Put your booms on! This up-and-coming knight in training is ready to right the world’s wrongs with a righteous fight!


Reize has a high mobility playstyle that focuses on repeated ranged strikes and the occasional well-timed melee move.

Flip Jump

Reize already has a strong and spirited jump, bounding higher than most every other fighter. That’s what happens when you’re not weighed down with all that musty, old armor!

You can perform an extra special Flip Jump by pressing jump again while in the air. Unlike other jumps, it has a fixed arc depending on if you hold forward, back, or no direction at all. It doesn’t get you too much extra height, but it is faster in horizontal motion than your normal movement.

As always, you can only use this move once before needing to touch solid ground! You’ll want to put in some extra training with this aerial acrobatic action!

Dive Kick

What good is all that airtime without a perfect descending strike? When unsuspecting foes are lurking below, you’ll be right on target with this kick! Maybe we should call it a “righter kick”… hmm, maybe not. Reize is a floaty character (thanks to that scarf), so this kick can be great for quickly getting back to terra firma or to that game-winning gem! 

After you connect with a hit, you’ll flip away! You can chose the direction of your flip by holding either left or right. Use this to keep away from an attack  or to leapfrog past an enemy!

But be careful! It is easy to telegraph, and you cannot steer yourself once it begins. Missing your target also results in a short recovery period. Ouch! Hitting a wall will produce a quicker flip. Sometimes, it might be better to aim for a wall than the ground!


A swift roundhouse that really hits all around! This attack is unique since you don’t need to face an opponent to strike (or clash against!) them. It doesn’t have very much horizontal reach though, so you’ll want use this strike while on the move. It seems to have a distinct fighting style compared to his other techniques…I wonder where Reize learned this move?

Boomerang Throw

Finally, the signature stuff! With a simple press of the Special button, you’ll toss out a Crystal Boomerang! Hold up or down to change the direction. True to their name, these projectiles will return to their throw origin after a set distance.

Reize carries a single pair of these oversized armaments. Throw them quickly one after the other, or space out each volley to really keep your opponents in check. It really is just this pair though! You’ll need to collect your boomerangs before you can toss them again. If you or your boomerangs get batted away, or if you throw them into a wall, then they will not return on their own! Whether they’re soaring through the air, or if sticking in the ground, just run or jump past them to scoop them back up.

Sometimes, your boomerangs might land too far away! Or in a pit! There has to be an easier way to retrieve them!

Boomerang Recall

When Reize has completely exhausted his crystal ‘rang supply, his scarf will begin flashing. When you have no more boomerangs to throw like this, pressing the Special will perform an extra secret (and extra helpful) technique.

Ka-pow! Just like that, all of your boomerangs return. They’ll always come back to you, no matter where they happen to be — even ones no longer on screen. The returning boomerangs won’t hurt opponents. This move also leaves you vulnerable for quite a while, so don’t get caught using it! This is extra secret: the bright flash that appears is an attack. It’ll require some great timing to trick someone with it!

Bringing It All Together

Reize’s moves are strongest when he’s constantly changing up his vector of attack, but he needs a lot of space to maneuver. Use repeated volleys of your boomerangs while constantly changing up sides, heights, and distances. Once the opponent begins committing to riskier moves, break up your patterns with a well-timed melee attack.

Your Flip Jump is critical for sudden changes and bursts in momentum. You can cancel it immediately and shift into any attack too! Use it to re-position your next boomerang throw, line up a Dive Kick from above, or fly directly into your enemy for a Hedgespin.

You’re limited to a single Flip Jump before needing to set foot on the ground…but an opponent’s face will work just as well! Connecting with a dive kick resets the jump, allowing you to coordinate a follow-up attack!

Knight’s Vow! Always be prepared! Study up on our other character highlights so you can get out there and make Uncle proud!