Happy New Year, to all knights everywhere! Today we have incredibly exciting news that we can’t wait to share! That we couldn’t believe we would ever be sharing!

The Shovel Knight amiibo is now available in stores across North America and Europe!


Remember, you’ll need to have the latest game update in order to play with amiibo. The latest patch is Version 2.2! Read our Update Guide for more on how to get up-to-date!

US Players: The latest update was made available earlier today on Wii U and 3DS. If you couldn’t download it before, try following the steps in the Update Guide again.

UK Players: The Shovel Knight amiibo has been cleared from customs and should be available at a store near you as of today! Thanks for your patience during those strange times!

All EU Players: The 2.1 update released last month adds amiibo support for Shovel Knight. This update unfortunately introduced a few unexpected problems with the main game. 2.2 fixes these issues and should be rolling out to systems within the next week.

It remains our goal for this amiibo to be easy to find for anyone who is interested. This is not a one-time print or otherwise limited run! If you are unable to pick one up it at your local store or online, then try to sit tight! We’ll be sending more and more to make sure everyone who wants one can find one!

amiibo Features

Want a quick rundown on everything the Shovel Knight amiibo brings to the table? Check out the entire feature rundown right here or watch the trailer!

Shovel Knight amiibo Features!

amiibo Instruction Manual

Want to know the how, why, and where of all things amiibo in Shovel Knight? We put together this big instruction manual to help explain the finer details. This contains spoilers for what’s in store, especially for modes like Custom Knight, so be cautious if you’re reading from start to end!

Click the image to get started!

The Adventure Continues!

Whether Shovel Knight is your first amiibo or you’re adding him to your collection– be sure to send us photos of your new blue knight! That guy loves to wander! Where could he possibly end up next?! In the meantime, we’re kicking off this year by thinking more and more about the campaign of Specter Knight…or was it King Knight? Either way, be it grand or ghostly, a new adventure awaits in the next Shovel Knight Update! Stay tuned!

Make way, Plague Knight! Royalty is approaching!