Hey Mega Man Fans! We’re done porting to Sony and Microsoft, and we feel like having some fun with you! It’s Mega May, and Yacht Club Games is celebrating as we usually do: with streaming, revelry, and busting up Robot Masters! Here’s the schedule:

It all starts TONIGHT, May 6, at 7PM PDT.

Come and Party!


The full month of May is going to include a packed schedule and there may be a few surprises along the way!

Wednesday, May 6th

Mega Man
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Rockman and Forte

Wednesday, May 13th

Mega Man X4
Mega Man 5
Mega Man 6

Wednesday, May 27th

Mega Man 9
Mega Man Zero 2
Mega Man 10

Sunday, May 31st – The Big Finale!

Mega Man X
Mega Man Powered Up