The fun never ends! We’re continuing on the journey of game development and could use your help!

Looking For Quality Assurance Testers!

We’re on the lookout for experienced QA Testers to help out on the next big batch of Shovel Knight updates! Read on for the qualifications:

Job Description

  • Testing needed full time from October 15th to November 15th.
  • Future employment or work may be a possibility.



  • 3 or more titles shipped in a QA role is mandatory.
  • Experience creating testing plans and documentation.
  • Experience working with modern game consoles/handhelds (Wii U / 3DS is a plus!).
  • Platforming game expertise, you could finish Shovel Knight without too many issues.
  • Can come work in the office in Marina Del Rey, CA on a daily basis.
  • Good attitude, can work well with a team.


If this looks like a job you’d be interested in, please get in touch here.

Looking for Interns!

Yacht Club needs some new blood – intern blood! We’ve had great experiences with interns.. we even hired some of them! Read below for the qualifications:

Job Description

Work in one of, or a variety of disciplines


  • Use Photoshop to create marketing / other assets for web and print.
  • Create or clean up pixel art / animation.


  • Work within an existing C++ codebase.
  • Help debug and fix gameplay bugs.
  • Implement any one or all of the following: gameplay, UI, engine, tools, or debugging features according to design specifications or discrete tasks.
  • Improve and optimize game development pipeline.
  • Work with the team to review code.


  • Create and proofread documents in MS Office, Google Docs, and email.
  • Display writing, grammar, and language editing skills.
  • Make phone calls.
  • Organize and maintain appointments.


  • QA Testing the game, writing feedback or bugs.
  • Office upkeep.


  • You meet the requirements for an unpaid educational internship*.
  • Can come to the office in Marina Del Rey, CA on a daily basis.
  • Good attitude, can work well in a team.


*Note this position is unpaid. It is required that it works towards your education in some way. You need to be able to prove you’re getting school credit or you have a school professor, teacher, principal, etc that approves the activity. Please refer to this document for any questions regarding what qualifies you as an unpaid intern.


Does that sound like an opportunity you’d be interested in? If so, read here for how to apply!

Other Roles?

We are not actively looking to hire for other positions at this time. If you have another area of specialization and want to send your information over, then you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us here.