We know all you’ve been thinking over the last month is ‘who won the much anticipated Shovel Knight Design Contest on welovefine’. Keep calm and stay cool all – we’re proud to announce the winners right now! We received over 120 awesome shirt designs inspired – you the voters, Colin Moriarty of IGN, ThinkGeek, and Yacht Club Games finally decided on what shirts were the cream of the crop! Check out the shirts on welovefine or take a gander below. And don’t forget, all of these shirts, plus more are on sale now!

Grand Prize!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER ($500 Cash) – “History of a Knight” by David Axel Cazares Casanova

This masterpiece was voted on by YOU, the fans! It received the top spot, and therefore, the grand prize!

Guest Judge Selections

YACHT CLUB GAMES’S PICK ($300 Cash) – “Tinker Knight Toys” by Alec Grosso

We picked this winner as we loved the theming and how it tied into the game’s story. And that artwork! So beautiful! Doesn’t it make you want a baby themed Shovel Knight game?

COLIN MORIARTY’S PICK ($300 Cash) – “High and Above” by Aldo Herrera

Colin Moriarty of IGN chose the very cool action shot from Propeller Knight’s stage – Flying Machine. Watch out for the Hover Meanies!!

THINK GEEK’S PICK ($300 Cash) – “Aces of Spades” by Ninjaink

Think Geek chose the intimidating Ace of Spades! Watch out, those knight are fierce!

Runner Ups

RUNNER UP ($200 Cash) – “Shield Knight” by Casey Gu

We just love the ornate design here! What is Shield Knight thinking? I don’t know! She’s so noble and mysterious!

RUNNER UP ($200 Cash) – “Explodatorium” by Steve Krikorian

Plague Knight’s Sundries…we love it! This is a good one to wear as you’re preparing for Plague Knight’s upcoming campaign!

We Love Shirts

Thank you for everyone’s submissions and congratulations to all the winners! Make sure you pick up these super rad t-shirts. And don’t forget, we have lots more merchandise coming down the pipe…so keep a look out!