Jeffrey Agent.B102
07/28/2016 9:19 AM
Still, what was the pun opportunity for this one?
i erasemii axel26bwm
08/02/2016 1:59 PM
hey guys whats the code for butt butt and butt sheild
Jeffrey Agent.B102
08/02/2016 2:18 PM
To activate this cheat, type this down:
i erasemii axel26bwm
08/03/2016 5:16 PM
Felix deaththebro1234
08/07/2016 5:10 PM
There's also a cheat were you have every armour and relic
Santi 95 santifranco
08/08/2016 1:02 PM
Mitchell nculbertson
08/11/2016 5:18 PM
hw u gt god mde
Jeffrey Agent.B102
08/11/2016 5:28 PM
@Mitchell: To activate that cheat, type this down.
chris waddleboo22
08/12/2016 12:06 PM
there's also a ton of codes that can actually affect shovel knights desighn like changing his color and his size and strangely enough there's actually a cheat were you play the demo of the game
chris waddleboo22
08/12/2016 12:07 PM
butt why would you do that :-)
SpoopyChan PandaKouhai
08/13/2016 8:50 PM
Audrey Audreyzeller
08/27/2016 9:20 AM
ive seen this online XD
Glitchx lukapvo
09/04/2016 5:08 AM
I like turtles
Tails luic852
09/09/2016 5:25 PM
Tails luic852
09/09/2016 5:27 PM