Hey there, knightly neighbor! Ol’ Specty has been hogging the spotlight these days but there’s a new adventure in town that you (and a friend) might wish to know more about. All console/PC versions of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove now include full local co-op within Shovel Knight’s campaign! Right from the get-go!


There are some new things to learn when sharing your quest with another shovel-wielding knight, so we have prepared a fresh Instruction Manual to help get both of you up to speed!

Co-Op Instruction Manual!

Grab a friend and a spare controller and get ready to dole out twin-shovel justice!

toggleWhat campaigns support Co-Op?

Co-op is supported within the original Shovel Knight campaign, also known as Shovel of Hope.

toggleWill Co-Op come to more campaigns in the future (Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment, etc)?

We are focusing all of our energies on creating King Knight and the 4 player Battle Mode. We do not plan to introduce Co-op to other campaigns at this time, but if you would really like to see it happen then definitely let us know!

toggleWhat platforms support Co-Op?

As of Version 3.0, local Co-Op play is supported on all console and PC platforms. That includes…

  • Switch
  • Wii U
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox One
  • PC/Mac/Linux (Humble/Steam/GOG)
  • Amazon Fire TV


Co-Op is not supported on 3DS or Vita platforms.

toggleI died! How does re-spawning work in Co-Op?

When the remaining player is in a safe spot (not in the air or in a place where you might be in danger), the fallen player can press the Jump Button to revive! However, this action splits the remaining health between the two players equally. Be careful not to drain all of your health reviving one another!

If the remaining player has less than 1 bubble of health, the fallen player will be unable to revive.

toggleHow does Gold work in Co-Op?

Don’t be shy– collect away! Any collected gold is shared between co-op players and all equipment purchases are too! Work together to collect a mighty hoard and share in the riches back at town.

At the end of each stage, individually collected gold will be used to rank both players. This has no effect in game, but if you’re interested in bragging rights then you might want to hustle!

toggleHow does Body Swap work in Co-Op?

Each Shovel Knight player has their own entry within the Body Swap menu.

The Blue Shovel Knight is Player 1

The Green Shovel Knight is Player 2.

toggleSwitch: Can we play Co-Op with a single pair of Joy-Con?

Yes! Each player can fully enjoy Shovel Knight with a single Joy-Con. To configure your controllers:

  1. Go to the Change Controller/Grip menu at any time from within Shovel Knight or on the Switch’s Home Screen.
  2. Press L+R on the individual Joy-Cons you would like to use.
  3. Return to Shovel Knight and start a co-op campaign.


toggleWii U: Do I still need to scan the Shovel Knight amiibo to play Co-Op?

As of the latest update, the Shovel Knight amiibo is no longer required to play Co-Op. You’ll still need your trusty knight on hand to play with Custom Knight! Don’t forget to swing by and recruit the Fairy of Shovelry too!

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