Hey Shovelonians! Believe it or not, we can finally confirm that Shovel Knight will be releasing in Europe and Australia in November for the Wii U and 3DS!! We are working on pinning down the exact day still, but the wait is almost over.

Kickstarter unfortunately doesn’t know if you live in Europe or Australia (or what your system regions are), so we need everyone to go to their Humble download page and fill out a survey so we can distribute Nintendo codes properly once the game is out! If you are expecting a backer copy of Shovel Knight on a European or Australian region Nintendo system then please follow the steps below as soon as you can! Within the week if possible!

  • Visit https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender and enter your backer email. This is the email you sent us in the original Kickstarter survey. If you don’t remember filling that out, then try your Kickstarter account email. This will send you an email with the download page links for Shovel Knight. Or as an alternative, go to your Humble (https://www.humblebundle.com/login?goto=/home&qs=) and log into your account.
  • Open the download page for your Shovel Knight key
  • Click the link that says “Click here for your Shovel Knight Nintendo Key Voucher”
  • Click the voucher link that appears.
  • Fill out the form and click submit.
  • You’re done! If you’re in Australia or Europe, you should be receiving a code for your 3DS or Wii U copy of Shovel Knight when it is released in November.

Thank you European and Australian region players for hanging in there with us for so long. We learned some new things and have a wealth of ideas for how we can improve on in the future. We’re truly sorry for the delay.

ThinkGeek Foam Shovel!

It’s been a long time coming, but our friends at Thinkgeek have finished putting the final touches on a masterpiece. Hewn in foam, the mighty ShovelBlade is here just in time for Halloween! The beautifully realized foam Shovel created by ThinkGeek is now available for sale:

ThinkGeek Foam Shovel!!!!

But a still shot of a ShovelBlade can’t convey its unbelievable power. You have to see the foam blade in motion to understand how ThinkGeek really captured the ShovelBlade’s magnificence. No worries though, our friends at Toy Pizza managed to deliver the scoop on the ThinkGeek masterpiece, capturing its charm in motion when they unveiled the foam ShovelBlade to the world in the following video!

We’re so excited for all the merchandise that’s coming down the pipe, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Adventure Continues!

While the clock ticks down to November, we’re going to get back to our next big update: Plague Knight’s Campaign! Get ready to bomb and blast through an entirely new story as the melancholy marauder!

That’s all for now! We love you xoxoxoxo!