Fire up those eShops! The moment is finally here! Shovel Knight is now available for download on European and Australian region Nintendo systems!

Check out the following for the full 60FPS HD Trailer!

For backers, if you responded to our region survey then obtaining your game is as easy as re-visiting your voucher page on Humble Store. Access your original key download page or, if you made a Humble Account, log in to your account to obtain your Shovel Knight download key. Once you have your Shovel Knight key, you can redeem it on your system’s eShop! Note for our Australian backers, Nintendo is generating the codes right now – so it may be an hour or so before they become available. If you have any questions about the process, be sure to contact us at [email protected] for the most immediate of responses.

Shovel Knight 3DS – Launch EU/AU Theme!

You may have heard that we’ve created a fancy 3DS Theme to keep your system glowing True Shovel Blue at all hours of the day. Well, we’re happy to announce that this 3DS theme is available for FREE to anyone who owns Shovel Knight on the 3DS on European or Australian region systems! Whether you’re redeeming a backer code or just purchased the game, you’ll receive a gift voucher for downloading the theme. Act quick! This offer is only available for one week (until November 13th). This is only available for players who have access to the European and Australian region eShops. For everyone else out there, don’t worry! This won’t be our final foray into the world of digital themes. We’ll see if we can top our own handiwork and make a new theme available to everyone!

NOTE: We received word from Nintendo that there could be an unexpected delay in the theme activation process which is to be resolved by tomorrow at the latest. If you’re seeing a “content does not exist” error when redeeming your code, then sit tight for now. Your code is still valid but the store just needs a little bit more time to update.

See our EU/AU Launch Theme FAQ if you have any questions about this Theme!

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Cross Platform Discount – 3DS <-> Wii U

So many announcements! Have you heard about our cross platform discount?. Here’s how it works: if you buy Shovel Knight on the 3DS or Wii U on the EU/AU eShop, you’ll get a discount for purchasing it on the other platform! If you redeem a backer code, you’ll also be eligible for this discount!

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A Thank You

It’s been a long road since the Shovel Knight Kickstarter went live back in April of 2013. We hit some setbacks, made some mistakes, and wrangled with a lot of new challenges along the way. We also enjoyed sharing new ideas ( characters, worlds, gameplay, or features) with everyone right as they were being made (sometimes in real time!). While not perfect, we hope that you have enjoyed being a backer on the Shovel Knight project. We’re not even done yet! We have a few more physical rewards to go and a barrage of free Updates to will into existence! We’ll be tweaking and tuning the game in all sorts of strange ways with entirely new characters and modes. With the groundwork laid out and the game released, we expect these Updates to reach all players simultaneously! Join us as we make our original stretch goal list a reality!

Now Shipping – International Rewards!

With Shovel Knight released internationally, we’re set to complete shipping out the final batch of physical rewards to all backers around the world! We’re filling out customs forms and sending out all sorts of goodies all this week, so keep an eye out! We had a handful of our domestic packages bounce back, so we’ll also be in contact with a few of you to see if we have your most up to date addresses!

Shirt Design Contest Results Are In!

We just wrapped up a “submit your own design” contest with welovefine! So many great pieces of all different types and styles! Check out the results here and maybe pick up a shirt or two!

We have lots more physical goodies incoming! Check out the new mousepads that just went live, and more here: