Jeffrey Agent.B102
03/03/2017 4:53 PM
So, I'm kind of in for some bad news. I haven't got my hands on the Switch yet, so I'm already missing out on all the fun. And not only that, but since I already have Shovel Knight on Wii U, I'm going to have to wait until April for the Specter Knight DLC to be released on other platformers. So, all this excitement for nothing... for today at least.
Kristi Krististar15
03/03/2017 4:55 PM
Specter of Torment? Is that another game coming soon?
Jeffrey Agent.B102
03/03/2017 5:06 PM
Well, sort of. It's more of an Update that adds adds a new campaign for Specter Knight in this game. If you already have Shovel Knight, then you get the Specter of Torment Campaign for free.
Kristi Krististar15
03/03/2017 5:09 PM
I don't have Shovel Knight and you put "adds" in your comment twice.
Jeffrey Agent.B102
03/03/2017 5:38 PM
I noticed. I was typing too fast. Sorry about that.
Kristi Krististar17
03/03/2017 5:41 PM
It's fine. I sometimes do that too.