Shovel Knight just turned two years old! With more than one million copies sold worldwide, a physical release, an amiibo, two crazy cameos, and so much more…we couldn’t be more honored to see Shovel Knight played everywhere and hear the love everyone has given the game. Over the last few years we’ve done our best to share details, info, and insights for both developers and fans everywhere. We want to create, share, and play even more cool games … and so now we’re taking it to the next level:

Yacht Club Games is publishing Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack at retail!

The Details

Product: Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 + 2 on one cart

Release Date: North America: October 4th, 2016

Price: $29.99 MSRP

Available on Nintendo 3DS

Pre-Orders will be going live at your favorite retailer soon! This release will be available both online and on store shelves. To make as big of a splash as possible, and to let retailers know that they need to stock up, you should definitely pre-order now!! It’s a huge help to us to know that you’re interested in a copy, and it really is the best way to make sure there is enough for everyone! Seriously!

Preorder from retailers now! Amazon, Gamestop, Target

Note: the release date may shift slightly according to retailer and classic physical publishing shenanigans!

For those who might not have heard, Azure Striker Gunvolt is a critically acclaimed action game that reached a cult audience, releasing just shortly after Shovel Knight’s original eShop debut. In Gunvolt, you harness the power of lightning to bolt through multiple stages and strike down ferocious boss foes! Whether you’re a skilled Adept looking to add a real cartridge to your library or jumping into the world of Gunvolt for the first time, the Striker Pack is a great pick! Lightning does indeed strike twice as well!! The Striker Pack contains the highly anticipated Gunvolt 2, where you can choose to play as Gunvolt or his rival, Copen and experience a whole new playstyle and story! As you might already know, we’re quite fond of alternate character campaigns like this!

Here’s a taste of the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack in action!

Download the trailer here. For more information including screenshots, illustrations, and more… check out the press kit!

Yacht Club Games – Now a Publisher…of Other Games!

A real bolt from the blue, right!? When we said we were a publisher last year, we bet you didn’t expect that we’d be publishing other companies’ games! Neither did we! Honestly, we never thought we’d be jumping further into the realm of publishing. However, Inti Creates saw Shovel Knight’s physical release and reached out to us to see if we’d be interesting in doing the same for Gunvolt. We couldn’t say no…we love the games they make! Heck, Mega Man 9 was one of our biggest inspirations for Shovel Knight! We were so impressed by the latest Gunvolt 2 as well! The new high-flying playable character Copen is a real blast to play.

So yes, the Yacht Club Games crew has joined the world of physical publishing. Once again, we’re getting a big helping hand from our distributor U&I Entertainment who will be shipping the game out to stores for us. We couldn’t be more honored to join forces with Inti Creates and bring their signature style of action games to players everywhere. As always, we take on surprises like this because of our passion and excitement to see it happen…it’s all about bringing everyone more rad games! We hope everyone who loved Shovel Knight and is interested in a big leap from 8-bit will give Gunvolt a try. We think you’ll all love all the awesome 2D platforming excitement.

This is a new adventure for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have all of you, the talented team at Inti Creates, and the amazing team at U&I at our backs to help us bring more 2D action games to store shelves!

For our EU fans out there…stay tuned! We’re highly encouraging Inti Creates to make a retail release a reality in Europe as well. So be sure to tell them you think the same!

(We’re also rather excited to have access to a whole new arc of lightning puns!)

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