You may have heard recently about how Shovel Knight is making the rounds in European and Australian regions for Nintendo players! If you’re from there, make sure you check out all the neat stuff we prepared like the EU Trailer, 3DS Theme, and Cross Platform Discount. But we also worked with Nintendo to create a super cool eShop Takeover. One of the best parts was our composer Jake Kaufman contributed a super amazing bossa nova track to give EU/AU players the full Shovel Knight shopping experience. And we’re so excited about the songs, we’re releasing the track(s) for free!

First, check out the initial version of the song did for the eShop. It had a much more Wii Shop Channel flair behind it:

Pretty cool huh?! Click here to download the .mp3 for the track. But that’s not all. Jake used his music wizardry to create a little more Shovel Knight-y version of the track for the eShop:

This is what you’ll actually hear on the eShop if you’re in the EU/AU regions. Download the .mp3 here. Jake decided to throw in some more 8-bit beats so the Shovel Knight influence couldn’t be missed. We hope you all like the tracks! And if you aren’t from the EU/AU and can’t see it in action, check out the video below:

By the way, if you’ve somehow missed it, Jake has made the entire soundtrack available on his bandcamp site. Here’s some more info about it.

Isn’t the eShop takeover art Nintendo created for the release super cool! Thank Nintendo of Europe for all their hard work. Not only that, but they were kind enough to let us partake in the Nintendo Direct. We are one of the few lucky developers to provide a game ‘direct’ to you. Check it out:

That’s all for today folks. Hope everyone is enjoying the game!