We believe it is vital to address the social injustice and oppression that has been affecting the Black community for generations.  Yacht Club Games stands against systemic racism, violence, and oppression.

Black Lives Matter

Here is what Yacht Club Games is doing in defense of Black lives right now:

Donating $20,000 to the following organizations:

The Yacht Club Games team is marching. 

We are calling our leaders. 

We are learning and inviting others to learn. 

We are demanding change. 

Changes We Demand:

8 Can’t Wait Police Reform

This is a campaign to change use of force policies in police departments. This would ban chokeholds and strangle holds, require de-escalation, require warning before shooting, exhaust all alternatives before shooting, duty to intervene, ban shooting at moving vehicles, establish use of force continuum, and require all force to be reported.

People’s Budget LA

This is a campaign to change Garcetti’s budget for Los Angeles which has proposed to cut care services while giving 3 billion dollars to the LAPD. They want a people’s budget meaning, more funding for unhoused Angelenos; mental health services; rent suspension and cancellation for the 55% of Angelenos who are currently unemployed; and more funding for public schools and resources to ensure all students can continue learning during these uncertain times.


This is a bill that establishes the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans.

Protecting Black Voters

This is a petition to protect Black voters’ health and rights from the COVID-19 outbreak and increased violent rhetoric and behavior targeting them. It asks senators to vote to fully fund or increase the 3.6 billion dollars included in the HEROES Act to safeguard our elections this year.

Protecting Black Businesses

This is a petition to protect Black businesses to ensure that the adjustments to the Payment Protection Program (PPP), a key piece of legislation that will provide additional financial relief, will help them too.

How We’re Demanding Change:

Calling representatives

This is a great tool to find your federal, state, country and local elected representatives to voice the need for change.

Week of action

Movement for black lives has listed actions you can do every day this week to contribute.

Protests, petitions, and other ways to help

Here is what Yacht Club Games is doing in support of Black lives continuing into the future

We will be taking efforts to support black developers, creators, players, and other people of color within the gaming community:

Donations, outreach, support, and active partnering organizations promoting inclusivity and diversity efforts. Organizations we’ve donated to support:

Increasing our local outreach to promote education and opportunity awareness for Black and other people of color within the Game Development community.

Creating space for mentorship opportunities, portfolio reviews, and building out training resources to support Black and other people of color entering the gaming space.

Re-evaluating our hiring process, including how and where we promote job opportunities and what qualifications we screen for.

Black Lives Matter.