Hey everyone!  It’s one month later, so we decided maybe it’d be fun to throw together a video with our our accolades.  Give it a look!

In case you can’t read all the text in time, here’s the list we were pulling from! Also, here’s a link to the full 60 fps trailer!

What do you think?  Pretty exciting!  We couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful response we’ve received from our fans and press alike!  On that note, we’d like to try something interesting!

Because who really cares about the press!? We want to know what YOU think! After all, aren’t you the biggest Shovel Knight fan of all?



We’re about to steal a wonderful idea from our friends over at Double Fine! Here’s the brief:

The Challenge: Create our favorite video that expounds on your love, passions, frustrations, thoughts, feelings, etc about Shovel Knight!

The Prize: The $75 Kickstarter reward! But that’s just what the grand prize includes

  • A digital copy of Shovel Knight (Options: Steam, 3DS, or Wii U)
  • Take part in upcoming design hangout streams! You’ve played Shovel Knight, now help us make the rest of it! Join us to put together all of this new update content.
  • Official Soundtrack Album
  • Printed Box and Instruction Manual

We will also be offering variants of the prize to our other favorites! Maybe you could be part of our design streams! Give it your best shot!

Until Friday, August 15th September 8, 2014 (Extended!) we’re going to be accepting video submissions through YouTube. Excerpts from our favorites will be featured in a new trailer we make for Shovel Knight. Here are the details:

CONTENT: We want you to tell your Shovel Knight stories. Tell us about why you love the game, why you backed it in the first place, what it means to you, how we failed you, etc. Recount your favorite moments from the game, the development, or the Kickstarter. Do a dance! Do a skit! Did any of you run into us at a convention like PAX and totally hate us and want to tell the tale?! Now’s the time! Anything and everything is fair game if it was meaningful to you!

SETTING: The videos themselves should be as simple or elaborate as you like. It can be just you in front of your webcam, or you in your yard digging up the dirt! Or not have you at all!

DELIVERY: Upload your video to a YouTube account. Send the link directly to our email [email protected] with the title ‘YouTube Contest”.

LEGAL EXTRAVAGANZA: By providing us with a link to your video, you are giving Yacht Club Games permission that you control to use the video, and the rights to your image, likeness, and voice as recorded, for good and valuable consideration. You understand that they may be edited, copied, exhibited, published, or distributed, and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product in which they may appear or not appear, at our unfettered discretion. You also understand that this material may be used in our marketing materials and other uses throughout the universe. (But hey, that’s the point, right?)

What do you think?!  Let us know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc!

Alright, that’s it for the day. What else do you guys want to see from us?! Let us know in the comments! Also, keep your eyes peeled next week as we’re going to break down our sales figures for the first month!! Exciting!! Then you’ll finally have the ammo you need to tell your friends why you don’t like Shovel Knight cause it’s too popular!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support!