Going to try something new today!  A contest!  We at Yacht Club Games had never heard of Coub, but they contacted us and asked if we’d be interested in hosting a contest on their site.  It sounded fun, so we said why not!  Here’s the brief of it – if you submit a video to our Shovel Knight Coub page, you’ll be eligible to win a Steam copy of Shovel Knight for yourself or to give to a friend or do with what you please!  Here are the details!

how to properly tag your coub

  1. Share this post through twitter, facebook, or other means
  2. Create the best Coub (10-second looped video) possible!  No requirements here – something that makes us laugh, makes us smile, makes us frown!  It can be from in game footage, something you animate, or something you film.  Whatever you fancy!
  3. Tag your Coub #shovel.knight.  Check out the image to the right if you’re confused!
  4. Submit to Coub by Friday, August 1st! Winners will be chosen then!

The PrizeA Steam code of Shovel Knight

If you need images or video from us to use, you can find plenty available in our press kit! Good luck all!