiibo do Shovel Knight é muito bacana e bem feito, e no game libera o modo cooperativo, o que é muito legal também. Mais um item para minha humilde coleção.
I know I haven't made a post in a good while, especially about a game... BUT THIS IS TO GOOD NOT TO POST! ;^;
Super God Mode Shovel Stats: 6-26-16
A jogabilidade com o Plague eh difícil de dominar! Pra chegar até aqui deu uma mão-de-obra!
Confesso q deu pra trabalho q da primeira vez q terminei! Agora vou terminar as Dlcs!
Agora em Português! Bem Melhor jogar!
vuela vuela
My hideout
i like it <3
Nice Background
mano se alguem fizer um tutorial de pixel art no yt das imagens das 3 campanhas.....mds
Well Horace, what have you got for me?
Finished it. Great game!!
I do think something should be done about the music that plays when you see this logo screen in the next update. Whenever I start up Shovel Knight, the music doesn't play on this screen like it usually does, and instead, it plays when you get to the title screen (you can tell because you can hear the logo music mixed with the title screen music).
Caramba, esse indie sim valeu a pena comprar. Já estava satisfeito com a campanha do Shovel Knight quando comprei. Mas agora mais 3 personagens ganharam sua própria campanha. Cada um com sua jogabilidade própria, a ponto de você sentir que está jogando um game diferente. Além disso está tudo traduzido para português brasileiro!
Feel the wrath of the Happy Flying Turnips!
So from what I've heard, this game is really good. Freedom Planet got me interested in Indie Games, so I'm willing to give this a shot.
My gold count, though.
(Part 1) I complete ''Again!''-
Esses Poderes q a gente vai comprando no Shovel são legais mas tem uns desafios meio Hard também!
Specter Knight was difficult....... is what a dumby would say!
If you haven't heard miiverse is closing... Thank you all for all you've done including yeahing my posts and commenting. Let's all have a moment of silence. Thank you Miiverse for being the first social media account. Ask me anything in the comments. :'(:'(. I am open for anything. Thank you all for following me, being there, and lastly, I care about all of you. Bye. Forever. You are all amazing
foto de perfil
In my opinion, this is the best track across all the campaigns thus far.
I just started playing specter knights part of the game, and scanned my shovel knight amiibo... and its soo cute!
Playing Shovel Knight co-op with my bro! So much fun! brother stinks at this game! (Which equals more money for me every time he dies) ^^b
That is nearly at Baby Groot levels of cute. I would love an entire series of Shovel Knight amiibo... hear me, Yacht Club!
¡¡No lo puedo creer!! ¡¡Ya voy con la Hechicera!!
I don't know why, but apart from Beeto's Big Break, I really like Specter Knight's challenges, especially Streamlined Grind.
I was not expecting this level to look like this...
I'm still playing with Green Goblin...I mean Specter Knight...Just re-doing levels to farm for gems and buy/level up stuff.
Yay it's finally out on Wii U!!!
I made ol' Smokey proud!
I'm lucky enough to live in a city with an awesome public library system from which I can borrow games like Shovel Knight! That is some tax dollars well spent.
(Part 2) ''Impossible!'', ''Penny Pincher'',-
Possible reference to the Archimedes? ;)
i love this game XD
Happy birthday to me..
siento el poder
quién crees que ganara
Primeiro Chefe dessa DLC! Estou Gostando! :)
Jogabilidade meio doidinha mas vamos lá!
Grab your shovel, amigos! Free update includes the Specter Knight game along with co-op, gender options, and a sound test in Shovel Knight! But wait! There's more! There will be another free campaign added soon. Can you dig it?!
Top 10 anime entrances
I have been sitting here playing with this cat thing for like 20 minutes.
So, Flashman's ability.
Ha! Look at the progress bar on the left! This guy didn't even make it halfway to the top! In fact, he barley even made ANY progress at all, he was only a few feet from the starting point!
que difícil >:v... XD
Am i the only one who's getting Super Mario Bros. 3 flashbacks?
Woooo! I did it! First game beaten in 2017 is Shovel Knight! This title is actually pretty good. And I barely even completed any side challenges. I have work to do!
This game feels soooooo right with a sideways Wii Remote. I bet it must be awesome with an NES Classic Edition controller.
Okay...sure didn't see that coming.
soo epic!! =D
T_T ....... NOOOO!!!!
Obligatory post for the closing scene.
HOOP KID Avatar. Screenshot saved on 11/1/2017 @ 7:08 AM (Central Time).
I did not know you can fish up the other player...Good to know during a co-op session
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…
Yeah, there's definitely some bubbling chemistry here alright, if you know what I mean...
Sure I have the switch but I ain't done with the wii U yet! #icantquityou
FINALLY! Now I've REALLY completed Specter of Torment.
Huh. Never knew Plague does this nervous animation if you try to dance in front of Mona. I shouldn't be so surprised, but it's still a nice little detail.
I FINALLY managed to 100% Shovel Knights story!! Collected everything to be collected :D Was a fun and memorable experience ^_^ I still haven't achieved all the Feats but thats for another day :D Now to finish up Plague Knights story ;)
i got the update lol
Yacht Club Games still keeping it funky fresh with its fantastic games. Also, Specter Knight petting this fluffball is all I've ever needed in my life.
I finally did this after an hour! I almost cried it was so hard...
Is Specter of Torments, not gonna come out on here?!
Well, looks like I reached max magic already.
Yeah, GREAT defense there; rats on propellers that slowly move to you with no weapons. Guaranteed to stop Shovel Knight, 100%, without a doubt.
Apparently Shovel Knight is Solid Snake now!
who else loves this game?
Run 2 - Shovel Knight Edition.
Who else loves this game?!?
Huh. She was working with Plague Knight all along. Who knew?
King Knight:I will show you the world Shovel Knight:im dying
So, today Shield Knight ended up falling because I died while trying to fend off the enemies. When I did, my heart completely SUNK. Mom called me to eat a few moments later and eating the food was sorta difficult since I felt so bad. It hit me so hard when it happened that I felt like I did a huge wrong...
i can see anything =O are you serious NOW!!! >_<
The only reason I bought this armour is because I already owned everything else XD
Mighty No. 9 backers in a nutshell
I beat Shovel Knight! Screenshot saved @ 4:38 AM (Central Time).
To all my friends, hear my words. In less than a week, it will be the day of my birth, and i will transcend this beloved console to a more upgraded version. I hope that the new console will have a better way of communication soon, but rest assured, even though we won't be able to speak to each other again, i will still play on this beloved machine. Fare thee well, I will remember you all
it has begun!!
Very late on the train, but this is pretty darn fun. Especially fighting bosses. A little time to get used to, though.
undertale refrence spotted
Looks like something from Metal Slug
All 85 feats complete! I'm kind of sad that my Shovel Knight journey is nearing a close, but at least I've still got quite a few challenges to get through! And King Knight, but that'll be a while from now.
"♪Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you dooown! Never gonna ruuun around and desert you! Never gonna make you cry! Never gonna saaay goodbyyye! Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!♪" To do this little dance, if you have the Cold Shoulder, just double tap down.
Trying Co-op...Whoa its male Sk with Female Sk
eu gostei desse jogo pq lembra jogos os antigos do nintendinho nes e super nintendo pessoal do miiverse
Aww! Who knew Polar Knight had a soft side?
enjoying this too much
I've always wondered why Black Knight was called so, even though he too wields a shovel blade. After 3 years, I believe I've found the answer. It's not a shovel, it's a spade! Clever on you, Yacht Club. Continue making excellent games, and I'll continue giving you my money.
"What about the children?" "I don't care about the children! I just care about their parents' money."
Teamwork, yeah!
I'm lovin specter knight's new muggshot. Also I have switch I already beat this game lol
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is so sad, but it also fits right in with the story (this is a prequel to Shovel of Hope) and explains much about the original and even Plague of Shadows. I highly recommend it and the series so far to anyone who likes a good story as well as a platformer game. I give it a 10/10.
I just got 2 major shocks: 1. Because of Plague's very different abilities, the level design is altered and more difficult. 2. Plague Knight is kinda slippery like he has butter shoes.
Propeller Knight is garbage when playing as Plague Knight. I really hope Specter Knight doesn't have this much trouble with the pompous prince of the propeller
Shovel knight is fun.
FINALLY! Died WAY too many times in this stage.
Ah Man! I LOVE this game!
Awww yea down goes the Spec...ter!
when you are a pro: i love this game! ^.^ but when you are a noob: i hate this game =`|
Did I break it?
Go on Git
Baz, the great meme lord
yippee its my birthday!!! oh im soo happy
plague+magicsist+mona= awkward
I don't think that's, uhh, supposed to be...uhm...
:D Ive already tried this game,.. its amazing!!
its papyrus
I can't believe miiverse is ending. It has been quite a ride. I talked to so much people, and made so much friends. But all good things come to an end. If you want to stay in contact with me I suggest 1:View my status on your friends list, search it up. 2. Wii U call/ dm me before miiverse closes. Its been a pleasure see yall later.
Finally playing Specter of Torment!!!
E vamos pro chefe final! :)
Only Shovel Knight can prevent wildfires...
Welp 10/8 its a great game
That empty space will always mock me. I know there's nothing left to collect, but that really just bugs me.
(Undertale - Note Story) I Tell Story. There Is Black And White Are Thing. Showing Of To Play The Specter Adventure. That Why Talking 8-Bit Undertale... :-)
New banner. Wish I coud make this one for my other account too.
Finally finished Shovel Knight!
Reize está a salvo en su nuevo hogar, pero no todos tienen un final feliz. Specter Knight a jurado lealtad a la hechicera y a ensoñado por última vez. Así termina mi odisea en ShovelKnight... SpecterOfTorment.
GGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Why is this so HARD?! It's only the second checkpoint!!
my favorite kind of justice
Y'know what? Trying to play through the whole game with the ever changing garment on New Game+ is way too frustrating. I give up. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you.
Look at my moves
What!!!!???? These flashbacks just keep getting better.
Plague Knight: Laadedaadaa I'm not listening!
What helmet?
No srsly give me ideas for tf2 explanations
Wwwwhhhhaaaaattttt tttttthhhhhheeeeee??????
How do I get to the other side of this room?
Wow. I really am evil.
I wonder if he's acquainted with Plague Knight's grandmother...
"Hmmm... Somehow I don't think that a sewer is a proper domain for that chemist..."
I guess each of the abilities in this campaign have their own trials.
Propeller Knight was Propeller Knerfed.
Shovel knight still surprises me with how good it is. Just... wow.
Overwhelming... Thanks again to Yacht club games.
Having just finished up Stranded ship, I would totally buy a specter knight sycthe skating game. Make it happen, Yacht Club Games.
This will be HOT!!! ♥ ;^)
I might have had to wait a bit longer after this came out on switch, but specter of torment is here at last. Can't wait to get started.
how do you duel mode, if it IS ON the wii u
So. I've beaten the story in three days. (Not a record, but some people say its fast.) I'll be pumping out Specter posts soon.
Oh, Plague Knight. You and your puns.
Shovel Fairy is adorable
all I can hear any more is Grump Dan's fancy voice for Propeller Knight. Its great!
I've just bought the golden armor!
Plague Knight: Hm. This essence is a bit chilly. Hee hee!
Too much information!
when your arguing with someone on miiverse
I could do this all day!
"Ooooo whatcha saaaaayy... aw that you only met weeeeell, of course you didn't" (I'm sorry in advance for potentially butchering the lyrics. That's how I've always heard it).
That's great
For all non-Switch owners out there, who is ready to play as this knight next month?!?!?!
OMG!!!!!!!!! its Papyrus?!?!?!?!
To Be Continued...
You know, for 92%, this isn't that bad. I mean, most of what I missed were music sheets and some coins, anyways
epic battle
I am still not sold on this one. Huge levels and plenty of content but too many instant deaths forcing me to repeat the same small portions of any given certain level.
........... What have I done...
▲■◆ Shovel Knight is Ready for Adventure!! ◆■▲#THE POWER OF SHOVEL KNIGHT ◆■▲
muy buen juego :)
Get rekt black knight
tfw the ultimate potion does nothing.
ha! ha! who is butt butt?
Close call...
I looked away and then back and saw this
Using a rapier to fly is great. Doing a few challenges to better yourself. Even better. Trying to overcome a slight problem. Even if it means falling to death because of bad timing. Well. Thats got to be worked on a little.
Shovel day! Shovel knight! i love this game!!
the great papyrus atacks
finally got the Amiibo yesterday and it is SWEEEEET!!
since when do rats explode
anyone know how to do this?
ok. XD
I found a flying magic bottle. How was your sunday.
I wouldn't mind having this guy (girl?) as a playable character. Feel like he/she'd be pretty cool
So Mighty No. 9?
No, I don't think there is.
She digs me
For Shovelry. For Miiverse. (Farewell from a Plague Knight fan)
... I'm not even going to say anything about this.
F.Shovel Knight shows off her music talent and it was such a hit F.Black Knight was blown away.
I'm going to finish up my swap mode SK run...I might as well.
Still a better love story than Twilight
guau la historia de specter es inprecionante
And that does it for my 3 playthroughs of each knight now to wait for the King Knight campaign ...all these campaigns are amazing and for such little dialogue they have alot of emotion and work put into all them by far my favorite indie game if you haven't played this amazing game you're missing out
the reward for collecting all of the red skeleton heads is ghost knight's human form and some spike thing. it's pretty cool I guess. I was hoping for infinite magic, but this works too I guess.
This boss rush wasn't nearly as hard as most YTbers made it look.
bosses are much harder during multiplayer. I'm having an easier time doing it solo.
Yes Yes Yes! I cleared the game!
(Undertale: Note) Flowey: What Is Specter Happened? O.O Reize: Specter!? Did You Say Hate The Farmer Rest!? >:-| Specter: Oh... Yes. I Was Matter. {:-< Reize: If That So. You Sending Bring The Phone Call That Farmer Rest At Going Forcing Baby! I Understand, Do You Understand Too! >:-| Specter: But I Try To Stay My House, I Will Never Ever Go That Farmer Rest! It Bad Idea... {:-/
Cool game
mega knight!!!!!!!
...I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying
Festejando un cumpleaños como debe ser. Excelente juego!!!
Phew. Finally beat Horace. @[email protected]
I gave up trying to act mature...around 1989.
A while back, when I first played Plague of Shadows, I managed to beat the final Tower of Fate stage without dying once. And if you dig far back into my archives enough, I still have the Miiverse screenshot to prove it. Only dying once (I fell into a gap during the Enchantress fight) isn't quite as good, but I'm still fairly proud of what I've done here. Boom!
This game's soundtrack is honestly perfect, especially this level's theme.
Ladies and germs, it's high time I broke new ground by digging into a new game: Shovel Knight!!
After two years of playing Shovel of Hope the quest comes to an end. I laughed, I cried, I shouted and I died (many times in fact). Yes, it's the end, but the moment has been prepared for.
Fun Fact: The 'Edge Farmer is the only character in the game to spell "Specter" as "Spectre".
*The forshadowing intensify's*
Yes! PUNS!!!
I think I broke it.
why is this not workinnng
knockback is the worst thing in the multiverse
Phew! That took a while. My hands are sweating right now!
Specter Knight is exactly the same as Danny Phantom! Both were normal, average people until an incident occured that turned them both into half ghosts. (I say this because Specter Knight has an object that represents his soul as well as a body) The two have some similar powers as well as potentially dark outcomes for their respective futures. Season 4 confirmed.
That background looks really good.
Specter of Torment: Rated E for Edginess!
Specter Knight Would like to take a moment to promote Yacht Club Games.
Awww this scene is so cute.
Specter Knight getting the Kiss of Death lol
I can confirm for a FACT that the Megaman X cheat code works on the Wii U.
Female Mole Butt is best waifu.
Final boss defeated by fishing rod
Great name choice there buddy.
Never gets old...
I want golf clubs! I want diamonds! I want a pony, so I can ride it twice, get bored, and sell it to make GLUE!
I've only played two levels in the Specter of Torment expansion, but it already blows Plague Knight out of the water. Redone levels/bosses AND NEW MUSIC? Bless Yacht Club for the new expansion.
A moment of humilty...
Well, I beat the game! Goodnight everybody in the northern hemisphere! And good morning to everybody in the southern hemisphere!
You know, considering I'm playing as a "dead" guy, my money right now is very fitting. It's also creeping me out...
And now I've beaten Spectre Knights story. This one was deep, dark, sad and fun all in one. This was easily my favorite of the 3 stories available to play. This story gave me the feels so many times :`( Hoping more stuff from Yacht Club games cause they nailed this game and its extra storiex times two! :D
Nice touch!
Specter of Torment New Game+ no death run complete! Let me say, combining darkness and will in a draining meter was a stroke of genius and made this mode fast and hectic!
After playing the prequal, I regret buying this...
The End Such a blast. Maybe I'll get back to it to hunt down the last of the red skulls...then again i never did find all the Alchemy coins or the music notes. Regardless, Specter of Torment = A++
like you wouldn't believe
There's something so metal about this! lol
I was smart to avoid this room until I upgraded my float skill...Soooo Black knight is back.
¿Que traje recomiendan?
Uf, voy a ser honesto, me costo como 37 intentos, pero lo importante fue No Rendirse!!! (Uf, am gonna be honest, i try like 37 times, but, the important was Never Give Up!!!)
I've completed my no death run of Specter of Torment! (Well, except for the fact that Specty is already dead!) Awesome DLC, Yacht Club, can't wait to return for that decadent dandy, King Knight!
De los tres modo reto que hay, creó que los de specter night son los más faciles, aún asi su campaña esta muy bien llevada, esperó con ansia que salga la campaña de king night, por cierto alguien sabe cuando sale? en fin creo que yacht club games a hecho un excelente trabajo con este juego, todos los aspectos del título están muy bien realizados, quisiera saber que están preparando para el futuro.
Logic! There is none.
I finished Shovel Knight: Specter or Torment! :D
Surfing with a scythe! :D Awesome!
And that's Specter of Torment. What a ride! This is the best campaign thus far; its got great remixes, an interesting story, and some of the most clever level design I've ever seen (too bad rail grinding only consists of about 10% of the game). Honestly, this beats Plague of Shadows in my opinion, since it offers so much more. Let's see how King Knight will turn out.
Why hello again WiiU... Been a while.
First of all how the fronk do I save in Specter Knight's campain? And secondly this Curious level is absolutely ridiculous...>_<
Thank goodness for custom button mapping: the B button my gamepad just quit working.
So collecting 93 curios gives me this, cool
Ok, this part is actually pretty cool.
If you go right at the start of Specter Knight's 2nd Challenge, you'll find... Treasure Knight!?
Specter Knight: Goes through all this trouble to form this order and gives up his soul. Plague Knight: "I'm going to betray all of you."
Mira donde esta Polar Knight, jaja, "Aterrizaje Epico". (Look were is Polar Knight, jaja, "Epic Landing".)
Am I cool now?
I am now a friendly skeleton.
who thinks this is funny
what is the point of this room?
Finaly! after 2 months of wait, but we must wait no more! Specter of Torment will release on 04/21 for wii U and 04/25 for 3ds in North America. Although it still is to be determined for Europe, hope u guys get an release date soon.
YOU GOT: SPECTER OF TORMENT. nope, not yet. xD
Why did I waist my time on this?
Excuse me while I go throw my Wii U console across the street.
Geez, with this challenge, you can ONLY miss ONE red gem.
Huh. Guess Plague Knight is picking up the arts of Metroid's SCREWATTACK!
Such a great game :)
Plague Knight is probably the most cruel boss ever if he can just explode his minions anytime he wants with barely a care in the world.
Black Knight doesn't stand a chance.
200TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT!! Thank you all for everything you do!! You made this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All 159 (i think) of you!! Shoutout to everybody who helped with this goal!!!! All of you people are awesome!! Special Shoutout to Grant for talking to me and making me happy!(ier)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luan Loud: The developers really thought outside the CHEST on this. hahaha, get it :D
Teehee, I'm so clever and funny.
OK this stage is too hard with only one checkpoint. The level part doesn't even have a checkpoint. The boss rush is too challenging with only half healing items. I'd usually stop for a while by now, since I've been playing for about two hours now, but I've gotten so far and I don't wanna have to do this all over again.
anyone knowany cheat codes for shovel knight
This lady has moves!
I just bought the physical version of this game for $10, and so far it's great! I should've got it sooner.
uh oh
Best. Cheat code. Ever.
kill me now
Got new armor again!!!!!! :D
Who else is excited for Specter of Torment?
Have to be honest. I never gave Plague Knight much of a chance until now. I just didn't care for the control compared to Shovel. Now that I actually dug into it a bit I am enjoying this dlc pretty well! Looking forward to the next batch for sure!
Thought for a second that I wasn't going to get it, but Plague Knight's Feats are done!
I only have to do Checkpointless before I'm done with Plague Knight!
Look wat I just got!
This game keeps giving. Before I do Plague of Shadow, I'll be doing what I call a "Let's Post."
you could say.... i'm.... flipping out for halloween! (sad trumpet playes)
this was more fun than the normal mode
If only I could transfer saves between my 3ds and wii u copies.
For 15 dollars at waltmart it was worth it :D/ por 15 dolar en waltmart valio la pena :D
i have so many questions right now!
wow! know ive had this game for two years and just didnt get time to play it and WOW!! by far my favorite retro original indie...its got soo much influence from castlevania, mario 3, megaman, ducktales and much more and just CRANKS UP THE JUICE just things you couldnt imagine in an 8bit nes style platformer... i am loving it!
this womans true test FOR GLORY!!!!!!
Shovel Knight: I didn't get that joke. Ghost: Personally, that joke really croaked me up. :D
Genial son 2 juegos... excelente ..
Finally! I did it!
The campfire scenes are my favorite part!
How do I get the other suits and last burst thing?
Oie shy 7u7
yay i finally got this game of a depressed knight who doesnt even have a sword
is that arin from game grumps?
Thus ends shovel knight.
Who you gonna call? Shovel Knight!
my grumps amiibo
Long may his stem grow!!
Ah, Shovel Knight, I love this game! But I can't decide: should I get this for the 3DS too, or buy Kingdom Hearts HD PS3?
Just defeated Plague Knight. Onto the next one.
shovel kight: LOL
I just John Cena'd that guy lol
Since I heard this game was getting free DLC, I thought I'd play some of it, I got this game last christmas. It's actually pretty good
I'm missing one of the coins here. Does anyone know where it could be?
I'll let this painting live. ... You know why.
So long Miiverse. We had our fun times together.. You will be missed, at least by this gamer.
Everything has to end at somepoint Goodbye miiverse Thanks... For everything
What a cool view! ... I feel like I did this before...
you guys can pick a guy for me to play as!
Acho que Esse Chefe é o que dá mais trabalho nesse Shovel Knight!
Honestly, when I saw the gameplay for King of Cards, it certainly wasn't what I was expecting. Guess King Knight took up wrestling, huh? It looks over the top and I love it. Leave to Yaght Club Games to think of a completely new and creative game mechanic.
Quem não CupHead por enquanto joga Shovel !
*Uncontrollble laughing*
I'll post after I finish this playthrough
La chica amiibo!!!★
Beautiful game! Congratulations to the awesome team at Yachtclub Games!
I haven't played this game in awhile glad to see new characters in this game.
Only dance this dude cares for is a dance with death, yo.
this game is so much fun
Lol my progress so far
Nice. Took me a lot of tries.
neat easter egg!
To those who have completed Specter of Torment; he would know Shield Knight is not dead. But this instead implies it in a deeper sense, that she is gone and all that is left is The Enchantress. Of course Specter's story I'm sure was not planned at all at this point, but really interesting new spin on it. So this is not a plot hole.
the ship has sailed! both figuratively and literally.
Has anyone seen my new bio? if so, what do you think of it?
I'm kinda hyped for the King Knight campaign in the future. I'm curious to see what the story will be
found something weird... if you stand on the ledge with the "ice statue", it bobs up and down.
soo fun
... whoops...
Cuidado!! Niños ratas explosibos
A true final act of chivalry, Specter Knight.
i just noticed that one of the pictures heads looks like the dragon in specter of torment
time to beat the game
I love this game.
im scared now
It would be nice if the last 2 Red Skulls were atop Horace's climbing game. That way you could collect all 100 without entering the final stage, and fight the Enchantress wearing the Donovan Set. It'd be symbolic and whatnot.
either that guy is looking at a picture of his family, or he's just playing a video game, IN A VIDEO GAME. (I don't know witch it is)
for some reson this reminds me of mega man
Of the 3 campaigns released so far, I think Plague of Shadows is my favorite. Every bit as meaty as Shovel of Hope, while still exotic like Specter of Torment. Plus, Plague Knight is such a likable dude.
Literally as soon as I won I fell down a pit. Lmao.
AAA So good, again! ^-^
can somebody fix the text
When a meme is a challenge...
when you say that your fine but your not fine
Stats - Specter of Torment
That was as good as Plague, even better maybe.
It's time.
Batalha mais frenetica do jogo é a do plague knight,nem vi uq aconteceu so esmaguei os botão e fez alguma coisa e eu passei
Once again, an amazing ending. :3 I can't wait to finish Plague of Shadows and I'm so excited for King Knight's campaign! ^-^
whoa this is a kids game
I broke Spectre Of Torment...
The Shadow Mirror really helps if you have a hard time knowing where you are on the dark sections. Plus, it doesn't even use up darkness if you don't attack, so it's even better for crossing pits!
Victory at last!!
Dont ask how the money got down there. It just did.
Specter of Torment completed
Well, that happened.
*looks at EXP bar* You have got to be kidding me...
An excellent finish!
The Specter Knight remix of Lost City is incredible.
It's Super Mario Bros. 3 all over again!
Beat Plague of Shadows
get him!!! majic circles of doom!!!!!!!!!!!
sound track on this level is incredible!
does this mean any thing to you guys?
I just realized...this Dragon guy who was a Goldarmor...he has a portrait in the hall of champions! A Double appearance in the game!
All of that, for an achievement and some MONEY!!?? You have got to be joking.
Well, excuse me princess.
RIP Don's Soul
And the truth comes out.
Replaying Specter knights story made me realize.... I want a story for reize
Aww. He's too shy to dance in front of her.
I played on this save file for 10 hours
PlagueKnight es muy buen personaje.
(Undertale: Note) Specter Knight: I'm The Ghostly Power, A Place Goes Easy! :-) Flowey: Ooh Woah! This So Awesome! I Like This... :-D
Did this guy forget who his boss is or what?
i knew before was too easy!
A fateful encounter between two bitter enemies... "Bomb Voyage." "Monsieur Incroyable!"
Finally... all Spectre Knight feats! The Hurry Up honestly wasnt as bad as doing Naked Spectre and Make A Killing at the same time Did hurry up with 16min to spare which seems pretty good
Wow that ending was so good. This game is good lol
The kiss of death ACTUALLY KILLED ME!!! WHAT!?
What does the red skull do? It's scary.
Still funny.
It's time for you to be sunken treasure
okay so let me get this straight. I threw a skeleton sentry then reize killed me then the skeleton sentry killed reize but I still got a game over. Great just great
Time to be buried Mole Knight
Poor Baz. I wish there was something you could do to help the guy in Shovel Knight's story. I feel bad for beatin the tar out of the guy now.
I just can't help myself...
You are out :)
That was rough, but it didn't take too long. Got maybe 4k gold too.
Wasn't expecting this...
Day 30: They still haven't noticed
One knight for the Order of No Quarter
Es este Egoraptor? (Is this Egoraptor?)
This Game is Awesome and funny is worth your money a got-it on sale brand new for only $10.00 love it yeahhhhhhhhh
If you're having trouble with the Enchantress on New Game+, I HIGHLY recommend the flame shield Curios. It gets stronger the more projectiles it absorbs, and launching a full flame shield does 1½ damage to her. You still have to hop around and dodge certain attacks, but it's otherwise your best bet.
This looks wrong
Now I understand why she is happy I defeated Specter Knight
Fell in a hole when I won!!
If you are trying Horace's challenge and you you have the judgement orb, USE IT.It really helps in some sections.Just don't usebit too much or else you'll run out of edge power.(darkness)
Even though we all knew how it had to end, it was still such a moving finale. Well done, Yacht Club.
This would make a great desktop wallpaper.
I have made quite some progress!
ow....... my bones
If there's ever a place to use that Chronos Coin, its that stupid tower climb.
A million years later, finally beat Beeto's Big Break, finishing the Challenges for now. The Schemer will be playing in my head for weeks...
There's humor even in a story as dark as Spectre Knights. Who knew? xD
i almost made it! whats do u even get at the end,i kno its a curio but what make it so special
Well, THIS is new.
If I don't get a radical, extravagant, rail-grinding segment in the King Knight DLC, Yacht Club will receive a very angry letter in the future.
They call it Specter of Torment because Yacht Club not giving me a release date was torment.
how valiant!
Yacht Club. Those guys and gals be GREATS! Specter of Torment was a grand campaign and I am ever excited for King Knight as far away as that is!
Oh great...Gamera is helping Black Knight... Dose anyone even know who Gamera is?
I know this feeling all too well
She killed me!!!
This game is legit.
I know I'm late to the Shovel Knight party, but I'm finally getting around to this game. I bought it last fall and beat Shovel Knight's campaign, but didn't really get hooked into the game. I picked it up again, and now I'm hooked! I beat Plague Knight's campaign, and I'm currently working on getting the cipher coins that I missed. I'm not sure why I didn't love this game last fall.
that's what i'd do
Mole Knight's stage sounds much more chill than in the last two story modes. How's that for irony?
Adding this room was a nice touch.
These ending scences get awkward in body swap mode...
Can I just say how awesome it is that Plague Knight has a witch hat in Body Swap? It's so cool and makes it more of a bummer that Body Swap is Shovel Knight exclusive.
Praise the yacht club games!
Well, this is awkward...
These dream sequences were bothe LORE and FUN. Top kek, You've done it again Yacht club. [This concludes Specter's campaign. Come back for simple memes and the upcoming King Campaign]
This explains a lot...And still leaves a lot that needs answering
Cutting these cannonballs in half is so anime, I feel that this scene should flip to 3-D every time.
Great new campaign, full of surprises and new gameplay elements! Specter Knight is a lot of fun to play.
Whoa, even his defeat is fancy!
Apparently, if you use the Cold Shoulder ability in front of the skeletal sentry, it emits cute little hearts. <3
You do not know how long I've been waiting to get back at you and your gimmick.
AW YEAH WORK IT! Exclusive to the donovans armor which is your 100 red skull reward, along with the caltrops. Everytime you preform the cold shoulder you have a chance of pulling of some SWEET moves!
I did a thing
I didn't want to get this on the Switch, it didn't feel quite right. My Wii U still deserves my love and this game will be played on it.
Heh, should've known what the "Kiss of Death" was leading to.
i assure you this is normal
Nailed it.
Real specters beat Horace's Tower of Frustration right after the prologue!
Love this game
Specter Knight: Shovel Fairy I dont think you ca- Shovel Fairy: I CAN PICK IT UP. Specter Knight: You sure? Shovel Fairy: SHUT UP I CAN DO IT! Specter Knight: ...
100/10! An amazing story and great gameplay
Huh. I was wondering why that red skull looked so strange. Yay! Across the 8 Knight stages i'm only missing 6 red skulls. this should be easy? it won't be
Excelente! Great!
who is this guy
And that's everything in Specter Knight's Campaign. All in the span of a few hours.
King Knight must have one strong forehead!
They weren't kidding when they said "tragic".
Feels good to be bad!
Guess who got all the skulls?! (Yay I might've beat Mike to it!)
Breath of the Wild is nothing short of incredible, but its sheer vastness can be a bit overwhelming. I yean for simpler times. Specter of Torment finally hit Wii U, so no reason not to jump in.
This is a fun game! But it's can also be pretty difficult. This game will work me to DEATH. The game also has plentiful secrets. To find them all, I'm going to need a professional InSPECTER!
I'm going through the "Body swap" version, and I have a gripe. The characters dialogue sound effects aren't tuned to their genders. Female Shovel Knight and Queen Knight still sound as thick as their male counterparts. I hope the next update remedies this.
The dragons supouse to throw fire. why this throw bubbles?
I might as well go through Plague of Shadows a 2nd time while waiting for Specter of Torment. Let's do this Plague Knight!
plague rules
the end
Coming Soon! xD
What chemistry!
I love how when propeller knight falls that rose comes from out of nowhere.
Jeez, the platforming here is probably more precise that the second last level of the game, but beating the level with most to all the possible gold and cipher coins is so worth it!
I have ALL 45 feats on Shovel Knight for Wii U! The switch version is next!!!
Chillin' Like a Villian in my room!
I may have cleared the game with Shovel Knight, BUTT not with Plague Knight.
You Puny Boss!
can someone help me beat King Knight
Well this doesn't look good
I killed Propeller knight, then fell off the map!
when you take drugs thinking they aren't drugs from a kid.
♪When De Moon , Hits Your Eyes♪ ♪Like A Big Pizza Pie,♪ ♪In Da Mornan!♪
This is why I love this game so much.
It is a *BIG* Boom!
Pretty sure this guy makes hats out of Pokémon.
As I post in memory of a fading console, I'll just let this pic speak for itself. Interpret it how you will. I first played Shovel Knight on Wii U, & though it wasn't made by Nintendo, it certainly felt that way. The Wii U let me share this game in a way I couldn't on other platforms, and sharing is one of the things I liked most about it. Plus this level is just bananas. #WhatIsDeadMayNeverDie
I've mainly been focusing on sidequests lately and some upgrades... it's helping.
They call it the magic number for a reason
You know me just fishing!
Shovel Stats: 2/14/17 New Game +
so close
I used to think Specter Knight (or in this case, Butt) was so hard on my first play through, but I just beat the stage in like a minute and a half.
And after a (surprisingly not) difficult battle, the Enchantress has spared Plague Knight and given him the last Essence for the Ultimate Potion! Now to win Mona's heart!
Hat Knight = Best knight
I really like this game ♥
i beat new gaem plus :3
This treasure has been dug up.
Yeah, you should. You almost killed someone who's also FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE!
Guess what I got at Walmart for $7.00! I'm over 2 years late to the party, but better late than never, right? I've been waiting so long. Now it's time.
final feliz para mona y plague knight
my money
al fin pleague of chadows
Amazing ending. Most adorable Finish screen ever!
este juego esta genial y dificil :-o
just got the game shovel night yesturday but how do i make this jump
Your DLC. Fork it over.
Fun Piece of Trivia: If you're wearing the Gold Armor, King Knight will comment on it after the Battle Royale.
ITS ARIN!!!!! Okay before, I thought this game was good. But now, ITS GOD-LIKE.
I'm the Black Knight, I'm INVINCIBLE!!! #MontyPython
i am on fire
It's pretty good.
YES I DO! what is under the surface anyway?
i have no words for this
That color tho!
It's Egoraptor!
Finally finished plauge of shadows. What a blast it was! (pun intended) While it was overall easier then shovel knight's campaign, mostly due to leech liquid, there were still some challenging platforming sections. Bring on specter of torment.
I really like how plauge knight's journey runs parallel to shovel knight's.
That was so annoying!
One neat little detail I came across recently is that the bombs appearance in the inventory changes depending on what what casing, powder, and fuse you have equipped. Here it is with bounce casing.
this happens to me all the time!
this game is just.... 10/10
i did it
Starting from scratch.
Am i supposed to get the infinidager here?
Flying rats? 10/10 idea main villan of the week IGN
first ACTUAL boss!!! eeeeeeeee!!
my lame excuse for a halloween picture, YOOOLLLOOO
Plague Of Shadows: CLEAR!
This guy is pretty much the best.
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!! This is Shovel Knights Costume!
im almost done with this game in extra mode
its a gamesgrump reference!
graceful knight
just got shovel knight today as well haha, funny how i had the amiibo before the game
Apple Cloak acquired!
i got on to this tower and i didn't hack to do it!
Shovel knight with out his helmet?
Little Girl: Daddy, were do rainbows come from? Dad: Well...
LOL, wow, THIS was unexpected!
Voy a comenzar esta aventura que me recomendaron mucho. Espero sea un juego inolvidable!
This Is A Sad Image...
I, uh– win..?
Finally took the time to finish Game+! Another awesome time with this game. Now I've beat it regularly, co-op/amiibo mode (with my Han Shovo), normal Plague of Shadows, and Game+. Can't wait for Spector Knight and future games!
i got a marble!
What a beautiful sky!
i love this game
That pose though.
how i feel when it's monday
Huh. Neat
It's a dragon ball!
infinite dagger simulator 2015 GAME GRUMPS REFERENCE!!
Hey Look its a headless Papyrus
Aw, what a sweet ending <3
Haha I'm a fish spitting rainbows :3
i recommend anybody who see's this post get this game
Beaten this game twice. It was for a Let's Play.
Completed a general playthough. Not sure about doing the extras at this time though. In other news, I get to hang up my child's picture for the first time.
Non je ne sais pas...
Let us dig let us dig
I thought this was a field of wheat?
Meowth forgot his pokedollars
*laughs uncontrolably by seeing egpraptors face from game grumps* XD
I got Shovel Knight!!!
so big !!!
Is the Battle Toads or Kratos Cameo in the game
That's questionable
Not a weapon? I will shovel your grave after I kill you with this shovel D:<
Secret Room! But Mona's portrait is gone...
why i do believe i have found mister grump
Umm... the boss meter isn't completely down! I thought I defeated it.
I replayed this game and i played through all of it in like 3 hours o-o. The game has great gameplay and control. My only complaint is that shovel knight doesn't really develop alot during the game. He just seems like that typical hero. If you play plague of shadows, plague knight develops character A LOT threw the game. Other than that I would recommend this to anyone willing for an adventure.
who am i playing as? Shovel Knight, or Pleague Knight? first 5 to get it right will get a yeah bomb and friend request!
Needed a new favorite post.
10 Yeahs and I will explain this.
Another Easy Knight Dead! (Mole Knight)
Treasure Knight Was Easy!
perfect time to kill shovel knight... when he is off guard!
This Game is Super Fun! The Best Platformer i Played In A Long Time!!
Just found this! Very cool!
haHA! Beat THAT score! :P
Wonderful, beautiful, magnificent game! Don't know how I took so long to play this. Want more
Well this definitely doesn't belong here.
And Polar Knight is down. Not that hard of a stage.
i had fun with this game. It's development and communication with fans were superb. Goodbye shovel knight miiverse. Thank you yacht club games.
Ladies night at the tower.
any one see the difference
This is my first in a collection of screenshots of the Miiverse functions in this game. This is a screenshot of my first Post on my new game.
What a cool view! I wonder if I'll I don't know sometime in the future do the same thing...
Mundo dos otro nuevo reto a cumplir.
too hard for lvl 1
What a fun little extra feature!
Recien me acorde que no habia actualizado Shovel Knight, y gratas sorpresas me llevo
The most important part of this game
Sigh... My last Miiverse post. Not sure how I feel, :-[ Thanks Nintendo for the memories... and treasures. Hopefully there will be something like this on the Switch. Goodbye everyone! ♥
A bit of trial and error to get through without extra will and darkness. That green skull was a life saver.
A little hectic going for this feat at the same time as Hurry Up and Naked Spectre. Probably didn't have to go for each treasure spot in the first few levels.
that was easy
Zerado! jogo sensacional e bem feito!!!
done and gonna post when I come home
Hey, Shovel Knight o/
Before Miiverse dies, I would just like to take this opportunity to tell Yacht Club Games that I LOVE Shovel Knight!!! Thank you SO much for creating such an incredible experience!!
so sad , Miiverse is coming to an end, I have great memories of amazing games and experiences shared here. It was an experiment for Nintendo and in my opinion they succeed. A big hug for all of you , this might be my last post. Take care, and even feeling Nintendo abandoned Wii U owners ,we got a lot of jewels of different games ü . Goodbye
Yes! Finally bested this challenge. Also "VECTOR VICTOR" is the best achievement name ever.
This game has incredible pixel art...
who says i can't play as donovan
I can't wait for the new shovel knight amiibo!
I finished Plague of Shadows! The gameplay was kinda weird, but other than that, I really liked the story!
I feel bad for the bird.
we're mad at each other
the edge brothers
And that's that. Peace.
That was a nice expansion, but you made a grave mistake that you'll pay for soon enough, Specter. I begrudgingly win... for now.
I wrecked that dude. Gimmick bosses and I get along real well.
Well, here we go.
Uh... huh.
Might as well take a picture of this one while I'm at it. Mm-hmm.
(Undertale - Note Story) We Should People Show Believe... Believe Of Self The Miiverse. What Is Tom Doing Taking The Princess? He's Said, We Do Not Ending Of Miiverse Fron November, If Will Be Service! People Wanna Believe Of Black And White... :-|
Yes! I finally did this after around 50 try's in a row.
What a beautiful scene.
After hearing the Miiverse is dying I'm shouting out to as many of my favorite games as possible! Shovel knight rocks! Specter Knight rocks! Black Knight rocks! The whole cast rocks!
All in all, I really enjoyed Shovel Knight. The gameplay was satisfactory, the characters were well-developed, the music was 7.5/10(not the greatest music I've heard in VGs but I still enjoyed it), the story is great, and I enjoyed seeing all the other VG references in between(I saw mostly MegaMan and Zelda ref.). I'm giving SK an overall score of 8.5/10. You did an outstanding job Yacht Games :D
Yo solo quería encontrar a la sirenita :'v
Press Down To DANCE!
Spec blew off Dancer but was willing to sit through this... I really like the aesthetic for this game, at least in the tower. Adds flavor. The remix of the levels, though, are not as consistently as appealing. Some are too dang red or green.
why is specter knight not claping!?!
beat shovel knight 3rd character (lich)
Just finished Shovel Knight, in general, it was amazing. The music was great, the bosses were cool, the only thing I could really see wrong with it was its difficulty, but when you reach a checkpoint or beat a level, you really feel accomplished.
Well now...I wasn't expecting this. Nice one guys.
I almost beat the game but then it crashed .-.
That is actually kind of adorable...
Time to enjoy a game known as Shovel Knight.
hello pros because i need you for tips of how to defeat the boss in this place.
YES! i finally unlocked the 3rd area!
I'm about to go to hel-I mean Propeller Knight's stage. Wish me luck!
UPD: Just beat Polar Knight.
spectery precise plataforming with supa speed= P a i n .
yay i beat the game in 2 weeks
its cute
Beat the game
Guess I learned something from Undertale. [MERCY]
Yes! I finally beat Black Knight! I was trying to beat him last night but I had to go to bed. Now it's morning and it took me a few times to beat Black Knight.
Hello Hello and Hello if your playing this game let me know you put a yeah on it. thank you!
This music is awesome for a first level!
Oh no! Shield Knight!
I guess they were pretty proud of this one...... Now I have 2 hold left on every stage.......
Of all the stages that I played on the three different campaigns, this one is the worst! It's stressing these touch and you're dead segments, Mole knight is not worth it.
This is lit.
comment for shovelry if you have shovel knight. i wanna see how many of you guys own shovel knight. and comment down with shovelry if you do not have it
niña del aro? eso no me lo esperaba
I must admit... I'm not too big on Shovel Knight, but Specter of Torment isn't half bad!
que harcore
...I know what I'm saving up for next.
These rail sections are pretty fun
So purdy
Right on!
you can launch her hoop away from her giving her different diolog
wow the new game plus for specter knight is so good it fuses your darkness and will into a constntanly depleting recource what do you think
This is my favorite suit. :)
Tired of being menaced by the giant fish in the Iron Whale? You can eliminate it with the Dread Talon.
I'd better be careful!
I've thought of going easy on him since he's so easy to bat but I change my mind.
i found jon tron too
We interrupt Shovel Knight to bring you Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
But seriously, Arin and Danny need to play Plague of Shadows at some point. It was somewhat irritating when they played Specter of Torment first. I believe Arin admitted to not being very good at controlling Plague Knight, but frankly he just needs to git gud.
Finished Shovel Knight's story. That was quite an adventure. Now to try Plague Knight and Specter Knight. Can't wait for King Knight.
when did papyrus get here
I actually beat Tinker Knight on the first try on a New Game Plus once. Usually takes me a few tries per boss unless it's the first Black Knight fight or King Knight.
Dis the season to be jolly!
Final boss while grinding on scythe! 8 bit perfection!
Ha, reference in your own game.
speedrun 1:57 min
ah cheat codes
I love that they're using this mechanic for the final boss.
did any know that you could dance by moving the analog stick down twice when you equip the donovan costume
en el minuto cero 0 (:^0)
★ bueno pero que increíble estan las expansiónes de shovel knight uno de mis indis Favoritos
Denada yacht games!
Zeradinho no capricho
forreal?(olha meu dinheiro e olha qnt custa o coiso)
essa sala me lembrou megaman
This is what every loading screen should say
well im happy at least some of thrase guys got happy endings!
Last feat finally complete! Least until King Knight releases... but for now, it is a good feeling!
you know shovel knight i don't think fishing is the smartest thing to do while your fighting a harpey
when all you play is indie games so all you can do is make a "sad" reference to another that only five people on this world would get...
The results of my first full playthrough of Specter of Torment.
plague knight is fun!
They actually used the Blue Liquid Samurai?! I'm legitimately shocked, even if it doesn't actually fight you.
Its a secret, hidden above another secret! It must be the fabled 'Double Secret'. I thought it to be but legend...
you k there propeller. kinda holding on by your toes there
Looks like someone took notes from Dr. Wily.
The Plague Knight challenges are insanely difficult.
I completed Specter of Torment!
How do you cheer him up?
Too close. Waaay too close.
I don't think this code is as funny as Butt mode, but it still rocks. Further proof of Yacht Club Games have a lot of fun making their games.
I didn't even know I had this DLC. Awesome!
The start of a new adventure... Happy summer break kids and squids!
I find it odd that a blue Liquid Samurai appears in the credits for Shovel of Hope, because blue Liquid Samurai don't even appear in it.
I've played Specter of Torment the most out of the current adventures, perhaps a little too much. I've played normally, New Game+, Mega Man X Wall Slide mode, and Donovan mode, with the last two being cheat codes. Overall, I think this is the best adventure (so far) in the Shovel Knight series!
Not even spikes can stop... SPECTRE KNIGHT!
messa offended
plage night: why that little traidor!!!!!!
do yoosa hear anysing wrong with hisa vioce? or is it just meesa?
And so I begin my Wii-U playthrough of Specter of Torment. I'll be taking screenshots of some of my favorite shots\moments throughout it. Love the opening scene, really sets the mood for the adventure to follow!
FINALLY found the last red skull here! All I had to do was go left from the start! Metroid allusion?
he gets so exited when he gets paper in his head LOL
jo, que final tan triste ;(
get out of my game big birtha!!!!
I really found Specter of Torment to be an interesting story. I'll definitely never see some of the characters the way I did before! Also, collect every red skull. I promise, it's amazing.
Okay, this is a pretty fun game. Still think the controls feel a bit stiff though.
Hopefully I'll get to the rest soon enough.
Sure... That's what i was doing...
ha, even specter knight couldn'tresist petting a puppy XD
The Ending Of this Game is so good... ;)
Some Code of Shovelry, pal!
Tip: You can tell which are Plague Knight clones by looking at their masks. The masks of the clones are lighter.
Here I thought the Tower would be harder with the Mega Man X code, but I got it on my second try!
Shall we begin this sorrowful tell?
Well, that was easy.
I don't know how, but I managed to beat all of Specter Knight's challenges!
when u realize that you have homework over the summer
¡Primera vez jugando ShovelKnight Especter Of Torment y victoria contra BlackKnight y su rinoceronte!
Another Yacht Club Games touch. :D
%100 complete
squad goals
(Insert 3 seconds of "NOOOOO!"-ing here)
Talk about a close call.
It's kind of disappointing that you can't get 100% on your first clear, gotta go back for the 100%.
I love shovel knight!!
Best. Amiibo. Ever.
Not a single fragment of story-important dialogue is left unbuttified.
This purple & green armor was such a huge godsend.
I think I just found out how ProtonJon and Lucahjin started dating....
Well, that's the last of the Order No. Quarter. D o I get to go to Enchantress now?
I see you Yacht Club trying to change it up a bit.
Now Baz wants to come out of nowhere!!
Using a cheat code! Code is TVSVUEIO
i dont remember toader being so pail
Pear bomb best bomb. I love this game so much.
Looks like Plague Knight has no interest in paying attention to his story.
just finished propeller knights stage. GOD that was hard
The amount of tries this took got to the point where I could Speed Run the stage, and I don't do Speed Runs!
See kids, this is why you don't hang out at bars.
Pretty sick!
It's time for the King to be the Enchantress servant.
Me and Navi Knight, againt the world!
Best game I have ever played
What's the second vow?
Lets just take a moment to appreciate the new amiibo costume I just unlocked.
Butt Butt shows his true feelings while the Troupple King's back is turned...
Welcome to the Ridiculous Run, in which I play through Shovel of Hope, accept I am using an amiibo with a fish head, everybody's gender is swapped EXCEPT for Shovel Knight, and I am using the butt code! (X&BUTT)
S&JOHNY is the code to play as Donovan.
You know, Spectre Knight's gameplay reminds me of Capcom's Strider games.
So excited that this came out. Now to find out Specter Knight's side of things
It's so nice to meet others who share my interests
You have NO IDEA how many tries this took!
Help them or leave them?? I mean, I'm a nice guy, but they just tried to beat me up. I don't know that helping them in these circumstances would be part of the code of Shovelry either. Hmmm, tough choice...
Do what you love.
This may be the most artistically impressive Shovel Knight expansion yet!
Yep. "Specter of Torment" is way fun!
I have only just now discovered that the "Spectre of Torment" update is available for the Wii U. Is it also live for the 3DS version...?
Excellent expansion, this one! Took me 4:52, and I had 86 deaths in total (yikes!).
An invincible order that some guy with a shovel can single-handedly defeat.
porque siempre aparece en los creditos de shovel knight bebe de producción ???
Ya me pase el juego xDDDD
One Knight's treasure is another Knight's trash! Poor Donovan...
I am starting to remember why I don't play this game that often....
I don't wanna toot my own horn but...
New record!
well since ps4 and xbox have their own exclusive armors, there's gotta be a secret armor for the nintendo switch and Wii U like Mario armor or Samus armor for a future update that is. I mean look. There's an extra armor slot next to the gold armor, so i predict that there will be a secret armor in two or four updates
A touching reunion.
Say that again but slowly.
Out of everythingthing in this awesome room, who love the bouncy-bed the most?
Has anyone find this room yet?
Dancing with Mona~♥
I was unaware they are best buds.
I am FINALLY doing this with Shovel Knight, I did it with Plague Knight...Oh hi Egoraptor
Completed New Game Mode+: Specter of Torment, it was much harder than normal, especially the Tower of Fate levels. Close to Mega Man X & Zero hard! Oh, and 100% item completion! :)
Ninja Gaiden 2!
The Scythe Squad has a new recruit!
Success! It took me way too many attempts, but it was worth it!
Oh boy can Specter of Torment's New Game+ mode be difficult!
Call me crazy, but I don't seem to ever recall seeing Phantom Striker in Shovel of Hope or Plague of Shadows...
These credits are... interesting...
It's a chicken. Because why not.
Why was the Enchantress so much harder than Super Ultimate Mega Darkness Reize?!?
Oook. So here's me thinking it'd be a good idea to try and beat a stage in my giant Specter Knight challenge before bed. Turns out: this code basically turns Specter into the Colossal Titan, so even the simplest task becomes next-to-impossible. Case in point: this bit here. The fire keeps throwing me into the pits.... If only I could use the Phase Locket that's in my pocket..
Black K. derrotado agora bora partir pra bruxa ! xD
Specter Knight: Are you OK? Missy: TO MUCH COFFEE!!!!!
So THATS what the Kratos fight is like.
Kiss of death!
Just no...
took a short break from BOTW to finish out Specter of Torment's final two stages and I did it!
Okay this level was about to make me lose my marbles but this is a saving grace...Even if its dark...How can I NOT like a grind surf section?
With his red cloak and sharp sickle, Specter Knight takes point in his own new campaign.
c'est super une mise a jour gratuite et voila je crois que j'ai l'expansion du jeu!!! dites le moi si je me trompe!
anyone else notice that when the skeleton drinks, you can see it spill on the ground?
'tis a masterpiece!
♪ONE P-U-N-C-H!♪
You cant refuse a dance like this , This game has super replay value I did not expect getting this update because the Wii U is saying goodbye , but YachtClub games did it impeccably :)
I'm sad now. Specter Knight did nothing wrong.
C&MVRKHNT to play Specter Knight X.
If you want heapin' leapin' loads of fun, use the rail mail in Plague Knight's stage. The combination of it and the water that makes you go even faster or slower adds spice to the gameplay.
I'm so edgy lol.
My shadow clone with Donovan is different.
This stage was annoying...
Não é q Shovel Knight conseguiu aumentar o replay com as Atualizaçoes e de Grátis :)
Exactly what I was thinking...
This is WAY better than the last expansion
And here's this giant enemy *DEEPSEA ANGLERFISH* you attack its weak point for massive damage
I think I got the skill I need to out smart this...What ever it is...I will see the top
Oh wow! Just booted-up my Wii U to discover Shovel Knight auto updated to Treasure Trove!
Amiibo Fairies are awesome!
How wonderful... True love!
Bosses so far have been pretty great.
A close victory!
im really liking this donovan code!
Found my secret room!
100% all challenges and feats. Until next time with King Knight!
Plague Girl!
I think the skeleton sentry may have a crush on Spector Knight.
I know her name is supposed to be based off of the word "amiibo", but it also sounds like she should have a cookie factory built inside of a tree.
game+ is close to an end...
now THIS is an air battle
sos is written on the wall weird
"King" is but a blasphemous title. A king thinks of himself being greater than any other man, but even kings can taste the bitter sting of death!
Wounded Terror is cute. Shame this is Chronically the last we see of him.
Did that ghost just kiss me!?!...I guess I would smooch a ghost....Wait!
Feelin' bad for Baz. He planned everything.
Another perfect game.
I ain't goin' down there.
Spectre of Torment has not disappointed so far. The story and Donovan's motivations are pretty dark for a game like Shovel Knight. I'm glad i have it.
Final boss time! And we get to rail grind.
Tinker Knight; The Ultimate Scrub
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment was yet another awesome campaign! This was probably my favourite so far, and hopefully King Knight's campaign is just as good!
You could have just said "Sit down."
well, that was unexpected geez
lol Good life lesson.
¡WOAH! ¡WOAH! ¡Espera un segundo! ¡¿Desde cuando maldecir o profanar es considerado material para un juego clasificado E para todos?!
I can't wait to see more from the world Yacht Club Games has created. Its awesome Shovel Night can take on so many tones for it's story telling; The newest expansion was great.
I don't know if it's my imagination, but it seems like female Shovel Knight jumps a little higher than male Shovel Knight.
Well what a surprise!
nice easter egg
So this our resting place..
This is the coolest thing ever! much harder than Specter of Torment and the original Shovel Knight
Now that was intense! Protip: the Judgement Rush is VERY helpful in Horace's minigame. More so than the Hover Plume.
this challenge... is amazing! nice way to use that bug enemy.
Super Mario Bros. 3 anyone?
That's a cool sprite! Hope it's an actual enemy later!
ok sooooo not gonna say anything more but just press and hold down after you pose and he will start dancing.
Me and my pink fish face and rainbow barf will defeat you.
I... think I might be going through this expansion too quickly.
lets do this!!!
eh it's the enchanter and black knight no big deal i'll just go ahead to the next level (i think something's broken)
Now this is more like it, two people and a shovel fairy in a cool pose.
That was close!
And that's the last of 'em!
Aw... Plauge Knight is adorable with her little witch hat and dress! Well more adorable than they normally are that is.
I defeated all the Specter of Torment Feats on the 3rd day of the Wii U version release!!
And thus Plague of Shadows begins... X3
Oh the irony!
Spectre Knight hates dancers, just as much as me when it comes to the subway breakdancers!
I beat Spectre of Torment!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!
Wow, what a depressing ending.
oh its been awhile hope i dont just jump into spike pits again
specter of torment was amazing! Loved playing as my favorite knight and learning his story!
Black Knight, your turtle is my turtle now!
Enfim chegou para o Wii U!!!
Beat the challenge at the literal last possible second!!
This is what all the boss knights look like when gender swaped! I really like Specter, Tinker, and Pleague Knights redesigns!
New profile post.
Reaper's Records 4/23/17
Look at the slime. It needs help
I was so focused I didn't notice I almost died
Specter of Torment is great!
Anybody else getting Mario 3 flashbacks here?
The Green Goblin?
This might be the best Shovel Knight campaign yet!
¿¿¿Ahora puedo jugar como "Specter Knight"???, Genial, uno de mis caballeros favoritos. (Now i can play like "Specter Knight"???, Cool, is one of my favorite knights.)
ninja gaiden! (hye!)
Just finished all of specter knights challenges! Now I have to finish the other 2 knights.
I can finally play Spectre Knight!
Woah, just found Scarlet's skull in Plague Knight's stage. Wow...
Well I'm down to the last two feats before I've 100% completed Spector of Torment. Needless to say these will be the hardest to tackle... Two more playthroughs of this... Man if this game wasn't so fun to speed through I honestly wouldn't do it... Well wish me luck...
I beat the game! Also, secret room!
New favorite armor!!
He's finally here, performing for you
Aww, I have my own pet racoon thingy!
I blew through specter knight's main quest, but it's times like this I relax from the terrors of game +
Specter Knight's campaign is A LOT harder than Shovel Knight's. I can't even get past the first boss!
FINALLY! IT'S HERE! I was beginning to think Yacht Club was lying about it, like some uber prank. Joking, not really, but man, that wait was forever.
The dancing lady is upset with Specter Knight 'cause he ignores her dance in the Specter of Torment DLC!
all cloaks, curios, red skulls, and upgrades. horace's tower complete. ng+ unlocked and ready if i ever decide to go again. i have demolished this game in a single day and i loved every second of it
Did I just beat Specter of Torment in a day?
So excited everything is finally updated on Wii U!!!!!
That was fun lets ''NEVER'' do this again...
Diggin' this new amiibo feature!
I finally made it. I think I'm gonna cry. (in a happy way)
Wow... I went through this fast.
im really excited to start on the plague knight dlc for shovel knight! it looks really good but its gonna be hard!
It is available on Wii U
Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! It is time to reap this long-awaited reward.
The update is here! I'm going to try out Specter of Torment for the next few hours. I'll post impressions later.
So. I never realized this buuut... Mona leaves before the Shadow Plague fight, and reappears after the final boss. That was not new. But you can't dance in the boss's presence. GUYS. MONA WAS AN ELDRICH. ABANDON SHIP.
Am I missing something in the bottom-right corner?
When Plague of Shadows first came out, I got fed up with the controls and quit after 2 or 3 stages. But I just gave it a second chance, and managed to 100% complete it!
Gave up on the Forest of Fishing so onto Knight #3!
The music in here sounds like something from a Shantae game.
Ten tickles! Tentacles, Coral!
Done and done. Still a fantastic and super fun game.
Nice Easter egg!
another week with no info about the update. man, what's taking YCG and NoA so long? its getting kinda hard to avoid spoilers...
This scene suddenly has a lot more meaning when you consider the role it plays in Specter of Torment
Is the Troupple King a reference to a specific character from the 8-bit era? It's not too tough to place most of Shovel Knight's retro inspirations, but the only giant fish I can recall is the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening.
They see me rolling.
April TBD... Please... Yacht Club GAMES !!!
Lucahjin would be so proud of me
Well, it's almost like Percy is a horse.
Finally I beat Plague of Shadows!
I can't wait to play this!
Wait is that a win or a loss?
Found a graphical glitch. If you jump at JUST the right time, you'll activate the catapult, but you won't be on it, sending you to the airship, without the catapult scene.
Either Plague Knight is made of Silly Putty or he has the most flexible skeleton in the universe.
One hit away. Mind you I destroyed every checkpoint in that level so the stakes were high
el pescado de la pala lol
[one man voted im demoman now lol]
Dance like a horse is watching #Percy
i think im gonna be sick...
*Insert kazootzy kick music*
I was already dancing you stole my thunder.
Pro tip: Play through the st level to get as many gold as possible when going to a hard level. Make sure to know all secret locations to get more gold. You can also do it in other levels, but I mostly reccomend the first one.
Any One Know Any Cheats For Shovel Knight?
adios al dragon ue estaba aqui chaoo
My favorite ending of all time.
hello everybody welcome to black screen simulator!!!
who should i go after first: plague knight, treasure knight, or mole knight? comment telling me your suggestions please.
specter knights super easy. just stay to one side of the stage.
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thas not right
Ah sweet, a red chest!
Mom!? MOM!?!? Where am I!!
Whoa, daytime turned nighttime ain't a good sign.
Mission Impossible.
O que fazer?
Acho que cheguei à reunião errada...
I'm very late to the Shovel Knight game. I can't believe I put this game off for so long. It's so good!
Looks like Black Knight still has a bit of a bone to pick with me.
Beat Plague Knight's campaign in 1:27, just barely completing my last achievement, Hurry Up! Didn't think I could love Plague of Shadows as much as Shovel Knight's campaign, but I was mistaken. This really is the game that keeps on giving. Can't wait for Specter of Torment.
Precious ending, precious game.
i got a new game!!!
I just maxed out my Shovel Knight amiibo. When the Switch comes out along with Smash 4 Switch, I just hope Shovel Knight becomes a playable character and his amiibo becomes compatible as well.
I think Plague Knight actually has a big ol' (explosive) heart.
I just remembered how fun this game is
Cause THAT'S fair!
um black knight your lookin a bit purple
FAAAAR to close
Oh teri ina sona dance
Uh oh. Spectre Knight is MAD. I guess this will be explained in his DLC, then... That said, I can't wait for it to come out! ;D
And so, they used the Ultimate Potion to destroy the Tower of Fate... Which is the REAL reason it collapsed in Shovel Knight's ending, NOT because the Enchantress's powers were no longer holding it together. Even though that's also a totally logical explanation, apparently... (I really didn't have a better joke here... sorry... Regardless, everyone seems happy now...)
"I already have everything I could ever want..." he says later... Aww!!! ^ω^
Hey, look! It's all the characters who will be playable once the free DLC is all finished! ;D (Seriously, how could I NOT take a screenshot of this?)
Gee, I wonder who that is
Beat Polar Knight, and I'm standing on spikes.
you cant report this because it has spoilers on it
Well, now I'm starting to be reminded of Heatman's stage.
my shovel knight adventure is about to begin
Today was the day you got tebagged, Shovel Knight.
Son las unicas que me faltan Xd
Best. Dance. EVER.
At last together now!!!
im juggling! XD
The truth revealed at last; it was Miss Scarlet AND Mrs. Peacock (and one turquoise dude and some pervert on the veranda,) in the haberdashery, with the Snide Personal Hygene Insinuation!
Hey, Eyes' Wide Shut's happenin' over the fence. If you're interested. Password's bidellio.(winks.)
...but you're all about alchemy, and that's an alchemy coi...nevermind.
Mole Knight won't be making fun of my shovel anymore!
Poor Shovel Knight getting made fun of because of his shovel..that at the end of the day...takes care of business!
The crowd seems to like it.
ah,first day playing shovel knight.
Leonardo must have heard me cracking his cashbox while he was painting you! You said your smile would cloud his senses like an evening in Marrakesh, braggart!
At least I can now say I'm officially a Ghostbuster.
It's Plague Knight time!
How do you use the Shovel Knight amiibo in this game?
Just finished playing Shovel knight and watching the end credits. I really had fun while playing this. Simple but dramatic storyline, very challenging without being a complete pain, nice idea of losing money instead of lifes. A nice hommage to NES games.
No, rats, keep being slowed down when I get out of the water.
R.I.P Fish Knight
the ghost is just like ''really''
Fin al primer jefe, que recuerdos trae este juego a la NES y con una musica genial que recuerda a MegaMan, exelente juego.
I went to a store in search of an Animal Crossing amiibo but I saw a Shovel Knight amiibo and I just had to buy it. Totally worth it!
Éste juego se ve hermoso :')
is there a way for me to be custom and 2nd player classic?
Started playing Shovel Knight today, I'm loving it thus far. Just defeated King Knight. The use of the shovel is just like Uncle Scrooge's Cane in Ducktales!
(spoilers because Plague Knight's story mode) Wow! I'm really impressed by Mona's dancing animation here! Pretty cool!
At LAST, We get to rematch Shovel Knight (Get it? You face Shovel Knight last?)
I finnally beat the Specter Knight!
Happy new year everyone! Lets make it a great year!
how dose one knight armed with a shovel surpass death(Specter knight) I have been trying forever . can i save progress and return later ?? any hints ?
Black Knight: STOP CHEATING!!! _________ Shovel Knight: YOLOOOOO!!!!!!!!
go watch fire works? nah i'd rather play this rage enducing game all night.
I'm digging this game (pun not intended)
Got new armor!
When you accidentally threw a bomb on the ceiling .-.
I defeated New Game+ for Plague of Shadows!!
I just spent.. I don't know how long trying to beat the last Plague Knight challenges I was missing. And I got stuck on one for way too long, went and did the others, and then came back and did the one issue challenge in one go. So that's 100% for everything but 'feats' which, not all of them I have the patience for. So. Yea. Sometimes I hate technology.. I'm going to go pass out now...
oh my lord i did it
k me muero
Beating Propeller Knight with a fishing pole... Yep
I finally found him! He evens runs just like Shovel Knight!
Can't wait for the next DLC that features the grimm reaper of the shovel knight universe, Specter Knight! Can't Wait for the story and the new gameplay changes that come from the dlc. Can't Wait
As you can see ive made some progress. Yeah Black Knight your not getting away. p.
am i the only one who is getting mario kart nostalgia?
Well, that explains a lot of things.
How is that possible?
I think I have a problem. IM BARFING A RAINBOW! Hows your day?
and I also dig the ground
I am super evil! I just wacked the girls hoop into oblivion!
i threw a potion at him right before falling into the pit!
playing as black knight jk
2016 gold!
I'm fishing under water!
just got Shovel Knight! I love retro game! I didn't look at the controls because if I did, it would take away the fun!
Well... alright!
Here we go again..
I know i'm not the first who noticed it but, i don't care: who put game grumps in my shovel knight lol
spot the difference...i guess
Awkward..... Feels like Spongebob and Patrick are initiating me into their secret club.
Plague knight gets his own story?!?!?
I've been playing shovel knight a lot more recently.
My Favorite Character so far, she gives free [email protected]
Shes surprisingly a good dancer!!!
can you costomise your character? and if yes, where do you go for that?
You were the chosen one anakin!!!
the jelly knights can't go up ladders
i couldn't say it better myself
Just like Mega Man.
Because Clockwork Knight was taken.
me tocaron mi kokoro esta genial el juego pero eso del mii para multijugador no me gusta
they should make a treasure knight dlc his story would be like get all the treasure in the knight of no quarter levels. he could use attacks and items that he uses in the boss fight like the chest he uses that makes a water vacuum to get rid of all the enemies on screen and he could use his anchor to grapple on to certain items plus he could use his anchor as a shovel or he could do his own thing.
Yeah right! Wanna bet?
A soo cute
despues de la pelea con treasure knight, me encerro en el cofe y lo derrotecon una bomba, y ahi se quedo el cofre after the fight with treasure knight, i was trapped on yhe chest, then i defeatd him, the chest is still there
I found Arin Hanson!
What is that !
Feels so NES like, and I like it.
jugando de 2 *3*
I definetly wasn't expecting this!
Time to cash in the last ones!
A Kiss?
THE final showdown...maybe...I think. Either way, lets go!
So I got this game today and playec up all night to beat it, because I couldn't stop. I was unsure of the price, but really, it was one of the best game purchases I made ever. You actually learn a lesson from this humerous, exhillerating, and FUN platform. The storline was amazing, and I loved the retro feel. I encourage all of you to get this game if you haven't yet, because you won't regret it.
Oh-OH! Seems Plague Knight has feelings for Mona... But he won't admit it. Could this be what Spector Knight meant by cowardice?
It's been a long time since the end of a game made me shed a tear... That time has returned.
Sleepy time....Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz
family get together
I have no idea how to get through here
I love campfires!
Smart man. This is just how I met my wife!, maybe not quite.
The homies
Deez guys are fieting
>_> *immediately thinks of The Potionseller*
this would make a great wallpaper
Hall of champions down!
Excuse me, WHAT!?
Co-op Shovel Knight. Mine is Han Shovo (orange here), and my friends is Knuckles.
Always a pleasure
Hail to the king baby!
The Path to Pandemonium.
osi soy pro
Profile Pic
The Game Grumps really need to start playing Plague of Shadows. They should also play Super Mario Galaxy 2, Sonic Adventure 2, the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD. And finish Link Between Worlds, while they're at it.
NG+ with Plague Knight completed.
He's obviously plotting something.
You guye need to try this. It's really usefull, yet funny.
lol. also feel free to ask how i did this
Este juego me recuerda mucho la epoca de NES...
This game is beautiful.
and the adventure begins
In case you're wondering, the gold armor does have a purpose.
When you unintentionally break a checkpoint then die right next to the next checkpoint......
This is What i fell like on Monday's
Lol, Plauge Knight likes to jump on the bed!
i love this game!!!
Time for le nom-noms
Butt Butt rhymes with Putt Putt which means.... PUTT PUTTS KNIGHT ADVENTURE CONFIRMED!!
If you look closely there is an Arin grump
Despite owning the game for months, I never actually beat it beyond the first three-ish levels. Time to change that between Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, er, sessions!
I stole his soul
Ima full metal alchemist! (Refrences)
What is it with people and butts these days?
This game's controls are so broken… So, here ye see (A) and (B), and in this menu, they follow the setting.
I love him too much aaa,,,
That "All" button makes me want to have the urge to press it.
Plague of Shadows artwork
This is a pretty good game so far, but the music is atrocious. I don't care if they're trying to recreate an 8-bit vibe; it is terrible. I grew up in the era of the 8-bit generation and I can appreciate the sound quality of what they had to work with back in the day, but this is eerily bad no matter what time or place you are listening it in.
Just Made it through my fitst boss Shovel Knight is cool, got this game a while of go though lol!
pop goes the weasel!
plague of shadows is good cant wate for king knight and specter knight ;)
Are they gonna fuse?
*coughMIGHTY#9cough* Sorry, have a cold...
That seems right! And also in this game and many others, I use the Pro Controller.
Daaaamn. I loved Shovel Knight, but Plague of Shadows is even better! Looking forward to the Specter Knight DLC. It's amazing to get such meaty content for free! Well done, Yacht Club guys. Well done.
Propeller Knight is my favorite foe
nada mal el juego
That was close...
cant wait to get the shovel knight amiibo and play withh my bro!!!! can you play plauges of shadow co-op??
I like this guy's logic
just beat the game for the first time...withOUT cheats!!!!!
No comment.
I guess now I know why its called plauge of SHADOWS.
He died in an awsome position!
Almost to the end!
got the game today but I don't know which one to choose
Dancing Fish!
My heart...
omg i found link!
Curse You Shovel Knight!!!
undyne i guess.. well its close enough i could kinda imagine her being in the game sense the pixels and all.
nes game?:)
Such a great ending.
Down goes our beloved hero, Shovel Knight. (Plague +)
Just got this game. I love it!! :D
it is so dificult but in the first i passit but i want to do again
tengo miedo
if you throw a potion in his head he spits out magic
I think this should be remembered more than ever. What with current events. *coughcough* MN9 *coughcough*
Oh my god im'a get rko-ed in a second, aren't i?
This is it, time to take down the Enchantress and steal her Essence for the ultimate potion!
production baby
The Plauge of Shadows trapped me!
If you dont have this game yet get it. It's amazing. Okay.. wow. My last world shown on miiverse.. I'M ABOUT TO CRY IRL
Mole Knight, defeated on his second try, says goodbye to miiverse for me. My true last post. At least I stayed with Miiverse till' the end..
Black Knight and Shovel Knight are the same!
King Butt- I mean Knight. King Knight is inside a WALL? I'm gonna ignore the fact that I'm on a pit.
i is 1337 gm3r (leet gamer)
Beat Tinker Knight and the other electric dude (dont know his name)
Defeated Mole Knight, the second treasure level, and Black Knight for the second time!
Haven't been documenting my playthrough like I have other games... Thought itd be interesting. These are the levels ive played through already. I will document here on out.
The Kronos Coin is unbelievably OP on Propeller Knight, even when not upgraded.
Specter Knight is playable?!
Honestly, I think Specter's version of the Lich Yard is easier than the original stage, especially the last bit.
You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you're not a man, you're a Chicken Boo~
Specter of Torment. the end....
beat Shovel Knight! was really hard for me, especially beating all the bosses on 1 life near the end(boss rush). good game, not easy though
what am i missing?
battle toads..... & k n u c k l e s
This is my hidey-hole. Go away!
Que hermosa ceremonia xdd
Plauge knight use self destruct! (Blows up half the planet)
Well... the hero can't die :D
Vs Shovel Knight :D
well done..
Uhh you umm are uhh a umm little uhh bit umm too uhh far umm to uhh the umm RIGHT!
a golpear
"Man I'm good."
How could anyone not like that silly dance :D
im trying
am i playing as shovel plague
Best feature ever! Truly the jubilance has been increased by at least 200%. Hold down with the golden garb to engage in the most gracious dance!
Shovel Knight: The Wily Wars. This was a fun fight, by the way.
I think my sniper skeleton friend did as much damage in seconds as I did in that fight. Yeesh.
Never did like you, Specter. Now I know why.
Closer than I would've liked, but I'll take it!
I really like this rail surfing stuff.
He even looks around so no one will see his lack of edginess. Ha-ha.
In the mood to brood, I see.
Liking the less cheerful tone for the less cheerful character. I've seen a bit of this, but it's time to start this one up myself at last.
Betting this expansion will be less torment and more terrific, but we'll see.
Black Butt, my sworn enemy.
♥♥♥ Troupple of Love ♥♥♥
When I was fishing I discovered that sometimes when you reel in items you can get this sword thing. You can't pick it up though and it disappears in a couple of seconds.
I getting such a MM9 vibe from this. It's nice to see the Order of No Quarter "reprogrammed" to do good for the villagers.
of course they are
well said butt butt
Really i look more like a knight !!!
Nice artwork.
gran consejo!!
Help I'm having a cute attack!
Why i just ..... why does this happen
Uh.... Your choice man i just wanted a meal ticket.
Now officially done with Shovel Knight campaign, two more to go!
specter knight may be a ghost, but the truly terrifying part of this picture is his gold.
Find Shovel Knight! (Also 1 post remaining!!!! :-( )
miiverse is ending i just got back so crud
Even though I don't want to, (just for jems because when you break checkpoints you get ALOT of gems so) Lets break this checkpoint! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
specter knight, yuno clap hands!
i don't even have an amibo pf him
I don't know why, but I always imagined Tinker Knight having a Russian accent.
El Mejor Entre Muchos
Specter of Torment feats: CLEAR
we got da powaa
any body else hate this skull
Oh hello arin (game grumps easter egg)
This challenge wasn't fun.
I don't remember doing this. Why is this a thing? Moreover, why does it change before activating?
Woo-hoo! Loved this game! Now, back to Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope!
i beat the specter knight story
red is dancing
only 3 more to find!
epic pose time
how do i sell to chester in plauge of shadows?
this is just like that one giant fish from mario
just beat the last boss!
i beat new game plus
i got the nintendo switch but i have it on the nintendo switch sorry nintendo i cant buy it
finally! a game that aknowledges that it's edgy character is in fact edgy.
que pro
el final se aserca
I finally did it! 100%
Welp, this is it. I'm at the Enchantress's. I would love to fight her right now, but I have other games to play that I haven't in a while. Until next time folks!
(Undertale - Note) Tinker Knight: Be-Hole! The Big Transform Robot! So I Will Destroy You Choice!! >:-D Shovel Knight: Not Today, Tinker! Or, Come To Get Me! >:-(
La Peste Negra :'v
how do like my mii and my ice knight?
Specter of torment es la mejor historia de las tres, pero no dudo en decir que el gameplay de shovel of hope es el mas accesible y noobfriendly de todos.
Morí ;_;
i can not
I have returned from the bowls of hel-I mean Propeller Knight's stage!
hey look theres arin!
100 % :o
This is fair.
Just got back to playing Shovel Knight!
i LOVE this game
I'm on the last level in Shovel Knight: Shovelry of Hope.
Made it to the top, with a very close call at the start of the dirt block section!
AHHHHHH NOOOOO!!!! I WAS ALMOST THEREEEEE!!! ~sigh~ Specky can fly too. >~< (Haven't been on in foreverr :ooo hai everyone :D.)
Here's my newest speedrun with no purchases made whatsoever!!
plauge knight master of disguise
she must have visited Gandolf before coming here
Whew... Quite a challenge, but I did it.
you crazy specter knight!
secret amour
got a switch and ''switching'' over from Wii U. This is my last post. Later guys!
Even the bad guys deserve a happy ending sometimes. Awww~
this boss is so hard
Long. Live. The King! (Ask your parents about The Lion King, kids!)
Took the words right out of my mouth, SK.
this might be unfair
Boinky boinky boinky~
Black knight!
Now I'm gonna play Shovel Knight!
U don't say! ...I don't.
perfectly go the timing right on this picture!
that "kiss of death move" he was working on finally worked
anyone else know this guy
i did it
is this a secret or something?!
shovels of sovels of shovels
Ganhamos do segundo chefe! Eba!!!
The stain glass.
the best team... (starts to cry)
specter knight: hey, lil toughie, how tough are u? lil toughie:so tough i don't need to describe it. specter knight: whoa...
*dramatic music starts playing* XD
o no
beat the game
please no
i love this enemy and i think this enemy is easy. also i have beaten the game before but still
he's so... CUTE!!!!!!!!! XD
Bringing back some old memories...
wut do I do here?
i found egoraptor
someone show egoraptor this.
wait, what?
not bad
What do I do here?
does he hate me or what
want is that so weird he cook every thing lol
So cool
My game glitched and Shovel Knight's gone he just disappeared
Ha Ha Donovan
strike a pose
Specter of Torment was awesome, arguably better than the other two campaigns.
Another cool mini boss, they knocked it out of the park with this DLC.
Already beat this game twice on the Switch, but let's beat it a third time because why not.
¿Qué chistes son estos? XD
I used to hate Spector Knight. Now I don't, why did I originally overlook him? because his boss battle was so difficult. However his play style is so good.
(Yo-kai Watch - Note Surprise) Jibanyan: Shovel Knight! Look, The July Of 4th! Let Me Getting They See Firework... Right? :-) Shovel Knight: (Snore) -_- Jibanyan: Uh... Really?? :-|
im not hacking i promise
¡specter of torments terminado!
Not sure how, but I glitched myself to stand on nothing (Green)
well... spectre knight is left handed
Mole Knights hair though, I cant stop looking at it!
Tai meus stats
ue,eu cai no buraco e eu sumi enqt eu matava ele,tipo,eu dei o hit final e me joguei,buguei the game
isso me lembrou mto megaman
the perfect amount
Little witch birb Cuteness
how do i get into the town?
this section is harder then it needs to be
...Now gentlemen, can we talk this out?
Ok so turns out I was actually able to beat Plague Knight by some miracle... I also fought some person with a scarf who thought I was evil (Reize I think?) and I got a metal ticket thanks to the music sheets I found. So all in all, everything turned out alright!
it's all done and yep, it was challenging
SOMEBODY HELP?????? I can't stop dying. My record so far is getting him down to two bubbles(?).
so adorable
Nice item sales pitch
HA HA HA plague butt
I did an any % speedrun of Specter of Torment. Time 1:04:48 Lives lost 3 Total haul 45,112 Total gold lost 0 34% Item completion This was also my first time doing a speedrun so I feel good about my run.
2 seconds!!
Cheat Codes are fun!
back to paying shovel
look at P knight lol
took me forever and then I realized I suck
easiest boss ever
evryone have this
treasure knight is doing taxes
Were is all the red skulls in this stage
I just realized I've been using the edgiest armor my whole play through...
when your waiting for the platform to come down because you don't want to be crushed but don't care about death because you *****ing death himself
wait ruby rose has a scythe and a red hoodie and so does specter knight are they related???
I beat Shovel Knight! \(^o^)/
awww hes playing with it
Awww, everyone in this game gets to be dead... I'm so jealous. ;-;
i thought treasure knight likes sunken treasure coins
Dang, That's a really bright backround for the Lich Yard...
Yeah, riiiiight. A little dude in a plague doctor mask that likes blowing up things. Tooootally not a creep.
That was hard.
ummm :-P que delicioso hasta yo quiero :'(
spell your name on a file X&BUTT for results like THIS!!!!
me besoooó y me mató que loco
Guys... We did it. We reached 400 followers! WOOHOO!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for helping reach this goal!!! You are the best community that I've been apart of! Let's have a celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An AMA ask me anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH WE DID IT!!! You made this goal happen! You are the best people ever!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!
I've completed Shovel of Hope with the Super Shovel God cheat code on New Game+! The cheat codes add to the enjoyment of the game even more!
Hey I'm Grump.
im really diging this game
did the hurry up and naked specter feat at the same time! fun fun fun
$money$money$money$money$money$money$money$money$money$money$money #MONEY$
Eso si que fue inesperado...
Ok, reuní al tipo con su tipa pero... ¡¿DONDE ESTÁ LA BIRRIA QUE ME FALTA LOCO?!
Your wings are strikingly colourful for a place like this.
all skulls!
ok after playing specter of torment and plage of shadows this guy has no idea who the good guy and the bad guy are
I'm positive this is OP
My favorite music! :-D
always dying!
It's a Party!!! WHOOO!!!
Shovel Knight with my bro
Just want to say that Judgement Rush is super OP
i'm stuck...
lol flying chickin!
The Specter Update! New Sound-Test Option!
I think I have a problem with this game.
Finally beat the three campaigns. I'm done with the stories until King Knight comes out. Speaking of which, does anyone know when that campaign update will be released? I'm curious what the story will be about for somebody like King Knight...
Lets get this over with.
hopefully razie will get his OWN game.......hmmmmmmmmm.....
So many energy falcons!
the only knight whose face we see
well he just killed the one person in the world he cared about... so whens the king knight dlc
Shh! Don'ttell the Enchantress that the upper floor goldarmor is actually a dragon!
Found a new(?) Easter Egg! In Specter Knight's Challenge Mode in Challenge 2, immediately head right. :)
Finally starting the new campaign....
we're da best XD
And sure enough, the second try at Hurry Up! was the charm!
But you are dressed like one...
Did a run for Penny Pincher, Naked Plague, Hurry Up, and Teetotaler. Sadly missed Hurry Up, but I'm real close!
Phew! Just powered through a run of Specter of Torment in one sitting! I needed to kill a bit of time, and this seemed like a great way to do it. I love this game... ;o;
I am now a true king of the dead!
Well, this is a fine pickle I've gotten myself into...
I have defeated you old man ha ha victory is mine ha ha!
final boss #3 NIGHTMARE REIZE
mario easter egg anyone?
So cool.
(Undertale: Note) Flowey: Whoa! He's The King Of The World! :-O Specter Knight: I Rich, Totally Is Mine Top Won! :-D Me: Yay... Meh. :-|
Ha-ha. Cute little scene here.
It's nice to be nice.
You've got to be kidding me.
YES! I beat Gear Grinder!
finsh the game
Lava in an ice ironic.
where are you
See the keyhole, be the keyhole.
Too cool!! I can be a female Shovel Knight! :D
¡Hay que combatir FUEGO CON FUEGO!
The horrible memories of Mega Man 8 are flooding back!!!
¡Pero qué...!
I'm a horrible person
This reminds me of the birds from The dark crystal.
Rival Race! Defeat your Shadow!
this game is so cool! 10/10
I'm feeling grump today.
Nice poetry.
my new response to everything
Don't mind me, just sitting in the void
Just Chillin
It's time to defeat Reize ultimate form!!
It's just like Specter Knight said Steal thy Shovel Black Knight!!
Nice touch Yacht Club games...
It's time for you to join us, Propeller Knight!
HOLY *STATIC* Um, sorry. I just fought the Phantom Striker and claimed I did well enough to be rewarded with this, even though you clearly see me with almost half health.
Cheat codes. Are, Fun
I'm getting Sonic Adventure 2 vibes for some reason.
And that's the end of the Ridiculous Run! Comment what you thought of it and maybe I'll document a different run sometime in the future!
Remnant of Fate + Rising Dagger = EXPLOIT.
... And that's when I woke up...
Looks like we brewed up some end credits
(Undertale: Note) Golden Shovel Knight: Really? I Am! :-O Papyrus: Wowie! Golden Shovel Knight! You So Perfect! O.O Golden Shovel Knight: Yes. Always Take Caring The Coins. :-) Sans: No... Ways! :-O
Whoa, is SN being...snappy?!
I love how the fairy poses also
Last 2 skulls.
Its been 15 minutes and this is driving me nuts.
Wait, if he's leaving the Tower of Fate, what's that in the background?
¡Primera vez jugando ShovelKnight y mi enfrentamiento vs BlackKnight!
Is there something im missing in the bottom right corner?
that moment when you are like i just grinded... SHOOT IM IN A DUNGEON XD Im awake!
Finally we fight Shield Knight. Donovan vs. Shield Knight
It's over Phantom Striker!
What just happened? Reize is consumed by the darkness.
Partyin' like it's 1999!
This was a very fun challenge! It takes some precision and thinking, though.
I did it!
Oh yeah. Standing on spikes, cuz that makes sense!!!
Edgy McEdgebutt
Shes actually pretty tough
I'd be down for an entire level based on the snowboarding mechanic tbh
like a boss
yeah this if you have donavon
Finally I got to the top! It took countless tries. I also gained a lot of money from it! It was a very close call.
I wonder if the NES could actually render all these sprites and their respective animations without any problems?
Even though he had a rhino, I beat him in under 2 minutes.
Specter Knight wins the world record for the world's longest backflip.
Unfortunately, I'm in a "blowing up" mood.
Victory is our's!
This little guy is just too adorable.
Another terrific campaign. One thing I love about this game is how well paced the difficulty is. It's always just hard enough to be challenging without every becoming unfair or frustrating. Makes me sad there's only one campaign left. Can't wait for King of Redemption, or whatever they wind up titling it.
I have no need for such tools. I've got magic pumping through my veins!
Hmm it seems you like secrets don't you
I appreciate the length bar. It should really be a standard for sound tests.
If you won't join me, Black Knight. It's time for you to DIE!!
i love butt mode
yay! i defeated the boss! this battle took a half an hour
i did it!
(Undertale: Note) Frisk: Hmmm. Wow! :-| Giant Fish: Oh Yes! I Love Just Dance! :-D Shovel Knight: Ooh, Never Mind. I Get It. ˙3˙
Are the knights alway there? Or did I just miss it?
Is this a Papyrus reference?
Nice! I hope I enjoy this more than I did the "Plague of Shadows" update!
this game is amazing!!!!!!!!
gahhh! so close
Victorious!!! COJIRO!
que significara el mesaje de black knight sera a quaso que la próxima actualización se a sobre el ??? (ºoº)
ya me estoy pasando el juego voy en la penúltimo nivel xD
I love this game
hmm guess im donaven knight now :/
...and thus comes the end of this tale. A fitting end screen to cap this adventure...
No. Thank YOU for making this game, Yacht Club Games!!! JUST ONE MORE TO GO!!!'re also no Troupple King...
...and thus Specter Knight was born...
aawwee yea~ Nothing but good times ahead!
That's all the gold i lost?!?
In Plague of Shadows, you get to fight Shovel Knight. This time around, you get to fight Shield Knight! (that isn't The Enchantress)
Now I can relax in my room!
Specter Knight ain't afraid of no one!
Shovel Knight?
Nice work, Donovan.
short but great game
I have proven that game is flawless.
NOOO I was so close!!!!! :(
When I first saw this during my first play through, I thought it was a cut scene, not a small level I have to play through with a remix version of "Fighting with All of Our Might". Brought a smile to my face.
Uno de los mejores juegos
Just love these instances of whenever you get a new curio you go through a small path teaching you how to use them in a controlled environment.
Look I found uhh... what's his name again the guy from the game grumps
Or is it? ...
dance! dance! dance!
let's go boy !!!!!!!!!
Another one down
One health :-P
One more to go y'all
First Defeat: And I didn't die once :-D
Well this is gonna be a piece of cake
i think i understand why you see the top of the tower in these credits: in the other two campaigns, the tower is EVERY WHERE, looming over in the background of everystage, and at the end, it is destroyed, and you see the night sky. in this one, you see the tower up above the overworld, and at the end, it is not destoyed. meaning ITS JUST THAT HUGE.
i can never die
Yes! Finally!
Just enjoying the cool night air.
Where is the final red skull at? I can't find it anywhere
"Dude, you can scythe surf!? This game is genius!" -Lee Danny Avidan- 2k17 Comment if you watch ~Game Grumps~
his head came of 0-0
what am I even looking at
Kingdom Hearts in a nutshell
spikes dont scare me
I happened to get the 4 playable knights only on screen in the Battle Royale, so I thought I should take a picture of it!!
And I thought Shield Knight was a nightmare without healing...
Enchantress is Santa Claus confirmed.
Pwned Propeller Knight!
HATE this guy!
lol. havent seen this happen yet.
So shovel knight Got a New name?
Always limit yourself on how much you drink, or else this will happen.
Aquele momento que você é tão imponente que os objetos desafiam a gravidade de medo!
WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR!?!....What is the point of this...What is there to gain from this!?!
Back in the old Nintendo days, I always liked sound tests. It's the mode I usually look for when playing a new game the first time. Shovel Knight's Sound Test menu features all the tracks in one convenient mode. Set down your shovel and sit back to some sweet songs.
It's been a long time playing Wii U games, and I'm looking forward to trying out Specter Knight's campaign. Thanks for the update(s), Yacht Club! =D
Now that I'm 100% done with Specter of Torment, it's time to wait for King Knight! ...*sigh*
Things I can do all day before completing a stage...this.
first boss defeated first try, and only one hit taken!
This is it! The final showdown!
beaten another challenge!
Ha! I did it! I got every Red Skull! ....I was gonna take a pic of Donovan with his arms crossed next to these guys, but for whatever reason, when I held down, he started dancing. XD Guess the joy of becoming his former self was enough to break his edgy persona.
¡Esta expansión si se puede ver!
Toda la pandilla
Man, such a bitter sweet ending for such an innocent happy go lucky game. Gives me the feels.
Red Skulls here I come!
spector of torment lit
...Black Knight.... Buddy..... Are you sure you want to mess with someone who's 4x your size and is carrying a /giant scythe/? XD I don't think that's gonna work out very well....
IM FLYING!!! I'm like my canonical form!
Are we about to go Super Mario 3 up in here!?!
Excuse me, WHAAAAAT?
Funny, I could have sworn it was the other way around...
How the heck did I win this
Cats love their toys.
Savage level increased to 90
He talks like he's from the hood.
Look at the rats in the corner having dinner. It's making me think of Lady and the Tramp lol.
What did you expect?
Yeah, the Baz is back!
link to the past reference?
¿Es... Es este una nueva armadura para este? (Is... is this a new armor for this guy?)
*When winning costs your life*
Talk about you on-the-rails platforming!
i already know this wont be good
only til now there's multiplayer?.... *proceeds to bash head with gamepad*
This merriment is no replacement for the Troupple King, but it will suffice
I uh.. I beat the game as Giant Shovel Knight. ...But I don't think Black Knight was very happy about it. XD What on earth did he /do/ to me?!
i LOVE this update, if you have shovel knight and haven't updated it in a while, GET ON THAT! this update is amazing!!
And finished! Not as strong of a game and story as the OG Shovel Knight and Plague of Shadows, but very fulfilling an experience nonetheless by how much of a versatile difference Plague Knight is. Decent amount of challenge, half of which being in mastery of the controls. Although I wished more of the level based gimmicks and items could've had more variety in gameplay rather than be disposable.
Self-Duplication!! As if this guy couldn't be anymore chaotic!
really enjoyed this! great game, awesome development team.
When even the sunset was evil.
Aaannnddd Baz is hitting the DAB...This is gonna get...Stanky...
The chronos coin is a copy off of Flash Man's power from Mega Man 2.
I found Specty's secret lair! I wonder who those people in the portrait are?
ya know just uhhh doin ........taxes?
I did it! I beat the game as Specter Knight!
C'mon Accolade, The Cheep Chomp is a terrible thing. Stop with the fish.
Victory via I-frames.
No jail can contain my power. ..[Insert second edgy line]
First time this room doesn't have wind. Wiiiiiieeeeeeeerd.
What happened to all these guys? Why is there fans to replace them?
"Um, you're welcome?" lol
Specter Knight
Plague knight
Shovel knight
new charater in shovel knight
Haha! I beat Treasure Knight as Giant Shovel Knight! I was really worried I wouldn't be able to beat his stage like this, with how big my hitbox seems to be... I haven't played the next two stages as Shovel Knight in quite a while, so I have no idea what I'm in for. It can't be as hard as what I just did, though.
que lindo cara ;-;
All red coins is worth it. Had to look up two: one in Pridemoor Keep and one in the Lost City.
Not too bad statistics.
My new Favorite Shovel Knight Character.
Finally beat the tower minigame!
It's so adorable how she calls him Specty. It just makes you wanna give her hug! x3
Here's death! And turkey. Can't forget the turkey.
This right here? This is why this campaign is harder.
Oooooooo I think I am going to like this level.
Spector Knight can slice cannonballs in half?!? THAT'S AWESOME!
I don't wanna know how many times I died in this level! XD
I don't think that's too bad?
More stats!
Stats time!
That's the game!
I did it for sori na!!!
I did it for you paige keep up the good work!!!
I did it for that sexy korean hyuna!!!
all girl generation members I did it for you!!!
for the all sistar members you beautiful asian women I did it for you :-)
I did it Jackie!!!!
That's kind of cute.
No one is as edgy as Spectre knight!
Three bosses into Shovel Knight again and already, the Specter Knight DLC is awesome. Will continue this later. It's way better than the Plague Knight DLC. Way better.
Which one of those Nintendo employeeeees put a Bertha here. Who's getting it?
What an amazing crevice.
Hermit party. How to be happy year-round.
Secrets, come here.
Yeah no, thats a Mem. You're not fooling anyone, little bugger.
I think I stumbled into the wrong kingdom.
Se me había olvidado que esto ya esta disponible. Haber que tan diferente es Specter Knight a comparación de Shovel Knight y Plague Knight en esta precuela. I forgot this was already available. Let's see how different Specter Knight is compared to Shovel Knight and Plague Knight in this prequel.
Well then, this game is truely full of surprises!
I have conquered all the kingdom. Now... to suck the souls out of everyone
NO,Thank you! Yacht Club Games This Was A JOY to play through it and i cant wait for king knight! And if Shovel Knight 2: The Next Dig (my fan made title) hits shelves im sure to make it something i grab off the shelves!
Not gonna lie. After playing this on Steam, there are many moments that I'm willing to leave the game on and enjoy the idle animation.
"For some freedom is a far gone memory..."-Specter Knight
Forgot I had this.
I've discovered a bug/glitch with this update. The Yacht Club Games jingle isn't playing on the YCG logo, it's playing on the title screen just as the main theme begins. YCG might want to look into this...
This is so cool!
That was a bit tough!
Great story!
Ayyy all of challenge mode is done!
Well Spector Knight is done, it was fun and challenging, but not really that long. Still good overall.
All eight stages!
All red skulls! Also, good scene
I made it to Tinker Knight...Even with this green goblin get up I died a lot...
Finally beat Specter of Torment. This scene is quite amazing.
SEWER SURFIN'. Seriously. Blare it. It. Fits.
Wooooaaah, what a relief, I don't lose gold if I die in this boss fight.
Even the coldest shoulders are melted by the warm fur of a memmec.
Shout out to the Super skeleton who cares. He was so good at this, no other character can even access the ROUTE to THIS room, let alone Specter's.
Is Donovan doing the moonwalk!!??
i am having too much fun with this game!
Didn't expect that
redo of all the levels
Protip: Don't try Sudden Death Mode on Tinker Knight. The Tinker Tank will make you regret it.
can someone help me tell me where all red skull locations
There's the sixth!
How melancholy.
Plague's Knight's DLC is amazing. I think that I like this DLC more than I like the original campaign.
sk 4 sm4sh!
I wouldn'y want to say anything about this without offending anyone or get a srtrike on miiverse.
This game is full of surprises!.....
Here's my speed run record for Specter of Torment!!
Fifth down!
Me pregunto si se podra jugar con otro, en el icono salen 4 personajes.
Wii U aint dead. Held off on the Switch version cause I already have it on 3DS and Wii U. #freeupdate
Playing with my bro
Who's house!?
Now on to New Game+
Finally! I've been waiting so long!
Cold Shouldering with the squad
Wait! What!?!?
Specter of Torment is awesome
This Plague Knight laugh xd
I wonder what is this place...
This Fairy do something more besides being a damn Greedy? Hey don't touch that !!
You can pet the cat/trash panda!! This is the best!!