Looking to spice up your digital space? Here is an assortment of Yacht Club Games-themed goodies to help make every day an adventure!

Printable Gift Card Holder

Looking to make your gift card’s presentation more….adventurous? Look no further! The Shovel Knight Printable Gift Card Holder will make any gift card feel like an action-adventure! Simply print this out on a nice paper or card stock of your choosing, follow the steps listed in our Folding How to Guide, and slip a Nintendo eShop, Starbucks, or any old gift card into the holder. Viola! Your gifted goodie is ready to be equipped!

Click here for the printable gift card holder!

Shovel Knight Backgrounds

Display your dedication to the way of the Shovel Blade with a sweet digital background!

Click here for your free download:

Shovel Knight Digital Stickers

Enhance your chat adventure with some spectacular Shovel Knight stickers for iOS and Line! Each digital sticker pack features an exciting ensemble of your favorite characters from the Shovel Knight saga!

The stickers are available NOW on the iMessage App Store, and LINE app, so you can start sticking right away!

You can purchase them here:

Shovel Knight Portraits

Spruce up your profile or icon with a delightfully dandy portrait of your favorite Shovel Knight character!

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Shovel of Hope Portraits 

Plague of Shadow Portraits