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Stats Update: One Month Later!

Tuesday, we dove into the sales numbers for Shovel Knight in North America for Wii U/3DS and internationally for PC (only in English) for its first month! If you missed that, be sure to check it out. In the spirit of the piece, we decided to start an open google doc with any game budget and sales article we could find.  Take a look and make sure to add the million of articles we missed.

Today, we’re going to jump into a bunch of random stats with too much or too little explanation.  Just remember, everything you see here is still for the first month of our release (June 26th – July 26th).  Enjoy!


Sales Breakdown: One month later!

So Shovel Knight has been on sale in the US on Wii U/3DS and internationally on Steam (only in English) for over a month now! Pretty nuts to see our little fledgling Kickstarter all grown up and in the wild.  Believe it or not, besides the desire to make a great game, one of the reasons the team wanted to leave our safe and secure jobs behind and enter the indie world was to make the development process more accessible to the public – so that you all would have a better idea of how games are made and how to measure their success. That’s our task today!

Unfortunately, most developers aren’t permitted or aren’t willing to just give away sales expectations or results! Fortunately, we’re not like most developers. Hopefully we can add more pieces to the tiny pile of existing information to help out other developers, journalists, enthusiasts, and Grandma Swamp-a-likes for the future. You all are the reason this game even exists, and we feel it’s our responsibility to let you know about every detail that went into its construction. If you know of other developers that have done something similar, be sure to post it in the comments to help anyone who is on the lookout.

Alright, here we go! We’re going to be stepping through the whole process from dream to Kickstarter to release, sprinkling in our sales numbers and some statistics throughout about how our game has done from June 26th – July 26th.  Keep in mind, none of the numbers we’ll share are precise as pinning down the numbers can be tricky for various reasons. We’ve given it our best shot!


Dance! The Story of a Useless Button!

Many fans of Yacht Club Games have noticed a weird trend in the games we’ve worked on: we almost always add an action, assigned to a specific button, that has little or no purpose for either the gameplay or the story. Initially, this may seem to fly in the face of our design sensibilities which favor simple gameplay and mechanics. Why would anyone design a mechanic that doesn’t benefit gameplay and instead adds another potentially confusing action.  “Games should be simple!  One action! Like jumping in Mario!  Why would anyone decide to do something so dumb?!” Today we’re going to try and explain why we add useless actions to games, and explain some of the weird and fun things we’ve done in the past.  This quirk might not fit every game, but it’s definitely a unique re-occurring element to us that adds a little bit of flavor!


San Diego Comic-Con

Shovel Knight

We just got back from San Diego Comic-Con!  It was a ton of fun to run into everyone and hear how much you all are loving the game!!  In case you missed it, Nintendo was awesome enough to host a few kiosks running Shovel Knight at their event!  Take a look at the beautiful displays they set up for us!