Gabe dude361
08/24/2016 4:41 PM
unboredness activated! blackout: *spins around on one hand* Zanyo: *does fire tornado* Zaya: *creates water sculpture* Jewel knight: *flashes rainbow* Shatter: *claps* cool!
Layia Marlayia2003
08/25/2016 4:51 AM
Drago: (uses all of his elements to make a element tornado) Shovel: this is amazing!
Zanyo dude106
08/25/2016 4:20 PM
Shatter: wow! Zanyo: *starts wall jumping* Zaya: *swims up water sculpture* Jewel knight: *backflips into chair next to Shatter* blackout: *spins around on one finger*
Layia Marlayia2003
08/26/2016 4:59 AM
Shovel: wow Black: whats going on (looks at shovel then quicky turns around and walks away) Drago: What is up with black? Shovel: IDK?