If you’re part of the press, this might be a super exciting post for you….otherwise, it’s probably only a really exciting post for you! Today we’re making a press kit available for everyone to view, download, and enjoy.  There’s lots of new screens and art on the page, so be sure to check it out and make crazy fun collages out of the art! We’re going to be continuously updating the kit with new trailers, images, music, info, and more as we make and collect them; so keep your eyes peeled to the page for updates.

Without further ado, check out the kit:



Along with that, we’ve decided to make a web version of the instruction manual available.  It isn’t anywhere close to as exciting as the real thing, but hopefully it’ll help anyone lost with the basics of Shovel Knight.  It’s similar to the manual you might find on your 3DS or Wii U.  Check it out!


For more about the physical manual and its digital counterpart, read the following: