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Shovel Knight 5th Anniversary Spectacular!

What’s up Shovelociraptors! It’s been 5 years since the initial release of Shovel Knight, now known as Shovel of Hope! Much has happened since then, and the Blue Burrower has certainly gone places!

First off, there are 3 games in the Shovel Knight Saga, with 2 more on the way. Shovel Knight had epic crossover battles with Kratos and the Battletoads. Co-operative gameplay was added! There’s been a bunch cool Shovel Knight merchandise! We made the first third-party amiibo, with more on the way! Nintendo published us in Japan. Shovel Knight is in Smash Bros! We have released on 12 platforms and sold over 2.5 million copies! And had over 25 cameos! There’s even going to be a board game! We have so much gratitude for our legions of fans and friends. Your support of our original Kickstarter started it all!


Shovel Knight’s 5th Anniversary Is Near!

Shake the dirt off your shovel blade and put on your favorite horned helmet! We are just days away from Shovel Knight’s own big day!

Join us this Wednesday, June 26th from 3pm~7pm (PDT) as we’ll be streaming to celebrate in style!


We’ll be kicking back, answering questions, giving away some cool prizes, and playing Shovel Knight Showdown! You might even see a new character jump into the fray, playable for the first time!

Hope to see you there!