It’s time for a real fighter to step into the ring! Enough of these dorks and their goofy knight titles. The main event is here!


Baz brings a big presence to any battle, with sweeping moves that can easily clear away enemies — even those you weren’t aiming for! You’ll have to back up all that brawn with some extra brains to maneuver about and avoid becoming a giant target.

Whip Lash

Baz paid a hefty sum for this rope, so he’s going to get the most out of it! Might as well swing it like a whip by pressing the Attack button.

This move is no joke, though! Look at that range! With the right positioning, Baz can clear out a whole platform of enemies with a single move. He may look like a big target, but when you come at the Baz, you better have a plan!

Elbow Drop

Oh yeah! Bring it to the mat! Press down while in the air to begin a giant elbow drop.

Baz is sporting some pretty beefy elbows, but you don’t even need to connect! Just landing on the ground nearby will damage enemies with a shockwave!

The pose at the beginning is a bit obvious, and you’ll need some time to recover from your own hard hitting move. Be careful!


Hold down attack to begin charging. Can you feel it?! The storm is coming! Release the button and punish everyone for being around you with an electfifying shock! It will even block some projectiles! Hey, not bad!

Baz is drawing on years of pent up rage for this lightning storm, and yet… it won’t even leave a mark. Instead of damaging enemies, it will put them into a stunned state. Don’t sweat it, though. You can just easily hit them after they’re stunned… if you’re fast enough!

If you ever get caught in a stunned state, make sure to quickly press directional inputs to break free! Baz is the only character capable of stunning, but there are a few other ways to become stunned in Shovel Knight Showdown!

Mighty Swing

This was The Baz’s debut move in a fighting tournament long past…but Baz’s own account of how well he placed in that tournament is sketchy at best. Press the Special button to setup the rope and begin a wide reaching swing.

It seems he still hasn’t quite gotten the attack part down, though, as this move doesn’t harm enemies. It can only be used to out-maneuver. You don’t need to sweat the details about where the rope starts from. You’ll swing whether you’re over collision or out in the open. Just focus on where you’re swinging!

At the end of the swing, Baz will take the form of…a ball? This unorthodox mobility allows him to travel farther and move faster than his normal walk and jump allow. Just make sure you plan out your runway in advance.

Once you bounce on the floor, you can then perform a Ball Jump! Touch the floor a second time, and you’ll return to a normal, less spherical Baz.

Bringing It All Together

The biggest focus should be striking after hitting with Electrify! It might be easy to zap enemies buzzing all around you, but you won’t deal any damage without that follow up. Your whip is great at following up the ol’ one-two, but you’ll have to be adaptive! Sometimes enemies won’t land where you expect, or you won’t hit who you expected! Other times you might want to escape to a safer location rather than hunker down for another fight. You’ll have to make some snap judgments once the storm comes and passes!

Baz’s Mighty Swing can be tough to figure out. You’ll want to use it to escape harm, but the fixed path can really leave you vulnerable, too! Here’s a trick, right from the pros: You can cancel the swing at any point into a jump or elbow drop! You can also cancel your swing with jump then immediately parry to catch would-be attackers off guard!

It ain’t always easy being The Baz…

You probably aren’t even gonna play him, huh? Well… that’s ok, I guess. He understands. He’s used to all that rejection… You can just look at the other character highlights to find the character you really want to play… It’s fine…