Hey bookworms! If you’ve been dying to dig into a book created by Yacht Club Games and Penguin Books then today’s your day! We’ve worked over the past year to create four incredible Shovel Knight books, and we’re proud to announce they are finally coming to store shelves today!


So many books! Let’s dig a little deeper on each one:

Shovel Knight Guidebook

Pick up the Shovel Knight guidebook to have a detailed look on how to tackle every obstacle in Shovel Knight’s adventure! The 175 pages break down each stage and gives you tips/tricks for how to get through every platforming challenge, and divulge the secrets to take down each boss! All the characters, enemies, and loot in Shovel Knight’s campaign is described in great detail. This can’t be missed for fans of the original adventure! It even includes a full-color poster!

Price: $12.99

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Codes of Shovelry Handbook

This short 80 page handbook will keep you equipped with key Shovel Knight knowledge at a glance. The characters of Shovel Knight outline some tidbits and secrets you might have missed in the original campaign.

Where else can you get an expert hoop rolling guide with hoop kid?! Don’t let anyone push you around on the playground because you forgot your Shovel Knight essentials. Master the Codes of Shovelry by picking up this page-turner!

Price: $6.99

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Shovel Knight Digger’s Diary

This is a fun activity book for all ages! This journal is filled with fun games, challenging mazes and puzzles, and writing prompts that will help you master your technique for defeating the evil Enchantress and the Order of No Quarter!

Give it to your kid to keep them busy for hours…wait, don’t do that or you’ll get jealous and rip it from their hands to prove upon completion of every activity that you’re the truest knight of all!

Price: $8.99

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Shovel Knight Mad Libs

Shovel Knight Mad Libs includes 21 stories based on the game! Perfect for fans of butt mode! Prepare your butts and unearth the best Mad Libs ever created!

Price: $4.99

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That’s all for today. For more info, please check out Penguin’s own website. We really enjoyed making these books, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading them with your family and friends!