If you’ve gotten your physical reward in the mail and realized you have no idea how to fold the box into a real box shape, have no fear! We’ve got your back. Follow the directions below and you should be good to go!

This should be what the box looks like out of the envelope.

Take a look at that shiny new box. Isn’t it beautiful? Now we just need to get it to the point that it can sit on your shelf next to all your other nes games!

Step1. Fold the top flap down oriented with the art facing up.

Step2. Fold the two side flaps over and under.

Over and under!

It should look like this now.

Step3. Push the bottom flap so that the ‘tab’ portion is under the top flap. Don’t be afraid to push a little!

It may help to push using both hands so it doesn't crease.

Step4. Observe! That’s it, you’ve done it! now the box can stand on it’s own!

Woo! Such a good looking box. Even Plague Knight is into it.

Nick Wozniak

Actually most people just call this guy Woz and he does most of the Pixel Art for Shovel Knight. @norkwoz