Wonderful, patient Shovelers and Shovelettes. Your long wait is about to be over. Hopefully you saw our release trailer (Click here if you haven’t!), but that’s just the beginning of the festivities. We’re going to be doing streams and having a fancy fun party time: Here’s the plan! IT’S SHOVELING TIME!

Shovel Knight on Good Old Games!!

Good news! We’ve been working with our pals at Good Old Games (GoG), and we’re happy to announce that Shovel Knight will be releasing on GoG on June 26th! GoG is a great service for both DRM-free classics and modern games. We are happy to provide another great option for players everywhere!

You’ll be able to get it here on June 26th: http://www.gog.com/

Stream Schedule!

We’re pulling out all the streaming stops this week, and inviting you to join us as we feel the hype! We’re going to be playing some of our favorites, and even some games that we haven’t yet conquered. Here’s the thing: we don’t want to spoil Shovel Knight, so we’ll be playing some other great classic titles instead. Marvel at this amazing lineup!


Noise Channel Listening Party!

This Thursday, (yes, release day!) we’ll be hosting a listening party for the Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack, DJ’d by Kris “TrueStar” Kaufman and produced by Jake “virt” Kaufman. They do a chiptune radio show every Thursday at 10:00 pm EST and this week’s schedule is all for Shovelry! Come listen in, it’s gonna be fun!


Florida Supercon

Guess where we are gonna be this July!?

Besides just looking for an excuse to go to Miami, David and Woz are going to be heading down to Florida to hang out with fans, show off Shovel Knight, and speak at a bunch of different panels!! If you are in the area and want to check it out, there’s more info here: http://floridasupercon.com/yacht-club-games/

Hope to see you there!

That’s it for today! See you on the streams!