It’s that time of year again. The crispness of the leaves and the air belies an undeniable truth: PAX Prime 2014 is upon us! Come hang out at Booth #6502 (6th floor) where the ENTIRE SHOVEL KNIGHT TEAM will be: we’ll have demo stations of Shovel Knight for you to enjoy! Show us your awesome Shovel Knight cosplay! Hang around with us and perfect your Streetpass Arena technique! Ask us to sign something weird! Collect some awesome merch! And also, check out all the other cool kids on the 6th floor; it’s totally gonna be THE happenin’ place!!

Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae will be at PAX!!

Speaking of PAX, we have some very special musical guests who will be attending. Legendary composer Manami Matsumae ( Mega Man, Shovel Knight ) will be joining virtuoso Jake Kaufman at our booth for signings!! The Shovel Knight team will be hanging around the booth all weekend long, but if you want a guaranteed chance to meet both of these talented people in particular then be sure to stop by on August 29th and August 30th between 2-4pm.

Side Note: Are you planning to attend PAX Prime and have capable skills as a Japanese and English translator? If so, we would love to chat about an opportunity: [email protected]


While you’re navigating the nerd horde, make sure to take a break at booth Booth #6502 (6th floor!) to pick up some Shovel Knight T-Shirts, posters, and CD’s for all your friends and family! We may even have some PAX EXCLUSIVES!!

Praise us for Prizes! Contest EXTENSION GO!!

Wow, everyone is so creative! So much so that we have decided to extend our “Praise us for Prizes” Contest!! the NEW deadline is 2 weeks from now: September 8, 2014!

For full details on the contest: read this Post

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted. From the personal 1on1 talk to the more extravagant. Check out this crazy entry to get inspired!!: Shovel Knight: A Dramedy in Seven Acts

welovefine Contest! Submit!!

The Shirt Contest at welovefine is also going strong! There have been some great submissions.

Will yours be the winner!?

Full details on the contest: Check Here!

It ends on September 2nd — so hurry up!