You may have heard, a tremendous new update to the world of Shovel Knight is almost here. You might have some questions on the lead up to release. Let’s break it all down!

Version 4.0

King of Cards & Showdown


Release Time

Treasure Trove is expected to be updated with King of Cards and Showdown via a digital update on all platforms at the time below. Note that some storefronts update based on their own schedule and may fall outside of this window.


December 10th

9~11AM, PST


Revised Forecasts and Delays

Despite our intense efforts, and the effort of all the hardworking teams over at each and every platform holder, the following platforms have had their release date adjusted.

If you don’t see your platform/region below then assume the release is on time for the above!

3DS – North America – [December 13th, 10 am PST] – Out now!

3DS – Europe – [December 10th] – Out now!

Wii U – Europe – [December 10th] – Out now!

PS3 – North America – [December 11th, 3:00 pm PST] – Out now!

PS3 – Europe – [December 11th, 3:00 pm PST] – Out now!

PS4 – Physical: Due to unforeseen manufacturing issues, the PS4 physical version of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove has been pushed to early 2020. Note that the update patch for both the digital and physical release of Shovel Knight on PS4 is still on schedule.

Windows Store: [December 13th, 2:00 pm PST] – Out now!

Amazon FireTV : In final phases of development.


We will update this page as we receive new information. We apologize for this delay in the update’s release, and hope to have you enjoying the new games soon!

File Size

Exact download size and installation space required can vary depending on how the game update is applied on your system. However, you can anticipate somewhere in the realm of:

50 MB ~ 300 MB


Retail – 4.0A Update

We mentioned previously that a goal for this physical release was to have all game content right there on the cartridge/disc! We are happy to confirm that is very much the case! King of Cards and Showdown will be ready to go, even if you’re playing in airplane mode in a Faraday cage, in a cave, on the moon.

We also mentioned that we will be providing bug fixes for any issues discovered post release. Since the submission of the original physical versions, we’ve continued non-stop, rigorous testing on the game to submit it on a great many platforms. During that testing, we found some issues that we really feel would be best addressed!

If you are playing the physical game, there will be a 4.0A patch on or near release which addresses a handful of bugs. If you’re playing a digital version of the game, you will likely already be updated to 4.0A. We will provide more detailed patch notes on release.

Additional Languages

One of the new features announced previously was the addition of new languages!

  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

Please note, that due to space limitations, these three additional languages will not be available on 3DS.

How Can I Get The New Games?

If you already own “Shovel Knight” or “Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” then these games will be added as a free update. You can follow our Update Guide for exact steps on how to update the game on each platform. These new games will also be released as standalone options on Switch, PS4, Steam and Humble Store.

Tip: If you’re planning to play the game on a system you haven’t booted up in a while, then consider booting it up, updating it, and charging its controllers ahead of time in preparation for the big day!

Updating on 3DS

The steps needed to update on 3DS are different depending on if you downloaded the game digitally or purchased it physically. See the image below or our Update Guide!

How Do I Start King of Cards?

Once you are at version 4.0 or above, you can begin King of Cards by creating a new profile on the Profile Select screen. For more, check out our Instruction Manual.

How Do I Start Showdown?

Once the game is updated to version 4.0 or above, you can begin Showdown by selecting SHOWDOWN on the title screen.

3DS, Vita: Showdown is not available on these platforms. However, King of Cards will be available on these platforms.

Standalone Games

We’ll be releasing standalone versions of more Shovel Knight games. This includes the original Shovel of Hope as well as the brand new King of Cards and Showdown. The goal for these are to reach alongside the 4.0 update. The following platform versions will release a little bit later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PS4 – North America – In final steps of submission

PS4 – Europe – In final steps of submission

Switch – Shovel of Hope – In final steps of submission