Go no further! The shield-wielding knight of the valley stands her ground with intrepid resolve.

Shield Knight

Shield Knight features straightforward attacks which change depending on if her shield is equipped! Often, the best defense is a good offense!

Shield Toss

Shield Knight tosses her massive shield horizontally. After a short while, it returns to her — wherever she happens to be. It can strike through multiple foes, too!

Being a shield, it also blocks projectiles!

It can withstand a single melee attack… but the bulky shield will wobble and become inactive for a short while after an impact. Don’t be reckless, and avoid getting cornered without your trusty shield!

By holding up or down, you can angle the throw in different directions. Your opponents will never see it coming!

Buckler Blow

How do you attack without your shield? Why, just strike an enemy with your other shield! Pressing the attack button while your big shield is unequipped will result in a quick-hitting jab with Shield Knight’s buckler. Just make sure to get real close to your opponent!

Rush and Shield Rush

Never afraid to dash into battle, Shield Knight rushes horizontally or vertically in a direction. This move has great utility as it combines offense and defense into one action!

Bash with your shield and throw enemies out of your way! Just like your Shield Toss, this attack will block all projectiles. Shielding a melee attack will cause you to slide to a halt.

Take a hit and get right back into the fray! You can use dash in each direction only once before you’ll need to land on solid ground.

The Shield Rush is a formidable move! But it won’t make you invincible. Enemies would be wise to strike just behind the shield, or wait until the very end of an attack to retaliate.

You can Rush without your shield, too! But this move is only for evasion. A rush with no shield equipped won’t hit enemies or block attacks.

Bringing It All Together

The differences in Shield Knight’s moveset with or without her shield equipped might seem like a lot to keep track of, but don’t worry! Her moves all blend together seamlessly, allowing for a lot of freestyle combinations and strategic timing.

Toss your shield and rush in for a follow-up strike!

Once you have a good handle on the shield’s return speed, you can count on it at critical moments to catch enemies in its path.

Shield Knight has a lot of powerful options to help in collecting gems. Rushing to the nearest objective while simultaneously guarding and attacking will often leave her unscathed.

She also brings a lot of utility to a team fight! Help out your partner with a well-timed block, or give them a crucial assist with a well-placed bounce off your shield! What teamwork!

So ends today’s adventure. Be sure to check out our other character highlights!