One knight’s journey around the world is almost complete! We’re happy to announce that Shovel Knight will be releasing in Japan on the Wii U and 3DS eShop! We have been looking for a publisher, and we think we found a great one…

It’s Nintendo!

Ahhh! Everything is in Japanese!

Shovel Knight Japan Release

Release Date: June 30th, 2016

Platforms: 3DS eShop, Wii U eShop

Publisher: Nintendo

Price: 2000 円

Wait there’s more! Shovel Knight is coming to the Japanese eShop, but were you hoping for a box and cartridge to add to your collection.. or even an amiibo? Well, you’re in luck! There will also be a physical 3DS Shovel Knight version released in Japan–complete with a Shovel Knight amiibo! You can pick up the amiibo by itself for 1500 円 or the amiibo + 3DS bundle for 3500 円. For more information about what Shovel Knight’s amiibo brings to the table, check out our preview here!

Kickstarter Backers: If you selected Japan region 3DS or Wii U on your survey way back when then you’ll be receiving an eShop download key through the Humble Store. We’ll be sure to send another update once your copy is ready to download!

New Campaign and Update News!

Beside the Japanese release, we are hard at work building King Knight and Specter Knight’s new campaigns! We’re finishing up pre production now- creating, designing, pixeling, and programming all of the details. As you may know already, we like to take our time to make sure everything is perfect, so no release windows to announce for a while! But it will be worth it, just like with Plague of Shadows !

Specter Knight will be playable!

If you’d like to follow along and see the magic made pixel by pixel, then stop on by our Twitch channel to see development happen in real time! Spoilers abound, of course!

That’s it for today! Hope you’re excited for another big year for Shovel Knight! Tune in next time to hear big news about our total game and amiibo sales so far!