Hello skull friends! We’re all hard at work here preparing to deploy squadrons of Specter Knight updates to all versions of Shovel Knight this April, but some of us here will also be journeying out to PAX!

We’ll be at PAX East, showing Specter of Torment and Shovel Knight Co-op on the Nintendo Switch!

Stop on by! Say hi! Give Specter Knight a try! Also be sure to bring a jacket or two…it’s going to be cold out there!

It’s Time For The Reaper’s Review Roundup!

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment are both available now on Nintendo Switch! Curious to see what everyone has to say about Specter Knight’s time in the somber spotlight? Let’s see…

Specter Knight feels totally fluid and skill-based, bringing to mind old Castlevania classics.

In addition to piling ever more new features on top of the original, Yacht Club has improved on Shovel Knight in nearly every way with the Specter of Torment expansion. From the story and writing to the simple fluidness of platforming and combat, Specter Knight is an excellent new step for the series.

Mike Rougeau (IGN)

Yacht Club is just damn good at what it does — possibly the best in the industry right now. Nearly every board fits together like a tapestry, and culminates in a memorable boss battle. Whereas a lot of other recent retro games have so much fat dripping off the plate, the Shovel Knight (series, at this point) campaigns keep you playing “just one more level” until before you know it, you’re starting a New Game+ playthrough.

Chris Carter (Destructoid)

As with both prior entries in the series, the platforming in Specter of Torment is satisfying in a way that few games manage in this day and age.

Specter of Torment is the latest in a fantastic series of games; it further cements Yacht Club Games’s reputation as a developer capable of crafting experiences that are not only on par with, but often surpass the efforts of some of the largest studios in the world

The game’s excellent level design, charming art style and top-notch soundtrack hold up as well in 2017 as they did three years ago in the original Shovel Knight.

Steve Bowling (Nintendo Life)

You’ll be doing things in Specter of Torment that literally make you say “wow” out loud. It’s a smooth, expertly-crafted platformer filled with heart.

Specter of Torment is amazing

..made me smile from ear to ear

Zachary Miller (Nintendo World Report)

Had this actually been released on the NES 25 years ago, they would have just called it Shovel Knight 2. As it is, it earns the distinction as a full sequel.

If Shovel Knight has faded into the background for you, don’t let that stymie your interest in Spectre of Torment. It’s a damn fine sequel even it isn’t called that.

Anthony John Agnello (gamesradar)

Specter of Torment is stellar. The expansion still looks, feels, and sounds like a classic 8-bit game and often features much of the same challenge we’ve come to love from Shovel Knight.

Eli Pales (Nintendo Enthusiast)

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is solid proof that Yacht Club Games is truly one of the best developers working today.

this is still one of the most imaginative and exciting platformers out this year so far.

Tyler Chancey (GAMEFANATICS)

That’s all for today. We hope everyone will pick up Specter of Torment on Switch and have a blast! Don’t forget to see us at PAX East!

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