Steel thy shovel! The relentless, shovel-wielding knight answers to no one! 

Black Knight

Black Knight’s play-style combines high speed and technical attacks. Swiftly maneuver into place, but be sure to plan your next move carefully.

Dig Slash

Sometimes, a hefty swing of the shovel is all you need! Black Knight’s Dig slash is a standard, close-hitting attack which can also reflect projectiles. It’s pretty similar to Shovel Knight’s dig slash, but Black Knight will see more use of this move due to the commitment required for his other attacks.

Shovel Dive

Black Knight rises up slightly before sharply plummeting downward!

Shovel Dive’s fierce momentum will cause Black Knight’s spade to be momentarily lodged into the ground upon landing. Nearly missing an enemy can really cost you! Hitting an enemy will result in a bounce. Once this happens, you won’t have to worry about the landing recovery. Use this to surprise your opponents!

The initial rise can feel a bit chaotic at first, but once mastered, it will allow you to expertly dodge attacks and clear collision.

Dark Wave

Hold down attack and Black Knight will begin to charge! Release it to send a fast projectile of dark energy flying toward your opponent.

Unlike all other charge attacks, his idle pose will change if you idle after charging up. So cool!

No mere brick can deter Black Knight from achieving his goal! This projectile travels through objects and walls, too.

Hitting an enemy will put them into a devastating (and rather satisfying) stun! Use this extra time to get to a gem, close in on an enemy for a follow-up attack, or – in true Black Knight fashion – prepare a cutting taunt!

You’ll often be charging for a long range attack, only to have to battle an enemy up close. The Shovel Blade itself can fortunately strike an enemy while unleashing a Dark Wave.

Dark Wave Dodge

The Dark Wave, while powerful, can leave you anchored in place and vulnerable. Hold up while releasing your attack to dodge with a backward leap, and then fire your projectile.

This is excellent for keeping just out of arm’s length. Especially against that meddlesome Shovel Knight’s Shovel Drop and Charge Slash…

That extra distance is killer, too! Hold up and forward while releasing attack to dodge forward. Use this long jump to make it to a safe platform in the nick of time!

Don’t be afraid to use your Dark Wave Dodge on platforms, too. While Black Knight slides along flat ground, he’ll come to a stop when he reaches an edge.

Stone Strike

With this signature skill, Black Knight digs up a projectile which rains down from above! You can only have two dirt projectiles active at a time. So, make sure to pace yourself! Hold Forward or Back while digging up the projectile to alter its trajectory. This can really fluster foes!

Since you’re digging up dirt, you’ll need to be on the ground for this to work! Try this little technique, though: begin your attack while still in the air, just before landing.

Bringing It All Together

Black Knight can move very quickly around the battlefield, but many of his attacks will either lock him in place or telegraph where he’s headed next. Use all of your skills to overwhelm your opponent and keep them on guard, but avoid over-committing to a risky maneuver.

The risk of taking a hit after a Shovel Dive diminishes once you land a single bounce. In addition to bouncing on more enemies, you can also cancel this bounce into a Dig Slash or Dark Wave! Truly devious!

You can juggle the stones from Stone Strike with your Dig Slash! Carry a projectile over to an enemy or keep it aloft to bewilder and frustrate opponents. You can also bounce from your own stone! Pretty sneaky!

Finally, the ultimate combination move! Tee up a stone with Stone Strike… then fire at it with a well timed Dark Wave…

They will combine to form one devastating projectile! In addition to being larger, this projectile will continue to tunnel through multiple enemies. This souped-up Dark Wave is a real sweeper!

This is where your journey ends…for today! Read up on even more knights in our character highlights!