Have you noticed dogs barking at weird times lately? The glimmer of the moon also looked a little different. Babies are being born early in hospitals across the country… something is going on this week.

June 26th. Shovel Knight is out.

Release Trailer!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, we have crafted a new trailer chock full of excitement. Soothe the pain of having to wait until Thursday NOW:

And if 30FPS YouTube Videos aren’t good enough for you.  Download the HD 60 FPS version here!

How To Get Your Copy Of Shovel Knight!

Once Shovel Knight is made available, you’ll need to obtain your redemption code from Humble Bundle! At any time you can request an updated list of all your Humble game codes by entering your email into the Humble Store Key Resender (you can even do this right now!). If you’re a Kickstarter backer, enter the email you specified during the survey for game delivery. If you didn’t answer your survey, enter your Kickstarter account email. If you’re a PayPal backer, enter the email associated with your PayPal account.

The email your recieve will contain a link to your version of Shovel Knight. If you’re interested in the standalone PC version then you’ll be able to download the latest installer right there on the page! If you specified a Wii U,3DS or PC and want Steam then you’ll be able to obtain an eShop/Steam code from the page instead. Finally, access the eShop/Steam store from the system you want to claim it on and enter your code!

Platform specific instructions:

How to redeem a game on 3DS

How to redeem a game on Wii U

How to redeem a game on Steam

If you have any trouble accessing your key or account then contact Humble Bundle at: [email protected] We’re going to be mega busy this week, but you can also contact us weirdos at [email protected] If you need more details, you can also read our ever present Humble Store FAQ.

Region Information

This week’s release on 3DS and Wii U is for North American regions only. This week’s release of the game on PC/Steam is international. Behind all of this launch excitement, we’re still hard at work preparing the game for more and more locations. At this point, ratings are complete and localization is in process. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated once we have more information!

Let the flurry begin! It’s gonna be a crazy week!