Glory to Goldarmors! Too often do we find a new knight foolishly attempting to storm their way into our glorious King’s keep! Our esteemed ranks must form the first and final line of defense!


Goldarmor supports a small, but stocky playstyle. His moves might lack flash, but with solid fundamentals and good timing, he can stand his ground and emerge victorious.

Guard Stance

Goldarmor’s hallmark combat stance! Simply hold down attack to ready your guard.

While guarding, your orientation will be locked, even in the air! You can still turn around by just tapping the opposite direction.

Hold up to block attacks from up above! The rumor going around Pridemoor is that even Shovel Knight was thrown off by this deft defensive maneuver.

While holding your Guard Stance, you can block any and all incoming projectiles, but you can only withstand a single melee attack before being thrown off balance. Woah!

This is critical! Once your guard is broken, you must choose between waiting out the recovery or attempting a parry. Choose wisely!

Sword Lunge

While in Guard Stance, release the attack button to begin a simple and effective lunging attack. Knights need to practice 1,000 of these strikes each day before they can even consider entering the ranks of the Goldarmors! Execute this attack on the ground and you’ll…well…lunge forward! Very useful for getting the last hit on the enemy.

Swift Strikes

Continue holding Guard Stance for a short while and Goldarmor will begin to glow! Once glowing, release attack to unleash a barrage of fast hitting strikes with the ferocity of a dragon! Uh, a metaphorical dragon, of course.

One, two, three! Haaa! If you think this is just a triple Sword Lunge…pfft, then you are sorely mistaken!

Using Swift Strikes in the air allows you to cover great distances. You can even hold up or down to alter your height a little.

Skewer multiple foes and out-maneuver your opponent with fancy footwork by changing up your direction. The last strike always travels farthest, so dance just out of range and fake out your enemy.

Down Thrust

Get the higher ground and attack! Press down while in the air to execute this falling sword stab.

This move isn’t quite as good as a certain shovel wielding knight’s downward attack. In addition to having a short startup time, it also has slightly less reach.

Anchor Toss

Serving the kingdom grants only the best and heaviest in armor and weapons. Every Goldarmor is issued one of these gleaming anchors. Just press Special and you’ll toss one overhead!

Let me tell you, it takes some real muscle to get that kind of height! Many of the new recruits can’t even lift the thing over their own nose! You can toss the anchor in the air or on the ground, but you can only have one anchor out at a time. You won’t be winning any fights with this move alone, but it can add some extra pressure to any duel!

Bringing It All Together

Since you need to start Guard Stance to lunge, and hold Guard Stance to begin Swift Strikes, many of Goldarmor’s moves are a package deal! You’ll probably find yourself blocking attacks by accident – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Your gut might be telling you to release Swift Strikes high up in the air, but using this move on the ground will let you cancel into a jump. Threaten an attack with your Swift Strikes, and then follow up with your Down Thrust for a real tricky mix-up.

Your Anchor is useful for more than just weighing down your foes. Give it a toss, then jump onto it with your Down Thrust to hop up really high into the air! Goldarmor isn’t very mobile, so be sure to utilize every possible trick at your disposal.

The only way to improve is through hard training. You can get to work right now by studying up on more character guides.