Hey Mega nerds! Ah, the month of May… time to go outside, get some sun, and JUST KIDDING! We’re gonna stay inside instead and celebrate Mega May! A monthlong masochistic Mega Man marathon!

This time-honored tradition has been shared amongst our merry crew for over  a decade. Did you know that Mega Man was one of the biggest inspirations for Shovel Knight? Playing Mega Man is the best! But the real reason for the season is playing together- with friends, family, and YOU!!

To celebrate, we’ll be streaming some Mega Man this month, starting TODAY, this Friday, May 5, at 6PM PDT. We’ll be playing Mega Man 2, other favorites, and generally acting belligerent. Have some burning Specter of Torment questions?! Then come in and ask ‘em! And if you miss it, there will be others. Robot Master contests, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Chill Man killing us- who knows what will happen!?


More like Cinco de Mega May-o! Come say hi!

WAIT! WAIT! Specter Knight X cheat code!?!?

We have a special Mega May surprise! Try these out to add a little more X to Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment!

For a blue palette, enter C&MVRKHNT when making a profile.

For a red palette, enter  S&CBHR when making a profile.


Have fun, wall climbers!! And HAPPY MEGA MAY!