Michael Witzke
01/19/2016 1:02 PM
Sweet Plague Knight drawing!
Ash GalacticGiraffe
01/23/2016 1:41 PM
Thank you!
Andrew ajmcwhirk
01/23/2016 3:13 PM
Too bad we can't add color. This would look crazy with toxic green!
Michael Witzke
01/23/2016 4:40 PM
That would be cool!
Ash GalacticGiraffe
01/24/2016 5:52 PM
So true! Actually, that gives me an idea for something to draw in Art Academy!
BloodBlade Smashing7
01/30/2016 8:21 AM
this is so good!
Jeffrey Mrwaterboy13
01/30/2016 11:24 PM
My favorite character. Ever.