To celebrate the most momentous milestone of one million Shovel Knight sales, we’ve decided to release a whole bunch of new themes on all sorts of systems! Each of these will be released at different, wacky times, so make sure to check the dates if you’re planning to pick one up!! What can you expect? Well, take a browse below.


Nintendo 3DS

We created two new themes for Nintendo 3DS. First up, the all too familiar campfire! The perfect place to settle down, rest up, and reflect in-between launching a new game!

Shovel Knight Campfire Dream

Even the Blue Burrower needs his rest, but he’s always dreaming of his beloved Shield Knight in this theme!

Release Date: April 28th (North America), Europe (May 13th)

Song: The Requiem of Shield Knight

And a theme for all of you alchemy lovers out there:

Plague Knight’s Theme

Celebrate everyone’s favorite alchemical trickster Plague Knight with his very own theme! Featuring artwork from Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, this theme is perfect for any Plague Knight fan.

Release Date: April 28th (North America), May 13th (Europe)

Song: Flowers of Antimony


We created our first ever theme on PS4! We hope you enjoy it! It’s cool to feature so many knights right on your home screen!

Shovel Knight: Heroes and Villains

It’s an endless battle- Shovel Knight and Shield Knight versus the Enchantress and her Order of no Quarter! Adorn your PS4 with heroes and villains with this Shovel Knight theme!

Release Date: April 21st

Music: End of Days


We also made a super fun theme for the Vita. Campfires, Wizzems, and The Baz! Pixels and illustrations! This one has it all!

Shovel Knight

Celebrate the world of Shovel Knight with this new theme!

Release Date: April 21st

Song: Steel Thy Shovel

That’s all for now! We hope you find a favorite for your system of choice this month and give it a go! If there’s a particular character, song, or theme you’d like to see featured in the future, then just let us know below!