We at Yacht Club Games have not only been working really hard on the game for the last year, but we’ve been trying to make deals and do the work required to get Shovel Knight to be a part of your life in every way.  We want a Shovel Knight alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, so you can take a Shovel Knight bubble bath, eat your Shovel Knight cereal for breakfast while watching the Shovel Knight cartoon, and then ride your Shovel Knight car into work while listening to the Shovel Knight OST!  Maybe that’s a little excessive…but seeing Shovel Knight make an impression in the real world really excites us. We’ve always loved buying quality toys, books, shirts, and more for our favorite games, so we wanted to provide the best stuff we could for Shovel Knight.  So here’s the first reveal, Mighty Fine is making us cool T-Shirts!

Check out the Mighty Fine T-Shirts

A bunch more shirts are available on their site!

Shovel Knight Plush – Available Now!

Shovel Knight can now stand guard over your desk, shelf, bookcase, or wherever else treasure and adventure can be found! The paragon of shovelry himself is available thanks to our friends at WeLoveFine. Plushie armor might not provide the best defense, but it boosts charisma right through the roof! These are too cute to leave at home so we’ll be bringing them along to our PAX booth too!

Grab it at We Love Fine!

Comes with Magnetic Shovel (not pictured!)

Troupple King Plush – Plays Music!

Bring your chalice to Troupple Pond, fill it with magical ichor, and get your very own 12” talking plush trout-apple hybrid… The Troupple King! Listen to the Troupple King’s song and make all hail the Troupple King Plush! The king of fish and fruit! Long may his stem grow!

Grab it at We Love Fine

welovefine Mousepad!

But there’s more from welovefine! Check out this amazing 16” by 21” mousepad featuring the whole cast and crew of Shovel Knight. Too many characters for you? Then check out the lovely Shield Knight mousepad!

welovefine Leggings!

Wait that’s not it! Check out these amazing leggings! Don’t go anywhere without Shovel Knight and friends covering your lower half!

welovefine Pins!

The Shovel Knight Collectible Pin Set comes with four colorful and detailed pins featuring Shovel Knight, King Knight, Tinker Knight and one special mystery pin. Order yours today… For Shovelry!

Pins range from 1.75″ – 2″ tall.

ThinkGeek Foam Shovel!

It’s been a long time coming, but our friends at Thinkgeek have finished putting the final touches on a masterpiece. Hewn in foam, the mighty ShovelBlade is here just in time for Halloween! The beautifully realized foam Shovel created by ThinkGeek is now available for sale:

ThinkGeek Foam Shovel!!!!

But a still shot of a ShovelBlade can’t convey its unbelievable power. You have to see the foam blade in motion to understand how ThinkGeek really captured the ShovelBlade’s magnificence. No worries though, our friends at Toy Pizza managed to deliver the scoop on the ThinkGeek masterpiece, capturing its charm in motion when they unveiled the foam ShovelBlade to the world in the following video!

Fangamer Shirts, Poster, Buttons!

That’s right – believe it or not there’s even more t-shirts available! And a cool poster! All from Fangamer – a group we’ve been in love with since we got our hands on the gorgeous Mother 3 Handbook. Luckily they’ve put the same care and detail into our own products. Looks at the really amazing poster, pins, and buttons they’ve created for us!

Fangamer Shovel Knight store


Ever wanted a Shovel Knight belt or wallet? Then Buckledown has you covered! Check out your local Hot Topic or other sites to get the amazing products Buckledown is producing: Belt SKBelt Plains 8-BitWallet. Even more is coming soon!

Shovel Knight OST

Physical merchandise isn’t the only thing we care about. Jake Kaufman, Shovel Knight’s main composer, was kind enough to release his soundtrack and his arranged album online under the ‘Pay what you want’ model. For more info, check out the this page. Hopefully, we will be selling these amazing albums on CDs soon…but for now, it’s digital only.


We want so badly for Shovel Knight to be real, to put on our desks and treasure forever. Well now we can do that, and so can you! All you need to do is print this wonderful papercraft, lovingly constructed by Christopher Beaumont of Cubeecraft fame!


Now that your mind is blown, please take some time to check out his other papercrafts, which are also really awesome!!




We’re also working with other indies to be in cool games and other media.  Shovel Knight is lined up to be in the Reward, Hex Heroes, Story War, Two Brothers, ASDAD, C-Wars, Aegis Defenders, and more really cool stuff we can’t tell you about yet…but it’s coming very soon!

Unofficial Merchandise!

If you are hip enough to generate some of your own merch, be sure to tell us about it and we’ll feature it here.  Here are two we know about!

The amazing Shovel Knight cookie cutter!  So you can get fat on Shovel Knight!

And a really cool poster by Crowsmack!  Thanks for checking everything out guys.

More to come!

We have lots of plans in the pipeline…toys, the instruction manual, the art book, the poster, and other crazy cool stuff that we can’t wait to reveal.  So keep checking this spot! Let us know what you want to see from us!  Your wildest ideas! And if any of you would like to make something cool for or with us, let us know at [email protected]