The end of the year approaching means that it’s Game Award season! And wow, so far we have had a great run! To our surprise and delight, Shovel Knight was chosen as Indie Game of the Year at the Game Awards. You can hear our heartfelt acceptance speech here, and we even mentioned our Kickstarter Backers!! We love you guys <3

We’ve also been nominated and are winning many other awards! If you see any other Game of the Year Polls, make sure to vote for Shovel Knight! Some of you have already answered the call! The Last of Us has earned over 200 game of the year awards… think we can beat them?

This Year, Give the Gift of Shovel Knight!

It’s gift-giving season, and we have heard that many of you would like to give Shovel Knight to friends and loved ones. We wholeheartedly recommend this, but there is just no good way to wrap up our digital game in present form!! Therefore, we now present to you the Official Shovel Knight Gift Card Holder. Simply print this out on a nice paper or card stock of your choosing, and slip a Nintendo eShop card into the holder. Viola! If you don’t have a card, then just write a nice message inside to let them know they got Shovel Knight!! Check it!


Click This Link for the Full Size Version!!

If you have trouble or are confused on how to put this together, check out our handy-dandy guide. And finally, if you do this… please take pictures and send them to us!! We would love to see your beautiful packages and reactions!!

Stretch Goal Content: Plague Knight Update!

The pedal is to the proverbial metal on Plague Knight! We are working full time on update content (Plague Knight, Body Swap Mode, and Battle Mode!), and it’s shaping up to be amazing. The Plague Knight campaign will be the first content released, and it’s feeling like a whole new adventure already! A new relic system! New characters and bosses! Remixed content! On that subject, we’re going to share a little detail. Mona, who runs the potion minigame in the village, will have a vastly expanded role…. Here is a peek at the design process so far!

That’s all for now! If you’re hungry for more day-to-day Shovel Knight then be sure to check our Website, Facebook, and Twitter. See you all next year!