Hey Gunvolteers and Shovelettes! We’re kicking off the day with all kinds of exciting news. Let’s get things rolling with a surefire treat for your eyes and ears!


Shovel Knight: The Definitive Soundtrack 2-LP Set

You’ve asked for it and we deliver! Feast your eyes on this beautiful vinyl set! The tireless team at Brave Wave is taking every step to ensure the highest quality in this wonderful celebration of the critically acclaimed Shovel Knight soundtrack, hand-picked for vinyl by Jake Kaufman. Does that jaw-dropping cover and album art catch your eye like it does ours? Well, that’s because these illustrations were created by the legendary Hitoshi Ariga, whose previous works include both Mega Man and Pokemon! As longtime fans, it is a tremendous honor. We can’t stop looking at it– we love it so much!

Pre-orders will be announced soon, so be sure to sign up to be notified!

We’re also also happy to announce that we’re collaborating with Brave Wave to bring Shovel Knight’s music to even more formats for everyone everywhere to enjoy. That means Vinyl, CD, iTunes, and streaming services!

Physical Vita – Final Release Date!

Releasing a game in any form always brings along a new set of unexpected challenges. We unfortunately hit a short snag while bringing Shovel Knight’s physical Vita version to life, but we now expect shipments to start in Mid-November. Thanks for bearing with us while we found out this revised release information.

If you’re interested in picking up your own copy of Shovel Knight for Vita then there’s still time to order at Fangamer! We were sure to obtain extra copies beyond pre-orders, but we don’t know how long the stock will last!

Gunvolt Review Round Up

Had a chance to play the Gunvolt Striker Pack yet? Maybe reading these reviews for Azure Striker Gunvolt will help!

“Azure Striker Gunvolt isn’t just a great game; it’s something of a revelation, finding an entirely new — and rich — approach to the hardcore-platforming genre.”Nintendo Life

“Azure Striker Gunvolt comes heavily recommended to those that want to relive a sliver of the platformer golden era.” – IGN

…but that’s not all! The Striker Pack includes two games all on one cartridge! Check out these reviews for Gunvolt 2, hot off the presses!

“…the sheer breadth of tactics opened up by the inclusion of Copen make it even easier to recommend than its predecessor. It’s a jolly old platforming time”Destructoid

“An additional playable character–the returning antihero Copen–completely changes the way the game is played, and expanded sub-systems imbue the action with newfound significance and complexity. Whether you’ve played the first game or not, Gunvolt 2 is an exemplary display of tightly-paced action from start to finish.”GameSpot

“Newcomers to the series who enjoyed Mega Man X-style games in the past will be right at home. The physical version with both Gunvolt games is a fantastic starting point for newbies”Hardcore Gamer

Check out the Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack today!

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Farewell For Now!

That’s a lot to process, so we’ll leave you with that today! Expect to see plenty of info on Specter of Torment a little closer to release in Spring. In the meantime, we’ve been thinking about get back into streaming Shovel Knight’s development. What areas of the game’s development would you like to see created (and spoiled) in real time? Let us know below!