Hey there, azure-clad adepts! We have some fresh news today on the release of the Azure Striker Gunvolt : Striker Pack.


Striker Pack : Now Arriving on October 4th

Submissions were swift! Builds were brewing nonstop! Despite best efforts, the release date for the Azure Striker Gunvolt : Striker Pack has shifted…but by only five days! Your store of choice will have real physical copies available starting on Tuesday, October 4th. Hold out just a little while longer and prepare to enjoy a double shot of electrifying platformer action! Note that the digital version of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 has not changed, and is headed to the eShop on September 29th.



Fore more info about the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, check out our announcement and press kit.

Pre-order now: Amazon, Gamestop, Target, BestBuy

Meet Inti Creates and Play Gunvolt 2 At PAX West

Want to put Copen’s new moves through their paces? How about blazing through all new stages? Going to PAX West this weekend? Perfect! Yacht Club Games and Inti Creates are teaming up to bring Gunvolt 2 to the showfloor. Stop on by Booth 6908 and give the game a try or just say hello!

You can even grab some neat pins of your favorite characters! You never know who might show up. We also have Gunvolt merchandise for your careful consideration:

Get Ready With A New Gunvolt 2 Trailer

While the Striker Pack includes both Gunvolt 1 & 2, this new trailer is all about setting the stage for Gunvolt 2! Discover more about the story, characters, bosses, and moves throughout the game! It’s like a mission briefing!

Signing Off

You’re now up-to-date on the all things Gunvolt. We hope you enjoy playing after it releases next month! For us, we’re hard at work on making Specter Knight & King Knight’s campaigns the best they can be! Even though you’ve reached the end of today’s article, you don’t have to stop reading. Check out some of our previous updates for even more: