We just got back from San Diego Comic-Con!  It was a ton of fun to run into everyone and hear how much you all are loving the game!!  In case you missed it, Nintendo was awesome enough to host a few kiosks running Shovel Knight at their event!  Take a look at the beautiful displays they set up for us!

Shovel Knight for the Wii U!

Your own personal 3DS!

That wasn’t the only thing Nintendo did!  They also challenged us to a competition on their Nintendo Challenge: Live streaming event.  Rob from Nintendo competed against our very own Nick Wozniak. Their speedrun ability was put to the test as they raced to beat the first 4 stages of Shovel Knight.  But there was a twist!  Each player had to use the bizarre CC&IMPAC Puncher Cheat which does 4X Damage to the player, gives Shovel Knight fast movement, and infinite Super Dust Knuckler! Watch the Shovel Knight skill unfold:

Wait there’s more!  What’s this?!  A new challenger approaches the toy department!  Our friends over at Pop Culture Shock Toys built this beauty! Hopefully, these will be available for all soon: