All hail the Troupple King, the king of fish and fruit! Long may his stem grow! You’ve never heard of the Troupple King?! Half trout and half apple! If you ever visit his grotto, hold your chalice aloft! The Troupple King will APPEAR and bless you with a sacred dance! As it happens, I have been entrusted to send word of Troupple King Plushies to believers! Would you like one?


Seriously, how cool is this?! He’ll even play a little song if you squeeze his fin! The perfect overseer for any plush knight’s adventure.

If one Troupple plush isn’t enough for you, check out all our other merchandise here. There’s quite the collection now!

Retail Release Update! Coming this Holiday!

Don’t forget! Shovel Knight’s long journey to retail stores is almost complete. We’ve been toiling away on packaging and manuals for a bajillion territories and languages… but it’s almost done! Soon you’ll be able to hold a real disc or cartridge in your hot little hands. Until then, click below for more details!

Also, make sure to catch up with us at PAX if you’re in town. Booth #6502!