Yo yo Treasure Trove lovers! We’d like to fill you in on some way cool upcoming changes to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. And no, we’re not adding any more campaigns!

Read about it all here on the update page, or read below if you like more pictures and explanation!

First, a 1:1 pixel scaling option has been added to applicable platforms. It can be found within Options > Screen Scale menu. Enjoy that pixel perfect image!

In Shovel Knight Showdown, there are some changes too. Propeller Knight, Enchantress, and Liquid Samurai have had their wings clipped so they can’t stay in the air for so long.

Mole Knight and Liquid Samurai have also been given the ability to destroy dirt blocks!

Now all characters in the game can dig to their heart’s content!

Next up is Character Gauntlet, an all-new addition to Showdown’s “targets” mode. In this mode, your character will be randomly changed every time you hit a bonus target. It really tests your mastery of all the fighters. It’s supported for cooperative play too, so you can work together with a friend to achieve that elusive high score.

This mode can only be accessed via a cheat code. Here it is!

Oh…one more thing. Have you ever wanted to play Joustus with a friend? There’s a new secret mode where you can! If you press up in front of the mirror in King Knight’s room, now you can setup decks, board layouts, and more and play against a friend to your heart’s content.

With these changes and other bug fixes, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is forever completed! Thank you everyone for all your support along the way!